# ghygf myfresms zavolej mi to sem ja marcel myfresms ta so patrik to ja marcel myfresms odbierz bardzo cie prosz albo odzwon pilne! i ju przesta si zocic i wygupiac bo to nie ma sensu daniel myfresms hey you ok text me myfresms hi myfresms not stoped thinking about you, mis you myfresms hey! are you up? myfresms kev it mo bel my phone geze myfresms ring me bala on my num myfresms hope you can forgive me knowing now,i do love you and never ment the things or to hurt you hate that side that aint me dona x myfresms fdvfbv myfresms dad are you awake for namaze my house with key if can because we awake.your grandson has ben screaming,crying for a long time myfresms hapy diwali to you and family may god bles you al with the best of health and hapines. wishing you wel. myfresms ur ugly inside and out and i dont want ya. met someone else. stay the fk out of ours. alice geting a new dad. thick cunt myfresms ur thick as pig shit and got teth so ming and dirty they lok and smel like u ben eating dog shit. have a bath shit breath myfresms he bought alice a new bike btw. ur dead to me and are fucking but ugly. i dont wana se ur smack head loking face ever again. myfresms htps:/youtu.be/-lc_zo myfresms nobody wants u , not even ur family ur a burden and always wil be and u stink of pure shit should of ben drowned at birth myfresms u make sure u kep me blocked now. i no i ment shit to u. u proved it by stil goin near her. i wil post the bracelet myfresms hi spencer, can you cal me please? would like to talk to you. cal me on my number. asap. luke. myfresms u in trouble now faty someone with god job speaking to police about u myfresms speaking to him again gay lovers sick! myfresms wil tel social hes sneaking u in when kids go thats why ur always chating acting as if ur gay lovers lmao myfresms havent you got a home to find instead of dosing in the pubs your clearly not loking for a place because your going back there myfresms reporting to social monday myfresms bub, i forgot my phone. can you get me at x x myfresms you vile stalking rapist get tbe fuck out of aber back to where you came from plenty of men down there for you sicko myfresms hate yiur guts so going to do everything to make sure your gone and not abusing people and there children you rapist coke head myfresms ye you notify him that they wil be knocking again because you wil be back there when kids have gone myfresms your on and of watching him online your obsesed with everyone your a sick paedophile myfresms its fawcet dany come on your xbox a min lost phone myfresms paedophile your geting reported to social again after your threats! teling them your on smack to myfresms someone wil say theyve sen you there when you sneak back you life wrecker social wil be visiting alot knowing your back there myfresms loads of people know you threatened bridger your sick like him like your a fan of his you paedophile rapist showing social the msg myfresms they wil make sure you stay wel clear from kids even from your own who you wil never se again you rapist myfresms sophie said your taped for saying you stay at her mums b and b lmao hate your guts paedo myfresms no one likes you or wants you around your a first clas rapist high on drink and cocaine every night myfresms le please pick up the phone realy ned to talk to you and did you come to moms last night ned to talk now myfresms dont ever fish for info of sams daughter thats nothing to do with you! your a sick twisted rapist myfresms helo myfresms the children hate you one of them said so infront of sam and her daughter.your nothing to them and never wil be rapist myfresms your life is going to get ruined like you ruin others actualy yours already is :) always has ben your fucked up thats why rapist myfresms zac its dady can you please unblock me i ned to talk to you i mis you so much . im sory about everything and wana myfresms hope sam showed dean the bridger coment shows your realy sick threatning convicted murderer on women your gone in the head paedo myfresms esma its mat please unblock me , i ned to talk to the kids. myfresms esma its mat please unblock me , i ned to talk to the kids. i wil have to start turning up if not. i have a right to myfresms the bridger coments going on your facebok today few people are watching your profile i hear because they al know your a rapist myfresms move away stalker your not wanted your a sick paedophile mesaging and sleping with underage girls show police that you are i wil myfresms htps:/w.newlandhomes/new-homes/newark-meadows/virtual-tour myfresms ? myfresms fruit come now i got paper myfresms defo gay with him who speaks al morning and day and night everynight since you ben thrown out about what you mising him lmfao myfresms gay gay gay myfresms told his mises you do aswel myfresms i sory that&#;s al bye myfresms i wana fix us please myfresms hi again myfresms ring me it&#;s sophie myfresms im sory you think i don&#;t love, i do . i mis you every day and wish you knew how much i ned you.always myfresms i hope youre ok, im not expecting you to speak to me but i have always neded you and i am sory myfresms hi le. meghan went into labour thats why havent ben down. sam has your wages wil be down with them about . se you tuesd myfresms you text ema&#;s phone asking who&#;s this before you bother to text your wife, wasteman just get out my life, enjoy seshing to death myfresmspm last night myfresms pm last night on sky myfresms hi becki it&#;s becki lol myfresms fruit come round i ned you to put a bet on for me myfresms can u cal me pls myfresms it dont take this long to get cigs stop taking me for a mug myfresms at least diwali wish karne ke liye hi cal kar dete. check with mom she would also agre with my request. hapy diwali my jan. myfresms hi babe can you put money in your acount for topup and cofe x myfresms i am emailing you - reply! i canot make cals! dudo myfresms helo you smel fuck hoe myfresms hey mate its mike, can you give me a cal a back when you get this. myfresms monika i dont know where my phone is i think its in the car aint ben able to find it al day and ben trying to get hold of youx myfresms ive ben home for hours im on your computer so facecal me or skype me to let me know your both ok x myfresms im geting woried so please let me know somehow please x myfresms fucking unblock me, wtf is wrong with you, why cant you just kep a fucking line open. christ! myfresms