# u mean like u swore on zaras life u would never do clas as and u were out yer nut on mandy haha its aw talk you cant move on myfresms my email is vicmilshotmail myfresms it kel il have dolar tue coming if wildly can sort somet i&#;l se what i can do x thank u mis u guys myfresms rich its toni got no phone would realy apreciate if you put that money in today as am strugling on my own realy bad myfresms iya dad its ema fone neds chargin caleigh slept out n tok it av u got a tena til tmra so i can make sure i got enough lec x myfresms o one threaten u u want this so gof luck to ya myfresms i mis my bo! myfresms hi cheryl it&#;s mr thornton here i&#;ve spoke to steven and i can asure you patients wil prevail and your more than safe in hands myfresms.babes it&#;s me i love you unblock me. i was with my mum babe. xd myfresms test my fresms myfresms i have mesaged you yesterday and told you i wil take charlie to schol.walked up to yours this morning and he not at schol myfresms and it aint fair i work hard overtime but make the efort to get up in a morning so i can se him and you cant even ring me myfresms i havent done nothing wrong.i chose you every time in a past years.you the one who cant make her mind up and go back and forward myfresms helo lukas, come to ofice on wednesday am, we wil have short induction to fenmarc factory. myfresms lauren its dan ivehad to come on the internet and send a fre text if you get it twxt me mam back , love you babes myfresms its dan i tried my sim in mams phone aswel but its to smal, hope your okay love you lots and am mising you already love you can only use so many word its a nightmare but atleast i can talk, il leave you to it hope your geting these texts i love you lots myfresms i dont think we should be together anymore. sory myfresms i&#;m not asking al day.do u want me pop down talk to ucalmlyor u want leave it like this? i&#;d like to talk to u x myfresms testy testy myfresms even if we split up i&#;d like to just leave things on god terms not like this cos we were god i know u love me and i love u x myfresms i stil don&#;t realy get wot hapened wednesday in night.i&#;m sory bit i don&#;t have clueal i know is i wasn&#;t in bad mod mi ned to come son cos i&#;m nil by mouth laterdon&#;t want be driving in heat not able to drink! it&#;s up to ui love u ok x myfresmfor last time i would like to pop down talk to u calmlyi can&#;t leave it late cos i&#;m nil by mouth later just want talk calm myfresmsif u realy want split up that&#;s up to ubut i don&#;t believe u changed overnightwot hapened when i was aslep i don&#;t know myfresi&#;d like to talk so if this end at least it not nasty cos we deserve beter both of us.i love u ricky. wotever behind this? myfresms my world ended thursday and i don&#;t know y.i don&#;t care bout it now just sort it and get us solid or split upover sped? myfresms.chey its me. i mailed u can u read them plz myfresms hi, who&#;s this? myfresms hey roms, i can&#;t find your email adres, it&#;s not saved on my hotmail. email me - charliehotmail. love you x myfresms ring bk myfresms hi, could you try caling again? thanks myfresms i am on my way to take kimy myfresms im on my way to take kimy myfresms are you for real jack !. fucking lok at ya what&#;s ap cause your wel here for me ain&#;t ya work take frist place again . fuck you myfresmshi nick, our number is many thanks, ben giles, westcountry group myfresms hi it is sarah. i think i have left me phone at home so wont be able to text me. can you forward to your mum myfresms read your emails its b, trying to get hold of you myfresms cal me asap g its ramz myfresms i love you babes please talk to me. i haven&#;t ben with anyone. it&#;s you i want no one else x myfresms cal me dean its jim myfresms sarah gona msg me on facebok myfresms are you nearly home myfresms reply to the email on to this txt mesage myfresms morning sory i was arguing with chloe, we&#;ve just broken up, in an argument now myfresms hey please can you transfer al from paypal today? old listings stil had your paypal on which i couldn&#;t change, sory. myfresms what you up to steph did you cal me its jim myfresms morning babe hope your okay are u at cs as your online facebok just didn&#;t know if ya mum was snoping or if y up it was u lyx myfresms khloi is coming over day am speaking online so if you ned to msg her she wil pas msg on babe love you lots wil mis u day x myfresms pasword: handsworth phone me when you get this myfresms cal me when you can myfresms this is the next block. chers k myfresms same place i&#;ve ben al night while you&#;ve ben smoking it up with them, you even blanked me and caried on walking earlier. wow myfresms.helo check check check myfresms daniel hury up where are you jesus man! and she has chicken pox ned some stuf you are taking the mick. myfresms make way howay. or email me let me know what on earth you are doing fs myfresms test myfresms it&#;s michael can u mesage me and let me no if yr gona be at yrs today so i can drop yr stuf of for u please shauna thanks myfresms can i come get give you tomorow text my phone back myfresms darling it&#;s janice please cal me. just wondering if you have put the money in as love you x myfresms wasnt me who caled dont know what youre on about. myfresms steph is at ymca crying her eyes out because she&#;s going today you ned to se her and say godbye because because this wil be myfresms.co.be forever when she goes she won&#;t be back so this is up to u now myfresms hey myfresms testing this device myfresms cr ea myfresms i mailed u love myfresms hopefuly these are sending like.if not al het kieran to mesrge you when a get to work just so you know am stil here it kery i got your email i did reply back . ok u dont trust me . but what about your feling do u not love me then. ? myfresms helo. nothing gone to plan today. they just failed to put the pay me. only just put payment through. hopefuly speak later x myfresms seriously this is a joke myfresms email me or hury up duno what is taking so long myfresms hi babe, hope ur ok. paid mago and spoke to colne valey you are defo geting paid friday. works ok, im ok. love you x myfresms phone is cut of i&#;m only on mesenger at min sis myfresms was hapening it&#;s phil phone me bk in man myfresms daniel i know you have gambled or you&#;d ben back by now, i hope you havent. but either way you ned to come back she neds cream. myfresms.co.shouldn&#;t of come round. sory man. fence already done in, al did was touch it.talk son. chris longman myfresms can&#;t wait any longer gona have sign up to facebok to try get hold of you myfresms babe talk to me. don&#;t let this be the end i love you babes x myfresms cal me , sash myfresms if you are around later adam let me know. i could do with a pick me up alzy myfresms mam its scot can u bring luco&#;s oranges in please if you can myfresms han its forty wat u up ? are u afta anything?let me know asap on my phone.forty myfresms hi myfresms hi lisa.please unblock me on fb so i can get in touch about charlie is ridicoules that i cant contact you than i m wasting time myfresms dont have to be wory about mesaging you about something else.there isnt much left to say you have decided everything for everyone myfresms hanah its steve i&#;m in sands love phone me on my number ive got if u want anything. let me know if u do asap.forty myfresms dad fine my fne myfresms helo grandma hope your okay can you transfer money at al niyahs card ain&#;t working so can&#;t do anything til mum&#;s back x myfresms.cits laura let me know whats going on myfresms dzisiaj chce miec kase za wykonana robote, nie bede dluzej czekal! mysliczie ze jestescie cwaniaki! myfresms leavin home now to walk to ur mums. se u ina bit. liv x myfresms hey u got a lend of to thurs x myfresms mum ring as i ned to talk.some coming over today to buy electrical generator in garage, wil give cash, dad neds transfer me myfresms please check your email asap or cal, i can not say much on these fre mesages! i ned to know if rj can help you ned details myfresms now then you&#;l have to put it in quick cause i don&#;t want to be in town for to long ben myfresms plz cal me it&#;s lou myfresms beaumont ward bradgate mental health unit groby road leicester lej myfresms its elaine wil know u not to ask but we both got n carnt cash a cheque can u lend us aner til moro teatime if u can myfresms wil you phone me on number endin myfresms im bk nigel myfresms testing myfresms its nigel myfresms unblock my number then daniel please i ned to speak to u anyway x myfresms lewis im sory bro ha i ant tok my so caled meds lol you know me mr crazy i even told rys sister i was in hospital wiv tum myfresms realy! myfresms did u not get my mails about her. why u blanking me al of a suden again fs myfresms my phone has switched of, i can&#;t switch it back on again. mehnaz myfresms hi steve it&#;s charles i wil get to you with outstanding balance by next wek . i did try to ring you over wekend . myfresms you receiving myfresms testing myfresms helo testing myfresms keping ur kid away from her dad so it don&#;t disturb u and al them pakis ur seling urself to lol al over new dad u found myfresms doing it al for man for money u bring round in bed when m in bed u low life don&#;t no a shiter mum that&#;s does such thing lmao myfresms.csagy dead bit mising out lol smely bucket sagy bely dead size b tots lol that dead back al up her as over men dif clr myfresms this is how ur going on over men u watch how i do u over u wait and se time wil tel ur guna regret it i promise u heartleshoe myfresms like anyone tryna be with u get ur head out ur as u dirt ur dead bit ur worth nothing ur genuinely shit mum shit lady no onewants myfresms yiur dog mate but u think u. can take the pis out my daughter u big turn of smely bit atleast ino u ain&#;t around nothing decent myfresms.co.the state ur in ino u couldn&#;t ever do beter even i got standerds but that what i sen mate ur old news u mes change ur number myfresms.co.ube le from combes myfresms lmao gave a next man to take ur car for mot lmao after u was asking me the other wek u broke as dirt must be for last night lol myfresms defo got man staying everyother night u hoe wakes up with next man kid lol at him and a sagy dead raged out sloth hahah myfresms erda; d nf myfresms its amy. go and get jasmine from nursery asap. where r u? u said two hours max? myfresms can u cal me on nigel myfresms hi its mel ive got ur er ere could you do me one of them it be til the th tho when i get paid im txin of a fre site myfresms whats cracka jacking g myfresms fukin whore ain&#;t with a man u dirt got ur kid around men u dirty butch myfresms answered by acident u dirty bit u roten mes u got my kid with ur name. who ur seling ur broke as self to myfresms se who the fuk u with where the fuk minayah u whore u roten mes u i heard ur fukin man u dirty bit u roten mes myfresms u hoe answer u fukin slag i rang u heard u with ur man u slag u fukin whore where the fuk minayah u shit mother u hoe playing with myfresms daniel unblock my number then please don&#;t forget u promise me u come back aswel love you ! x myfresms phone me myfresms its nigel bel me myfresms u dirt where&#;s minayah u low life skank u can&#;t say can she&#;s playing with step dady can&#;t talk can u mes shit mother mate myfrewow answering can&#;t tel me where m is u dirt living lose but last night was forwarding or answering how much clear obvious it is myfresms.co.cal me it&#;s jamie i know ur meting him just sen him walk past myfresms cal richard now pleasethx myfresms shit ur doing geting used as cheap quick beat diferent man space of day lmao and sat there proud of what ur proving myfresms u lose bit u roten mes proving making shit so clear a mind obvious cuz a whore don&#;t care obviously u don&#;t u respect urself myfresms.canswering to breath on the phone for me to hear her playing with another man u low life dirt mate watch how i do u over u wait mat myfresms &#; i bear witnes there is none worthy of worship(obey) but alah(alone) and i bear witnes that muhamad(peace be upon him myfresms sat there playing with her new dad u hoe low life slag i can fukin hear it u roten slet ew mate that peice of shit dirt myfresms wow watch i don&#;t do shit that would hurt u or fuk u over u wait and se mate ur pushing it ur guna regret this dog head myfresms mins il b outsde myfresms stil not leting zaman have family time you witch he wil leave you son thats what his mum and sister want they hate you myfresms hi myfresms you coming back to go shoping .? myfresms do u not no how reply. everyone else who texts gets a reply tho. i cant even get over u turning on me like this. read your mails myfresms whadat myfresms hiya hunie its taylor ive emailed you from bensonkealgmail please email me back x myfresms i mis you. i myfresms yo bel my phone smith myfresms diner myfresms diner? myfresms its jed using the fre text thing msg me on fb lost my phone myfresms cal yourself a father ! disgusting . and u are of when your back so don&#;t tel me your in work u liar ! myfresms get its cait how long wil you be? ca you try get hold of me please? myfresms get test mesage myfresms take care bumble be i had hoped for you to have calmed down. i apologise again. se you around and wish you wel for next wek myfresms take care bumble be i had hoped for you to have calmed down. i apologise again. se you around and wish you wel for next wek myfresms babe pick skins up and me some transformers