# bos esti bine? :d myfresms myfresms myfresms god mornind how are you today? myfresms i just thought you should know its finaly sunk in my headjust how you treated melike a cunt for your scumy perverts and dirty w myfresms wel you chose ya scumy perverts and dirty whoers i aint forgoten how you treated me but i loked after you and you chose whores myfresms ans fosehil park whores ya dirty bank slag and ya dirty polish prostitues that who you chose over me you and ya fosehil park myfresms ya fosehil park dirty bastard slags ya dirty using nasty evil bastard you chose ya dirty scum al yopu carted about was dirty f myfresms you shag holbroks whores in them bushes and chose dirty scum whores from fosehil bankslags myfresms mum i put cash into your bank yesterday but could i have back so i can fil my car up to se jane sat, work al day x myfresms hey, its hana- using online txt thing. hope youre hving a great holiday, you&#;re on - on mon with tues of! x myfresms cal bk fre ticket eligible housing benefit/fre schol meals ad child myfresms hi love how did it go at shitehouse? i wil try to bel you son, love you babe x myfresms it&#;s gayle can u phone me plz myfresms gfiyfrofiutritrfkjgfiyvrfchtvfukbhtbgceyvj myfresms hi mr patel i&#;m rohan and my cal back is myfresms the balance is * + . r asfaha myfresms hey babe. mesage me on facebok if u get this txt. x myfresms u get a loan of .? txt back let me know u got this myfresms asdasdasdasdasd myfresms dale its rob i am going out al wekend from ish i got some cash for ya but u ned to b here by no later than : myfresms told you i know your mobile number, so you should probably email be back. especialy with photos and i&#;l leave you alone myfresms &#;hey babe, just wanted to tel u my smear test result came back and and everything came bk clear, alhamdulilah. iam so glad, aya myfresms.co.uyes stil have iphone its on e myfresms i jak tam oskar? puscili cie? myfresms morning husband. i love you x x x myfresms rigzs i guns walk at : cus it wil take me til to get there man bel or text me its ant bro myfresms testing fre text mesage myfresms mum ring my dad its tom myfresms bring my phone back to the library, i already contact the police, here al around are ctv webcams so if dont bring my phone u hav myfresms helo baby hope your okay, i sent a mesage but dno if it sent, can u txt me so i know your okay please baby, i love you x myfresms hi my phone batery ran out cathy myfresms i wil go to the shops after work then get kfc! cathy x myfresms finding phone myfresms its hogie u about ring my phone myfresms wots bin sed cos a rang a n she sed sha didn&#;t say anything lyk tht n joys loking for ya its kayla myfresms can u ring bak its kayla x myfresms hey, have you got my mesages? send you already other test mesages. hope you&#;re ok! lots of love myfresms bernie the co op shuts in half hour myfresms i am fine :) watched a god film about balet. hope that you are having fun! x love you myfresms not being funy but whats point in cumin ere to have to go back out myfresms i no wat u doin to ur gf it not fare u best tel her b i do i no who she is and no she dont deserve this shit myfresms babe can you make some sandwiches and i do love you loads and loads and iam mising you loads and loads cant wait to se you myfresms hey mum itz frankie my credit has gone ned to get sum more we are fine anyway love u lots chat son text back on my fone x myfresms i can se you. myfresms hey dad can you go on facebok please x myfresms jason can u email me say u ok! im not asking for anything else just a quick reply sayin u ok myfresms hi, i&#;ve just sen your ad for a vivarium. do you stil have it? please let me know. i don&#;t drive but can se it tuesday. myfresms testing myfresms ment b ring me myfresms hi how are u:) myfresms helo myfresms hi babe its big guy can u cal me please myfresms you ned to answer your facebok mesages myfresms prehaps you would prefer it if i sent a detailed email to work then if your going to continue to ignore me myfresms fhg r erghdbg htrhrtnjt r myfresms hope you and linda are wel we should get smashed sometime! farah myfresms ipofsw afjkafh szakfjsf myfresms can you pls cal me asap, phone is bared and ned to speak to you - pipa myfresms hi intertested in myfresms oi were r you? its shami wheres hal? am in library myfresms that&#;s a shame ben thinking about your sexy as al wekend;) have fun at your mates text me later sexy:) x myfresms cal meplz myfresms help us wea are stuck in the loft andrew myfresms hury up please help us we are traped in the loft andrew x myfresms pi get , back cal myfresms stop sending me bulshit txts n stop caling my phone. just check ur email. no point responding to it. myfresms hi sexy how&#;s it going? you decided what your up to? x myfresms hey if you get this can you phone my phone? its leah x myfresms hey its leah, did you get this text? if you did let me know through facebok myfresms wish i was inside you right now;) x myfresms it&#;s naomi ok sory yer am swnd just fort it was a bit bad u askin that&#;s al u ok ? hows leo? myfresms i mean mad myfresms test myfresms its mum,the dor not locked,have you got my keys.ring me pse.x myfresms if yr with alex ask him to ring me pse,the dor not locked and i think hes got my keys.x liz myfresms hey