# hi mum ye am ok i went slep meself jus after gem went ate me buties thank you x jus waiting for the consultant now x myfresms andrew bro its michael cal me as son as posible plz my guy was caling u cal me myfresms ? cal me bro its michael i ned that cash as son as posible cal me on my number myfresms do u ned to se me today jodie text my num myfresms djdndj myfresms ? what hapening bro plz dont mes about myfresms hi hi myfresms saewf myfresms helo myfresms andrew cal me bro as son as posible i ned that cash as son as posible dont play games bro myfresms phone my number it nat myfresms colin m its michael wake andrew up now plz and tel him cal me myfresms it&#;s casey come mine love plz x myfresms andy its julie please don&#;t be al day because i ned to use the phone before pm thanks love you x myfresms did you think about the midle name yet beautiful x myfresms prosze pani. pobudka ! myfresms m its michael cal me bro i neva told u i would do sth then made u wait for hours bro so y u doing it to me cal me now plz myfresms when sarah and rach asked me if you were being used by seany is when rag became a problem myfresms fcuk your dead batard dad myfresms the batard died to get away from you fcukers. a whre daughter. a drunk whre wife that fcuks her employers and a batard kid lol myfresms bro its michael are u pising me of on purpose cal me i ned some fags and aint got no cash cal me as son as posible plz myfresms come on m ur winding me up sort it out bro myfresms they think the reason you constantly folow him round brum is he is fucking you myfresms m its michael what u playing at bro cal me bro myfresms could my papa oick us up when we get of the bus nana x myfresms easy it&#;s dan at hospital with my daughter kane owes me a tener tomorow get that of him told him pas it u g myfresms its shanie can you cal my work phone if and when you can please x myfresms can&#;t answer g at the hospital kane wil pas u it tomorow bro defo g want my debt ben god enough to pay it g defo kane owes me myfresms.co.its michael cal me plz bro myfresms hdbn jfkf je jdkf land myfresms yo its kieran, sory mate was stuck in burnham al wekend and at wrexham, just got back now and charging phone, can you cal me myfresms bro get the tener of kane tomorow g at hospital with my daughter bro he owes me a tener tomorow told him to pas u it earlier myfresms to gain a few extra quid, you are truely pathetic becky, when wil you grow up you fucking waste of space. get over it. myfresms fuk u and i mean it fuck u liar myfresms and u say it&#;s in my head u son of a paedo fuk u myfresms sick in sed planting tramp i hate u and it kids gona do to myfresms shame that i&#;ve got siters so we cld go out. fol me! i&#;m a dick avin u ere again first place adios, date night fr me myfresms test myfresms hi jules its julie x myfresms hahahahahahaha myfresms you ned to grow up he don&#;t want you he doesn&#;t love you act you age how are u even a mother kyles right u r a syco u lose myfresms.co.ugive me a bel adam mate alzy myfresms have you done it yet bro its michael cal me and let me no plz as son as posible myfresms conie its michael do me a favour and give me and you kep the other cause i want to get ur tato and sth from chris myfresms you beter watch your back im going to get you back for what u done to my family u homewrecker myfresms if thats ok with u and wil get t.v friday x myfresms its mat. my phone has ben cut of. cal me betwen : - il be at training then. but do on normal cal not whatsap. tb m myfresms colin bro its michael cal me plz or tel andrew to cal me as son as posible plz bro love myfresms yo d whats going on uve blocked my number i want my p you crashed my car and got and u cant give me bil wtf myfresms ring me myfresms mum can mads come for a bit ring my fone plz x myfresms can u go online plz myfresms she is dead now. myfresms how are you? myfresms helo. myfresms what hapening bro tx me or cal me plz its michael waiting for you to confirm transfer myfresms answer my cals and unblock me. i&#;m stil in bed can&#;t get up literaly can&#;t i&#;m il! unblock me bcoz i&#;m gona end up geting mad sent fru stretch everything out to far. not a god thing zlata kasme, u got a lot to lose but u don&#;t wana se that. unblock me now myfresms hear that my g and just waiting my guy do a transfer as can&#;t get in bms just now just spent last ten had wid man on a draw myfresms fghfghfghf myfresms and that is exactly why i dont love you. go buly someone else. cos sure as f ur incapable of any decent qualities myfresms exactly why i dont love you. go buly someone else u pathetic sad litle man myfresms that sounds god my love speak to you then love and mis you loads x myfresms cal me its michael myfresms duno if u realise, me & david are now not together. nothing i do makes him hapy & aparantly i should never have had henry :( myfresms dead man walking stp pikin on gurls u punk we nrly had cancel our wedz day coz of u u fkin punk gone smash u facein myfresms but please dont fel like u cant visit & be part of his life.hes smashed my phone to so wnt be able text u. do hope ur wel x myfresms &fyi, i couldnt give a shit what you think -its al lies anyway. so leave my alone abuser & try refrain from bulying anyone else. myfresms yo it&#;s daryl phones cut of wil have a q and some cash tomorow myfresms it&#;s daryl cal my number myfresms shoping what time? myfresms hi dad, can i come and se you tonight? text my phone back, adam x myfresms i wil come to london tomorow just to come se you and get that cash if i do it wil cost me which you wil pay for myfresms so put that cash in the acount like you was suposed to earlier and stop winding me up kep teling me lies myfresms colin tel that prick to cal me and sort my cash he begining to get on my tits bro myfresms t cal my guy and tel him to cal me plz he owes me money plz tx me when u have plz bro love myfresms kep chating shit and you wil se what hapens i aint joking bro where you showing the same love myfresms this is a test myfresms m myfresms send monthly payment got nothing at al, please just help out and then thats it i am pestering because despite text back myfresms i&#;ve sent you an emial myfresms ? wtf ? myfresms tel that prick to sort my cash out today or i wil come bk to london tomorow and slice him up im deadly serious bro myfresms &when i didgive a po, it werent god enough&instead of talkin with or trusting in ur partner,ud rather preconceive untrue tripe myfresms itd be mad to love someone who barely even likes me! myfresms what&#;s your fantasy? myfresms ur making me lok and fel like an idiot and a lier bro whats wrong with you myfresms do this for us please stop ignoring us wen ned help myfresms hey i just found your number on a scrap of paper in my schol bag lol. can you pick me up from schol please? myfresms i know wer this is gona end up bad is coming our way unles u come to yr senses and answer the motherfucking fone. where r u myfresms its michael can u cal me plz myfresms hey dad its charlene can i lend please? ben trying to ring you but your phones of. x myfresms david it&#;s gary i&#;ve got some of the money for you i have tried you wil get the rest sory for upseting you yesterday myfresms salams bro its sena. give me a cal if ur about. thanks salams myfresms salams it&#;s sena myfresms salams bro its sena give me a cal. salams myfresms u like it to end up bad don&#;t u. yr repeating history but u don&#;t realise don&#;t make that mistake. i&#;ve learnt that leson myfrhi it&#;s kay can&#;t ring no credit as if ur car pased ring me myfresms let me know if u wana do shoping il come and pick u now. waiting on u don&#;t waste to much time, it&#;s not god for us myfresms hey man, cal me again, i have problems with signal. cal til you reach me. st. jimy myfresms chip wil u fucking answer me plz i&#;ve ben up ur place pres urs and brandon buzer i know ur home and i&#;ve ben up and down myfresms.co.dan it&#;s jade ring me x myfresms right am phoning the police myfresms u with ur easy lazy give no fucks life wan mug me of with ur fake lying self i&#;l fucking destroy u cunt myfresms pjpo pijoj bihb myfresms actualy almost fel for your fake bolox yet again.your nothing other than a failure and i fel out of love with u the second myfresms i realised your fakenes last night.i&#;m ashamed to even cal u my kids dad.ur a fkn wasteman.cnt even b a parent cos ur weak myfresms hi it sarah con did u get hold of chip text back to my number myfresms ok jan forget about me. its over. myfresms i thought you were knocking here yesterday mate? myfresms don&#;t forget to come at pm today at your mum&#;s myfresms if jfx myfresms not keping u away. doing whats necesary. and u chose to stay away.plus your an abusive dickhead. enjoy drinking & popin tramad myfresms do you want to met at yours or you wana met for half hour for a lime soda? alex myfresms youve sen him no les this wek than any other wek