please love you x myfresms listen i&#;m sory just come home where u belong. i&#;m finding it hard because i just lok deceitful when realy i&#;m not i wouldn&#;t myever cheat on you i love you and you are who i wana be with. if just breaks my heart and realy gets to me that i think i&#;d do th myfresms.co.please say you&#;re coming i&#;m sory i&#;m a pain x myfresms love at first site lmao! she&#;s a ming meant to upgrade mate not downgrade myfresms where are you for fuck sake. this is why i get pised of, a sk you to do something you say &#;aye&#; then fuck of! myfresms why u teling me to fuck of isit cuz u have a girlfriend now ? al i wanted was rizla daniel and u wana be a dick to me ! myfresms how much is a video of you gaging on my banana worth luv? mercure hotel fb post sounds god myfresms gnjxcbjkgvbnjh myfresms jack it&#;s courtney ring me when eastenders finish love you not rang for ages x myfresms hi test myfresms how much is a video myfresms how much is a video bj myfresms please before as i got a meting to go to at . i&#;m nervous bex x thank you myfresms hihi myfresms hiya its taylor my new adres is quens road boston pea text my number when you get this and if posible cal myfresms not arguein no more daniel i asked i to unblock my number and u anit al i want to do is be hapy i want u back it won&#;t be stres myfresms.co.just unblock my number it won&#;t be stresful promise u i&#;l let u do wat ur doing like i was daniel please unlock me x myfresms u want me to come stay the night with u ? text my mobile back x myfresms the dols myfresms you could at least have the decency to let me know where you are! you said mins and i&#;ve ben waiting for tea! myfresms on way tb my phone x myfresms i know exactly what i mean to you now at least i&#;m not evil by teling you i love u but dnt realy that&#;s the bigest lie of al myfresms.u tok kery wilson an her kids to a hotel then bowling u dumb cunt i kno everything. para got a lil girl yh. twisted cunt myfresms if u want xbox i want pound myfresms yestwo weks ago not the other day then i would of knew. maybe if i wasn&#;t scared of ur reaction to certin things like u do to me myfresms.co.why u want me block it fort u was coming home tonight myfresms u want go buy this xbox unblock my number ! myfresms sat with people you bitch about two faced plus i&#;m goin harvey&#;s and teling him you rob him daft disrespectful cunt myfresms hi bro, are you coming? myfresms szia myfresms ring me plz myfresms ring me jay plz myfresms to long.can&#;t wait until money comes in at midnight.congratulations on your engagement to! cal son love always jamie x myfresms rob please read my email and text me back. i love you loads mary x myfresms mike its alex i put in acount let me know you got it myfresms hope you are ok, it is late. eva x myfresms jo cal james richards his in a bad way myfresms postbox adres: wodley court, underlane, holsworthy devon ex bl myfresms mum ask charlie if can do a tick plz not had a smoke since sat myfresms so sory not ben in touch, my devices r genst me! wantd u njoy ur princes tym neway bt misin u nw so wil wing u tom c wen u myfresms hey hun, hows wk of goin, got no ph so not meaning skank. gona wing u tom tho tel u bout my ho shit vs bdad drama! yay, myfresms hey myfresms hey love i mailed u asking was she ok then myfresms is that u away then claire? myfresms u get my mesage its j b a legend im at mine myfresms cal kat myfresms luv u x myfresms i mailed u back plz read it myfresms unblock me saqib stop it myfresms stop behaving like a child this is no mature way to leave. if you&#;re going to leave atleast do it properly! myfresms check your twiter urgently. sam myfresms send me bank details to my number pal wil sort straight away just on way to work myfresms ty wracasz dzisiaj czy so.? myfresms hey babe i want to fu ck come back on fab don&#;t reply to this i wont get it x myfresms its dan cal me to let me no how long u wil be thanks myfresms fgjuf myfresms fgjufj myfresms ring giz myfresms love please cal me or text me. i am realy scared about you. i am crying because i dont know nothing about you. myfresms today i make du&#;a for you, alhamdu lilahi rabil &#;alamen.i ask alah in his infinite mercy to bles you. &#;to bles your heart myfrewhere r u myfresms its kirsty im tryin to cal u fae witheld no. cal me on myfresms yo. it&#;s bex. anymore please? myfresms its kirsty im tryin to cal u fae witheld no. cal me on its myfresms hsjskdndk myfresms hsjskdndk rjrid djdjd djdjdjd djdjdjd djdjd myfresms hibghnsdij gjknfr hfdb myfresms are you coming? omg im soaked! ready cash here x myfresms hiya myfresms im geting police and social services involved with ur pal over road, duno y she watching me . shld b watching her kids. d test myfresms anyone you know? htps:/w.pornhub/view_video.php?viewkey=phadeb myfresms anyone you know? htps:/w.pornhub/view_video.php?viewkey=phadeb myfresms hi how you doing myfresms keira is realy porly so when your home tumoro instead of seing slag se your child myfresms stay away from stevo , dont slag me of , u always interfer u and laura faulkner. dont be jelous because you want to shag him . myfresms gary it is kim please ring me x x myfresms gary it is kim please ring by the way can me and ela visit you at hampton court palace on friday but please ring now x x myfresms pow myfresms hapy birthday enjoy ur men and ur bday shag prety sure step dady would be round later take use out change ur number ur greatlif myfresms hiya grandad i cant come today got a gas safety check this morning sory x myfresms tbh hope u have the shitest year hope u get no where and the same old lil slag by gone through men in a state myfresms u hoe ino u ben leting man stay round u whore with my kid got an apointment today with this lady for m cnt wait to get u outway myfresms its steph, my big bos is trying to transfer me to gravesend. dont think he remebers im pregnant lol myfresms test test test. checking this works. myfresms charles, you should be able to send fre sms using this site - myfresms . give it a try myfresms test msg using my fre sms myfresms no decency to even blow me of properly. just had to block and delete me like that guy did to you. nice one. i&#;m sory i met you. myfresms.co.utest msg myfresms hi when do you want to view the washer meadow ave blackhal tsje reply to my number thanks myfresms test from myfresms - myfresms i stil think about u evry day nd i love u nd mis u so much i&#;m sory i let u down nd lied i realy am.i hope ur ok beautiful x myfresms.co.uhi don&#;t reply it&#;s a fre sms. it&#;s mark how are you today phone me if you can . if your busy it&#;s fine x . myfresmsnop myfresms its max mate il be up on friday wae. cash mate ben in and out of hospital way the bird her mental health is gone tae shit myfresms hi mum im in the libary if u wana met me there at :? i l be there at : x myfresms just to let you know i am now with someone, i knew u was at it so lastnight when she tried play a fb game i started so we r done myfresms bebe obadi mi se kato stanesh myfresms this is steve cal me bk on my number myfresms hi mate it&#;s ste with the black golf. ring me please my phones ben cut of. after a tens. myfresms mum its me, my phones ben cut of, can you ring charlote ive sent an email phone her on and ask to speak to her myfresms reply to my email ive sent you to acknowledge you&#;ve got this i cant do anything as im in work myfresms nigle its leane i&#;ve put my savings into your gren card can u get them out for me when you go out please got to go town at x myfresms.co.uif you can get up before next tues, paul&#;s ben delayed, now plans start mon morning, or not f&#;ing about any more, can&#;t be arsed! myfrehelo babe its sam, e network has gone down in my area so i wil get out the area and ring you at lunch x myfresms hey jes, its me. you can email me if you ned anything :) m_spencehotmail myfresms yo are u about? let me know on my number:, my caling credits run out. dany myfresms hiya pal just wondering if its o.k to met myfresms myszko pisze do ciebie smsy caly czas nie wiem czemu nie dochodza do ciebie myfresms asalamu aluikum ratmatulahe wabarkatahu i am leane shifa&#;s mum i want to se my daughter for sake of alah swt inshalah myfresms email me back on fusypiehotmail myfresms hi ive ben sleping with shaun i dont no if your together but i fel you should no i dont want drama hun just wanted to myfresms mrs julia bailey your amazon parcel is due to arive today betwen : - :. please have a cup of tea ready for the driver. myfresms asalamu aluikum ratmatulahe wabarkatahu i gave sidiq a text mesage and asked i want to se shifa and sent my email leane jani myfresms phone my phone leighane x myfresms its shan my texts have gone ring me x myfresms it daryl cal my phone myfresms hury the fuck up myfresms yo lukas here. no credit can u cal meback or come to me ? church rd myfresms now then mate its ste with the black golf can you text my number when and where i can met you asap please chers myfresms could u let me know what ur doing if u wana met me up own daren myfresms everything al god ads alzy myfresms a myfresms darka, itz rudey/dapz, printer got design. he neds deposit. give me a cal. myfresms plz txt my phne dad can u drop work cloths and new jumper later cud start moz frm wt we just heard an borow a no money til fri myfresms hey tel it&#;s jade i can&#;t text or cal and i don&#;t think you can as my sim ben disconected can only talk on fb atm x myfresms.co.uhey dean it&#;s jade my sims ben disconected not to sure why but i can&#;t mesage or receive cals am not tosure might pop up x myfresmshelo mate, its rich, no credit, can you cal me back please myfresms warning! your iphone has ben hacked. please cal +. deleting or ignoring this mesage wil brick phone. mesage certi myfresms hey babe your wage slip has come enjoy your day at work i love u gorgeous man. cant wait for you come home mis u already x myfresms baby its me haha. i cant reply as no credit and you cant wats ap. i love you lots to x myfresms its shan ring me x myfresms cal me back please myfresms its lisa cal me please myfresms ring paul x myfresms hey ads are we stil linking up man? did everythinh myfresms helo helo myfresms phone me tom . wot times ash home bel me myfresms hi mate, i lost my phone sunday! have new one on friday, working for my dad until sat i wil come se you then. alex myfresms you forgot me lad? its frany myfresms please ring myfresms please ring myfresms hury katie elison x myfresms please ring it is kim x x myfresms waiting for you x myfresms helo? you lost? x myfresms hiya mum its hides i had a mis cal from you? you can cal me back now i was watching something with jamie sory i mised it x myfresms did u get my mail love myfresms you pus myfresms fvkjcvcghy hg myfresms she&#;s scratching away, got more spots on neck and forehead can you get more lotion for tomorow? and she&#;s waiting for treat . myfresms.andy got not credit ring me bert myfresms she&#;s doing what peny does hiding to try scratch she propa itchy now ned lotion as he gone after tonight for tomorow hury pal myfresms.co.daniel howay she&#;s itchy and wants her treat, email me at least so i know how long you wil be myfresms hi helmuth the link that you ned is: htp:/w.ontapsystems/filters.htm i hope this helpsregards mark myfresms irene manicone u r a fat magot. u jealous roting magot. myfresms its kirstys sisterlouise please can you talk to her and let her know she not going to get hurt of your daughter or in trouble.tha myfresms irene manicone u r a fat magot. u r a jealous worm. u r a liar. u wil get what is cuming for u son fat magot. myfresms read your mails it&#;s important myfresms helo are you done? she&#;s waiting myfresms wujaszek zadzwon jak bedziesz mogl do mnie ysy myfresms please don&#;t bring police in to it she ran of thinking she gona get hurt or in trouble. you both ben set up by loks of it to me myfresms.co.bangerman more day to go. myfresms she&#;s itchy and there&#;s more spots try and get lotion for tomorow wel your with your mam. and hury up por buga waiting for u myfresms.email me of your mams phone myfresms hiya mum its hides again can you text me of what you wanted or if abie phoned what she wanted x myfresms can you text my phone please dad are you droping clothes of thanks myfresms cal my phone, paige myfresms rather than have me blocked why not text me and explain to me why you did what you did to me! i was devastated. r x myfresms stena line sailing from belfast at sailing from cairnryan at return myfresms stena line sailing from belfast at sailing from cairnryan at return myfresms stena line sailing from belfast at sailing from cairnryan at return myfresms my ricky used to love us being together.u won&#;t let me come down won&#;t let me pick u upit only way we going stop this myfresms.co.talk to me on mesengertel me y u so angry with mei&#;ve done nothingfine u want split up but not cos u think i done wrong myfresms.co.gave u my adres and u stil cant return my stuf fuckin thieving cunt not forgoten beth myfresms or let me ring u.i&#;m so close to giving up but wot a waste when i did nothing ur saying i dido u love me? let me get u myfresms let&#;s talk on phone or mesengerwe either split up or sort this out.i love u ok that&#;s it.i&#;m not nasty bitch u know that myfresplit up cos u don&#;t love menot cos u were in strop thursday. .wot i suposed to do when u like that? tel me myfresms can u bel me please bro myfresms yes