# w.loansolutionsdirect,you ned to buy ukash voucher from grens superfods, south norwod hil, london, se dp myfresms w.loansolutionsdirect, you ned to buy ukash voucher from wb wilson- northgate, sleafordlincolnshire, ng bj myfresms ring me on my phone its jawad myfresms you ned to buy ukash voucher from nazran stores,main stret huthwaite, suton-in-ashfield,notinghamshire, ng qw loan solution myfresms hi i want to try again sometime i&#;m fre most mondays am til bout pm and during the wek - ring me sam myfresms are you bring sharsa round dude iain myfresms when you come back round can you bring a with you got the cash iain can you text back to let me know you got this iain myfresms don&#;t forget to cal at peak vilage. mesage computer as a test. jud myfresms be u guna reply to my mesage or at cus g myfresms hi dan its aisha-can you bring your work van home? i want you to pick up some wardrobes from shanklin for the girls. ring me plz x myfresms its ginge i got no texts. what u on later? phone me or sumert enit. myfresms could u get me some fags plz! love u mum myfresms mum its dani you ned to cal me it an emergency about mandy and the money myfresms mum its dani cal me its an emergancy myfresms mum cal me myfresms yo yo yo big ting pop yo myfresms grandy its spud cal me myfresms its spud cal the house if you can myfresms where is that piece of paper that you left for me myfresms pls post charger, w pakaging if pos - wil pursue claim w royal mail urgently. a (phone nw) myfresms ps damage in post includes internal damage im sure they wil pay myfresms test myfresms bob its shaun do you have any spear cash we can get some fod with plz just til i can get my money sorted txt me any myfresms can you ring dude iain have you got a ten myfresms siemka angolu. doszedl sms? przemek myfresms its lucy can i come back down txt my number back this phonesguna die x myfresms ha ha almost right count again .love blokes?this is sick mate myfresms halo myfresms mkmkmk myfresms were andy cus me n ethan waitin up for im he sed he wil be for myfresms szkoda, bo nie mam z kim pogadac :( a tobie moge zaufac :sd myfresms fn me myfresms ring me it ema myfresms quiny its paul wat u up to? ring me on my phone mate. myfresms ring me on my fne its jawad myfresms i love you myfresms hi a got ans mesage she cant help so av nae boky til wed al try fone use later myfresms dad i aint begin for this money its a simple thing yes or no are you dropin any of myfresms hi myfresms you stil comeing round dude iain myfresms its bids wot u upto? fb me or txt me or mum dad me an say a time il come cu bro myfresms soz for geting everyone txting only way me phones dead ano the situation jus cuda done with it that&#;s al its col love son myfresms helo rolan not sure if you received text the matres is flex double ft we are in knowle please email to come and view myfresms lok get a texi dwn se me face to face if nat its swet dnt contact me again nd i mean it get a texi ni il pay for dem ring me myfresms hi bud its mark u about can u ring me plz yo myfresms test for kirit.se if get this fre text ? myfresms fre text for kirit.check to se if it works ? myfresms wel it sems al is moving on,although i thought he wud ave moved back his wife not that ugly thing i saw him with ot her day. myfresms nite be goin house tomoz finish paper so wil come cros after if u want? u av txt my phone cuz this is ap. mis u n luv u x myfresms come bed n can&#;t slep esie flat out.mising your kisies. x myfresms one last efort myfresms hope youre having a great night dwebo, protected and safe, thinking about you, smile for me & drink up,swet dreams baby girl x myfresms babes the electric got p in meter sory to ask ned some dog meat as wel i can sort bils out hopefuly this wek myfresms did ent go gems last night had ruby sleping i so ned a fag fel stresed myfresms can you lend me for some fags please have none and very stresed myfresms hi mum its tom could u ring me please x x x myfresms odyseas its jade,i got no cred on this one, i going to colect another fone to use, but i wil stil have no credit x myfresms who is this, i got no credit so i am using this website, you caled me on my number myfresms phone my fne its christian myfresms fone me asap its christian myfresms hi it is carl what you up to myfresms are you doing a roast today iain myfresms absconding is a crime punishable by death, i ain&#;t got any cred atm, have you left yet. i can met up with you in harow txt me, myfresms.co.ubo myfresms are u geting my texts? i am online now, pls come fast, kat myfresms hey nan it&#;s jody i don&#;t have a phone so can you please let me know you get this by texting i have something to ask myfresms.cwhat time wil you be back down or are you just going