babe its me can u phone me please on my phone x myfresms yo it&#;s tom ring me again mate myfresms dad al the fuck ing money years and can&#;t drop me tel morning fuck ing joke myfresms check your whatsap myfresms test myfresms hapy birthday for tuesday lopy x myfresms yeah myfresms check your emails -dady myfresms hcjcjcfjfcfkgkgvkufgvkufvfvgvgykygugyku myfresms going to viena tomorow for a big interview. was hoping that you wil talk on diwali day and i can talk about interview. love u myfresms aj diwali hai. at least aj to bat karlo. i am al alone here and mising you tones. love you jan myfresms love and mis you so much baby x you know il be goid. wont drink alone ever again x myfresms i left myself with nothing for n half years ry since we became parents i am not selfish u never helped me last year for months myfresms hi there myfresms just let you know i stil love you myfresms just seing if this works myfresms u mustbi wel hapy wae ureself ya fkng prk. don&#;t fkng try + txt me + advise me how tae treat pl, ya fkng vindictive lorle cunt myfresms.co.hi tif myfresms sam it&#;s david on my tablet could i have on more and i&#;l promise there wil b there defo this wek don&#;t txt sheley phone myfredoesn&#;t mater if u can&#;t then i&#;l ow u then i&#;m up myfresms if u do just say lends a smoke myfresms funy how you get angry when i tel pl the truth you ruined our relationship the moment i found that shit on your phone and you myfresms love u so much take care bye x myfresms never once tried to make me fel beter or try make it up to me. it was then you stoped touching means you stil blame me. myfresms hey how are things going myfresms dont reply n, could i have water stuf, an aple and sandwich and any biscuits you may have? please myfresms yo man its rob cal me please bro myfresms hey myfresms hey its marci got no credit on my phonehope you get this textare you ok? reply to my number not this one myfresms gf myfresms can u text my num please i can&#;t mum dad cal you if u don&#;t answer cos it charges me pound a time. are u ok do u fancy a drink myfresmsim a freak a stalker filth and i deserve everything i get because my problems and pain doesnt mean jack shit so leave me alo myfresms bjkbfum nbc drknch myfresms hi mom im ok, im aplying for some jobs and tayvions watching tv, i may have to use the homefone in the morn, wat did kirsty say? myfresms lok hanah n your fela ben doing shit behind your back aparently hes leaving you to be with her that shit ain&#;t right myfresms naye sal ki shubhkamanaye to you and family at viena taking up one more chalenging set of interviews. u are mised dearly myfresms no one has ben for me yet x myfresms month review myfresms im phoning the csa today so god luck to u. could have at least gave me for hary! you owe me so its just guna go up myfresms hi double checking you got my last mesages, reply to my number, sory for today, can&#;t help a&e times and swolen kne. nathan. myfresms.co.uor ive got enfield pay team please let me know tho coz wil be doing my head in otherwise lol text me when u can myfresms cal me. v x myfresms hi evie its leah ive lost ma phone myfresms lost phone myfresms its ash, check mesenger! ive sorted a lift and don&#;t want you turning up for no reason x myfresms test myfresms test myfresms test myfresms test myfresms test myfresms test myfresms test myfresms ow kid it fawcet ring me if u not working kid am bored myfresms hb myfresms ow kid it fawcet ring me if u not at work kid myfresms stil waiting from :. going back down at am. love u. x myfresms never got any cal from u. please text. wil be available again for your next proposed cal at . c u lr. x myfresms its carly yes can do for ya mate pop in the dor for me and i&#;l bring back after work for ya no probs x myfresms fuckn pun me on my number u blocked me myfresms please cal. i swear il leave you alone after. frankie x myfresms god damn fenok myfresms sound for a another mate ? it&#;s jay myfresms i realy want to move on from you i dont want to be speaking to you anymore or caling you i just want you to change the name o myfresms testing testing helo myfresms mum its jimy wil u nip on fb pls myfresms love u dickface make my tea! myfresms mum seriously it worse than ever pls i can show u im not lying and it wil b tomorow i can show u my apointment time and tht myfresms mum im on my way coz i ned to register ur bank an i wana do it in frontof u anyway myfresms cal me please. amber myfresms can you order me , pack of catches . please. u no who myfresms htps:/pay.gocardles/alpqkykbq jmp myfresms hi paul its phil are u going to work tomorow please let me know. myfresms bike is medium frame wil take if colected today myfresms typical shud of know tht realy, if u were any sort of decent girl ud of txd bk an said im sory jimy wer done im sory txin u myfresms easy it&#;s calan, you get my text? stil wanting the same man, cal or text when you&#;re on way as i&#;ve no credit. myfresms test myfresms ring me it&#;s leigh myfresms its jade tel josh not to forget hes at the doctors at half myfresms mum its jamie no credit. can you lend me a tener please you have my details -, and wheres my birthday present lol. myfresms it&#;s salty x my data texts have run out i got your text mesages what&#;s ap me plz myfresms safe it&#;s chud pal got no credit let me know if u on please n if ok any chance of some til thursday please? myfresms hey te its hampstead cal me back pls myfresms begin myfresms i told you i cant ring ya back now used quid on that mum dad so ned to change my number myfresms jordan walk, bradley stoke, bristol bs jw myfresms its or your head! myfresms its simon i have no credit and at a internet cafe using my last pound i dont have alot of money send me ur email adres please x myfresms lok suzi i love you with al my heart but ive not cheated or planed to cheat. cudling you was the best part of my day x myfresms dad ring me on my number please badge saying ned pay another because of charges myfresms lok suzi i love you with al my heart but ive not cheated or myfresms you have blocked me al acros and not caling me back despite so many requests. ek bar to bat karo brij. what did you achieve? myfresms by not talking to me so long? what did you achieve and how? give me some tips to forget you as i am not able to forget even a bit. myfresms rather i kep remembering every moment i spent with you. i love