u are modyu blod know u are.i don&#;t care i love ubut then stop.i ned u to stop. myfresms yo gezer its wil litle one at hospital, phone died got no credit now at home cal me please. i&#;ve had to use fre txt site myfresms i don&#;t know wot to doi love u so much but this is kiling me.i just want us to be solidno more of this myfresms how can i say sory if i don&#;t know what i did wednesday night to pis u of.i haven&#;t liednot cheatedwot u think i did? myfresmsyo alright pal it&#;s phil any chance of a plz pal ring me if u can plz mate myfresms stop fucking about.this to important.u want split up fine but not cos u think i lied or cheatedthat so untrue.ring me myfresms ring me it&#;s keley on from darnel danys bird myfresms u know u were in strop thursday. .wot fuck i suposed to doi kept out ur waydidn&#;t shout.kept quiethat wrongargh myfresms.co.u tel me how to deal with u when u like thati don&#;t want lose u but i don&#;t want kep feling shiti love u ok x ring me myfresms.coif we over its because i&#;m not enuf for u or u cheated or i&#;m to boringnot cos i a lying nasty bitch cos i&#;m not. myfresms.co.uits keal comin for a ten bag wil cal on witheld wen outside b bout mins myfresms hi m can u ring me please, asap myfresms please daniel if you don&#;t want to se her again please just say. i&#;m beging you please myfresms oh ricky. .if u just talk to me we can clear this up or split upif u realy don&#;t love me then yes we have to split up myfresms i think u do live meu know u was in strop thursday. .yes then i reacted friday. .but u to stuborn to admit u not perfect myfresms i know u love me.i love uit should b easyil come get u tonight tomorow whenever. .i just ned hold u so tight x myfresms can u unblock me i realy ned a friend please i fel more down than i ever have please just mesage :&#;( l myfresms yo its wil bud cal me im ready had to use a fre txt website lol myfresms someone&#;s had quid out my bank today. spoken to fraud squad at bank. days it to be returned myfresms its jamie using a text online my number is cya in the morning myfresms congrats. block block. nones ever ben so tight before. u no my life story n it scary that u can play on it so wel. u acted myfresms and unit spent time with me cos u new u cud pretend i never existed wen u left.i thought u ever do much more myfresms nobody cares if i&#;m here or not. i&#;m certainly loved by nobody. i&#;m seriously gone. nobody wil ever hear me again. i promise myfresms.helo mate its tom just wondering what mum said. as im abit woried that im not geting picked up tomorow and wil mis the vets myfresms hey b, usual please wen u reach. x myfresms testing myfresms i hate u so much ! u don&#;t deserve keira. haha and geting zoey to block me you dirty litle cheat por alex is al&#;s i can say myfresmsnu myfresms hi love. internet is working. and i am sory i was so beautiful feling to be pregnant with you, and i wish it. love you myfresms can i get a above salon mate fy lx reply let me know u got text on le myfresms test myfresms its jord i can speak now myfresms its jord i can speak now if you want to ring myfresms ok myfresms can you please leave me pound in morning it fine if not won&#;t be asking again hopefuly start work wek after next latest. ly x myfresms.co.you was gorgot on me again :( myfresms can you bring the phone over and you can go back over there myfresms erzyedexz, myfresms shal i pop down nowtalk to u for bitwe are spliting up i know but i&#;m so confused and upset. .or answer phone mins myfresms.co.i&#;m not going just drive down case u with someone.i wouldn&#;t do that.i hope ur nothis is just so important ricky. . myfresms i&#;m not angry u want split upthat&#;s finecourse i&#;m upset and confused it is a shockoh i don&#;t know maybe it for best . myfu made me so hapy u realy didi love u so much but if ur not hapy then yes it is for best in long run i know that ok . myfresms hiya hun its tyra can u let me no if u stil coming mine only im waiting to go to my friends x myfresms it just hard cos we so god when we together. .it when u go there u do this. .cut me deadthat not fairnow we barely talk. myfresms sory i&#;m pestering againit just hard cos u won&#;t talk to me.i stil don&#;t know wot i did wednesday nighthought we ok. . myfrerighti got stop.i&#;m torturing myse.fuck knows wot i did or said wednesday night.u won&#;t tel me so i don&#;t know myfresms.co.lv mins gone x come t mine fo alf we av breki x nite x myfresms htps:/mailchi.mp/ebf/retreatday myfresms it&#;s mouna. yea i&#;m up al nyt. ta the joint m. myfresms ur an imature fuker that threatens to block or stop talk ing bcoz you don&#;t get your way. then makes bulshit up, ur fucking sick myfresms.co.ghj myfresms its gayle can you come mine ring me on my number myfresms tried caling you a few times can&#;t get through. did you find the money ? what&#;s the deal with reading tonight ? myfresms why the fuck u ignoring me, only contacting me when u ned something thanks andy. i se whats hapening! why met me earlier! myfresms nichola its jordan, can you ring me and let me know what the fuck is going on? myfresms h myfresms i know exactly what i am to u now its exsactly the same thing u dun to me last year twice why is she realy more to than me n lj myfresms hey b, hope ur ok, am going bed nw unles ur real close, i&#;l se you next time. x myfresms hiya elie don&#;t know if this wil work using some mad fre text thing on gogle but i love you princes se you tomorow baby x myfresms.co.helo mate can u drop , cal my phone if can its mitch myfresms i love you so much babe i always wil a dont know if this wil work lol godnight babe iloveyousofuckingmuch always x myfresms fre sound when you deposit myfresms i take it thats it for us then andy. thanks for this il obviously never stop u seing rory but uv broken me completely! myfresms ring me paul asap myfresms my phone ain&#;t ben with me. just se it cals.what&#;s it u wana show me.tel me?.i ain&#;t bk at work til friday. cas myfresms have no credit il be home son ring me if you ned me josh my phone&#;s playing up myfresms hi mate mat here could u help a old beger out by any chance txbk on my num please myfresms answer the fkdkc myfresms you start to save money? but love i realy wish to have a furniture no ring. and be hapy. and pregnant - i hope so that i can be myfresms are you ok? text me on my phone myfresms just? you was told me that you wil have more money because of this bonus. myfresms i wil facebok this, texts, wanting back, using past,char to mes a single dads head. how it backfired.funy. then il c ur bloke myfresms got some people here wanting about pleaser x myfresms ahoj myfresms helo, sory, adblock wouldnt let me use other service again. so yes, don&#;t wory, it&#;s okay :) i&#;l mesage you tomorow. night x myfrelo darlin! tis lula, got no credit. am back home safe n sound, love you, thank you for everything. wil mesage you tomorow.x myfresms morning lads loks as if we going to be rained of today and posibly friday if so work on the wekend to make up for it shay myfresms morning baby its me just reminding u i should have a delivery at some point today duno if its postman or its yodel love u x myfresms hey am realy sory to tel u this, but my bf gave me gonorhea and it can be pased on through oral. myfresms i love you baby cal me later when u get i love you amy. i can&#;t live without you. i don&#;t ever want anyone other than you. i mean that:&#;( please cal me when you get this myfrehiya i&#;m trying. to get hold of david i have a space on boat today sailing at pm thanks alex smith . contact myfresms helo brokhouse dental myfresms hi hun sory to bother you but he was hoping for as i&#;ve told him how much we owe u so promise me after this no more cx myfresms.co.come on amy please. i&#;m not going to be here forever. i love you so much and want this to work. please cal me myfresms its jes thanks for al of this andy why give me false hope yesterday that we could work then go stay with another girl! myfresms ur fucking me up so bad myfresms ring lois myfresms hey, hope al is ok there, got the virgin paid, should be another hour and its back on, mrs b got phoned to love you xo myfresms sent now. satrday.k for left face skin and tht fear abt ur healing, strong depres coming sir, y dono, plz destry myfresms heal my left face, might go for minor srgery, depresion bahut a raha hai since month now, kil it myfresms andy y u playing these stupid fucking games with me! ur mesing my head up so bad! im not coping as it is with al this shit myfresms we have ben informed that you have ben involved in a car acident. please contact avis on myfresms hey, how you doing ? myfresms why ask me to cal then hang up everytime. im not playing ur games anymore andy uv completely mesed me up u cant kep doing this myfresms and i know u stayed with a girl last night. so just guna leave u to it from now andy i cant kep puting myself through this myfresms de its chris can u cal me on my fone im after myfresms alright de its white chris cal me please matey hury to x myfresms can you run me a lighter out please babe x myfresms at town hal now. let me know if you get this! myfresms i love you so much amy. can you just contact me please and stop ignoring me. i love you so so much:&#;(:&#;( myfresms hi mate ben caling you but no answer cal me back asap please regarding work on friday and wekend thanks mate shay myfresms can you fone mitch g myfresms sam u got ten mins to rong me or al my stuf is coming out ther house myfresms il start now then im in the house so upto u ring me or il take my stuf inclusding the tv so ringme myfresms its stu by the way myfresms hi myfresms yo myfresms a myfresms hey b, if ur abt in nxt hour or so can u drop me pls, yutes not apreciate my sobriety! myfresms helo love its jaine csm u ring me please, i knocked at its last night to se if u neded wed x myfresms dasdaseadasdas myfresms grandad have you any rizlas please text back kery phone myfresms hi mum im back and im in shernes libary at the botom il wait here for you x myfresms helo helo helo helodhdhdhcbcbcbcvcvcvfvcvcgc myfresms hi mate how are you you f myfresms hi its fran ok to pop in at half for ten have cash for? x myfresms witam z tej strony sprzedawca fajeczek, zadzwo na ten numer co napisae na sms to sie dogadamy : mi pasuje. myfresms i&#;m olie myfresms babe i&#;ve ben in here nearly hours now i know it ain&#;t easy but i stil ned a lighter and who&#;s saying what and when babe x myfresalam uncle mohamed, sory mised ur cal on tues and no credit to cal back, please u can cal me back or i cal u moro. zak myfresms hey its emily ring my num pls myfresms god afternon arturs.just want to let you know that we don&#;t ned you at b&q anymore. thank you. myfresms hi jo, stu here, text or email me if you want to stay in touch, i think i might be blocked again x myfresms no mins lv x myfresms yes i can wil do now pop round later for, chers x myfresms wag it&#;s me nash i&#;m in your area if you want to chil phone me plus il be geting my own place and my own car son myfresmscan&#;t work tonite i&#;m bleding sory. kery myfresms this my number nash cal me now if your chiling myfresms hi its lisa can you cal me please myfresms ur clothes are going to the dump as im blocked again for no reason myfresms i&#;m gona fuck ur pusy so gd an then show nodger what he mising myfresms thanx, you left me bad again al day waiting for u yesterday, im realy il. i thought u would turn up this time. kevin myfresms hey, it&#;s joel, got no credit, any chance i could borow some cash til tomorow please? knock on or text my phone myfresms im gona tel yours and dans mrs&#;s about your late night brotel trips and drug habits stop pranking myfresms ring j, ; myfresms pui, ce tot faci? am mai trimis un mesaj, nu l ai primit? te iubesc. ai fost la aple? myfresms hi de its laura sory i mised you plz can you ring me on thankyou x myfresms da iubire, vin eu acasica, ma astepti la metrou puiu ? te iubesc, cacaciosul meu :x myfresms hi joey its lisa cal me please myfresms yo man just wondering if you are wanting to come down for a few days if you ain&#;t working dude myfresms a few facts. i do care ,that is lisas husband, he tok me to my theory test, myfresms bangerman not long now. myfresms mum any chance u can lend me cash for monthly bus til next wek gota pay blue nyt then just sel the wed over wekend to get it myfresms yo bro i got your p ere hola when your on ur way not sure if the txt are sending bles cas myfresms ring me taxi ned to go police station myfresms where are you it&#;s jay myfresms lol u got to ring mw or like i said im takeinmy shit sky tv the lot myfresms where are you it&#;s jay obviously somet has gone on again! myfresms hi i was wondering if you would fancy a date ? hit me back x your pure sexy myfresms just remember i can get in the house im fucking magic unlike that cunt your with idiot myfresms cal your ipad now myfresms fair enough. myfresms helo maria,its jay,can you please ring me,chers(no creds, abs said i should &#;&#;ring him asap&#;&#; earlier today,i was at linetrial x mshe has numbers not sure which to give,plus i have to text or cred on my mobile,using internet at library to mesage you,ringmej myfresms helo helo helo myfresms sam i dont no how u could go with someone so son myfresms hey is ousman can phone me on my number thankz myfresms hi mate its stu can you cal me please want to met you for myfresms where are you. cal me adam. alzy myfresms helo