and that is your chosing. plus ur an abusive dickhead myfresms yet you are stil incapable & to selfish to put anyone but yourself first. plus you didnt even want him! myfresms #profofmore death threats/harasment from you. gr never said u cant se him, but doesnt mean u can act like an abuser either myfresms would say morow u could colect him but ur probably pised&wil ned bsleping,or wil kick of like an abuser like always. smh myfresms so nm- aint worth por inocent davids stres, like the last weks + . &i defo aint gona play &#;fake family&#; withya anymore myfresms.hay bro its tom i have internet now and we can lan it up whenever you want myfresms cant speakwith me or trust me atal but its ok give me abuse via instgrm, facebk, texts, physicaly, emotionaly, death threats myfresms hope your hapy now you got what you wanted. hope yous work out. myfresms my phone isn&#;t working after doing the update! don&#;t wory if you don&#;t hear of me. hope you&#;re ok we love you! so anoying! x moi stop doing so much crack and answer me i&#;ve ben trying to get hold of u al day myfresms speaking to the police. ive hadenough of this shit. ur disgraceful just like ur dad myfresms uve spent how many hours doing that, yet stil cant make the efort to be amicable for your son? myfresms no suprise when i do go fuck someone else. just like you myfresms to late btw. already scren shot it enjoy your night myfresms stalker behaviour and ya dont even like me aha myfresms & to think, that i tel your son that you love him more than the world &how much his dady loves him even tho he dnt want to myfresms nice that u stil got the pictures to share ilegaly & waste ur time to. dw urs are mostly al deleted like the rest of ya lies myfresms & like im insecure enough to use snap chat or plenty of fish thats for schol kids, litle boys & desperate whores myfresms its dav phone my number please myfresms you lok like a fol ur ment to be a mother grow up kyle don&#;t love you he never has u make me laugh move on u sado myfresms btw, as u didnt learn the first time that is exactly why you dont get pictures of me anymore. not cos i dont like male atention myfresms let me know if we ned anything, i&#;m just gona get some fod i&#;m starving haven&#;t eaten al day myfresms i&#;m so horny man! i&#;m sory about earlier myfresms go on mesenger as i&#;ve not got any texts or mins left myfresms have yo u tried unblocking me ring me in mesenger i ned to speak to yo u x it&#;s katie x myfresms im ok myfresms t tel him ur my m myfresms cock myfresms hi myfresms yo love you myfresms come over please x love ya wife myfresms the fact losing me just proves your words were bulshit cause you aint even bothered lol. myfresms lean rng me my number shane myfresms love you myfresms don&#;t know if u got my last msgs!?! but here goes again lol. thats early! what time u start work, are u at home?. dr.snob myfresms.co.uare u downstairs? myfresms hi can u get chip to mesage me coz i ned to talk to him or i wil be up in the morning myfresms it&#;s cloie ring my phone please myfresms hi chip can u mesage me plz it very important plz myfresms hi liam, are you awake? ring my number once you get this please? x myfresms i want my fucking walet and i wil be up in a min and u can come and get brandon phone and ur beding and ur money myfresms liam, ring me please it&#;s mick, i ned you urgently myfresms cal me myfresms hey man. trust al is wel. i ned your ni number to proced with your visa aplication. please text to me a.s.a.p thx dad.x myfresms hey man. what&#;s the best time to cal.? myfresms sent mesage online as i do not have any credit at the moment sad myfresms were the fuc k are u at this time of night myfresms answer plz i ned my walet myfresms i wil be up at clock tomorow morning to search ur rom myfresms u stil got my stuf up there by the way i wil be there in a min myfresms am on my fucking way to urs myfresms wait til ur around esmay then i wil get u arested who now bring kids in to it ur going to fucking die myfresms come on think ur fucking a big man bring it myfresms hope u fucking drop end in front of esmay like brandon just told me to do myfresms i wil be up tomorow morning to ur place myfresms hahahaha id laugh more. but its not funyhow much youv just balsed up. se u in months. myfresms & that was just with the first stalking instagram acount. after the police showd up realy hope, you are sleping wel myfresms im sure, youl ned it today eh. just another day where you are to selfish to bother with ur son myfresms you realy should grow up myfresms daren it&#;s amy waited for you last night uno. come here when u get to bangor and maes g k? had to txt of this cuz got no credit myfresms.co.ho babes he going to hdu bles him bet i&#;m not home tonight x myfresms morning baby, i have forgoten my mobile phone i have left it at my dads. if you ned me cal me on x myfresms could you let jay know via fb that i have forgeten my phone i wil cal him when i get to my dads and met him for basketbal x myfresms hi ros, not sure if you got my msg. i did not finish until around am and very knackered and wil be bk in the morn. thx theresa myfresms m myfresms yo hola me its bostock bel me on my number myfresms babe you have taken my phone myfresms check your email myfresms he stil on nebulisher every hour they just doing it now myfresms love you babes myfresms make lewis goes to court today with clive considering its his fault i was there myfresms tomy its kerie i cant ring or text my phones of. x myfresms testing service myfresms hel mate can you help me finish the garden today? myfresms sdfdsfsdfdsdsfsd myfresms hey babe it&#;s mary ring me if you want to x myfresms le hasn&#;t sen you for blody months luke so fucking leave him alone myfresms i swear il never stop loving you, i know this is hard but i genuiely thinks it&#;s worth it. please vicky cal me i beg you x myfresms you going to pay this quid txt is on watsap myfresms says a lot when my-not-step-daughter nearly sends her mum flying acros the playground to shout &#;rachel!&#; & runs over for a hug. myfresmswhy would you send that myfresms email me. emagaylehotmail or download imo just for today. myfresms ema ring me or go into the doctors for me i ned you to get my prescription for me myfresms tu va prendre une grose calote ! myfresms dan its amanda can you come up to mine plz x myfresms yo swolz its kurupt you got . can be dwn next min. my num myfresms this is hety go on fb mesenger now myfresms would you like me to get a new secret! phone or do you want me to give up now! contact me at jeniemathewseafordhead.org x myfresms wtf u playing at bro its michael cal me as son as posible and put that cash in the acount u taking the pis myfresms aret got ne txts mesage or ring haha , fone was dead nd av just got out the bath , did you gan to hospital? x myfresms ri g me myfresms hi chip can u answer me plz on facebok plz myfresms hi chip or i wil come up when my phone ben droped of myfresms i ned my walet myfresms i wil be up when my phone gets droped of to me myfresms hsfvsjdhdhsj hahahahaha myfresms test htps:/youtu.be/afkdsejwkg myfresms morning ms satya prabha, this sirapu srinivas from pentapadu . wanted to discus regarding mil premises lease. pl cal. thanks myfresms a myfresms ring my phone urgent richard myfresms dan its amanda is everything ok amanda x myfresms hey bub its me, hows it going, u up to much? also have u spoke to my mum yet? x myfresms wake up its dan phone me myfresms yo its bostock hola me if you can or text whatsap init myfresms ok i&#;ve just asked george he should be able to. work ok just wana come home though. what u doing bub you behaving? love you x myfresms.co.uhi chip can u plz answer me i wil be up in a bit myfresms its fraser ez a bel bud chers myfresms hi there whats up eh fonytrg myfresms u beter go on ur insta and reply you fucking animal watch now myfresms it&#;s j using ipad to txt can&#;t reciev them bk come to mine myfresms it&#;s jamela can you get boys and bring some watermelon please don&#;t reply i canot receive back myfresms helo u ok bab x myfresms fuck man i just want my walet myfresms chip plz answer me can i come up and lok for my walet plz myfresms ring ne myfresms my last day in glasgow and i wana say go suck ur dads cock and lick ur mothers fany, die n burn in hel u bitch myfresms if u don&#;t answer me am coming up and buzing u myfresms ok myfresms sent u an email read it properly and go from there cause ur shit has went to far. myfresms oi bub lolx myfresms ring me it&#;s ema x myfresms hi got a bf now be mates pls be i&#;m mising talking to u n laughing n smiling pls. hope ur ok x pls cal n txt now i care n here myfresms.co.u made us lose out on money today and cash in hand work for you for two days. i gota walk to cdt now and to doctors for my blods myfresms jade mesage me on fb not ben blanked, you tok the pis so i did stop being a dickhead myfresms its a shame youve