you and mis you my jan. please come over to bruck i am on medica myfresms morgz myfresms hey watz up morgz here ;) myfresms yoyo it&#;s kieran can you cal me x myfresms htps:/magic.verif.me/v/eyjhbgcioijiuzinisinrcikpxvcj.eyjzxnzawuxlkijoiytjmzjrimdgtzjinymtelwfhmdetmjmxmjemjkwztl myfresms al mesages shown to his mises today about steven and april about using stevens contract myfresms ring pls myfresms and your mesage saying police are involved and they wil conact april to bringing his niece into it screnshots shown myfresms and mesages you saying mesages are printed for for social that head is fucked.i think yours is psycho paedophile :) myfresms nut job tramp myfresms i had to get your atention somehow i emptied your bank cal me on mins and kl l send it al back or o hang myself i can&#;t live myfresms.co.are you geting you mesages? then pl respond. myfresms testing myfresms hjk myfresms :( myfresms hey gorgeous lady, liam has my fone so texting u ofmy laptop x myfresms hi its karen suku, can u met me on moly plz. text my numba bk plz myfresms it&#;s ste i&#;m sory i realy am i love you so much i didn&#;t want to lose you i&#;m heart broken myfresms nabz its tochino can you shout me. no credit myfresms it&#;s ste i&#;m sory i realy am i love you so much i didn&#;t want to lose you i&#;m heart broken text my phone back myfresms my stupid phone has ben cut of, are you going to be able to come round with fod for the cats? ijes myfresms if you can take me to tesco then i have a voucher i can use there. otherwise i&#;l ned to get some on my way home tomorow myfresms i have my phone with me now so phone me if you can please , baz. myfresms sory love you i&#;l leave you for god now you have pushed me so much x myfresms hei, dete komer fra myfre, din kode er myfresms i love you myfresms hi, you requested an ip location on / at :. find ip: htps:/go.gl/maps/dqhszgmtcugfmq myfresms landed at insbruck airport, re-lived the moments of our first encounter and pick up both the times, mised you more and more, myfresms it niki can u cal myfresms hey just wanted to check everything ok, just wanted to know whether to wait or leave you be know you ned time i can wait myfresms y myfresms kebab its eifion bring up please landeilo rd phone cut of so i cant text you put under gren bin txt me if u get this myfresms phone me eifion bal myfresms what u think i am stupid myfresms this is a test myfresms not fused about ya lie anymore it&#;s quite pathetic u think i believe it. hury up with my car or i swear it&#;s only a mater of ti myfresmswel i done it again whop ti do myfresms come home please myfresms hi shanon its samy guy from new road my phone broke on sunday th so lost al contacts i can pay double this friday? myfresms its ya sister. cal my phone x myfresms mum don&#;t text that phone today as not got it with me ok had to give it back myfresms its ashton go on mesenger av sent you a mesage dany cant live with out you please reply on it i love you so so much x myfresms ops, i forgot me phone! love you! have a god day babe, se you later! x myfresms no i said to get in touch with me not my parents so i&#;l just kep these keys n when i se u with my ex watch myfresms jade ring my phone alex x myfresms hi, its only me, your wife who forgot her phone! left it on the side table on charge this morning. i&#;l cal you at lunch myfresms my ofice number is , i did try & cal you earlier. i hope the audit goes ok. wife myfresms jismo ke liye mil jate hain hazaro log, maine ek shakhs chuna tha sirf ishk ke liye. love you jan, ned you in my life. myfresms hi aron myfresms i know its you, do you mis me myfresms hi love its jo, just to say i love you, i believe in you, sort this shit out today so we can get out that house! cal at x myfresms can i re borow the money i repaid from camper sale. shona myfresms i mis u myfresms hey its cris met me there myfresms imat drumahoe garage here by ricebowl myfresms hi its christian at ic insurance solutions, please contact us asap kind regards, myfresms where are you i&#;m gona go here now myfresms yp u what u sayn myfresms just tried to cal you, cal me on when youve got a min wife x myfresms babe left my phone in your car; dont have another phone. cant log on to my emails either. pick me up from the corner at pm x myfresms ps love you loads babe and i hope you are okay x myfresms i&#;m going to mesage georgia about the , i don&#;t want to owe u this! leah myfresms as u won&#;t talk me i&#;m going to mesage georgia about the , i don&#;t want to owe u this! from leah myfresms i promise u that i am done wid contacting u, our friendship obviously meant nothing to u, but i ned to pay back this . x myfresms check myfresms itsgolitsbabys birthday in morning i ned to get cake&few bits for him please can i lendsome money til monday no creditxt mynumx myfresms he&#;s had al his main things just ned cake balons and want take him farm with ayana instead of being in al day on his birthda myfresms.co.chimple chumple etc. etc. :-) myfresms hi whats up myfresms could you ask aba not to try to control my way. he keps teling me when to wake up and what to do. he keps teling other people myfresms could you cal me back its salem on myfresms i cant text back normaly i&#;m so confused i cant do anything to make this beter its kiling me inside seing you sufer so sory myfresms.co.uhelo mate it&#;s alf. give us a shout on my phone pls. am indors. myfresms from my fre sms co uk from sam hi mate myfresms htps:/open.spotify/user/audiobrown?si=kzbzxqsysdqkyldvptw myfresms desperately trying reach u brij. aj ek bar bat karlo. i ned avoid al anxiety to bring life back routine. talking helps. myfresms if u want me to leave u alone n move on then tel me but it&#; s mixed mesages with you. n i don&#;t no how to deal with it aley myfresms.ring me bro myfresms to delete my email for god sake i just rang your mum for number i&#;m not hiding anything wil you please stop this its kiling me myfresms hi bear, i have no signal as thre is down. i&#;l be home before , email me if you ned me. love you lots x myfresms i have not done anything but sent you mesage of both these fre sms and tryed delete email adres iv had enough i love you myfresms trying not to be angry as it&#;s my fault but i have done nothing but love you and stil acuse me i ned to se u this is rediclou myfresms.co.uit&#;s daniele ring me myfresms mobile topup myfresms hey i didn&#;t