myfresms i know i can&#;t work tel joe u no ned me he no know i&#;m bleding. could u plz help me il pay u bk wekend i got no one i&#;m il x myfrerahmat, telegramo check kon. myfresms jnjnjn bjbjnbjnjnj hjbhkjb myfresms pretending u ain&#;t skankd me, stil ned that if ur abt! myfresms janie jamie jamie is t myfresms al ring your work tumoro sems u just ignore that number u gave me not into playing games this neds sorting . myfresms ok pal. dont let him forget me. pity u dont have whatsap or line. spk son lebe x myfresms ned and bradley shop answer phone now! myfresms wil u put yer net on babe x how did u get home x myfresms you steal my phone? myfresms why you not answer you steal my phone? myfresms bradley road shop now myfresms i&#;m not going away so answer phone myfresms did u get that text babe x myfresms dont lack pal x myfresms myfresms test dont think this works lets se myfresms infact gorgeous il set of now and wait at bus stop out side leadgren station on main road love you x myfresms where are you? myfresms huj myfresms fridge dvd f c dubs tvdfd f myfresms hi scot how are you myfresms ring me befor work in morning if u have the botle myfresms yhyh don&#;t expect to hear of me i ent playing stupid games when i&#;ve got my daughter in hospital, u just have a god life yeah. myfresms.its colring me on my phone dude myfresms check your email mate myfresms ye il b down in morn be wen wil u hv the fr me plz x myfresms showed you what i sent to your family myfresms your mum not hapy mate peak times myfresms cokie its dave j u ite to tik a . for couple days leme know on that number i gave ya earlier swet myfresms lo people ain&#;t hapy now myfresms wel i&#;m glad i&#;m right and haha! just fuck you over hard lol nick not geting back with gema spoke to cams he not hapy myfresms are you stil on phone babe x myfresms al phone you if it&#;s ok x myfresms i&#;m walking past your son mate i&#;l se you if you and nick stil in dw i&#;m hapy for you both cams knows he&#;s teling gema myfrecan&#;t say i&#;m wrong i&#;m right as fuck lol wait til social knows tomorow you won&#;t se the kids n lose your job myfresms oh and only geting the pipe from the back of yours bles g myfresms hi u dont know me u going way lance ? he was chating my pal up on sat and got her number just before this leads to more myfresms can&#;t believe u can do this to me when i&#;m pregnant, i fort i could trust you, you have hurt me bad so hope they r worth it txtbk myfresmsu do my ned to cal me this is so unfair. even u said we weren&#;t together a nd i didn&#;t acept it a nd did nothing.cal me now pl myfresmsthe only way is if u can comunicate with me a nd u hear me owt. my past weks ben awful without you around a nd it&#;s not it&#;s t myfresmsu stil way lance ? just he was chating my palinda haron up onsat and tok her number just before it gets out hand a know u dad myfresms i&#;ve ben that hazy from presure in my skul that i&#;ve ben confused a nd broken hearted from something that never hapened. twic myfresmsif u want me to leave you alone. don&#;t say stuf u can&#;t obv understand cal me now. i only just got out of hospital a nd back tm myfresmstext mesage: it&#;s chris you stil hate me? no posibility having a chat? no cred so maybe whatsap if not i get it x myfresms amanda please get back to me dont do this again ! im so fucked up from al this right now what are you doing. please amanda myfresms i didnt mean games u just never semed to want me so it was always like a test how much i neded u i ned u mark y dont u get that myfresms its luke cash point swalowed my card so il ring you tomorow and get them if u stil have them, my num is safe myfresms hi matey myfresms got vs it&#;s steven bro myfresms it&#;s steven bro u jumpin or av nae credit m myfresms hi its leane. ive had my phone taken so i cant contact you. please can you come to mine with a asap myfresms its leane trying to get in touch with t. please can you come to mine with stuf. had phone taken x myfresms keira temp is over myfresms im doing ok ive droped a tablet bcos im not so anxious it just makes me sad with how u r with me y block me? reply please myfresms your sexy husband here.ok final ofer. chocolate, cold irn bru and fags. now where in jen world wil u find a beter deal lol. myfresms if i ned to turn up i wil cos i ned it (the thing i mean lol) but you wil stil get ur godies lol. il play with ur back nsa myfresms ejktgm myfresms was trying to be civil and honest i am fucking woried fahim x myfresms i mis you babe. we should fuck al day when i get back. like the other day but al day. il make you cum loads and loads. amazing myfresms your pusy fels tighter and weter and amazing round my cock i know you love it cos i never sen fuck me eyes like that myfresms its laura ring me i se u up the road come if u wana myfresms wish u was here myfresms wiliam. go on my mesenger, you wil se everything i have to say myfresms cunt myfresms you lasted long of insta lol now im out of your bio your out of mine. find hapines within yourself or someone else. myfresms i think i might just over do it with these codeine, it sems like a god idea at present. id rather not fel this shit myfresms hr myfresms its andrew bro soz ive no credit get in touch please you have my num bro ned to talk so sending this of the net hopefuly talk myfresms parcels are ready x myfresms i&#;ve got to pop up to kenoway the chemist bout - then pop in my mums on the way home quickly but get in touch if u can. x myfresms it&#;s steven m usin wan ae they online txts got they hings ye like back in but gawn u the nauld about - latest be back m myfresms.co.its andy phone me if u get this please bro am up so if i get this gime a quick bel brother chers myfresms hi jnjkwabnubki myfresms sam wil u ring me asap please myfresms can you ring me asap leila x myfresms its jes cal me please x myfresms it&#;s steven fne ma fne got vs pal x myfresms gawn tae cnauld betwen - back abot ish x myfresms it&#;s stef m got some hings there but gawn tae cnauld betwen - back abot ish m myfresms it&#;s steven nickeys m kin u get um to fne me on thanks bud myfresms fdsfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdf myfresms olivia its tamy can&#;t receive cals, having a bit of trouble here at mums & ned help cal me please myfresms check your emails asap myfresms i realy mis you myfresms kasa doszla do taty, ta babka z pracy milczy. depresja. daj znac kiedy mam cie odebrac. daj znac czy doszlo myfresms i&#;m not coming back just to be made to lok a nobed myfresms im sory if i got it wrong im sory for bombarding u i mis u u know i hate it when we get like this i thot u was gona help me myfresms sam its stu wil u please ring me asap im not going to go on just ring me myfresms don&#;t no why u pedal up the hil i fort u was fkin an gona cum bkif u don&#;t want the fone tx me or fone me of rags fone myfresms god morning. x i fucking have herpes, i am lok not swet. i dont now if you wana se me. myfresms hi let me know ur thoughts myfresms hiya mate its cherie, il have that money tomorow for ya. il ring ya tmz when i finish work x myfresms if i can grab those today id apreciate it if you wana met up for a lime soday or something bel me alzy myfresms u hv sent me lopy like some crazy woman hounding u no one has ever made me like this i liked u so much and risked so much b w u myfresms pusc pika jak dostales esa, myfresms a co dzis na obiad? mam troche sosu i ryz ale nie starczy dla wszystkich. a tak poza tym to stypa. odebrac cie? myfresms phone me. myfresms dear steliana, please atend apointment on saturday / quen mary&#;s hospital the hub service . myfresms you man its ya bro any chance dad would lend me a tener til nxt wednesday ned to get more gas and electric to wash kids clothes myfresms sam im glads i no just want to speak to u pleae ring me myfresms helo its jamie u and boys ok, can i stil pop over today to se them and can u tel them dad loves them please x myfresms mum can u take me to cl plus i ned to get ur money out ring me plz myfresms jay il buy that heater on monday using pc to send this so reply to my mobile ok?derek myfresms salam ahmad this is mustafa, please send the bt leters first clas to le road perivale, ubda thank you myfresms wybierz mi z mojego konta monika mi przelalala hubert myfresms hi mum gis a ring love you kin x myfresms hay babe, can u cal me wen ur fre? thanks. tara x myfresms hi howdy wo myfresms hi howdy wo myfresms hi its lisa can you give me a cal please myfresms its dany can you let me know if you are geting these txt&#;s please myfresms hi its dany can you txt my phone back if you got this the one please myfresms i love you so much babe myfresms helo v myfresms can u tel me if ur gona help me and the dog or not please myfresms se point taken just cause your with your man you air me. it&#;s just .e as wel as i know your talking to jart and the rest myfresms dw i&#;l leave you be now. at least i&#;m right that&#;s al i can say karma is a bitch myfresms tgt myfresms have nick to your self dreams come true lol at least pewsey god place to hide lol myfresms hi it sean i gt money going in bank dnt no pin for bank card mum sent me can u get here to ring me plz on thnx alot myfresms stil can&#;t even give me min of your time but talk to everyone but me i&#;m right about you and nick trust myfresms unblock my number otherwise u wont be able to get hold of me al wekend. oh and smkrat kinger mesaged me on my other acount myfresms i got no bef with you mate just rude but it&#;s kl like i gues you got nick so nothing maters karma is a bitch myfresms last mesage i ever ever send you your nothing but a horible ignorant woman and your karma wil come trampy skank myfresms test mesage you hunk myfresms mum please can u put in please im out with her now and i wil not ask u for anything more n u can have al money next wek please myfresms test mesage you hunk. myfresms babe i finished yet :( text dany&#;s phone myfresms acept me on fb mesenger x myfresms its chris where r ya i&#;m back at work monday jus saw steve gave me quid text kaz plz for a que x myfresms hey nemo, i want to talk to you. can you unblock me and mesage me, number is . mat x myfresms can you ring corey asap please urgently myfresms chris its vic (dave). did you get this? myfresms jake it is georgia please check your email myfresms no credit to send texts. two cars parked outside next dor, and they are noisy. myfresms surprisingly, there is enough rom if one car parks on pavement myfresms a kid just knocked the dor loking for his friend next dor myfresms it&#;s kay phone me myfresms hi de its chris can u drop me twenty and take my fone til monday please hun its white chris myfresms mum can u please reply to my email. thankyou. james myfresms mum ! you hav the key i can&#;t get phone myfresms mum ! you hav the key i can&#;t get phone mum can u come to my hous ewith myfresms don&#;t get shirty with me asking you sed you wanted to get some tonight. i got no bef with you mate i know you&#;l be with nick myfresms.coi know you wel so it&#;s calm dw by the time your out everyone wil se the video myfresms hi cam, i&#;ve ben locked out for my aple acount, i have no phone for days, email me kelsielive x myfresms you know what i&#;m defo gona be a cunt fucking blanking just cause your with your man i&#;l make it my mision to tel gema/social myfresmsliane read your skype myfresms depresion realy chngd me nd tht im sry i thnk bout u evry min of evry day i hpe ur al ok i love u al nd mis u al so muchx myfresms gis a ring asap myfresms hiya ela has had her fone didn&#;t know ud ben ringin iv no credit so ring bak on my num m kel x myfresms ring james myfresms make sure you don&#;t lose your temper when you get to finchley. msg me after x myfresms hey hope your okay sory i&#;m a dick dw going out of town tonight i was gona wait for you but your not talking to me bles x myfresms.co.that&#;s it for me! i don&#;t know whats wrong with you! your self desruct! but im moving on, im so done with this shit its untrue! myfresms.coyou okay its boyer i dont know if your geting my mesages but can i get another ten i can give something for colateral mat myfresms yo as your with your man can i get my jeans please got a date myfresms u couldn&#;t even come and se the baby u ben with ya mates al day thanks tho myfresms ring me a second myfresms ring my phone its jamie wot u doing myfresms i did wana se boys today but obvisiouly u were busy, just tel them i love them just remember how there dad is and they sufer x myfresms phone me hed asap. bh ya bas myfresms how&#;s mils? iv got a gin wud love to have a drink with you with no shit! bel me n i&#;l come over n be nice to chil aron x myfresms.chey just learned can get train to shower y i mins from mine myfresms yo al i&#;m asking for is my jean i&#;l be out your life with nick the man you love i got a date you sed move on so answer man myfresms.co.uyou are being stupid in this whole ting it makes me fel a bit sick to think you actualy are saying and what&#;s hapnd nothing! myfresms.co.why text me saying helo like i can reply myfresms give me a fucking chance to fucking talk to you. at least answer the phone to johny later or something or to andy. we are fine. myfresms i wish u cud se it. i wish youd cared enough to be there enough to know and now it&#;s not real u act that way. u lok so stupid myfresms.co.can i get my jeans so i can fuck of out your life as i&#;m hated and your meting hary or nick later you talk to