be myfresms aron she is stil txtin me. i cant believe u have done this to me again. u have caried this on for months and ruined my life myfresms hi its nick myfresms test mesage from myfresms myfresms hi it&#;s pete, finding out about funds shortly,let you know as & when. just a watering can direct or fil a resevoir? myfresms hi laura, it&#;s laura not forgoten you had stuf to do this morning wil walk down to you in next mins are you home. r u home myfresms.co.ui got txt that show ur involvd if i go down urcomig with me check ur sent txts and ul c what a stupid thing u did we both lose! myfresms where are ya then? don&#;t take this long im sure. x myfresms it&#;s tash come grupetas myfresms yeah wil ave a lok and yh it loks lovely would ve of ben a nice day go out n do sumit x myfresms its simon, could you give me a ring on house number in about mins please. myfresms easy ben just fed the plant, haven&#;t managed to get a solid answer on the funds yet, got some cunts to ring. peace:) myfresms phone me after have to go to a steps to work interview, thanks simon. myfresms hey, check facebok, problem with fixture tonight from alan myfresms mum wil you get me some tobaco and i wil give you the money when you get home myfresms it doesnt make u any les of a man dont be daft. let it al out x love u and yeah be u know that :) our plan . ring me in mins myfresms hiyer baby does this one work x myfresms yo myfresms yopo myfresms you ok? how&#;s it going? x myfresms hi john myfresms ned to discus karl with u n its important. met me at meadowhal at .pm at the outside dor near oasis. myfresms dave this is dave i am i tredworth not tufley at mine myfresms hi kieth my phones broken love you ana x myfresms godnight and god bles am always here no mater where or how long it takes x myfresms mum x myfresms ahoj, skuska :) myfresms mum its mike can u ring me myfresms hey by its rae! just thought id txt u t let u know im thinkin of u! i love u so much! and i cnt wait to se u tmro :) x myfresms im gona watch celeb juice n have a early nyt. hope ur behaving urself nd not loking at rude pics of other girls ;) love u x myfresms i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you x myfresms take it as your not txting me back so im gona go back upstairs. night. myfresms fxtdfg myfresms dont ph then i heard some one new it fuk u thats it now myfresms chels please tlk to me on wats ap i&#;ve used al my cred tryin to tlk to u please i&#;ve had a proper shit day just wana tlk to u myfresms.chey jem, i&#;ve just got home now. i&#;m sory to have upset you so much :-( cal me if you&#;d like a chat. i&#;l be up awhile xox myfrecan you come online mar x myfresms listen i have nothing til friday to be able to get anything to eat i have sat here with no elec can you help txt me myfresms can you lend me another x text me heather myfresms can you lend me another x text me heather myfresms can you lend me another x text me heather myfresms just testing myfresms you ashole! im going to bed. damn it! myfresms its m text me m myfresms not sure if the mesage came through but im just gona go up the horse later myfresms did u get my text sharon? got meting at home at so didnt want u wasting petrol money. se you next wek. tim x myfresms hope u ok? x myfresms have u got mesage? myfresms helo myfresms mam its me dont forget to wait from me cos i wil come to work with you x myfresms wiem ze jestem przegrany. nie mam teraz pieniedzy na jedzenie nawet .chcialbym sie zmienicale sam nie wiem nawet jak ! myfresms hey sexy face:) depends what sort of bike your on and milk is shit. what you up to? text back my number:) x myfresms cunt myfresms hi its steven u text im not bein ignorant i only have cals i am loking slave yes i live in shefield on my own im let me know myfresms my number is chers myfresms hi hows you myfresms i have ben sleping with andrew. he wants to end it with you but said he dont know how. we are inlove and im pregnant. sory myfresms awrite dany its daren from round corner stuf there if your loking myfresms my fre ams myfresms yes cal me bro its khan myfresms helo george! its me jonas from english course, my mobile is and my email jonasguedesgmail thanks a lot se y myfresms so what you saying funky bum;) x myfresms as children have fre from schol then i do not work, maybe in next monday myfresms hahavsdj myfresms can u cal me if u care i dont no if u do u stop textin me myfresms gjkfsd fghjkg v g ghf vb myfresms why? i wouldn&#;t be anoyed with you anyway.sory if i made you fel uncomfortable.text me back on my number this does not exist myfresms.co.uhelo test myfresms hi myfresms hi, who is this? myfresms cal jo got ready myfresms mark its laura when u get this can u ring me please whats hapening about dor? myfresms dzien dobry aniu. jestem ciekaw czy t drog dziala? czy otrzymasz t wiadomosc? miej pracy, zbyszek myfresms hey, im rhi, ieuan gave me your number, im a litle on the big side but that dosent stop me bard give me a text back, yeah ? myfresms bradle myfresms hi joe, are you able to come in today/tomoro to complete and arange for your cscs test. hour max. mark myfresms i&#;l wait for you cal me when you come nik. myfresms yelow myfresms aniu. czy dociera ta wiadomosc do ciebie? zbyszek myfresms kalispera ti kaneis kala eisai? myfresms