want to say sory, ben there done that. but what i would like to do is to say, hi hope you are wel? myfresms hey no credit and batery dying. cal me after ? else il wait in costa til . caly ;) x myfresms sarah just respond am coming down later just mesage me let&#;s talk please unblock me chris smith x myfresms bel me bro its hayden. myfresms yo myfresms helo there myfresms please ek bar bat karlo fir block mar dena again. myfresms j;dkj;j dmn,mb nsfgiygwi myfresms hi dad its amy cal me on my phone please x x myfresms helo hi i am fine thnaks what are you doing bye myfresms rule change chawat - birthday contribution price gone down to pound per child efective from nov thanks chawat admin. myfresms you ringing bk myfresms in costa. wil wait til . c x myfresms great work on the beds! kep your diary fre th-th february, because youre both going toalicante #mer myfresms hi its rodney sory i havent had any credit to get back to you as had my money stoped til its sorted but cal me myfresms hey mate its mike, give me a ring if you stil wana hang out. myfresms mum can you come on facebok plz its about hospital love you loads x myfresms h gf d myfresms hi deny o it&#;s sony on fre txt service mate can you cal quick please myfresms im gona kep u tys diner babe and cok al the chicken in frezer x love you loads x myfresms mum ive lost that bastard phone so im in libary plz talk to me asap im in a rush and ned to talk to you about hospital, my heart myfresms i sent u an email that&#;s al i ned to say on the mater if i can&#;t speak without fear of being hung up on i won&#;t cal simple myfresmscal myfresms yeti its mick morgel, can u gis a ring back plz on . cherz myfresms yh we ok i gt no credit to tx bk lol hope u ok love ya x myfresms myfresms ring me now myfresms hey it&#;s jef. can you cal my phone please x myfresms x mis x myfresms have u left it cy x myfresms unblock me ignaramis myfresms test myfresms zadzwon mialam wyciszony tel myfresms that was so wierd. mid spech both talking ok for once listening and u hang up. just tel me concrete answer jes. myfresms hi, batery died! i&#;m at your place x myfresms i&#;m at your place. cu lr x myfresms af my phone is in your car, can you return it please myfresms can you tel riyadh as i only have your number writen down i can&#;t txt anyone else myfresms i&#;m not a child jes so dont speak to me like that. n say who do i think i am. i have ben nice n u just kep giving me shit. myfresms just testing this works, i bet it doesn&#;t myfresms im absolutely in pieces over this fel like u taken my heart again and stamped al over it. would never dream of doing anythin myfresms safe it&#;s tom bel.me mate myfresms safe it&#;s tom ring me g myfresms hi mum i forgot mya shoes can i borow that please x myfresms jdjsksnhdjkjd myfresms djsjsjsndjsksksnsnsn myfresms hi its stace i&#;ve got no phone if you can tel paul i&#;m home that would be great i&#;m sory i couldn&#;t answer to him my phone myfreswil cal tomorow. hope youre ok. we ned to se you son. dont let us down please. we love you x myfresms oi it&#;s sean, get your arse back on facebok! or else! :p x myfresms since talking to you briefly over the last few days ive realised you are more than over me. i promise i wont cal you now bu myfresms can u text me a number so i can get a smoke i&#;m on me own and wana have a smoke myfresms its jacob. i never once said al i want is sex, you just got the wrong end of the stick there. i like you so unblock me you nuter myfresms ok last mesage i wil send. i was playing around. i genuinely wana setle down. i hope you unblock me and let&#;s give it a go x myfresms be kids ave moved my sim im fumin riped house apart msg other num im on fre msg fs x myfresms yo it brownie.you stil live ?txt back my num where n when myfresms just orderd a new sim fukin joke im so pised of. u ok tho y didnt u ring bk x myfresms capo me on the bike n hi-viz brownie . you stil local n live ? txt me where n when . l bro myfresms hi x myfresms make sure u mesage bk to number u cal me on this is a fre txt so wont get replys x myfresms ace bro it brownie you stil live ? txt my phone if so if not no wories myfresms answer the phone i&#;l tel you her name myfresms ring me tomo. myfresms sat here sulking lol just had to order new sim u ok ? guna hav a cupa now n watch film in bed u ok ? i love u x myfresms u geting my mesages babe x myfresms help myfresms hey dany i realy don&#;t fel god i fel in a constant state of panic emily x myfresms u ther be msg me guna go bed now x myfresms so can i come down and we talk in the car at least myfresms it&#;s jade cal me have no credit r u drunk lol i had a laugh aswel til it went pete tong haha x myfresms mum myfresms listen i wil make sure that there no apy ever after & she as no kid u cant even ask about ur own u paki shaging tramp i hate myfresms time wil tel whats guns be believe me ur not guns be up en den with asian kid cnt even except ur own blod u fruite ur agud mat myfresms yo big papa stil met gals huh! u so gulible stopid litle girl! ask him bet he lye and i belev as per haha myfresms niema nic na koniec wejd na faceboka szymon myfresms hey x myfresms pasword is ground-voice-wa mesage from rds global myfresms information myfresms sort us bud when ya sorted m chris .wfhe myfresms ya alright m it&#;s chris how u doin .u got any bud sort us a .al pop down and get it txt no my num myfresms its ash, check mesenger please x myfresms wish i could bend you over myfresms mesage me and il come round and fu*k you ;-) myfresms test vicky myfresms test my man myfresms cus myfresms men within your area sign up myfresms yo g brownietxt my number if and when u at station . bles bles myfresms i wont be acepting ur money whilst ur in koshto please forgive me nd kep an eye on ur leter box myfresms mum im on facebok atm trying to talk to you about hospital yesterday can you come on plz aint got long on here x love you x myfresms its mat, ive managed to sort some out, wil se you am tomorow. myfresms saw her and pushchair going into his late last night myfresms im at council hoiuse if you want me. or wil be around town st peters myfresms flat broke and no credit until tomorow. i have to use this fre text service. myfresms this is patrick. i am up the lisburn road geting a fre meal. myfresms hey its steve from locanto. would love to met again. if youre interested email me on stevetexgmail x