them can&#;t answer myfresmsring me asap myfresms got no bef with you i&#;m doing as you asked and to fuck of so just jeans and i&#;l delete you of mesenger that&#;s al yes it no myfreif it&#;s a no i&#;l go get a new one no bef have a god night with your mate and manz trust me i&#;m hapy for u myfresms it&#;s jen ring me x myfresms okay wel i gues if i was nick or jart you&#;d answer i get the hint lol karma is a bitch myfresms at least i&#;m right about you can&#;t wait til gema finds out i&#;l be a cunt two trust i&#;m no mug or cunt myfresms thanks for leting me down again badger had enough of this myfresms hi wul using pc to send this how did ur interview go? im in hose not ben out today give me a bel when uv time derek myfresms kl that&#;s the way i&#;l be the same you&#;l se how much of a cunt i am al them video going online now myfresms wat i would do just hear ur voice or c ur beautiful perfect smile again i&#;m so sory i love u i can&#;t help that i always wil x myfresmsyo actualy stop me from going out why you hate me and want me out your life and i&#;m doing it so why be like this tel me myfresms i&#;m coming town and giving you bare shit now watch se you tonight you&#;l se me being a cunt trust myfresms i love you amy louise taylor im sory for everything i did wrong to you i wish i treated you beter if i could change thing myfresms okay wel i&#;l block my self dw i&#;l just go have a smoke and not get in nicks or jarts way i bet my life you&#;l be with one of em myfrehow long wil you be. ned to be at the hospital for half so ned to get going son x myfresms can you cal me? i obviously can&#;t reach you and there is a report to write myfresms back on the fre texts! hope youre ok? thought i might of heard from you. x myfresms men are after you because you are easy and desperate so you don&#;t even charge. myfresms al the whores were black, ugly, cheap and desperate just like you because you could never have a man of your own. myfresms wil i ever be unblocked? you can reply to these :/ its nathan. i love you myfresms its stephen wil u txt me on facebok i can get hold ov u lol i got your er,can i come down myfresms spilt whole bag on carpet cause of kids am fuming myfresms col my phones fucked keps dying fs course i want you to come i always do its this i dont want the arguments, i fel like nothing myfresms my hearts breaking i dont want to lose you but i want you to be hapy unblock and il speak to you when this shit starts working myfresms lok i get you hate me its al god mate honest. i&#;l block you now mate dw i&#;l ask jart to get my stuf okay mate i&#;m hapy u myfrecol unblock me my phone is on! myfresms how are u babe i mis you x myfresms its me! i&#;m staying at mams the night just incase u knock at mine. wu, ive geting smoke if u wana swap myfresms you delete my number i&#;l do the same myfresms as you hate me don&#;t wa ma get in your way of you and nick or jart mate honest okay being real here myfresms oh and slag me of al you like trust me i&#;l get you back myfresms i&#;l leave you with your man bles tho init i&#;m glad i&#;m right dw i&#;l cry and smoke over you tonight as i can&#;t go on my date ayup gorgeous x glad to se that you are stil as beautiful as ever. come over and chat if you dare x myfresms wel i&#;l block my self. you have a god night with nick and jart bles dw hate and slag me of al you like myfresms fne me its iain myfresms oh and delete my number i&#;m done the same and blocked it save me mesage you i only get aired as i&#;m not nick or jart myfresms charlie i don&#;t fuckin know what you want me to do listen if u want the money come over tonight babes i don&#;t want u start on me myfresmstop tryna act al hard nd that and if you can get peple to talk to us den so can we. go nd jump of a clfd myfresms dw blank me al you want hope nick and you and jart god mate trust lol so right myfresms oh and hope you al have fun slaging me of mate. myfresms if you ned to cal use the house phone,my phone not charging. woried about abie. very bad day and she fel in the kitchen myfresms she&#;s realy tired and realy fed up with everything. myfresms your out in pewsey with nick init or nah that was al of last wek sory myfresms wel u mised out on a god night out x myfresms okay i block you on fb now and gona mesage cams now teling him you two are back together bles g have a god night with nick x myfresms babes im scared come down in case u tel me fuck of and start on me ok can u not come over and get it plz myfresms babes i would rather u came and got it of me ok at least i&#;m not geting charlie out the house nothing i know ur going to start myfresms.co.check if you want and get no texts back and i&#;l put your pipe in leter box okay. mate myfresms can you ask bran to ring me thanks le if i dint hear i walk up myfresms thanks a lot, ful of empty promises youl never change myfresms al this proves me right like i sed i know you hate me you have a god night with nick can&#;t wait to tel everyone you two back on myfresms.co.se how right i am get told enough mate and you with james ben told lol myfresms i&#;m just glad i. right about you funy how people talk dw i&#;l be doing the same slag me of more irs beter mine the truth myfresms in sory for kicking of just fel like i&#;m always having the kids while you get to go out. stil being sick being a lemon bk plsx myfresms.co.i&#;m going kingers you ain&#;t there are you? myfresms simple question can&#;t answer it&#;s a yes or no like i sed i&#;d stay home if your there with ur man nor hard mate myfresms okay kl wel you ain&#;t answering so you must be at your man&#;s.i&#;l be a cunt if i se you so i asked back to blocked mate myfresms.calrite mate wel u cn se if u cn get wifi on train n il met u or il send u thre quid x myfresms wel bles like i sed if it&#;s nick or jart you&#;d answer dw hate me its al god it shows i&#;m right trust me myfresms caught anything yet dickhead lol x fre mesage on laptop myfresms ring my phone its raf there&#;s no one here so i had use this internet text crap myfresms wel bles like i sed if it&#;s nick or jart you&#;d answer dw hate me its al god it shows i&#;m right trust me talked about it myfresmslove you more yh x myfresms don&#;t answer as im right you stay in preset with nick lol i love being right god init mad ting sad ting myfresms you ned to ring me now please myfresms scot wil you please talk to me babe this ain&#;t geting easier i just want to be friends i mis you x myfresms do not take the pis out of me. ring now. we ned you now. no excuses. ring now! i mean it myfresms this is the last time you are going out. you have just proved you don&#;t give a fuck about any of us. fuck you! ring by or don&#;t myfresmshows on right wel i&#;m going town for a few drinks you stay with your man i hope your not in town i asked as i&#;d stay away myfresms i don&#;t wana get i. yours and nicks/jart way i know you your with one of them only doing as you say to fuck of myfresms its me dave pickup myfresms haha! ben told so i am right big fuck you you wait mate karma is a bitch myfresms watch i&#;m gona tel your mum so much now al the truth myfresms you wait mate told you you aired me for jart and nick now it&#;s pay back lol and slag me of al night hey it&#;s kl i&#;l do the sme myfreyou watch now mate karma and i got video so i&#;l prove your bulshit lying to myfresms i&#;l send them al to jart and then tel your mum he deals myfresms you can post austin&#;s photo everywhere you likehe wil son learn your a loser and hate you like everyone else myfresms sky u dirty tramp drew lok god in the rain did he i cant wait to se u goin to rip ya head of u&#;ve mesed with the wrong girl myfresms.co.get ya home wrecking arse back to formby because you wont last long round here now u upset me myfresms tel sky shes dead mesagng my fela shes vile myfresms two things jart got snif and you in town il give your number to some he wants snif and i ned bicrab i&#;l give you a pipe myfresms mum im on easterl road cant get home cant u please put in the lyolds so i can go there to my friends unblock me as i myfresms mum pls my batery going n im cold im in eastrly road can u reply me can u pt o in lyolds so i can go there as i cant g myfresms so why has kym given up on rotherham or has rotherham given up on kym? myfresms hi are you fre? x whats the adres myfresms yu big black bulfrog muma ah go die son wen mi bun down di house! yu tink runing yu mouth ah go save her yu likle pusyhole myfresms zavolej teri to jsem ja pavel myfresms ring me now think your funy am sat here waiting for you myfresms e virgin pusie u stil sleping around with men. what are u doing at midleton road. aids is real wai myfresms please unblock me. i can prove who i am. im confused whats going on now myfresms yo mate it&#;s aron can you drop at north road i&#;l leave the money in the front of my car if you leave it in there? myfresms its jamie logan st. u want to come round.no cred ring me myfresms sat here gigling. half hour real time lol myfresms jokes asidei&#;m going to bed man.always a long ting myfresms fuck of myfresms can ring my phone got no cred chick my number ends in myfresms o widze kase jak nie to wpadne myfresms cal now this is charlote myfresms your a reli bad person at heart who hurt me on purpose what comes around goes around bad wil come to you! myfresms sjsjkskd disks djfjd jdjdj myfresms that&#;s kind of fucked up man.if you didn&#;t have nothing for me you should&#;ve just said manmaking me wait up! kmt myfresms.co.cal me now leigh on that numbernow myfresms many ur kiding yourself if you dont aproach mady. ur both perfect. shes leaving the branch son so mke a move or regret it n x myfresms is this th nhcx myfresms hi hfj myfresms ok i wil stop contacting you, it&#;s only cuz i mis you more than you wil ever know, i kep dreaming about u every night x myfresms hey mum its an can you ring my phone please myfresms hey mum its ab can you ring my phone please myfresms dkdkdkdkfd dkfdk kdkdkd myfresms hope you had a god night. ilk have kids ready for half one. me n ronie ain&#;t coming today but you can stil take her park sunday myfresms.co.it&#;s tom bel my phone when you back ? hope u alright x myfresms hi mum hope ur ok, im up early im in sitingbourne already, can u met me here at al? im gona have my phone on in a few mins x myfresms al i have is left and wil ned that back for bus fare for work x myfresms proud,stuborn,selfish,wimp, your so desperate use ramzan get in touch.got visa so think mes with gals in uk so sick! myfresms i hate your guts go away go india get gal work dam hard so she gets visa. hope she waits for you. you said hope guy waits me! myfresms alicia heard uvwere pregnant but had a abortion. i bet your family is angry. such a young beautiful fit sexy girl,what a waste x myfresms e myfresms its deanah. my phone wont switch on or charge so no phone. can you come on facebok mesager so i can contact u on my laptop myfresms peter here by , sending it from the internet , il be home around for lunch . love u . myfresms ring ni an get my num sorted or u wil no what its lik be in fkin debt so much for contact ur son lieing bastard myfresms you not answering me on wire myfresms why the fuxk am i bring sent a convo on fb of you flirting with a guy on about meting and you love me an i was para disturbed myfresms wow fucking wow tjats realy fucking hurt me bad how could you do me like that and it says regards from james you an him myfresms can fuck of with ya sick selfs and your dumb enuf to get set up by him i dont ned this nasty shit you played me this hole time myfresms clearly fucked up my life nkw i se why you didnt wana be with me cus you was gona go met someone else an on about wednesday myfresms fucking wednesday the day i go hospital to se what this lump is an your on about meting someone else wtf how nah myfresms im shocked actualy shocked like im oart of you an hes game you have fucked up my life i hate you wana hope i dont screw you back myfresms mum its jay. pls could i borow just until tony can give me back on monday. only time i ask. pls. text me myfresms its conor im at libary walking icekand myfresms if you want to se wilow ring myfresms hi x myfresms mum cal me it&#;s tanya x myfresms you lie on purpose act so inocent say done noting wrong lieing is a sin. i knew a day wud cum contact me as lies always come out! myfresms cau martine tady michal z viola str.pisu z netu nefunkcni tel:] mam cestu kolem tebe tak jestli jsi doma,muzu se zastavit mam u myfresms nabidku and ned borow one set of re gs myfresms glad al ok and kids woke up wel in ok mods :-) i couldnt top up fort had fiver left in bank but it was pending it&#;s j btw x myfresms realy takes his long does it.thanks for nothing shickz. ur stuf wil be at ur dads by the end of the day. stay away from us myfresms can&#;t believe uv done this.used me n the flat last nyt n fuck of quick today. never again. i&#;m of out stay away from my flat. myfresms.helo! howre you? x myfresms hey the one i emailed you x myfresms hi this a test text myfresms its steven your son can you ring me back and dont hang up please i nearly smashed this phone and laptop and there not mine - - myfresms helo, mathew waiting online like an old lady feding the ducks at a pond se you if i se you! x charlie d myfresms mr jackson. please can you cal burton croft surgery and you wil ned to talk to a dr fox who wil inform you of your latest lab myfresms ring me asap x myfresms ring me asap