wasted a whole day whilst ive waited in for henry to be colected pft- wel i hope ur night was worth it! myfresms i&#;m gona be on my arse without that dough mate. tigz myfresms just aswel cos i wouldnt want him playing hapy families with u& ya new sket. plus, u being nice is imposible & a just a lie. myfresms se u being nice is imposible & a just a lie. myfresms walking std. i couldnt give a fuck and especialy not in your direction :-d myfresms p.s already redesigned :-) and much beter thank you myfresms mum can u come through with a fiver plz ive got a travel warent for court but ned tins to slep tonight plz mum im at ur house. myfresms ring me amy. waren myfresms im leaving colege the now il walk up towards the windsor way myfresms nan its vicky can u lend us something til loans here ned alsorts in. it wont be long before u get it bak promise x myfresms hi chip it sarah can i come up or u come down i ned my walet to i&#;ve not ben talking my tablets i ned fucking help myfresms mum i dont hav a phone im in yours plz bring it through im staying in myfresms ring myfresms come get brandon phone plz myfresms bel me back bostock myfresms mum i dont hav a phone im at your house unblock me on facebok myfresms cal me plz m its michael as son as posible myfresms a receding hairline for men can be a tricky thing to come to terms with, but knowing the signs can help. cal fre on myfresms hi chip can i come up plz to lok for my walet and bring brandon phone back and can we talk about last night plz ur making me cry myfresms al the time al i ask for is some help to get back to myself i&#;ve not eaten now for days i fel so down myfresms al i want to think of being dead so i can be with my dad and irish joe in under the ground myfresms that how much am hurting that bad al am doing is crying not even slept since i last stayed urs am so so so sory plz answer me myfresms if irish joe was stil here u would not be like this at al myfresms hey baby, ben drs. just at flat with buster. pains are bad so having a lie down here a bit. could u pick me up lr?love u x myfresms can u come down here plz i ned to talk to u myfresms its a shame you put your cock aswel as the abuse you give people before your children. repeating history myfresms babe check your whatsap! myfresms fuck man i want my walet myfresms sapnin its tobe textin online my mums. text me so i know u got it opn my number myfresms yoyoyoy myfresms can you cal me of duane &#;s phone please myfresms do u want ur money myfresms come get it then myfresms tel chip to come get his money myfresms think your smart, started a argument you didnt even read what i put i didnt admit nothing i was replying to something else! myfresms you clearly done that to justify what your doing cos i know you ben chating to people! enjoy cos i done nothing im not you myfresms courts proper fucking you over u know myfresms hey hows things going cal me dave myfresms no phone til tomorow like i said. can you let me know via my email. we u r fre :-) olieox_ukyaho (ginger) myfresms its sam, ring me in calens phone myfresms babe it&#;s me go on facebok x myfresms mum im siting at cristinas ive locked myself out i ned the key and a fiver plz myfresms mum plz myfresms jip myfresms gyp myfresms mum i ned in the house heather neds casie to and shes in urs post the fiver and put key under the stol myfresms can u ask my mum to bring key through ive texted her im siting at the dor in the rain myfresms mum im siting at ur dor can u plz bring the fiver through and the key just post the fiver and put key under the stol plz mum myfresms hey it&#;s kevin lol didn&#;t se your text to about minutes ago lol what&#;s hapening ul nedty text ma fone let me know myfresms h myfresms test myfresms got the police here. i&#;m done myfresms mica can u ring me i ned ya myfresms plz just ring me if u giv a shit im not doin to gd i ned to se ya myfresms sean i love you more than anything and want to spend me life with u as mrs seasman i wouldn&#;t reck that being a rat to u x myfresms.co.uyou don&#;t actualy understand how much i love you sean id do anything for u sm no rat to u just understand that hate arguing withu myfresms.co.nothing myfresms safe bro its curtis using pc my phones run out of texts yeh mamn what you after text back to my number bles myfresms coming now had moch for a wed fuk sake myfresms you&#;re stil god damned retarded. myfresms yo bel my phone it leon myfresms ring me cum bucket myfresms i got some smokes for u myfresms i&#;m done. i have to put a final end to this,i&#;m trying to get wel and you are hindering that, ur not doin this me anymore, myfresms.co.ufind ur own way to hosp. tomys birthday this time, ur not spoiling another bday after this! ur out now. i&#;m not fighting u anym myfresms.co.fed up of you runing of and leaving your family whenever u fel like it,confusing kids. i said if u fuk of al night it&#;s done myfresms.co.uhey princes .hows u hope u ad a bit of a beter day today ,i cant even expain how hard this has ben i&#;m sure of both of us, myfresms ta card but dont condescend me aka lil brother, we are waiting to se md not let down again, comprendeh? myfresms i hopeu and kids are ok there i fel lost ere soquite ,just wana hear ur voice princes .how has it come to this now ur gone myfresms i&#;m so lost with out you kayliegh an hofman i love to infinity and beyond hope ur ok xthe hof x myfresms i&#;m so lost with out you kayliegh an hofman i love to infinity and beyond hope ur ok xthe hof x i cant resive tx myfresms.co.utxt me if we ned anything please be. myfresms &#;i dont want you move to leds if this is the way you treat your sister, crap on me, leave her alone!&#; mart. clothes here tilth myfresmsnot being on my own like this. u leave me on my own nite wen i cud b cared wiv mum then i&#;l never give u chance to walk again myfresms.co.umum scan results weren&#;t god but i don&#;t want to talk about it. just gona drop something of to peter then heading home myfresms as fucking if. of al the people myfresms as fucking if myfresms as fucking if. snake if ever myfresms yfydvbhf myfresms seyhan eve gel myfresms tes myfresms watch u think i&#;m joking i love u that&#;s why i&#;m doing this myfresms ring bk secs plz myfresms sophie myfresms sophie plz ring bk a sec and i&#;l leave u myfresms thanks for planting those horible images in my head. as if it wasn&#;t bad enough, you dont have to tel me about your exes! myfresms sophie plz don&#;t do this myfresms you&#;l regret this your own fault al of it myfresms its not even jema mesage ringing me or i&#;l ring s now myfresms last schol trio make the most of it myfresms i never cheated i promise u sophie plz ring me secs plz i&#;m beging u in hurt and i mean properly not cuz of this myfresms couldnt answer was at work til . but i would apreciate if we didnt speak. am trying to beter myself insha alah. de myfresms rick its maley ring me got here i wana spend myfresms ring me please pal il make it worth your while myfresms i don&#;t understand why u ned to purposely make people fel horible it&#;s so mesed up. i realy hope u sort it out! myfresms dona here il do it tomorow for ya im in bed . i sent this of internet as got no credit , reply on my number x myfresms tried txtn b foned,the site i ben using thinks im sendn spam &i bn blocked.was that ur fone dying or did u cut me of?x myfresms baba its . unles wiliams workn which i dont think he is,wk-ends&mon is when he ben working recent.can i se u in am pls myfresms to ja szum ja w domu dzi nie id zadzwo do mnie myfresms ring me myfresms cal me then? x got the phone of anie thought you was gona cal. myfresms hiya vicky david is waiting at the place u aranged hes ben there a while myfresms just thought on ok for you by time iv walked it to dod then to thurlstone il be pis wet through and want to go home myfresms come round if u cn plese myfresms ring me asap masons ben sick every where myfresms unblock my number dady dont text this number it fre online thing i wont get replies myfresms unblock my number dady dont text this number it fre online thing i wont get replies ? myfresms once uve scrubed ur dick, and had some rest, you can colect your son for a couple hours myfresms duno if you&#;l get this cus i&#;ve sent it online just making sure u got there okay and hope it al goes wel i love you x myfresms hia em is rosie ive got o credit so couldnt text back but ye what time do you wana met? x text back to my phone x myfresms cos i never said u cant or that id stop you from seing him. he wil be ready & waiting like yesterday myfresms so if u dont turn up, itl just prove again that yourself, your abusive shit, ur lies &ur slag is more important than your son. myfresms hope your ok :) x myfresms i sugest u organise a day to visit ur grandad with henry to, before i get blamed for that to myfresms had fun at police station :) jay did statement against u to was so fun to watch was a great monday haha