to ignore me ? its sophie by the way either text me or phone me myfresms hi do you stil want the blue nose friends as so i can do them for . the lot as have others waiting text me on myfresms ok, with memory card and al acesories. i wil pick it up from yours on wed at am thanks myfresms hi its cath, im back in litlehampton, do you fancy a smoke? ease me back into coming home! :d going to parents be back in hour. myfresms dgbdgbg myfresms u say miscariage i say bulshit forced abortion or plain out lies who which one right cause question wil be asked tomorow myfresms wel u won&#;t give me a straight answer so they wil find out for me your choice were u even going to tel me u were pregnant? myfresms cant handle me at my worst u sure as hel dont deserve to se me at my best, maybe under diferent circumstances it might of work myfresms planed to take u away for wekend on valentines but gues wil sel it to someone who wil use it now just pub crawl it instead. myfresms thats what i was saving for but fuck it that idea went skiwift myfresms fuck it go myself dublin nice this time of year. thanks proving everyone right about u and i give u the benefit of the doubt myfresms fol me for trusting you? and i not mea lop that another god friend think she used know u. myfresms its riz, no cred, ring me myfresms if u are lying i wil find out tomorow. myfresms u do know i was set up to go with u to break u but fel in love with u instead was not the plan babe but that what hapened. myfresms if it true iou an apology sure wil get the truth tomorow when i go to welington sure u can text if u don&#;t want me not myfresms not on here but the number u text me on to say u had a miscariage. wish now i would of kiled myself last wek sure shit hapens myfresms think i ned to hear the truth from someone else mouth thought that is not yours sory but true. myfresms when the devil going to come and drag me back to hel lol. fuck i hate downers would love to have taken you away for valentines myfresms maybe my head fuck cause they stil me of my meds cause of my heart, which is slowly turning back to black. myfresms so did you have a miscariage through sleping rough with other people? myfresms so in other words u r saying that u kiled my child cause u did not want it inside your body. or through selflesnes. myfresms hope kids are ok ? i did se brandon as my own son i wasn&#;t liein x shame u lied we could of ben hapy x love nathan x myfresms not leting u fuck with my head anymore just want the facts. myfresms levi, levi wherefore art thou levi.university stret belfast hope they kep u there til u get locked up again. myfresms you fag myfresms was going ask u over to welington hotel last night if u were loking a snif but u blocked me stayed there last night myfresms about to check out have apointment with solicitor and police after al u did destroy a jumper on me. myfresms listen i do care about u having a miscariage wish u were stil caring my child, but that can&#;t be helped. myfresms hope your ok and would of loved it to workout and have a family with u, sure u know al this babe. myfresms nothing maters anymore, hope u are ok and coping with it ok going through something like that is bound to put u through stres. myfresms the baby thing was only for u babe but u know that to sory i could not make it hapen that&#;s the end of my baby making days now. myfresms.co.uonly tried wit u as i thought u were the one and we could make it work, have a hapy life together sure can dream what could of myfresms ercgre egrwgreg regrwgxrewxcqregr myfresms wel the litle soldiers are swiming ok not like it maters as i wil not be trying again with anyone only if u wanted again myfresms the only way i wil ever have any kids. myfresms help testing myfresms hi its charl with soly&snowy. im hving car trouble so cant get to field tonight, sory to mes u about. wil txt to re arange x myfresms cal me urgently - mahesh myfresms we are in at today for new briefsubz myfresms its wil, come met me b i go for god ? txt my phone ! myfresms mam i wont be up late today ali be finishing at half myfresms hi its jil im out of credit on my phone do you have pound i can pinch today i ned to top up my electric please x myfresms msg me on what&#;s ap as i am unable to find u on what&#;s ap nikhil gala myfresms hi h myfresms mom parents evening just show up to the apointments its in the cantene rom every teacher wil be in there and just turn up myfresms just trying this to se if you get mesage as i don&#;t have any texts left in phone. alison x myfresms u got any nitrogen boster? these guys aint geting enuf. ade dont reply to this txt myfresms sharon its tomy am online just now x myfresms ring me guba. r u geting the kids fod? myfresms hi mikey here a