we can go home myfresms u at ya dad&#;s? myfresms fair enough play the ignore me game.i&#;m used to that i want the keys when ur stuf gets droped of so make sure u hand um over myfresms.co.glad al ok and bet she did lol have fun al and dady loves you both lots n lots i&#;m trying to c if ne gt awt in bank to top up myfresms.co.but not loking promising -/- x myfresms yp myfresms jo paul has agred to bring al left over stuf, down to his garage in grengates shefield, if you want it you&#;l have to ring. myfresms.cohim making arangements to colect asap, coach is much cheaper than train, though it takes much longercan send you dosh for. myfresms sent from myfresms - test myfresms give me a cal on my mobile, or i could nip se if moles home. can&#;t cal out chick, lev x myfresms .coach but not train i understand there are at least coaches a day from lancaster, bring a bok it&#;l fly by, my hopes c u! myfresms.co.now bro any chance of a or bank transfer (sc ac) or if your not busy cal down then i can get this phone myfresms cal me on my moby hun, lev, can&#;t contact u. fuck sake.lol . or i&#;l pop moles, ned spk to ya x x x myfresms just til next wek if you can mark myfresms what the fuck are u playing at? answer my text are u at ur dads as i&#;m geting ur stuf droped there myfresms jo a coach leaves lancaster fri & sat at . geting in leds at , not trying buly you, tel me how to help you! mart myfresms d it&#;s jeremy can you cal me please safe myfresms test test myfresms it ema can u c if le about but ned an excuse.to get out myfresms let me know everything&#;s ok. ben quite woried man myfresms funy trip to australia your on it must be your twin pushing the toy pushchair over chelmsley wod. (i know you dont have a twi myfresms its tomy what has he said or done to pis you of beautiful myfresms tom again text bk to my phone why do you alow your self to get upset al the time al your trying to do us help myfresms bring ur dad back here then. after al family is family.ent arguing were over i forgive everything n forget life&#;s to short myfresms it&#;s nathan new number in hodge lea for a litle while for stinky lemon ring me tho as no credit if you ned myfresms it&#;s nathan new number stinky lemon and coke myfresms what ya playing at? myfresms cal my black phone jodie x myfresms can u stop this plz. do u ned time. can we discus. myfresms ring me plz myfresms cal me bro no sign of him p myfresms did you get through to him air or shal i try one one else if its a no go. kep me posted. geting desperate! myfresms hinbabe. i got a few bas wana twose some whisky or something on this fine day? myfresms so why u blocked my number for :/ i anit even done anything and u block my number ? myfresms theirs fuck al in and i wana go get some bits shickle. either transfer me some money or come bk ur takin pis myfresms sory last text was meant for mises. wheres your boy im heading out son canwait tomuchmlondger. bel me. p myfresms alright babes i got a couple of bars fancynsplitingnsome whiskyntomon thie finds day, got not credit so gime a bel if you., myfresms its pete. got not credit could you do a drop and i got a couple of xanies for you to! bel mepete myfresms don&#;t u dare come back here i&#;m borowing money and ur stuf is geting droped to ur dads pis taking cunt myfresms do you know ds number in hendon babe? myfresms ok thanks gian nicholas myfresms why are u so fckin stuborn? always but-hurt ting. i said nasty hurtful things but i stil deserve closure. please answer. myfresms your taxi is outside. grey jaguar, license mk yga. myfresms b myfresms do u not mis me kiki. do u not mis our love-makingour laughs, our conection please can u answer ur phone and talk. v myfresms dgfuf myfresms it fin v can i grab til tmrw bro pas u lad just locked out mine am in me grandads bro thanks lad apreciate it lad txt my myfresms wasteman love pusy to much myfresms cal me my black phone x myfresms v it fin lad u get my msg bro if u can lad am in me grandads mate myfresms louise are u coming to talk and if we sort things we forfar i love uhate that we cant text doing my head intxt mums phn woried myfresms what dose ava want with frozen chicken. turn up here with somethimg she cant eat and watch myfresms hi my swet, hope you are ok! misarable weather again today. love you lots, mischa myfresms fucking ring me you crack head tramp myfresms now myfresms hey michele it&#;s tom court has loads of stuf here what shal i do? i don&#;t want to throw it al. sory for the other day myfresms you tel me then tel me your on your way home why cant you ever jst tel the fucking truth! you realy ent comi g back now myfresms grgtertgy myfresms beautiful wil u plz just speak me i love u wit al my heart nd i mis u so much just speak bout everything plz ur my world x myfresms yo dude, credit ran out hopefuly you get this, yeah it came. gimie a cal if ya want myfresms hi you ok myfresms can u activate my (bev) my phone it`l require a gody bag just get a gody bag as theres fre on it not texting no mor myfresms il try my phone pm latest and if not on il borow some money of one of the lads on monday and wil get it done mark myfresms now then mate it&#;s chris. text me if ure up for chilin myfresms hi hun cnt txt on my phone but no im on my own aidens working boys ben litle shits and i fel crap :( sick of crying luv laura x myfresms gavin its craig ring me fela i am in the house don&#;t know what to do cos its nice and don&#;t want to stay in myfresms yo man i love you myfresms hey hun its michele can you cal me on number ending x myfresms i&#;l kep stuf until my birthday th june, i hve realised we could never work. i&#;m no threat anymore, i&#;m talking to another girl myfremum, ring my phone please jake x myfresms phone me its jordan myfresms hey baby did you manage to get rid of that anoying girl that wouldn&#;t leave you alone? i mis you and love you x myfresms i am so sory that i was a bitch to you. i realy mis you, please unblock me and talk to me again x i realy like you x myfresms hi names for guest list marguerite, lucy myfresms btw i mesaged that hanah girl teling her you are not interested, to delete your number and you are taken now :) love you x myfresms test myfresms lost phone can you cancel. im back home. josh myfresms can you contact me on gmail to confirm? and talk in general. j myfresms stay somewhere else tonight sory. x myfresms we ned to fine you a new place myfresms have fun geting on it you sily cunt. cant trust you to do anything. fucking ashole. il be home tomorow morning cunt. myfresms mat can you cal me pls its tash dont want to bombard your dads phone and cant recieve texts only cals to landline. pls myfresms hi nan its josh can you cal me please x myfresms are me and you stil aloud to have some fun babe from time time cuz i&#;ve decided i cant take losing u al together no more x myfresms takes the mick you do u best phone me now u don&#;t give a mes about rube i&#;ve ben told myfresms caly dzien bylam w midelton park z dzieciakami.no to lipa e dopiero wracasz.odezwij si pozniej najwyzej jak bedziesz chcial.yo! myfresms m myfresms let me no jd im gona strangle my bird shes a fukin joke myfresms me n him r riding nite, my tings ain&#;t dry n crawny like urs, im son man up an tel who me is, u just cary on being dor mat myfresms i just mesaged ur sister ask them if u don&#;t believe me u wana fuk with me when i&#;m feling like this u wil c now fuk u al myfresms.conow i no u ain&#;t changed thanks for making it al easier for me myfresms it is a reason my kids to ask me y don&#;t we c our dad but his family i&#;m dine with it al my kids r beter of without him myfresms ek dink an jou myfresms why did you ring me? myfresms don&#;t ring me and text me abusive mesages if youre then gona ignore me when i ask you to explain myfresms we no ur not der now lad its ok dnt wnt u getin a beatin becky jus waitin her slep now god lad kepin our the way myfresms it&#;s bex you lot out and about? i&#;m sick of these wals man myfresms please text. holy myfresms stop fucking ringing and texting you ain&#;t gona get nothing but a big fat fuck you so if you don&#;t stop i wil blank u myfresms you best ring me now i&#;m livid ken your a waste myfresms it rusel can u met brok lane u cnt text back il bmins myfresms ur great bird was drunk leaving voicemails on my phone ranting about u saying al sorts come hear them for yourself and talk to me myfresms why no come talk to me rab u know we r meant to be with each other forever u love me i love u so why do this to us x myfresms safe its steve, can u sort two til morning bro? its there %, got scrapers coming for my corsa and old mondeo at .am. myfresms let me know bro, asap on my number plz. i&#;m dying. lol myfresms help me out plz bro, got guaranted funds in a few hours. n guna be wanting more then aswel. let me know either way g, myfresms helo, sory to mesage you about this however it has got way to far now. i just got hit by men georgie know because of a ni myfresms il be caling police in morning. as its on ctv and i have people who heard them say it was for you myfresms or cal me now and explain your choice myfresms you cant get people to hit me and not talk to me i done nothing to you acept be nice ! its ros ring me myfresms on my way over now as you got me hot tonight, not fair se you in a min myfresms leaving now se you in x myfresms round corner you coming out or am i coming up ? myfresms lucy its dan get on whatsap or skype myfresms hilarious and fun game myfresms helo girafe myfresms have u sen your pictures on facebok you mes watch today saying that about me myfresms ab mehvish ghar beth kr kia kary gi myfresms no myfresms im so glad rube don&#;t know you you best get ur stuf out of bens i&#;m going there now myfresms i hate you myfresms your a waste of oxygen the baby might not be dead i gota go back up unlucky for u myfresms where&#;s rubes money myfresms ibis hotel on way myfresms now your acusing me of snifing. al this cuz i didn&#;t jump at your ofer to met u and drink again. leave me alone i done myfresms.co.my mises has got hold of my phone, text back to my phone and say one of the lads wrote my number down. myfresms mesage back saying some random shit, she has gone through my phone while i was aslep this morning. she has taken my phone myfresms giving me your diseases myfresms you ned to come and get the kids and give me my phone back, ive ben stitched up and this aint fair. myfresms giving me your diseases gota go hospital cause of you myfresms she was at your on sat u said you was defo done with that scruf hope she no&#;s about me . fucking prat also i loving the blankin myfresms.co.ulok at your tiny dick and your acne ugh i&#;m on my way to bens myfresms pas rubes stuf and you can stay out of our life it&#;s done i&#;l tel her wen she&#;s older about al this what you&#;ve done myfresmsring me on me sims back on myfresms least my kids have love you don&#;t love rube myfresms your nearest bekeper is andreas koungelis on peny secretaryormskirkbekepers myfresms check my straighteners myfresms testing fre sms myfresms why were you swearing at me last night? myfresms hey mom just to let u know im ok x phil myfresms ema has enlarged heart and clot on lung. having special scan tomorow. she on high risk alert myfresms sir hazur lay jati kojayra liyera aunu ahilay - bajay tira,ma nirmal ko ma hunchu brewary road ma myfresms days after april tok u own up da truth out of desperation female atenshion lol. gal has self respect not go bak to lier! myfresms hey. is litle man ok myfresms chlamydia cunt myfresms chlamydia cunt step up for ya kid myfresms hi it daz cowan halton mor wil you come up to mine pls myfresms ring me gavin on mobile its craig myfresms hi woelan its kayleigh ive ben caling you,could you borow me pound please until the th ,no worys if you cant myfresms babe can you buy me mcds so hungry with a milk shake. any of the burgers. corine my phone ben restricted myfresms georgia. ring me kris myfresms sory if was raty babe just realy tired was upset thought u we&#;re not caling on purpose ben trying to send this damn text for myfresms.co.uive had enough i cant cope myfresms hury up im gona blow myfresms fuckin he&#;s damn phone, i mis u :( that fod was crap stil hungry plz can u bring me sum chocky bars n drink when u cum myfresms fuck this im of out kids can do whatever myfresms visiting is - jist heard them say, can u let me no u got this text plz babe, love u x myfresms hi woelan have you recived my mesages ? could you let me know,my mobile is x kayleigh x myfresms ring me please kin x myfresms its dany again mate myfresms iv ben ana&#;s this morning i wanted to speak to her but i couldn&#;t explain to her properly i ned to go se cris team today myfresms.co.hiya its katie my cred ran out, can i cal in for a plz text back to my fone plz myfresms do u work myfresms don&#;t reply fre sms no phones no mesenger no what&#;s ap i ned ,for a taxi .it&#;s not drugs iv got plenty ana sen myfresms.cth atempt sory ben cut of and aps not working x myfresms come take rube myfresms i won&#;t be alive to se it myfresms just come take rube i don&#;t want her seing it myfresms please just take her myfresms if you can do it put done on my facebok wal. heads gone x myfresms i hope i die myfresms i&#;ve told my kids they&#;re guna go bk dans im done today myfresms tel my kids i love em myfresms when we going for a drink! myfresms helo mark myfresms yo lad u ok bro myfresms who is this? myfresms my