myfresms u can thank your lovely loyal wife for giving me ur number. theres a reason she isn&#;t leaving ilford and its not just her tumy myfresms . myfresms hi gil. it&#;s rob - got through colchester with minor delay but al ok! myfresms hi can you cal me myfresms zonzo myfresms nan it tod please can u give me to give him to at least kep my job i no u strugling and sory for asking please nan myfresms thanks for the text have replied asume i am blocked won&#;t bother you again but at least read what i put thanks . dan myfresms its martyn give me a cal when u can myfresms come lie with me. i mis your snoring myfresms it&#;s night shift ring me cha myfresms mikes ben . he gone home calm x myfresms im home babe i walked home cause i finished half hour early x myfresms love u leigh thanks for sending the money please try do tomoz for me thanks for helping me i should be back online son myfresms its hayley mate r u in? i was gona c if ya wanted ya stuf ive got some cigs here and some money if ned any x myfresms it chris hadley can you ring me mate got no credit myfresms it&#;s ema ring me asap ure gang the pis not picking up. starving ned a splif and woried sick like. don&#;t treat me like a mug myfresms.i love you baby and im sory x myfresms gfxjv myfresms myfresms can i have my money now pls? funy how youre ignoring me now! myfresms helo, i am a test sms, nice to met you myfresms hi u myfresms it&#;s peter ring me on my number please steve myfresms ring me on my number it vulche myfresms cal me no credit left myfresms cal me no credit left. tery myfresms get zach to cal my credit is gone.tery myfresms text tery he didn&#;t know who was calin were out of credit.tony myfresms davie lad myfresms dear mum cal or gmail me asap now!uc money due in in by pm today i&#;m in west ealing jobcentre use the phone in cotsmore shit myfresms its lewis cal my phone myfresms ok so il tel u whats going on. jose sacked me days ago because i would not lie for him i got kicked out of mine to myfresms i&#;m al over the place right now steve i ned somewhere to stay for a few days til i sort myself out myfresms i&#;m a fucking mes mate myfresms its lewis cal my phoneits tilet cal ,e myfresms duno what to do. my family have wrote me of. and none of the guys are talking to me cuz there scared to get sacked myfresms can you ring me again please i have no credit on phone. michal myfresms where r u? thought u wasnt going b gone long. cnt even let me know what a joke n what u doin bout tomorow? myfresms dh chad gd myfresms heather please tel me you want or not be continue this as friend with me. if not then fine. michal myfresms myfresms priviet myfresms it&#;s chris any joy mate text my phone if you can and throw by tre again please myfresms mum it&#;s fearghal please check your email please please myfresms i phoned about some painting work, we tried today times, last wek times, home & mobile, we wil use someone else now. sory. myfresms x mis my litle pozen x myfresms if you say no then thats fuly fine was going to ask for a litle bit as tias dads taking us out an wona at least get a few dr myfresms spent a day there y u like them kids there not yours myfresms whats your mum or sister say u have felings for a older man x myfresms bk myfresms hi this is lauren teare is this daisy cluf if so can you give me abys number and i can text you now text me and what you up to . myfresms test this fre text myfresms who ever u fal on wil b a skank wat u ringjng for u want a fuck myfresms how&#;d you stil do that? myfresms can i get cj myfresms when can we talk? myfresms nm bes tryin get by aslep. u ok wa hapend to u ringing x myfresms open back dor i ned charger myfresms b myfresms mate its ste this stuf is shit. its not that at al pised of totaly the oposite to what had the day. sick of it being al ova myfresms hey mate its mike, you fancy giving me a ring when you get this? was gona say i&#;l pop round to chat about the fotbal. myfresms mush its dany my phone wont send texts i have on me drop me another and sort rest out friday bro text me back myfresms test test yes myfresms hey mum it&#;s le i&#;m using s fre text online text bk to my number can i have bday money early so i can get tikits to tho event x myfresms.mum its lorna se if your going to clydebank or braehead tomorow can you se if you can pick a halowen costume up for kaleb myfresms nath its leah unblock me plz to sort it out mun even if we just be friends i dont wana leave it like this like myfresms hey there myfresms baby please tel me your ok, i&#;m woried sick. go into my gmail and email my gmail i&#;l check it here in five. you ben gone a long myfresmsbaby pls email me on nadia.muaprogmail now i&#;m woried myfresms yasir, are u ok myfresms im having my wk scan next wek myfresms il come round after dan goes, baxter myfresms baby i would.stil.be sat here woried if i didn&#;t use my brain and check sent items. i told u to email me not yourself fol x myfresms why you fucking hate me so much. myfresms shal i? tb my phone baxter myfresms hey x myfresms fuck it i&#;l get it elsewhere then u obvs ain&#;t holding back i don&#;t trust u atal fuck it i&#;m drunk n going hotel myfresms got do w sam it&#;s david don&#;t let shele y no bring please myfresms hay by u ok im jusg in bed im shaterd. i mis n love u so so much x myfresms helo pal lost my phone have to userhis myfresms cant wait to se you in stret you fat cunt .we might even go to your shity flat you tramp. your gona get fucked up . slag myfresms ring back please myfresms hapy birthday. a&f x myfresms chris has ben at kaylieigh&#;s the last two night&#;s. thought you should know. ask her if you want she normaly would say. myfresms hi t. its magie. mobile not working can you cal me at home. chers myfresms unblock me please .do you stil want me to come up x myfresms its dan, ring me myfresms remember to bring fod in myfresms it&#;s laura can you ring me or go on facebok either you or stace it&#;s important x myfresms hi gaz olie here i&#;m i do drive i&#;ve done some slate rofs i&#;m able to do stud wal work, hang dors,res tec rofs and more myfresun fortunately my credit has ran out today lol i&#;ve got alot of my own tols to lok forward to your cal this afternon myfresms hi becky it&#;s charlote just don&#;t have any credit unfortunately i waited in yesterday and have things to do today/tomorow! myfresms.co.you have stolen from me and my family. time to pay back. myfresms you myfresms its le mum got your mesage which i are on il find somewhere else live today but goin to ask rose lend me to get my pho myfresms hi joey.its paul truck driver.m my phone died but i wil be back tonight at :am. wil cal u tonight ok. myfresms it&#;s dil how come you texted me &#;?