myfresms hi ben its milie you ok myfresms its milie its milie its milie myfresms dad its katie ring my phone asap please x myfresms was not teling you of just loking out for you because i love and mis you i want to start a life with you. mis an love you. x myfresms dan plz help me out til tomorow so porly amanda x am at home x myfresms so kadem is out ere flaunting other girls on his snap and your ok with it lol i told you he wasn&#;t serious myfresms u ned go pay nath er b u cm ome myfresms mum its simon ring me myfresms ring me on the house phone. myfresms mum ring me on the house phone myfresms lolik myfresms can ya whap me have u stil got your days of next wek , and how come u canceled ur tato myfresms t myfresms hey, are we stil on for this evening. p myfresms ring me kirie myfresms helo mark it&#;s gary kempster on did we have an apointment today? regarding the world pay terminal myfresms i wil be up urs in a min to gst my walet myfresms this work then even if its a long text mesage like this then? although i could put more text to se like this myfresms don&#;t know y u like this, weren&#;t like we were together. never semed bothered when i come to se u. myfresms aunty send me money you deserv a god time from me today x want to fu*k you so god so god so god x myfresms i want to fuck my aunt today x myfresms and plus wil help you with the things you ned doing but stil ned to fuck you god myfresms i wil be at ur in a sec and if u don&#;t answer i wil be teling people shit about u myfresms can you cal me?! myfresms can you cal me?! its holie myfresms can you cal me?! its holie ben waiting for you to cal me myfresms hey myfresms can you cal me?! its holie ben waiting for you to cal me myfresms hey how are you bob myfresms gues ur way to busy thenice myfresms lol if ya gna block me kep me blocked u sad cunt stop watchin me folowin my vibe, negativity comes from dumb cunts causing drama myfresms cal me babe x myfresms lol the jokes thing is you are the biter cunt tryin to make me negative not hapening you wil b the one left a miserable slag myfresms if your gna block me delete my number u rat lol myfresms take a god lok at a bitch lmao myfresms for some startin a new job today y dya wory about what im doin lol myfresms for some startin a new job today y dya wory about what im doin lol horible cunt myfresms hey mate when ur about can i have a s please. rach myfresms its locky get some jimy. myfresms hi jamie it sarah ring me asap myfresms cant help yaself can ya lol gna block your childish as myfresms brandon phone outside for u to pick up and am going to get hold of the police myfresms hi nan can u give me bus fare to get to work tonight please they have caled me in at short notice again myfresms and al i want to do is talk am in town come met me on ur own plz myfresms and i&#;ve got ur money with me myfresms are u meting me and i&#;ve got smokes with me myfresms were are u to myfresms u cant even answer me coz u know that am right about my walet is up there myfresms hi louie it jacob could you ring the landline please myfresms gaf lad ben have pay pound i&#;m so sory jef he promised not say or come or ring pole please last time myfresms i emailed you. god luck! i wanted to come i just didn&#;t want shouted at al morning myfresms stop using my bank card plz myfresms it&#;s selina on fre txt online can u come mine e fags my phone broke wil u defos come bk seing another lad but always bn u myfresms can you come mine no p phone fags on a fre txt ap bk going other lad wen u yea but always bn to u defos come myfresms i love you shaun x x x myfresms selina by the way lol cnt remember if said it or not myfresms ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! myfresms hi mauren can you tel me what is my shift tomorow please? abdel myfresms before u start slaging me of and thanks for using my money of my bank card now u cant use it coz i&#;ve ben in and canceled it myfresms hiya mate its liam anychance i can get the rest of the hours in this wek&#;s wage please could you let me kbow when i can get them myfresms.co.ring my phone shaun asap dona x myfresms hi this is karnan please top up my printing credits myfresms ring me shaun asap it&#;s important myfresms something wrong with anaya shaun myfresms pete go on facebok its louis me old m x myfresms stop using jamie as wel myfresms just woke up, ur txting me abuse then blocking me again. figure out y i can&#;t be fucked with ur drama everyday. i&#;m bad yr god. myfresmsyes baba,al god.just of fone septic,ws about get goin on kitchen& bk bog,hopefuly a finish.what u up?sz i got gv bacyx myfresms what do kids want for diner i&#;l have shower n go get it, bcoz of u they haven&#;t sen me for days n days. don&#;t make things worse myfreits dale goin on ships myfresms hi it&#;s john no credit u fre now myfresms back to square one again! abuse again. don&#;t txt me now myfresms phone fucked. read documentation from priory, got them by the bolocks - can prove they&#;ve fabricated things. what to do next? myfresms do u ned anything for diner? myfresms hey honey,evrythin alrite?turned in nice day,was fukn horible earlier.gona fix sum fod&relax a bit,backs kilin me.mwahx myfresms kel yesterday was nothing about the washer i neded a excuse to come and se you i neded a friend let me explain what hapened myfresms let me know if yr home i ned to pick up honda, ned to know asap before . myfresms hiya mate its liam sory i don&#;t get a mesage if you reply to the text lol you have to send me a text sory mate myfresms :d dariune ntr s atrasyti , pasim kaseka darb :d pnktd a pasimsiu myfresms was on the craper lol try now. l myfresms yo myfresms jus c u mz if u nt gona reply m txts. u no im dwn n nt fe elin gud bout myself u cud v replied bt gues being there tara more myfresms hi mark it is sarah con have u got any savoury rice myfresms hey mate its rach, can i have a tens if posible when your about please. myfresms can u let me know what u r doing so i know if i should go to my dads? myfresms ring me kirsty x myfresms hi mate could i ask ben favourite could i come stay your coupes days myfresms hi ayse . have you done the lotery yet ? you haven&#;t caled me ! i ned to go out son let me know pls myfresms were you babes? hury up x myfresms am home now myfresms i should be their its not fair im so upset u don&#;t understand how much i mis him he wil son forget me and i wont fel like ido myfresms.co.?hey.i&#;v txtd or times,last sayin&#;ws gona take break frm paintn as backs sore.kno gets busy up there get bk me when u can&#;x myfrehelo myfresms helo please don&#;t kil me mujay aik dafa milo you can&#;t leave me half way mai pagal ho joaw gi mujay milo myfresms thought i found another site that works cz u replied.now i duno cz i hav txtd day.other site i used thinks i&#;m sendn spam.x myfresms page just says sent.cant check delivery status.i kno u dont kep fone near table,but theres i&#;v sent.wil try another site to myfresms helo myfresms if i dont hear frm u in a while i&#;l just fone. dont wan b thought of in same way as elmo or cuz(fone haslers). mwahx myfresms safe bro dan can u fone me myfresms i&#;m in the barbers. don&#;t swear at me myfresms hi when are u coming to get urs and brandon stuf myfresms i&#;m very stresed today i didn&#;t even leave my bed. if u can&#;t say anything god then don&#;t say anything n shut up. myfresms come down and get al this stuf plz myfresms or met me somewhere myfresms yoza myfresms you alright it&#;s conor any chance i can do me a til friday and i&#;l give u extra please text my phone back chers myfresms am home come get brandon phone ur black beding and ur money myfresms hi its selina is your dad not coming can u ring him plz myfresms i love u so much but i no u don&#;t love me, i&#;m heartbroken, i&#;ve tried my best but i have lost everything. sory x steph myfresms.co.uhi there neil can you please get in touch with pami asap thank you she as tried to cal you and text you myfresms hiya its liam we&#;ve got about - rolies worth of baka that&#;s it mate myfresms yo ring me it leon daft cunt myfresms hi bob, can you pick me up from the pub please? i am pised outa my fucking head and am seing unicorns and al kinds of fckd shi myfresms jejdjsjsjs myfresms was me trying to get hold of you myfresms i&#;m geting some fod then heading home so let me know wot shoping we ned. myfresms hi hun ,dnt know how we mised you yesterday driving for ages ,dan money stil not in got b moz,i&#;m work at but d hme i txt u myfresms.co.i wil text you tomoz so you can pop down if you ned it b i finish work hun, me and dan drove ages to give u lift to shop lst ni myfresms walked to my mums today after work only to find they gone away in caravan ,they didn&#;t even mention going away to me lol myfresms hi sisy slut. play time at dungeon tomoz. mesage me on wots ap if u want to be sisified ! myfresms u and g have fun sophie idc what anyone does i&#;m gona