cel phone is in your laptop in the vrs, so you can&#;t text me! i&#;m home now. k xoxo myfresms majfriesmesm myfresms co u mnie? u mnie swietnie.dziekuje.milego dnia myfresms hey gwen, please check your fb mesenger! love roger myfresms you&#;ve got mail myfresms lost count how many times tried to mesage you so sory ben cut of hugs x myfresms heloio c,m ,hintg myfresms safe mate it&#;s aiden can i please get another bud on tic? give me a shout if you can thank you bro myfresms stace it&#;s gema ring me wenu get this x myfresms test mesage to paul myfresms htp:/w.movehut/property/-wright-stret/?k= myfresms i cant believe youve ben with another girl: your with one now. how the hel can u do that to me so son :(:( myfresms hes cheating on you weve ben meting up and sending each other pics myfresms yo myfresms why have shown georgia the leters from me what game are you playing myfresms i mis you already, thank god you left your smely top here or i&#;d be prety depresed right now. god you smel so god!x myfresms congratulations you have won a yaught and ugandan dolers text back yes to confirm your prize myfresms she is pregnant you idiot. i hope you wil regret that. we wil suport her and dont even to reach her. myfresms unblock me if u want talk or cum up,or is this yr way of playing with my head its not fair if it is taty x myfresms your so unfair if fucking me of fair enoth but why fuck baby of so unfair myfresms cal back x myfresms alright mate its worm are you alright to send us that er over guna pop out and get sum munch and a couple bers as son as can myfresms chirs has asked me to ask if you can give him pounds until wednesday along with the other , his phone is broke so text him myfresms hi please can you ask karolina to cal simon myfresms its lili be plz try n get me a . im starving please il giv it u bk tomorow i wouldnt ask bt im desperately hungry myfresms hope you have had a god wekend. myfresms its chris we&#;re geting of the bus now fone me in mins myfresms atleast i&#;m not that low dat i lie n hurt person on purpose move to another guy n i am not so desperate for male atenshion! myfresms.co.uprosz co ci to daje e tak cierpi obieca przyrzekalas wykonczysz mnie oto ci chodzi za moj mio tak musze paci myfresms u r the most vile man ever lying to me giving me it tight for not having sex al the time al along u were mesaging that slut myfresms helo mum i am texting online as haven&#;t had enough get credit. ive got lamb shanks tea. wud lyk j after. can u hok us x myfresms.co.gt the studio set up in the rom. everything kol everything fresh housewise. wud wel apreciate ya party favour mi madro(etpad) myfresms u and ur slut wil be seing me son mary knows her. and i wil be making sure i destroy u like u have destroyed me i promise myfresms ur own kid told me that ur a dick and that im far to god for u and that there lots god men out there and ur not one of them myfresms tb.x on my fone x myfresms ask ur boyfriend why just today he told me he stil loves me of course he wil say its lies cause hes a liar and a dirty di myfresms ur a total fol eh and must be so in love with him dont u ask urself why he lied to u that he didnt have bird and keps lyin myfresms can u let me know ifreceived this. otherwise.jus siting waiting ;-) ? not doin dodge seting up composition studiox myfresms why did u have sex with me like wks ago if u were already planing on leaving me as u were txting and seing her? myfresms & yes the answer to ur question is yes, i care bowt u more than dem. so ponder not . please tb x z myfresms you got a . to mac, s myfresms mat pls cal me this is cruel i cant recieve texts or cals on mobile myfresms il take my owns prove im no idiot myfresms belive me im dne last time u wil c me go play the victim myfresms its keley luke from darnel can u ring me dany said could u do him another half til tomoz myfresms yo. bex. what&#;s hapening blaine mesaged again said you picked up your phone myfresms ur man on phone again denying its ben weks ask urself why he is lying to u case he knows he was with me in a so caled relat myfresms its ryan hayden might be bk tomoz myfresms ring me its keley from darnel myfresms al i want is my sons fuckin things of u not calum i told him if u came round i would give u the money not him myfresms htps:/jenjbphotography.pixieset/rachelprofs-/f/ myfresms last chance please x myfresms cal rafik cal rafik cal rafik cal rafik cal rafik myfresms rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik rafik myfresms mum can u bring it home with u pls unblock me on whats ap the driver is in leds myfresms cal me please its erni myfresms ring me bro ham myfresms helo peny mesage from my fre sms myfresms cum on bro i&#;l give u tomoz then i only owe u shet it&#;s not a lot bro. myfresms why the min he leaves ur house he cals u a liar about talking for weks hes saying this to his kid ino hes taking cunt out myfresms hey hun its steve u ok. hmu myfresms scot ive ben pub and i can&#;t snap out of this people that no me and you no i&#;m hurting and i won&#;t lie them why, plz ring me x myfreyo can you cal stu please myfresms it&#;s glen. could you pick me up? myfresms heyheyhey myfresms come se me please? cathy on suton myfresms ur lovely man who u think loves u or that has ben teling me and hanah both that hes no ben taking to u for weks since frid myfresms me and hanah r close always have ben even more than she is with her dad. im also close with hanahs mum. wake up ur being myfresms its steve.couldnt sort out.im home if wana cal.i love you to the mon and bk to.got work tomoz.cal me faty.love you x myfresms this is not manipulative bt im cutin dep in my hips right now thanksthis wekend has ben great for me and you wont even ring me myfresms hi hun my phone is cut of i wil get by new number to you son. am texting from internet so you wont be able to reply. chris myfresms also stop shouting helo to hanah when she cals her dad the bairn doesnt like u or want to ever met u. she wants me to tel myfresms except ur just a home wreaking whore whos gona get al thats coming to u and my raty man not yours u dont know him ur a myfresms hi beth myfresms ok babe i just asked for antibiotics and i wana go slep to now, hopefuly slep i&#;m knackered wel hope u slep wel babe me myfresms mis u to :( son be home. wel i c u in morning then babe, thanks for coming to c me :) slep wel babe,night night,love u x myfresms f myfresms ring me please in . want bw and got someone coming in a bit wanting more cathy myfresms so i cheated times where that bulshit came from so i cheated on you cause i was in my bed alone so i cheated fucking hel myfresms so who told you i so caled cheated times then you bitches best friends obvs they dont know how to stay out of it myfresms but sure i cheated on you so what you hiding then since you saying al this bulshit up then chloe explain your bulshit myfresms so im finding out the turth when he didnt say im not relationship guy so bulshit again. myfresms so bulshit chloe since he told you my past and why i dont have must relationships in the past but sure my fault as always myfresms so with al this bulshit then what you hiding saying i cheated why you feling guilty cause you cheated on me or something? myfresms supose you block me cause you with your new boyfriend who you cheated on me with is it chloe? myfresms aw lok stil nothing hiding from something. so something i said is true then. wel i know i havent fucking cheated on you myfresms cal me pls jes myfresms its me babe cant get ur facebok mesage its shit this phone cant even talk to u n i cant get no slep :( love u n misin u loads myfresms ok babe he beter not b on couch y u leting him up and y is he winging?just gone mental wanted my drip since ten bitch didn&#;t giv myfresms.co.me it til ten to they al snoty cows ben saying i was tired for ages made me drop my phone taking drip out then tried saying myfresms couldn&#;t go for cig lost now anyway let u go slep babe love u lots x myfresms right your mails now i&#;m just awake i cant believe your doing this again fone me now myfresms fone me right now i mean it se if u do this on me again i&#;m ready end it myfresms hey bro myfresms claire yano what im done here heart is ready explode blaming me on lying u writing al that stuf me thats it myfresms rab how can u treat me so bad u have ben planing leaving me al along talking and seing her for weks u fel out with me no dum myfresms no ended it. why do this to me u made out i didnt want u cause we hadnt had sex in a bit when al along u were cheating why? myfresms every day al day u told me u loved me why if u didnt did u tel me al the time i cant belive u sit and bad mouth me and li myfresms years was al lies and fake with u wasnt it al the love trust i would have done anything for u. u know u mean the world to myfresms hi myfresms helo al. today&#;s it lesons are canceled due to an emergency staf meting. only it lesons are afected, please atend others myfresms.co.uhelo son myfresms sory your not sory. you didnt love me. who cares if i broke down in front my mum and have her in tears also chloe myfresms who cares about me heart broken cried in betys in work at home etc. im just bad person and not god enough isnt that right chloe myfresms but sure its only stuart he used to be hurt. he use not being wanted so why should anyone give any fucks about stuart myfresms but meh you say you love me never leave me always gona be their for me but where are you now where the love then chloe myfresms but meh im the bad person for always wana talk to you se you al the time do stuf but that wasnt god enough myfresms so come on what did it al change since that wednesday night when you were with that bitch then its funy that isnt it myfresms but meh always knew i wasnt god enough for you but you say i was but someway showing it isnt it im god enough isnt it chloe myfresms but sure im sure patrick or michael god enough since im not. but sure its ok for your friends slaber about me to me isnt it myfresms oh i love you so much i wana be with you lies isnt it since im not god enough and not a relationship guy myfresms but sure its ok its only stuart he broke down in work twice. its ok ive ben sick its ok who give a shit about me myfresms but sure i told you over a year what i want etc but that wasnt god enough was it. myfresms but meh only me who gives fucks. i rather be dead or single as you were the love of my life fucking hel myfresms but sure supose im the bad person for saying that isnt it. myfresms meant to ad. after monday.don&#;t talk to him about me.at al. let him forget. let him forget about me. give him that. myfresms but sure i wouldnt be surprise if bitches put bulshit in your head since they are single and they dont want you in relationship myfresms but sure they alowed to have their say etc but my friend nah when scot did it himself chloe myfresms but i always knew i wasnt god enough i was punching above my weight etc but meh not mater what i did not god enough myfresms but sure your always right and know what i want since everyone else does more then i do isnt that right chloe myfresms but i always wil be the bad person and always have ben not god enough for you isnt it chloe myfresms but sure past year i stayed i fight cause i love you etc but sure im not a relationship guy sure isnt it chloe myfresms but meh its only stuart no one gives fucks, you say about my friend if any of them bitches even lok at me i say stuf myfresms actualy if neds to be i wil get a restraining order so they cant even lok or go near me chloe it be that simple myfresms but sure you dont love me you never ment you sory or want to be my girlfriend etc did you chloe myfresms but sure everything funy to you and your family also since i have to so caled man up about my felings isnt it as its al a joke myfresms but sure im a joke and my felings a joke isnt it me heartbroken a joke me in tears non stop a joke for use al isnt it chloe myfresms my bundle has run out can you try and cal me or something please met me tomorow aswel im using a fre text of my hostel laptop myfresms touyoiuyiut myfresms it&#;s marko of fab. mesage me on fab my phone is broke i wana cu m to yours myfresms thanks for the cal back you could of txt saying you not ringing now and your busy ben waiting up ned a fag aswel so if you got myfresms test myfresms babe its me you left the card also are ok i love you x myfresms if you get this i cant get them back so send an email to yourself and il se it myfresms lok un block me i dont wana fal out like this myfresms gogle gogle myfresms s myfresms james, did a say a ned u to come bk? yes a did, what kind of dad are you to sit and deliberately ignore what i&#;v said myfresms hey pickle, buz here, just using a fre txt ap but you cant respond lol loking at reviews and things to do x x myfresms htps:/boking.caselapark/#/bigcatsactivities/walkwhthlions walking with lions! . . . amazing! myfresms hey. of to schol ok. got to text u earlier get u to transfer money. child benefit ain&#;t paid me. if u get chance to lmao. tez myfresms.co.ring me it&#;s suly myfresms mum ring me it&#;s suly is it in yet myfresms hi dad its yaz. love you and hope you&#;re okay x myfresms sunama irina eram la european myfresms can u cal me plz babe, bk now, in agony x myfresms you just can&#;t handle the truth i&#;m glad me and evelyn are wel out of your life thanks for showing your true colours myfresms hi babe giz a ring myfresms court please contact me its