&#; i dont have credit to text back anyway x myfresms helo h myfresms cal ragnar myfresms cxcx fdfdf myfresms conor please do what u want mesage when you want just don&#;t leave me i can&#;t cope with it myfresms hey babe. hope you are having a god day and everything is ok. love you. se you later. x ( basement, so no cals) myfresms testing myfresms myfresms ad me back on snap please myfresms hey its kyle text me myfresms dad it&#;s jesica i&#;m sending this of the internet my fine broke so u carne ring me ave u got any money we skint if u can post it myfresms.prova myfresms tu seba. pisze z neta wiec nieodpisuj tutaj. jesli mozesz wejdz na fb. szukam roboty jakies na pare dni. daj znac jesli cos wiesz myfresms hfc myfresms h myfresms ring me pls cheryl myfresms its chris please cal me myfresms etching out for an urgent help on msd viena ofer, ned ur urgent guidance to grab this oportunity. pl cal or pick up my cal. myfresms just had my phone on charge for hours and it&#;s only just turned on. i was wondering do you fancy going to the warehouse tomorow myfresms.co.instead of a takeaway? u can stil get chicken wings and then we can go to the theatre after :) make a date out of it :) x myfresms m myfresms hi i&#;m sory for what i said. i didn&#;t mean it, i didn&#;t understand and i made a mistake. i&#;m stil here for u. u no how find me mhi is this u? myfresms hi i&#;m sory for what i said. i didn&#;t mean it, i didn&#;t understand and i made a mistake. i&#;m stil here for u. myfresms hey mum cal me again plz x myfresms test myfresms jaz it me wahid, im coming up to your in abit myfresms hi lance its paul. walking up richmond road. cal or text on old number myfresms where are you jaz? come down to mine please. from wahid myfresms play now pay later you both wil pay myfresms mnjnjnj myfresms fruit come round now myfresms surprised to se me? who was ya on phone to?that bird. ya best tel that aimie u shaged that we have never abused are kids. myfresms oh and by the way she&#;s racist teling me to go get an afro combs to brush there hair then threaten t stab me i&#;m you kids mam wtf myfresmswhat have act done wrong t you i have let ya walk al over me since day one .but yet your teling everyone t bang me, and sayn bs myfresms adam please unblock me ive done both wrong, i hate being away from you and not talking to u i get bad anxiety and cant slep myfresms its boby louise please i am beging u plz contact me i can&#;t receive anything back on these please i am in bits please louise x myfresms.co.did u get daisy dresed up pic x? myfresms warning car tax expires at midnight myfresms in ned of catch up with u babe, ben to long! misin your bants myfresms hi its nesa i havent got a phone la if u want il give u damians lads number to mesage i ned this asap myfresms ring me its. nonce myfresms ring me its nonce myfresms got someone else&#;s phone u evil cunts watch this space myfresms hi it&#;s jasmine. i&#;ve just ran out of credit so i&#;m using this texting ap. pick me up from unthank road. x myfresms ring my number g its sean myfresms ok. i wil send out the images tomorow with your explanation myfresms its ema whats up i have no credit myfresms can i have bers dad im wide awake , plz myfresms can i have bers dad im wide awake, please x myfresms i mis your company so bad.wish youd unblock my number i ned to speak to you, tried txting you loads.anyway hope your ok pal myfresms get me unblocked idiot your wrong hahahaha checkin ma bank weirdo myfresms heyou out tonight? myfresms dexter says he dosnt want to stop! don&#;t take the pis and pick him up when u finish work! i&#;l have him ready so turn up! myfresms not today hun myfresms dad.are you awake?come to my house with your keys.gage myfresms come to my house with your keys as son as you can.i havnt got keys,can&#;t get them but ned to go doctors quickly myfresms salam.it&#;s gage.when are you coming to halifax againe quick because me,the kids mis you myfresms salam.it&#;s gage.when are you coming to halifax againe quick because i&#;m mising you to much!i wil cal you later. myfresms congratulations and many mubarak that al of bank nighat family have done umra.i hope they learn from going to alah house myfresms hi sory i haven&#;t ben in touch myfresms bel is its rece i got here if u up early enuf bel me mate rapid man myfresms ring me asap it broky myfresms hi tony its kaitlyn could you bring my charger now plz x myfresms hi pat can you please put the maintenance in my acount. please and thanks katie myfresms cal me katie myfresms just sent you and important mail mum. can you talk for mins when you can. x myfresms just say yes or no trace put it to bed proper did you realy mean al that yesterday do you realy want me out of your life? myfresms helo hdugsbak myfresms i know what you did last sumer myfresms ring my phone uts bekah ots ben cut of myfresms bep bep myfresms ring me asap it rece stop being a dock bro u gona get me sent down there quid cash here waiting for ring please myfresms hi ray, stil not fixed. ;( hope you are wel, mis you! are we stil ok to met tonight? if so, come you let me know what time! x myfresms wil ring you back at pm as this is an online service so can,t get replys x myfresms yes i got the mesage and not realy ive got about a tener give or take. you can phone me i only mised you cal cos i wasin lo myfresms do me a favour calum wil you transfer if you can, pleasethanks, love dad x myfresms ran out of credit cal me when you can please myfresms this is turning into a mother ducking home in teling u ur fucking robing me is this seriously how u playing yeah ring myfresms helo daniel. due to a recent isue regarding your vodaphone acount, we ned you to cal us as son as posible at myfresms its ash bro. can i grab abit more later please myfresms hi ya fela it&#;s chris can you give me a ring please. i&#;ve no credit myfresms i know i hit a nerve if this was untrue you would have not bothered but the fact you are shows that you did wrong to everyone myfresms faz ring me i&#;m gina get a taxi down and just take . i ned it back for