fuck someone else get over supose that&#;s al i did want myfresms are u downstairs? i&#;m making soti in car let me know wen yr down please myfresms what you doing? how long you guna be mate myfresms i mis you cathy. healthclife x myfresms tototoyoy myfresms were u lad bel me it leon myfresms you&#;ve left my phone x myfresms your whatsap old numb when was that, cant tel the real tho dont want real jus the sket an nothing you dont even r myfresms my bas guitar beter be there. trying you al yesterday and come round twice. you beter stil have it. ring me myfresms let me no if u get this send me a text my phone myfresms it&#;s alice you ned to wake up from who ever your with and come back now myfresms it&#;s alice you ned to wake up from who ever your with and come back now myfresms testing to se myfresms test myfresms hi myfresms bro it&#;s p bel me bles myfresms ring ur girlfriend asap myfresms hi amy. i wont b home today as in hospital. il pay online when new card arives. dont have a phone n sendin this online. myfresms its pablo give is a ring if u can got a flat x myfresms u orible fat fake social climbing soul sucking slag myfresms now then its mole my phone ben cut of init so ring me rapid on my number myfresms that thinks shes as black as her mum lol myfresms hi mate it&#;s dean sory didn&#;t text back no credit wud i be able to get a tens if u after work in til tomorow? tb my fone pal myfresmsyou can blow ya own trumpet al ya like no one gives a shit you ungrateful slag go suck another dick myfresms :d se straight thru ya u mug myfresms helo stef hows u its pablo ben ofered me own place went with kirsty yestada was in bath when u rang hope u ok x myfresms hey. i am sory for mithering you. i wil not contact you again now. please do not cause any trouble i ask. take care myfresms what the fuck mate is this text about you knocked the of table i had a shity pipe mate so dont go on like that lester we are myfresms sory no mobile til morning morning darling have a lovely day take care love you very much x myfresms mobile not working til tomorow tery x myfresms every move i make is being watched treated like a criminal for doing nothing wrong at al, for not snitching life&#;s sad.october x myfresms.co.joker myfresms hi there how are you today x myfresms x xz myfresms x. myfresms u sick twisted old bitch taking money out of kids mouth ur ment to of loved myfresms i think. x myfresms hey there. how are you? x myfresms hey mum, its cara my phones playing up il do that for you and nope theres nothing wrong with it x myfresms ring carl myfresms where the fuck are u can u cal me i have. no credit nat myfresms wel.can u ring me please now nat myfresms dad can u plz cal me i ned to know if u can run me chemist later or not? amanda myfresms [from:] kel you do know i would have stil given you that money without al the lies and pretending babe myfresms can&#;t believe you are treating me like a cunt again after everything you&#;ve done to me. thanks. hope morg has a nice birthday myfresms.codean again mate did u get my last text? tb my fone chers man myfresms dhera ! babe my exams finish this wek. met up next wek? x myfresms iya chris it&#;s hazel any chance i could pinch a fag plz so desperate plz this is online so can&#;t get replies but plz plz plz x myfresms.coplease cal me babe your breaking my heart fs myfresms u beter forget about the money or am going to b at your dor for al the shit you caused myfresms thanks for blocking me! your prerogative. im in the greyhound this friday. thought u should know so you can avoid me! ash myfresms please cal me babe myfresms you don&#;t ever concentrate on me fs so don&#;t say that, al i care about is and morg and hary so don&#;t take it out on me fs myfresms.you don&#;t ever concentrate on me fs so don&#;t say that, al i care about is u and morg and hary so don&#;t take it out on me fs myfresmplease cal me kel myfresms no ur pised of we me i have ben realy il diarea the lot fel abit beter the day ben on antibiotics wil b there mrw no excu myfresms no excuses fel abit beter now don&#;t ever want to fel like this again i don&#;t want to fight with u i am sory wil make up itx myfresms.im diana spencer from sandpiper drive this is the nd mesage trying to confirm for tomorow yes i wil be in tomorow myfresms your homeles aplication reference number is thank you, enfield council myfresms its nathan ring my phone if you can please myfresms dad can u let me know what time roughly u wil be to me? minky x myfresms sadiyo what are you doing myfresms it&#;s stacey you left stuf at mine at job centre at mo cal me in about an hour if u can don&#;t reply to this number x myfresms hi dad, i should have my phone up and runing within the next couple of days, sory, that is why i couldn&#;t cal, thank you x x x myfresms.co.hi, i should have my phone up and runing within the next couple of days, sory, that is why i couldn&#;t cal back, thank you x myfresms.co.hi adele myfresms dad plz cal me amanda myfresms pete its lou come on facebok ned to talk to u my old m x myfresms go kirst fr me tel her i want til tomoz myfresms hi nan its charlie i know you probably cant but could you lend pound as am at my flat with my landord and shes not leaving myfresms she wants the today or shes giving me a day eviction and she wont leave til i got it realy sory to ask myfresms she wonts it by pm or shes handing me an eviction x myfresms met u at myfresms hi chip i wish u would talk to me plz myfresms give edie a ring plz myfresms itd corey i&#;m at home now myfresms don&#;t forget to come at pm today at your mum&#;s. if you wil not come - it means we separated, i realy tired from your games. m myfresmsit&#;s wardle can u come my mum&#;s myfresms yhdghju myfresms feast&#;feast myfresms sericakavazgmail you know my adres dont you swetie, you used it long enough! heres my dets when your feling myfresms dan cal my phone got no credit amanda x myfresms its nat can you just cal me i cant get in touch until i have paid my contract mo myfresms please cal me myfresms awrite bud any chance u cld gez another dod of bacy av got a smoke here headin up deb&#;s son cn get u at the bus stop let iz no myfresms.co.ube droping the kids of at and dont have them tomorow bith stayinh saturday let me know if you round alzy myfresms i wil ring u in abit myfresms testy mc test test myfresms hi mark it s sarah have u got a bit of bacey text back to my phone myfresms hi niki its rachael my number is , i sent a whatsap but dont think its delivered , i dont have credit myfresms le plz go borow of us dad plz amanda myfresms hi its hailey from richmond road can you cal me myfresms i&#;m just testing to se if it works. thanks myfresms hiho myfresms hihihi myfresms heldjrkdndkdkdmdndndnd myfresms helo you its me i hope your ok hows it going yeah yeah hes ok myfresms can you reply please myfresms xcx myfresms hi chip it is sarah do u want ur money myfresms packing tape myfresms dominique your sily i realy wana se you tonight i have mised you so so much my numbers incase you delet myfresms hey.i duno if u got any of my msgs,there&#;s an hr since u txtd,dont wan fone if ur busy so i&#;m trying a difrent site. x myfresms hi dad, hope you are wel, are you able to asist with funds again please? adam myfresms omg that&#;s sucha god song u listen to trina feat kely rowland here we go put the lyrics on that is my song hahah x myfresms let me know if u ned anything, i&#;ve got shit to do so i&#;m stil busy for a hour but i wil drop woteva u ned. myfresms cuz cal me nas myfresms mate it&#;s neil could u come round to mine ned to ask u some think? myfresms so u did get my txt. u knew im gona b sick. why txt ask me that hours ago if just to ignore me? i don&#;t get it. what u at?x myfresms.co.usory mate had a row with her n my phones fucked il pop round in the moring ok mate myfresms yo its damien reply fb bro myfresms snd da postcode manz gna murder dat pusy im leaving toty son myfresms ring my phone rikie x myfresms it&#;s stacey can you cal me plz x myfresms u get my txt ? kayla. tb my phone. myfresms yo myfresms shak im trying to ring you of witheld due to keping my number wel private can you answer please babe cluegas and air myfresms apointment nationwide myfresms hey hun it&#;s raechel have you heard from hayley ? she not returning my cals or text myfresms hej myfresms hey hun it&#;s raechel have you heard from hayley ? she not returning my cals or text she&#;s ignoring me i&#;m woried about her myfresmsyou myfresms (trying diferent site) helo,wud u answer me pls,what was the point in askin me that earlier? or what did u msg a website?x myfresms its lucy ana. ring me again x myfresms oi what u doing myfresms its aj myfresms going slep now myfresms ezi mate its craig can ya cal me back plse chers myfresms you geting these mesages lol myfresms i neded things at asda. wen ya done gosiping dont dare knock here myfresms cal me now clare myfresms