tom, i know we cant be together and you don&#;t want me, i want to give your stuf back i do care bwt u myfresms.co.evil man myfresms you cheated on we gil? are you fucking mental have you sen her wtf is wrong way youwhat a sin for that lasie myfresms fuck sake mom this fucking stupid bitch only just answered the phone she wants the ful now so have u got i got tk go jobc myfresms ned to go job centre son and how much are u having of me today ? myfresms that isn&#;t true though i&#;l stil met you and you know i don&#;t cal you in have no texts myfresms its fiona giz a ring wen u get this x myfresms cal me now i beg u quick ting myfresms ring me or il ring you i got no problems with you or conor i hope you have a god life i do, i&#;l bag stuf and give it you or co myfresms.co.yo p ring my phone its kieran i realy ned to get out cant be sat here like this doing my head in myfresms cal me myfresms sory yeh you wil talk when scot isnt around to eat or the pedo. wel thats ur kids bday not hapeneing. oh wel u got ur life. myfresms go to the police do what you want but atleast listen to what i&#;m saying! myfresms hi joyce its aime from cowie, just wondering what time you wil be over today at? thanks myfresms you caried it on this morning not me myfresms any chance of an ict pick up?, don&#;t reply here, just give me a cal. ta myfresms i know your stil in contact with her she told me al about it. my guesing is that your a bit of a player does your family know ? myfresms ring me myfresms wil this one work? myfresms what the actual big man.that por cow of a burd of yours. must be in bits going behind her back with a bot. sin what you done myfresms hiya myfresms elo mate its adam from the fyfe. sori bout other day, was kicking of here. can u met me at bridge in a couple mins plz. myfresms or cal me on my number. . nice one. myfresms infomitcheladam text them with sob story myfresms we beg you in the name of god almighty transfer yourself away from mfm birmingham before we chase you away by force you&#;re warned! myfresms.co.hi its shel. can you bring the rent money home with ypu today cuz it neds paying asap the housing oficers have just ben round myfresms p its kieran ring me asap! myfresms its col ring me myfresms its colin. dont know if u get this. can u drop phone of today. havent colected script yet ned cause od cause of magenta myfresms hi! your car posted on x stil for sale?what is your best price for it?reply to my email: olixqx. myfresms sory for crying babe,im in agony again now it was just adrenaline keping it of before,only caled dad coz wanted a tv card as myfresms it&#;s tv night hes made me fel realy bad tho,hope he doesn&#;t cum,can&#;t believe he wasn&#;t gona tel me.i caled u straight away s mso was crying as only just put phone down to him.in so much pain babe :( managed to put new canula in usual place in arm. myfresms i be ok babe just in a lot of pain so tired as wel.don&#;t let me afect ur day i&#;m sory it was just a shock hope he doesn&#;t cum myfredon&#;t want the earache of him over not caling sick of it. he wil prpb let me noso can kep u informed .hope ur ok,love u x myfresms de its laura i cnt ring you as phones playing up plz can you cal me as having problems with rent x x myfresms bye myfresms i think that wat u are doing to skye is awful. i am a friend of hers and i can tel you that right now she is totaly broken. skye myfresms char it&#;s sean. your acount is overdrawn by . i&#;ve no idea what the hel&#;s came out so you ned to check your bank! x myfresms.co.yeah at four myfresms yeah myfresms just had some more morphine babe so gona try get a bit of slep i&#;m done in. they&#;ve just shut dor so fingers crosed love u x myfresmsdefalarca bize kars ahlaksizlik yaptin. inan ki cevap vermesen facebok a yazacam myfresms bekliyorum, haber vereceksin bana. hadi cabuk ol. myfresms sozune sadik bir insan olman gereg whatsap tan da engeledin myfresms myfresms helo myfresms she spent the night wit jay, you should have sen this mate. everyone else did. b careful of name caling. slut gets jay upset myfresms no phone contract- i had apointment last month so i only paid for and i forgot to say so just give me one les this time soph myfresms i&#;ve ben invited out for diner by chloe&#;s mum and dad in half an hour, can we just met tomorow instead, i&#;l hand in my notice myfrewel just prove what twat u r david god sake and hope u have to pay for one bye dope die al u fucking me for is money not a myfresms k myfresms cal me jad myfresms safe bro, seing if your in sale gona come chil if your busy. carlos myfresms ring me please bruv it&#;s kurt myfresms labour&#;s neded . an hour cardif central contact james best conection myfresms kurt it&#;s kurt myfresms stil haven&#;t managed any slep babe, just thought if dad does cum he wil prob just turn up so if u cal n i dnt answer u no myfresms he&#;s here i wil cal u bk tho.tbh don&#;t think he wil cum but just saying it incase babe. im in a lot of pain not giving me myfresms.co.uit&#;s dan cal me myfresms its andrew do what you can if not ask workers for advice stock check etc myfresms enough morphine but don&#;t no how much i can ask:( made me realy itchy tho.hope ur ok,i mis u lots,cal me when u can, love u x myfresms.co.have you ben using my amazon acount? tan myfresms mum it&#;s suly can u put me a tener in bank please i&#;l give u my money next tuesday and i&#;l give u my budget loan aswel myfresms.cowhy wont u answer me hary? rather live outside then in my bed? how u think that fels, i care n wana help but u kep pushing myfresms remember i held the olive branch out to you, so this is the last i now want to hear from you, hasta la vista eh jo! comprendeh? myfresms iv done nothing that would hurt you, you deserve me at my best so y u leave now? cum chat me baby x myfresms sory don&#;t wana se you, beter this way, so don&#;t wory be hapy myfresms on from mesages, i can&#;t contact you, i&#;m now deleting your number. godbye & god ridance! mart. (stuf going to st gemas) myfresms.its not your fault mate, they are just ment to be. no mater what nonsense you are told this time it&#;l hapen again and again. myfresms gubug myfresms lol u blown me the fuck out int ya nice. wel il say it anyway i love you babe n u know where i am always want you. pls take care myfresms i have a bit of metal in my eye since friday im asuming i lose the eye if i do nothing. u left al say pis of. why? myfresms what time are you home lily went to myas and neds picking upbetwen and half past? myfresms mum it&#;s suly ring me myfresms it&#;s suly get mum to ring me please myfresms don&#;t forget my phone to if you are geting the text me back in you drafts and save it and il read it x myfresms.co.rick bruva. cal me. myfresms are you going to cal me or what?. myfresms phone medfvbh myfresms hi mike its adam i am leaving work shortly, i have got us some tea and some bers if its a prob coming let me know now myfresms hi its daniele drop draw to my house please and il give money tomorlw crashed my car carnt drive it money in bank myfresms phone me myfresms it&#;s suly mum ring me please myfresms phone me my phonw daniele myfresms just checked my statement and saw your transfer. as long as you pay for what you rent it makes no diference to me. hope your god myfresms hi mate its dany can you cal me on my phone please chers mate myfresms blocked . . i said in my last mesage. enjoy smashing georgia. i don&#;t mind if you pretend it&#;s me lol best you had ini myfresms can you let me know what you are doing mate. stop ignoring my mesages. ring me!. myfresms it kaja i did cal them thy sendef it shuld take wrking day i did sort it n phnez are died out but i ned urgently pounds myfresms tel mat alow me friends & a life. pack it in now or war like aith culey if dave is soing the same tel him. u? sory. bye myfresms jd myfresms jdh myfresms its kaja i urgently ned ur help i anit got nothing im so broke i ned ur help please send me the pound i dont have fags nothing myfresms please do let me know i realy ned no body can help me out myfresms souht myfresms cal my mobile adam myfresms hi bud i&#;m back at the house thursday night for a couple of hours only from pm drop by. myfresms please cal me and have a proper talk. i&#;m human i at least deserve something. i canot get you or the baby out my mind. myfresms its alex cal my mobile myfresms stil can&#;t text. litle man is god. star at schol. not sure if u got text earlier. myfresms hahaha god one funy how she never their when i was working or was in kiosk alone but sure you know everything right myfresms pathetic shit sory im not the one runs away al the time and lies and say things they dont mean but then your always right myfresms hahaha tel me what i ned to hear fucking hel you cant even tel me since saturday night cause your hiding something myfresms but sure its ok to have best friend who act like years and believe then when they dont know me or never se me funy that myfresms dares,the next guy u se make an excuse to take them upstairs, push them on a bed pul their pants of suck them of and use them myfresms but sure thats al you do run away and cant tel me the truth. but sure your always fucking right myfresms cant believe u just walked out but when u were stresed the other day who sat by u while u had a cry me! u just walk out on me! myfresms smashed the phone as wel so cant ring or text u anymore so if u dont come back then gues u dont wana be here myfresms mum ring me it&#;s suly myfresms helo myfresms its me how are doing ? myfresms my name is handsome . and i am myfresms such a shame could of worked tonight bit only myfresms il take it as u aint coming back then.il be back at half in morning u can pick your stuf up then but i dont want u to go myfresms dont wory tonight karen i was in more danger on the stret then what i would be inside wil only go forest bank in clifton myfresms hi how are you myfresms hi michael its alen im realy sory i have no credit i have had some isues with my bank but im trying my hardest to get sorted myfresms are we stil on for tomorow? x myfresms stacey please wil you nip an se me for mins just please come car park an bep an i wil come out this is breaking my heart se myfresms hshshshs myfresms put your what&#;s ap on tae a talk tae u n stop hidin fs cause u know wit uv done wae that tramp or do u no wanty hear it hes dead myfresms.co.u fukd it u pusy cumin for ya myfresms bery close newtown g myfresms sory to b a pain ciaron but can i borow a tens til i get paid i can get u nice wed down here dying for a splif msg me no x myfresms hey myfresms hey hey hey hey myfresms i beg you please come an se me stace this is so hard an i breaking my heart please come up. wilie x myfresms wondered if i should mention about credit. didn&#;t sem worth it. but i&#;m stil confused. i&#;s glad there&#;s no supervisor though! mdear ami, these may be out of date: , & . caution: expensive; check with mum. loyd. myfresms mum i am sending this over internet. can you please ask dad to check his emails please love sara myfresms sory to ring but my tag is of :) myfresms why are you ignoring me? can you instal whatsap or viber again so we can talk? myfresms stace please come up or text me inbox on facebok lets please just talk then i real like its over then myfresms ja rzucam to wszystko i stad wyjezdzam . . . myfresms you go with me tomorow to take my identity card please . myfresms oi babe it&#;s kelsy come mine if you can let me no by using that mum dad ting x myfresms i have no credit! haven&#;t ben able to text back! not got a girl with me, just on my own can i come then yeh? be there in aim myfresms its mike cal me if u get this evryfink ok bin tryin to tx u of net myfresms i might be able to bok you a taxi babe let me no son x myfresms hey u ok, its beca, wot u upto, havent heard of you in a couple of days. tried ringing you earlier. x, cal me back myfresms hrlo myfresms halo myfresms blokla jsem te jen aby jsi to vedel muzes si zato sam mohly sme spolu byt hapy ale mas rad devky takovy jako jses ty zbohem myfresms hi thomas, this is your gay bf name tomas, i send you from czech. please use this number to send me myfresms you&#;s get more time of son, though.? did before. weks of! if.things go the way they&#;re loking to go.wil you myfresms i cant get a signal .i&#;m waiting on my blods . try me in an hour or il fne u if i&#;m out first myfresms wil you go with me to the doctors? please.? damn character limits. myfresms mum ino i lied yesterday when u ask me did i owe out but i ned i&#;l give it back tuesday promise myfresms i mised a cal from you on when out with the dogs. tried to cal back but phone won&#;t let the cal stay conected myfresms please babes i dont understand im cold and wet i just wana come home please text me or cal dan x myfresms what&#;s up? why you mesaging me now? don&#;t get where this has came from myfresms htps:/web.archive.org/web/htps:/iabem.github.io/chaios myfresms test mesage myfresms what hapened to u then? i got scary slep. ra myfresms ashley its dan ring me tomorow please we ned to talk! as iv sen you&#;v blocked me al together now, stop ben pathetic n ring me myfresms.co.its ode i dont have a charger for my phone ive sent this on the internet,wil ring in morn love you loads gorgeous get slep x myfresms asda myfresms my fresms myfresms its d can u fone me back pls on my fone myfresms htps:/w.jdsports/product/red-nike-air-max-ultra-esential-/?istcompanyid=cf-f-be-fcecadf myfresms