two like ned it fuck me ring me now i&#;m geting in a tax myfresmsfucjingabsolute joke u guna get me fucking nicked myfresms gas wil u stop being a prick and this guy&#;s saying he don&#;t want shots now ring me fucking he&#;l myfresms going to mis out on quid u lad now ring me myfresms please text me ricky this is hurting me so much please just talk to me please myfresms lok if your seing someone please tel me and i won&#;t kep doing this just please talk to me myfresms yo it&#;s leitza r u at ur sisters or mums myfresms ricky please i&#;m beging u i can&#;t handle this why won&#;t u even talk to me please ricky myfresms i&#;ve told my mum i met up with u please don&#;t do this now myfresms hey its blake think u should unblock me and text me lol x myfresms mum pls wil u nip on fb iv only got an hr to sort this, pld dont ignore me now myfresms i love you with al my heart you never loved me like i didbyou thats why inforgive you even when you didnt deserve it im inocent myfresms i wont be leting your lies and games get into my head nd make me bothered any more bothered i lost you but not the fake love gdby myfresms throwing cat and hat and shit in bin wont bother you again glad you can get over me quick time im glad you never actualy loved me myfresms going to town tomo mum and peny got kids and im borowing money il make sure i dont bother you again il be hapy like you myfresms dexters asking when he&#;s going home so don&#;t forget to pick him up or say u didn&#;t get the txts myfresms realy do mis you who you pretended to be but this is why im going out tomo no more tears i ned to get over you you wasnt real. myfresms it&#;s dark via the net i won&#;t be in until the th when i sign on myfresms geting a new sim in a sec walking to sho with megan i wont bother you at al now myfresms hi dad kow it&#;s asking a lot but amy. chance u can lend me amy money please sory to ask let me know as over ur way at . ty x myfresms.co.leaving, wont mesage u again sory for moment of weaknes i didnt do u wrong and i am hurting but i cant cry over something i nev myfresms never had it was al i ever wanted but i can fight for you no more im worth more myfresms yes d u have to bel my phone it ben of for time but wil be on for the next half hour or so hope u al ok chick myfresms please can we talk on a civil level for our kid i&#;l leave sophie alone i&#;m not going g brought your mum myfresms can u ring me back where r u myfresms i&#;ve not had a cig al day and can you ring me back now myfresms g,jhj myfresms test hub myfresms dad cal me myfresms please stop blocking me. i mis you. i just want you back so please come back to me. myfresms its loren i won&#;t be able to give u any extra til after xmas now ive got to buy the babys stuf jus msg me if u can stil do it x myfresms.co.i loved u so much sory things couldnt have ben diferent. i mis u, il let u be hapy with liz dont pretend im something im myfresms im not so you can benwoth her and chose the drugy life. have fun and im deleting your number after this one. se you my bestie myfresms its ryan please contact me i want to stop this but i realy ned to speak to you so i can please unblock me on something myfresms hey ho hear we go myfresms helo are you there yet myfresms joker ring me again im caling police stoke making up bulshit mate it hapened four years befor i met you get over it you make me myfresms gigle, you wint be seing your kids now you ned to grow up befor you get to se them at al. sory mate but they ned a man myfresms i am watching holy oak ben on my own talking to no one but megan stil aint dont ned you or no man only wanted you so il be myfresms on my own you just fake ful of fake bulshit do one and your bulshit dont bother me no more and my oast is my pst wow boy! myfresms im now blocking your number and im not leting myself get bothered by your bulshit and hate i know you like braking me but i wont myfresms let it hapen i loved you i realy did and th only way i failed you was maybe not apreciating you enough and not geting sexual myfresms enough but i failed myself bye not seing you was just like jes a drama bulshit hatred black heart human being bent on pain myfresms ps thanksfor showing me more just how youd ruin my kids lives with who you are god bye and you realy are just poison. thanks :) myfresms compltly block me! lovely. u no ur mongrel says they rnt ur kids n not let u c them! im tryin here u dont wna no y do this? myfresms i loved you ben i was only yours and me and my kids know it so thats enough for me stop trying to find things that aint there. myfresms but this is god bye im not using that sim any more it was only for you. god bye a god luck your the whore not me sory :) myfresms as always i nevr soeak to or ad any one ben i have got plans for tomo but why not your a whore who never loved me and just want myfresms hurt me and make me live in sadnes sory i failed sexualy i hated myself not you ajd you think i wejt else were what a joker myfresms ben with me so long amd dont know me at al you never cared or loved me fuck o forget abiut my kids myfresms its noney you got that thing fr me g myfresms its chris you coming with that for me myfresms sent you prof again ask him about comin to se me in pjs -pm bed time my arse ask him why he&#;s always so tired myfresms test vpn myfresms bring it over take next wek for sorting me cant get out myfresms glad i can be the beter person and not pretend to be. you thrown this away over nothing.! and its your los you never loved me myfresms i did you but your te whore cheap and easy you was here every night. and i hate myself ben your a fol but its just your games myfresms i was al your just not elsexual enough i tried asking to not get as high or smoke js but no you didnt ever wana be hapy not me myfresms god bye ben i wil be alone for a long time now im not wasting my love and leting down my wals again we wil se you is easy ;) myfresms u having fun at ebrington square? just back from the cinema and in way back to sel the colt now myfresms kim we ned to chat x tony myfresms hey u ok? ;) myfresms god night ben i promise il let you hpy with liz or who ever it is you lovednso quick again lol sory i let mysel love you so myfresms im going to bed and tomo im going our god bye ben il make sure i take a leaf out of your bok and forfet you like you do me :) myfresms * becoming a drama quen. this means that the individual