fesfsefgesgesgesgesgsegsegesgesgsegesgsegseg myfresms its adam mate bel me no cred myfresms ring bk its k myfresms bo dla olka na bilet. kocham cie myfresms skekekskdkdkdk myfresms helo bro,whn u up txt me so i cn met you.clif nelson. myfresms the word was revenge wasnt it? myfresms helo m its paul what ya up to. instagram x myfresms mum can u nip mine this morn if u nt busy please mads not in schol today but ned u first x myfresms leave more knife on my side where the kids can reach it and i&#;l drive it through ur head. myfresms u ned use this wekend away and sort it shut no apointment feminist denial and no doctors for me so do nt come bk ere al my myfresms babies do wen ur ere is cry and nt doin it anymore bailey so leave ur shit wer it is til ur lifes on the up coz mine is wen ur nt myfresms mate can you tel tery to bring me a couple rizal back to mine, she&#;s had al my shets. myfresms your dril is ready - tolbox omagh myfresms htps:/asets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/atachment_data/file/nb-england-eng.pdf myfresms wot u doin wiv me babydada bitch i&#;m guna fuk u up if u dnt bk of myfresms serus to som ja ten co ti predal auto neviem co si mi dal za adresu ale bivas v armley ozvi sa mi na moj moj myfresms yo wasup bro, how you doing man! x myfresms zadzwon max myfresms u there i&#;ve got no credit going ashton son myfresms notsure how youre fixed up for today but if you wana met cal me alex myfresms ring back then x beth x myfresms hey dude myfresms cal to rearange apointment - say your colect h at . and ned to get documents from ema. myfresms lay ere thinking this wkend shod of bn about carefre me & u goi n on gt in bk at wbut instead wondering who to ask next for cash myfresms bratku budem potrebovat te penaze dneska tam na moj nezabudni ozvi sa mi na moj moj myfresms i am at finchley rd overground, i wil be at caledonian overground in around minutes myfresms thanks for al your suport shaun! not! cant believe you seriously! you realy dont care about anaya-leigh or me myfresms cal me asap pls glor myfresms hi its georgina i inboxed u on fb wil log on in a bit to se if you have replied x myfresms can you give edie at wardley a ring please matey. thanks. myfresms its carl ring my phone can u put in b bank for me plz il give u it bk nxt wek txt my phone let me know if u can do it asap myfresms let me know if u got my mesage and if u can put in b bank for me thanks myfresms ring back its ben myfresms ring my house phone myfresms helo is it me u r lok f for myfresms it&#;s stacey can you cal me plz x myfresms alright it&#;s adam my euros havent come tomorow aparently i got to wait til my mom finishes i wil get it of her myfresms rumg carl myfresms everything al god fela you can cal my mobile when your ready should be sorted alex myfresms why block me for nothing? al i said was gues u didn&#;t want me to take you to work. i wasn&#;t even here when you blocked me. smh myfresms.chjhjhjhjhjhjhjhj myfresms ritch its amy please dont say anything to del that i have sen or ben to u either okay thanks babe x myfresms tst mat make sure you recieve myfresms mum can u bring money through for me and rabit fod and that please im in yours myfresms mum can u bring money through for me and rabit fod and that please im in yours but dont have a phone for u to text back on myfresms mum can u bring money through for me and rabit fod and that please im in yours come to yours but shout its u myfresms zenia. zadzvon na moj numer myfresms dfg myfresms ste can u cal round to mine please.no phone again.thanx debsx myfresms it&#;s stacey you coming newhaven today ? text me back on my number x myfresms simon please take cal myfresms simon come to costa near your mum&#;s if you are around. margarita myfresms its karl ring me lad bad news wages where proper down underpaid me ben sacked over it coz had murder ive got som doe ring me myfresms parcel arived. cn. myfresms just come back from a funeral and burial. wna clean up and change then go get fod for u and kids. let me know wot u fancy please myfresms stil got a secret admirer ;) x . myfresms i&#;l do shoping later but u not teling me wot we ned lately so please stop that myfresms its there babe do it or send me tomys details myfresms come back it ash myfresms since your not atempting to say that your ok and sent me mad, iv&#;e gave the boats to loyd and dion to cover the rent. thanks myfresms testing myfresms reply to me please, i&#;m trying to do the right thing by u but yr fucking me over with ignorance. myfresms not replyin on ere nemore so if u dnt unblock me u wnt get a ny msgs frm me nomore. i&#;ve sent a couple but u don&#;t get them myfresms niks. - myfresms niks . - myfresms lily its mum come back here now please thanks x myfresms aup mate, its adam having problems with my phone. can you cal alex on when youre fre so she can met you? myfresms its derek.if nat cals can u tel her phn not workin,and i ned visit time for tomorow.don&#;t want her stresing.can u fb me pls x myfresms.co.hi g, are you loking for a horny met? myfresms its fi. where are u. i ned to know for diner. ring me pls x myfresms safe mate it&#;s aiden can i get dids n a ten b please? got cash text my phone n i wil come out kids in bed now bro myfresms your drug dealing tenants london ave are having yet another loud party snifing drugs in the front yard, it has to stop myfresms let me know if u ned anything please i&#;ve just eaten with mum n dad myfresms yes bro it&#;s ham how long bro ring me sfe myfresms am i stil blocked? myfresms if u think pm ok am going out and stoping out. trust me myfresms ring me its maty got no credit myfresms gjd kjfgj he&#;d myfresms ryan i think its about time we had a chat this is sily x myfresms send time away from your computer. spend this wekend with a friend/lover, play a board game, go for a walk, read a bok :) myfresms hey it&#;s cam can you mesage me on skype. i want to say something to you it&#;s important. please don&#;t ignore this. myfresms camber sands tomorow? unblock me and talk. myfresms sophie answer my facebok mesages please girl x myfresms yo it&#;s steve cme to mine how long you going to be hit me back on my phone myfresms it&#;s stacey when u in newhaven next ? txt back in my number as wont get the txt otherwise x myfresms i promise u now u slag there is somet wrong with ur daughter n u turn ur phone of cunt are u joking me coz ur sat with some slags myfresms that helps loads that, thanks. i ned a smoke. myfresms might as wel just cut my wrists i&#;m going nowhere else am i myfresms you and your family al got what you want myfresms right deadline brown wants it by am tomorow ive told him til pm pay up or things wil go wrong way.speak son myfresms chiling y what u saying anyways myfresms it&#;s mikey btw if no txts so using online fre ones haha myfresms what&#;s with random text anyway chelsea,cal me m x myfresms hi i wana bok an apointment with you i live in chester myfresms its michael,unblock me on snapchat and ring me mobile now asap! stop this now babe there&#;s no ned. i wana come se you. ring mex myfresms.co.gosh - you csn be cruel sometimes carhy x myfresms zavolej mi dana myfresms marku zavolej mi dana myfresms its diga ring me i got myfresms do we ned anything please tel me i&#;m gona do last job then come home. myfresms i got ring myfresms you know whats whack, you spreading your legs for jase so you can become alexander the grand dame of cheshire lol myfresms hey babe i e mailed u mail me back i cant receive mesages on this i want u tonight x myfresms yo fam its j u near my yard bro myfresms yo fam its j u near filmer bro myfresms open dor please myfresms put porch light on please wen u come down so i know to get out of car. myfresms are u awake please let me know if yr not gona come down. myfresms text me holy myfresms ring my phone back mate myfresms gud nyt i mis u so badly x myfresms yo its nasmum dad me g myfresms white myfresms you get what u wanted now ur baby dead. myfresms ane its geofrey, could you give me a ring please. myfresms kurwo alkoholicka jebana szmato cie kurwo dojade psie jebany bedziesz placiles dwa razy tyle co kurwo zarobisz suko pierdolona myfresms jebana ruro czekam n.a. moment pamietasz mnie czy auto ty kurwo zdychasz szmato myfresms nie masz co ruchac do dziadka napisz to ci skreci czego kurwo najebana nie toleruje myfresms you are a cunt your birds geting told every thing today se how hapy you and your ugly loking baby is then! myfresms ayup chick stil cant text of my phone, its dona myfresms hey how are you myfresms resetup prime i wil get us some drink like because i dont know about you but i ned . myfresms parcel force tracking number sf. item wil be delivered tuesday. myfresms up n ready it&#;s kery let me kin u get this plz tam myfresms is there any other rubish u wna throw bcoz i wna do jobs today and take kids camber sands tomorow myfresms your behaviour is not nice, you