hope court gose wel on wed for u and we can sort fings out and start again a never stoped lvin u x myfresms hi mikey again and a think of u a lot and how u helped me get fae kdy tae dunde with u al always be there for u for that x myfresms hi mikey again pls think bout wat av said and let me now on wed ok by cakes gd nyt x myfresms wil respect ur wishes and leave you alone babe, take care of yourself sory it ended like this sory x. myfresms hi rob its jodie iv got no credit cud u do me a favour pls n ring nidge for me, he sed he wud cue mine betwen an an he asnt myfresms hi nidge its jodie r u stil coming mate, let me know pls, ta x myfresms that&#;s it chers babe, take care of yourself, maybe we wil met in the future x. myfresms did u get to read the shit on my sid rps fb acount, if not u won&#;t now thought. myfresms conor, please unblock me. it&#;s urgent and important. do not ignore me. this is serious. chelsea. myfresms al be in at am not goin out at .! myfresms you ned some sort of mesenger i can hola you on :( for the moment, ima finish of my work, shower & slep. swet dreams mr x myfresms & ima text you closer to thursday. im fre after so if you&#;re down, i&#;l probably se you alright? myfresms hiya can u txt me cal me plz thanx myfresms can you give me a ring plz its iain myfresms alex, i can be online in - mins. can u make it? kat myfresms hapy birthday dude iain im up now so when ever ypu wana come round is god iain myfresms on the paper of care, with the ink of afection, a pen of felings has writen only two words for you: &#;god morning!&#; myfresms when you comeing round dude iain myfresms helo rick how are you? myfresms grzesiek,tu paula.dzwoniles do providenta?wejdz teraz na faceboka i mi powiedz czy wyslesz dzisiaj kase.bo musze wiedziec teraz! myfresms hi there myfresms its stacie im trying to cal you of anwser the phone.x myfresms going to def kil you now slut watch ur back and i wil get close and personal throat cut. myfresms not a threat slut a promise throat cut bitch&#; child kiler. myfresms hope you got the bday text are you comeing round today can you text or ring to let me know you got this iain myfresms hi mikey here hope u ok it was gd talkin tae u last nyt and a hope everyfin gose wel the morn and could u pls cum on lv leap x myfresms me again a stil lv u and always have and a want us tae try again a totaly mis u and am % telin u am no lyin about eneyfin x myfresms and that nyt was a set up av ben told tae split us up and am no goin tae stand bak and let them win and a hope u don&#;t ether x myfresms and u now how tae contact me on lv leap pls unblock me ur al a want in my life tasha lv u loads always x myfresms al txt u wen am bak on later ok a hope u wil talk tae me or leave me a mesage on lv leap ok stil lv u mis u loads mikey x myfresms hi its me raymond can you let me know if you get this text mesage please x myfresms hi its james phone me plz myfresms dont even know if youre geting these mesages like but stil not working haha, least youre not always on your phone ;) love youthe anoying thing is i can only send one page at a time and they kep blocking the sites:pfb is baned which is why im not onitlarve you baby:) wot time are you comeing back round dude iain myfresms lower grange close bro bd myfresms hi m mikey here al be up bout hope use be in myfresms hi mikey here am on lv leap now just tae talk hope u want tae talk tasha x myfresms please ring rfh on and ask to speak to blep asap myfresms said it my los the baby thing, u wanted it, i give u it, ur body rejected it, not my los ur&#;s? you can blame ur s.w and body? myfresms.co.uhi mikey here a ges u stil no want tae talk al be bak on lr this is stupid us bein like this a trus u with al my life x myfresms and that&#;s % true and a would never lie tae u u mean a lot tae me a now a fuked up and a want tae sort it out and be with u x myfresms.co.upls think bout wat av ben sayin tae u a lv u so much a would never say u stabed me wen u never that nyt was that joint a had sori myfresms ukijhjhgjhvhjvgv myfresms can you ring plz iain myfresms babe its edralyn here im stil in my cousin house .i cant go in my home now . i wil wait for your respond in my yaho mesenger. myfresms check your email babe i have picture i send in your email. i hope you like it, myfresms have you got my keys dude iain tb myfresms test from myfresms myfresms found my keys are you comeing round dude iain myfresms m you got an extra for a hotel upgrade on th flor, big tv,unlimited movies/cofe/en suite/over loking manchester city myfresms amorcito te quiero de todo corazon tu sai la mia anima del cielo e angelo la nostra vita reposa fileta mia de la mia anima de jes myfresms no wories if not, but train ticket is and a