ruining our relationship and destroying my trust and my felings to you, you wil lose me son myfresms ran out of texts on other site. nah last mesage i sent u in fb was a thumbs up when u sent the police thing about the twins myfresms your behaviour yesterday doesn&#;t have any excuse, i fel confused, think what you want in your life myfresms and i think how you would fel if someone would do this al for you. myfresms maybe mary did this to you but i am not right person for revenge. i don&#;t deserve to sufer from your games, i am tired from this myfresms.co.uif you lose me once you wil not get me back, if i cuting of i cuting of once and forever. think is this what you want? myfresms i love you but now you are just few steps away from the point of no return. myfresms think twice so you want to cros that point and lose me forever? myfresms think twice do you want to cros that point and lose me forever? myfresms its body ring me on my phone myfresms if this works can you read my email i sent you to floatingmail, thanks myfresms it&#;s caren. thanks for coming back. thought u would of to spend time with me and rosie but no. fine! c u about myfresms stil a pusy then lol. life goes on.usles people get forgotenbeter people replace themtie up ya trainers and jog on myfresms dirty smely tramp is u mate myfresms piotrek pilna sprawa zadzwon myfresms stop ignoring me want key or flat n unlockef myfresms fuck you! lying bitch myfresms ralph its gema ring me please myfresms ralph its gema ring me please as thought you were coming help me get the rest of my stuf do u also have any pain relief myfresms are you stil alive i am lay in bed dying haha i ned cudles i am going to die lol myfresms sam it&#;s gem i&#;ve told u time again there as never ben anyone else and i do lv u i dnt no what else to say myfresms sir, hw r u and the family? i just wanted confirm if i got ur right no. it has bin a while. wale fashola ( ) myfresms yo its jay come to the aley, my phone is lost safe myfresms can&#;t get in house wrong key! anthony myfresms can&#;t get in house wrong key! phone please anthony myfresms i jak tam gadalas z mariuszem bo nie ukrywam ze sabo z tym jedzeniem niby kolacja ju jest ale sam wiesz jak karmi myfresms yo its dom ive got no text i was wondering if you would be able to lend through paypal til i get paid on thursday please? myfresms i can&#;t fetch my stuf as no money to take mums so i&#;ve ben waiting for ralph to bring me down so i can colect it but he not cum myfresmsralph it&#;s gema please ring me myfresms love you mum myfresms hi mum - im doing okay today. i am sober. i wil give you a ring tomorow when i get some more credit. love you. jack. x myfresms this is viking calin redneck piece of shit.do you copy.tango.delta.wiener.do you want to come and kil zombies come on fbok myfresms i hope ur away home to make my diner i shal await on u bringing it myfresms phone milies phone (dnt ring this number) myfresms yo bro its kris be t urs in min myfresms zadzwo do tego mariusza i pogadaj z nim eby co mi sypnal bo zaraz z glodu zdechne myfresms where are u the house was al open n ur out myfresms hi ben fiona here w online txt service (no mobile here).kep eye on xc weather? loking windy this wk- mon gd, wed-fri bad. tx fi myfresms piotrek zadzwo do mnie jeszcze raz myfresms it&#;s nathan got no credit what did you ned myfresms phone wont work, go on facebok mate myfresms dad can you cal me please myfresms hiya it&#;s jord. lost my phone last night. i&#;ve mesaged u on fb. had to fuck about and make a new acount x mesage me bk on fb myfresmsmum its wiliam can u come through with fod for casper and tims plz im choking and got.a warent im stayin in yours waiting for u myfresms cal me gogz urgent can sel tableta myfresms answer your phone im caling with private myfresms hya u can ring me myfresms yes u can but cum bout ok luv mum myfresms becki i tried to ring you several times says you cant pick up cals, love mo x myfresms you guna mesage me back or what do you realy have to just avoid me and spend as litle time as you can with me? x myfresms phone me jo myfresms open dor please i ned car key wna make sure i got corect part and i ned litle black tol kit please myfresms i cant get you out my head! you left me in the dark. i gues were done? just tel me so i can leave u be, no ned to block m myfresms ring me bk its the service amy x myfresms ring my phone mate kyran myfresms lhkjhkhilhijhjij myfresms janko ta so keres preco mi nedvihas potrebujem ten vercajk a povedala do utorka ozvi sa mi na moj moj vercajk dneska myfresms its kat babe are you finished yet?x myfresms tadzio czeka myfresms jay it&#;s julie please try not to be to late with that. thanks myfresms r u hapy? myfresms it&#;s emie ring me urgently myfresms i can&#;t find my phone. i&#;ve ben loking since you left. any idea where it is? can you cal it a few times please. thanks, fkt x myfresmsits nas am cal me asap myfresms big karma coming for u.i shown social everything lol.why should you treat your kids dif.not no more say tra to kyra ben.clever! myfresms alrite lad it&#;s dean i can to me ares saphire stret myfresms enjoy with fat fany fat as lauren. whilst i geting fiter your birds geting a tank as size .smal dick and fat cunt.lol myfresms enjoy texting mis grifiths. big lol myfresms your los you shit father,on a handsome inteligent litle boy who your family love so much. shows you the screwbal. myfresms wait til hes older. i shouldn&#;t have to beg. at least leyland got parent. kyra got none. shit father shit mother. #drugies myfresms its nas come mine beg u g myfresms the thing is if you realy wanted to be with me no mater how slim the chance was you wouldn&#;t have gone.but you did.you have made myfresms.co. so you made the decision yourself. i would not have gone if i thought there was the smalest of chance to stil be with you. this myfresms diference betwen us . you can&#;t face the posibility of being on your own. where as i wil myfresms what a load of crap i&#;m fucking folish u myfresms hi anula. i&#;m jake and i&#;m in tower hil tonight. is it to late? myfresms helo its patrick wil you not cal me today?:(x myfresms are you going to be long? i&#;m knackered. myfresms alfies bro cal me cuz myfresms wonder why myfresms i have emily and tyler awake. stop taking the pis and get home! myfresms tb my number if u get this txt myfresms hi elaine,it&#;s katie. realy sory but won&#;t be in today as kep fainting. phone&#;s cut of so can only receive texts&cals! sory! myfreits ash ring me x myfresms five more minutes and i&#;m locking the fucking dor. get home now! never ask to go out again. ever. myfresms unblock me on what&#;s ap now ! get here for am or i&#;m going out. unblock me now myfresms do not come back here. i am going to bed and the dors are locked. myfresms nas ak cal me myfresms alryt mate you stil awake if u are can u ring my num dicky myfresms alryt mate you stil awake if u are can u rin num dicky myfresms you have two minutes to ring me. ring me now and start thinking of your kids. myfresms yaz its oli ring me my phone not letin me send texts or make cals u cumin mine x myfresms can you tel leane to ring me now please myfresms pasuk man vilte myfresms you got more ting for me its los bro myfresms hey babe i emailed u awaiting u emailing back check ur mail want u tonight x myfresms ring dj myfresms just finishing up doing last job are u awake or have u locked up? myfresms i cant believe this me im so upset right now u dont care if u did u wud be here making it rite. im only who ever sto myfresms this is torture uno me sat here on my own again wi riley . this what it comes down to sel. thought we was done with sily games myfresms u sit n slag me of to everybody n now u left me to go sit with jade n her cronies myfresms buzing we had that argument arent u you hav ben dying to get to sean n jade n amy n that al night . myfresms are u downstairs? myfresms i&#;m outside myfresms ur sat out there laughing n am on my own again selby wtf am and give my life to u n riley n this is what i get myfresms sergiu, te astept de atunci jos sa vi sa urcam la vecin. mai vi sau nu ? sergiu suna-ma sergiu. crash myfresms do i realy deserve to fel like this . iv never done owt like this to u ever liam n u treat me like im some bit on side myfresms cant you just come home please i do everything u tel me to do . u have no respect for me cal me al them names n then leave myfresms your out al day tomorow its like u dont want to spend any time with me . u rather sit with people u dont chil with myfresms proper apreciate this sel love thanks. if u felt like i did right now i would be doing owt to make u fel beter, im weak myfresms u make me fel lonely as fuck u do like , i have nothing absolutely nothing . only people in my life was u n riley that it myfresms y am i bothering when im not important to u this isnt what i want this selby u should be makin me hapy