litle drink cash neded of course, everything else is covered! se you saturday. myfresms babarita let se if this one goes te quiero fileta mia de la mia anima de jesu tu say la mia ragaza de senore te penso sempre x myfresms fone me dad i&#;ve not got any texts left andrews bikes broke the handle bars fel of lol any smoke ? x myfresms hi its andy.soz no credit again!only days work last wek!done this wek already.wil try to sub bit tomoz you. prob . soz myfresms am out tomoz al be sleping in e going ae socail at half scotsming.en nedy go ae tracys x myfresms ugh i fel so shit, just wana throw up and go back to bed :( hope youre not glued to your phone ;) nan phones ben cut of lvoe u myfresms bored bored bored bored bored bored bored to death. cba doing work either haha about to cry. my phone has just reset and deleted al its data inluding the fitnespal data i neded for today. kil me now myfresms you comeing round today iain myfresms would like to try again text me or cal me sam myfresms sdfvgbj myfresms got no cred and house phone of dad wots up everything ok myfresms hi mikey here hope court went wel if uv ben up yet a wil stay a way for u culse a care bout u and stil lv u x myfresms and casn u leave me a mesage on lv leap let me now wat hapened pls x myfresms fuck sake, lost everything. gona actualy fucking die! hi m mikey here just spoke tae gav he be up for ok an so wil i se use lr ok myfresms i fel absoluty bolocks and stil cant get any signal! myfresms can you do me today please ,its bidy myfresms helo helo helo myfresms hi again myfresms hey mate its craig , can i pick some dimps of ya later me is gagin , this is a computer text so reply my phone , chers pal myfresms helo myfresms alex, i m online right now. kat myfresms you are not cheat with me? you dont realize that what you are doing? you never thought that? hope you stop from today. myfresms i love you babe loads don&#;t be long, you stayin here tonight then if ur goin out wiv keani x myfresms hey,wot u at myfresms the police wil find you abul hanan myfresms no body ask u about being pregnant yet hoping to find out if you were lying to me and ur social workers sory babe, ned to know. myfresms bri its ryan wil you ring me please as i ned to talk to you thanks myfresms jojo its ryan wil you ring me when you get home as we both ned to talk and you no what about thanks myfresms zsdfghdfjhgjkghjkjhkghjkj myfresms cal me.fast myfresms efasdfasdfasdfgsdfgsdfgd myfresms asdfgsdfg sdgfsdfgsdfg asdfgsdfgsd myfresms sory you had cal me few minutes ago i was busy if you stil ned me please repeat the cal if you stil ned me myfresms helo my name is beata i spek rusian or english i am interested in long term double rom rent is it stil available? myfresms if yesl please contact me beata.pilanegmail or lebara to discus the details and arange viewing beata myfresms helo robert i wil sent you one more i-net adres where you can use fre phone mesage service al around uk any covering myfresms myfresms i hope its help you conect with peoples and make your life cheaper beata(your morning guest) myfresms hi beata myfresms jojo its ryan i ned to no what&#;s hapening with us as i am geting mixed mesages and i don&#;t no if u realy want to be with me myfresms.cdavaj v skype ; ) troja krasapeta. myfresms not that you care nearly cardiac arested last night again maybe it my turn son, not very wel at the minute. myfresms daj do pjatnici,ja poluchju otdam.artjom myfresms im up so when ever you wana come round is god dude iain myfresms $-_)gftyu myfresms not se your new facebok page yet lol myfresms if you can can you also grab me fags and some polos got the money myfresms wrqarw myfresms i have emailed you so email me to my work ok il send you email now x myfresms iv sent you email so just reply to that x myfresms can we lok at holidays now? x myfresms what you saying> email me back. sent to your trib one x myfresms email me babe ned to know what your doing before i get on train or bus myfresms how fucking dare you myfresms this is from dpd delivery services. unfortunately you weren&#;t in when our driver imran caled. your parcel is with odedra at a. myfresms please colect your parcel at the next convenient time. myfresms helo myfresms wot time you coming back dude iain myfresms are you coming back round dude and if so dont forget the backy iain myfresms when you geting here myfresms josh its jutla can u sort that th ot mate tb to my mob myfresms aup mate its jutla cn u lay me tenaz worth til mornin mate ile bring that wifi dongle anal tb to my mob myfresms mum ring me myfresms test myfresms shal i cancel asda? myfresms won&#;t be in belfast this wekend and have a course al next wek so it wil be next saturday if that ok with u text me if it is