myfresms i promise you i wil hurt you like you hurt me. you wanted this. your pride wil be to your family. watch girl myfresms yh god night i love u to lol myfresms is this mesage going to send myfresms and i had a botle for you and some money for your birthday but col myfresms mum, i am fine and what do you want to talk about? my phone is of but you can send a text. at work very busy. dont txt this nos myfresms does mama tosin want me to cal her or is that al? i am already back at work. myfresms hi myfresms u go on about that barman, its ur mate bily u should be concerned about, hes the crep myfresms hey its kery myfresms hi pete its mick fre online txt myfresms cofe bitch ! x myfresms you stil sucking cock for gren? i have .inches for you to give a slopy bj to and wil give you .grams? let me know myfresms mum unblock me on facebok plz myfresms baby its mumy caling you of the laptop answer ur phone x myfresms for someone who doesnt lie your ful of it arent you. just sen you on tinder. could have just ben straight with me. guted myfresms al you had to do was be honest and id of left u alone but you made me think we would talk again. you made me fel like a wrong myfresms al i wanted to do was send you that ladybird film! i wasnt going to turn up at yours. was just being nice! god luck lisa myfresms awrite lad phone ma phone when u get this calum myfresms get that of fbk.stalker no.hes the cheat.i not maried.u hapy now?we fucked in my flat in my kitchen. myfresms i am so sory babe wil u phone me please babe love u minions n minions x myfresms amanda please speak to me don&#;t just shut me out like this please i&#;m beging you please myfresms go take ur min hoe out ur nt alowed near my kids n my kids dnt ned ur dirty money dont want my kids around a beater myfresms enjoy ur life wid ur hoe dnt ring me u aint got no reason to go send ur money da only kid u ave my kids r beter of widout u myfresms go ahead dont have them in my life anymore watles hoe u cant se them coz your a drug dealer myfresms and i wil cal imigration u imigrant myfresms do wat the fuck u like u dirty scum i dnt give a fuck mate u dirty traper drop dead watles women beater myfresms ring me its ryan myfresms ned lend ? myfresms ring me plz myfresms its kery u ned me to work tonite? i&#;m using internet to text. myfresms you ok bro just so you know is fine just wory about it next time alzy if u cant face going out myfresms amanda please speak to me please i&#;m realy realy sory please unblock me i can&#;t read if you text bk to these test my number myfresms.co.come to house for me lost phone. i&#;l be ready. hope u get this plz i ned ur help. kery myfresms helo mate its rob. no credit to text back. jim said he maybe able to pick me up. speak to him. if not bank details are unchanged myfresms just don&#;t be there making ou you loved me lydia because no ofence but if you truly did then you stil would now even after it al myfresms.co.amanda please speak to me please i&#;m realy realy sory please unblock me i can&#;t read if you text bk to these text my number myfresms.co.cal me asap tman myfresms no probs mate can sort out but ul have to ring no cred n abis out x myfresms cau milan zavolaj mi na moj moj honza myfresms shmuel myfresms s myfresms just. talk. to. me. omg. myfresms can i get a tener when get back plz gary myfresms pipinko cigan goin to give me money on wedn. goin to make couple of quid let ne know if u ned ow and soryt al honza myfresms hey it&#;s lanykins . everything ok? i just thought you were poping over before you went to your mum&#;s. let me know if you get thi myfresmscan you give edie a ring please mate myfresms check if this works myfresms come get cut again myfresms i ned help. from you please myfresms bel me nigel x myfresms se u son wont be long.xlol myfresms u fckin lying slut that guy who answered was ur fck for the day u whore myfresms bel me myfresms bel me nigel myfresms ring me myfresms nicki ring me please its important ,mark myfresms nicki ring me please its important ,please i ned to talk to you ring house myfresms jack its nigel bel me myfresms ring back babe -_- i&#;m gona leave to yours at ./ ok so i&#;l be there about . can&#;t wait to se you realy can&#;t. iloveyou mycatching the train and gaby wil pick me up at around . unsure what rail fare costs as on the website. cal me myfresms salut, pe acas ma joc pe pc. tu?. miki myfresms last thing you said was you wouldnt bring her back at shed be home for normal time today your half hour late! myfresms it&#;s stacey cal me x myfresms plz break of a thing if u dont get one to make it worth while amanda myfresms scrie pe nr meu. ca asta e de pe net myfresms hi test myfresms hey g. u horny? do u fancy some fun? myfresms please babe dont punish me ,u al i have please ring me only take a cal myfresms camy sory to bother any chance o loan of ur mower? give me a cal on when uv got time thanks derek myfresms were u gone :( mesage me on instagram myfresms ring jordan i myfresms u have upset me now why do u have to be so vile to me ? your new girl wil be loving this can u not se that? ring me . myfresms i sent you an email sexy myfresms whatsap cal me on nmy other line please myfresms the next time you cal me names again, you wil regret meting me. i told you yesterday but u never learn. kep caling me names. myfresms it&#;s jason it&#;s my sim card that&#;s fairly.unblock me on whatap myfresms are u neding me tonight? got phone bk so cal me plz. kery myfresms why aren&#;t you home for the girls and don&#;t even tel us you take the pis my mum&#;s going to stop geting them if you cary on myfresmaup it&#;s karl ben to yours times today lol il sort paper out tuesday tez. ned to have a chat se what we doing together. myfresms don&#;t se you want to chil out and that with u bro myfresms it&#;s karl he filby gv myfresms hi rachel hope you&#;re ok myfresms is this right my fre sms co .uk myfresms plz cn u gt me wed fr mornin i&#;l msg u in morn hope i&#;ve ad god wekend. eyes, speak tomoz x myfresms nice to know you care, don&#;t know why i am surprised. myfresms symone please unblock me on whatsap and have a minute civil convo with me. thats al i ask. this is so hurtful myfresms ring me back its patrick my number myfresms hey worm its loulou dont let em forget me or if can&#;t come let me no pls wil have to se u son x myfresms its ricardo my train gets into cambs station at hours monday. i wil make my way to parkside. i wil cal tom also. thanks myfresms healthclife x myfresms cole u said u would cal me bk wen u got home so why u ignoring me? myfresms mary was expecting you this wekend, again why play games with her emotions that then reflect adversley in her tests past myfresms askimg ant to read you the riot act, the oil radiator is gone from back garden, sory but you knew the risks, rest under pvc! mart myfresms helo m its ste can u givs a bel on pleze, nice myfresms no credit,gary myfresms cal me myfresms hi did you know you may be due compensation visit w.gladstonebroks for more info myfresms are u geting my msgs i&#;m outside are kids up? myfresms it&#;s craig if want to talk ring me myfresms unblock me and don&#;t twist what i said to you myfresms aint done anything wrong and didn&#;t say what that myfresms mish its steve iv ben trying cal u few times as unable to get the keys as in cousins car with my house keys. im screwed myfresms i can mesage from online. this is jo. you should be here with me. i fel upset myfresms yo myfresms i ned to take the honda to kwikfit at around when ian gets there. if u want to take kids to the beach i wil ned know tonite myfresms hg g t yh hjk myfresms unblock me now! myfresms answer me now or il go mad watrch myfresms hi gayna how are you hope ok ian myfresms can you txt me back myfresms hey babe read ur emails i&#;m ready come fuck u from dave don&#;t reply back to this i wont get it read ur emails babe i want to come myfresmszadzwon do mnie pilne synus ;) myfresms you know im gud for it midy,luk how much i spend a day now,im stod outside zambesi anyway myfresms babe what time you coming home i mis you x x x want a cudle x x x ring me or text me so i know ur ok myfresms enjoy ur wed n owing pound dirty man while we had nothing go home peter. myfresms wed coke beting ber mates before ur family right god catch u now get of the stret ur showing urself up being loud! myfresms who&#;s this dav e no credit or text ya just txt me myfresms it&#;s whit. did u get home ok x myfresms tam its joe, got ur pres text me wen ur up i&#;ve no credit using internet lol, , ta bud. myfresms clear your mind my love. write it al down and come back to it. slep wel my love, se you in dream land :) i love you x myfresms also if its not to much of a bother could you pick up some energies and choc on your way tomorow please? got the munchies lol x myfresms houston we have a problem , zelda and gin have no fod and i have until thursday myfresms x myfresms