turns everything into a deal where they at the center of things. myfresms thank you for your boking, confirming nights at the moat house fort augustus on the th, th and th of november. ful payment myfresms thank you for your boking, confirming nights at the moat house fort augustus on the th, th and th of november. myfresms yo bro i&#;m turning them of its ges ring me asap myfresms its chris any bif g myfresms god bye ben i loved you with al my heart im now snaping tht sim and wont have your number again. im sory i wont mesage again myfresms ring me myfresms dan its lauren please get in touch myfresms njhuygtvh bn hb hoiyujn uyjh ijku hjhn myfresms can you fucking top the phone up and get in touch i&#;m so anxious your spending al money for hariets birthday and not going to be myfresms.co.this was a bad idea i have to go to work and canot slep wil you please get in touch with me or come home i&#;m having a panic at myfresms.co.loks like you have ben lied to le is seing someone caled jade gregory and is with her right now. i know this as sen him myfresms youve lied to that por girl. i know your with jade right now sen you tonight i am watching/waiting loks like i have to tel her myfresms i love you you caled the police for nothing and you got raped before and did nothing about it x you dont love me like you say myfresms send me a kis if you stil love me x we can work this out babe i love you il come to your work tomo if i have to myfresms dont ignore me babe i love you al you have to do is delete fb i know how to now x your mine and im yours forever i thought myfresms soz was aslep, not slept for almost days, ring me if ur up stil or text me ur discord name with the number so i cn ad u again myfresms hshshdhdhrvysve d. dvd r myfresms laura ive ben trying to get hold of you for hours pls turn your phone on i&#;m going out of my mind pls come back home to me tnl x myfresms.co.ring me dad myfresms ring me plz it&#;s josh myfresms ring me when active sean g myfresms richard that money not showing in my acount yet whats hapin my number ends myfresms this is tara, just mesaging to say il be down betwen and am. tara. do not reply back to this mesage myfresms they did s!ep together. she keping her mouth shut because of money though myfresms dad ring me please myfresms hi tony i hope you are wel and not to upset after the f myfresms tony hope you are wel and not to upset after the funeral anyway i n you said sunday but i thought you would like to se me toda myfresms i wished we cud just be onest with each other its like deja vu i told u ow i felt yday i fel like ur to scared to tel me the tru myfresms yes bruv its smithy, can you cal me myfresms yo can you let us know whats going on myfresms cal me bruv myfresms ring its titch lv? myfresms helo there wot time myfresms t please can you ring me when you get this text love i ned to have a private chat with you i can&#;t explain on the phone love tnl myfresms.co.batery died got no charger at the mo , any chance you could take me way to martlesham for pm sunday? email back myfresms checking text service myfresms mikeverwods f~$%iqe[rde myfresms test ping myfresms ping myfresms its abie ring my phone again who is this myfresms poi myfresms i love u, i cant belive its true so many pl have confimed it now x myfresms fruit out this horse in bet delta work. down dual to it wil win myfresms yo dude its sam cal me asap if your about in reading today ned your help ! dont reply to text itsa fre sms service myfresms im at mums now to his number is i got his runers number quicker if ring him mets me straight away aswel myfresms im at mums now to his number is i got his runers number quicker if ring him mets me straight away aswel myfresms dave please cal me, its under other, myfresms dave please cal me, its under other, , want to know whats going on bud myfresms mate can you cal me please, its smithy myfresms idiot myfresms ash its cheryl. your son has broken another one of my phones. pls put his money in like you promised ned to go shoping! myfresms ned to get him new botle! myfresms alright mate its glen. i&#;l be there about - for it pal if that&#;s ok. text back to my phone lad myfresms im at library if ur in town come here so i can use the phone don&#;t want anything of u just fone be here til u cant reply x myfresms pls stop ignoring me? myfresms ok can you let her know for me as she wil be expecting me and i have know way of leting her know myfresms olease if you live your kids go get them im going to sleo on the flor ajdntking thisbsim card out im tiered and wantnto die. myfresms my number is last way you can contact me so il snap it after i send this one your numebr gone and me. i hioe she makes you hapy myfresms you did me sory you couldnt se it as kuh as you axtualy did myfresms please could i borow .it&#;s wayne by the way.i&#;ve also sent budy another mesage to se what is going on .the god u got has myfresms.cgod bye kids nednyou im out myfresms stop puting pics up of mason for ur skaty birds to se like u provide him, go spend his coat money on a night out again lol myfresms outside. you didnt even let me ask. myfresms cal me please daniel myfresms alrite it&#;s si, anychance u can do me a q til later til i go town flip it,u kno i won&#;t let u down,neva ask, text bk . myfresmshelo, it&#;s kurt, i&#;m not sure if u got my email? can u please get back to me when u have a chance please myfresms adam it&#;s si anychance i can text me bk let me know if u can do it or not mate ,text , chers myfresms thanks for respecting and beliveing in people who do lie to you and dont have a carenfor your true hapines. thanks. i loved u myfresms i wil never beg you to se the real me again! i wil never let you treat me so badly ajd lie to me when you brake me for doing it myfresms to you im snapoing my sim and im ful blocking younagain tomo im inocent and mentaly fine until you try to fuck with my head myfresms you wil never se or speak to your kids again myfresms now fruit myfresms ring my mobile when you can bro, sory if ive interupted your evening. lance myfresms dad its shaun ring my mobile myfresms god bye ben i wint bother you again you got my ful god bye on fb ive deleted it now and taken my sim out kids in bed im bathrmx myfresms fuk you going.medting.a.dirt bag se if it makes me fel beter fucking my head up myfresms please just txt me ! i wil just drive up ! myfresms hey mum cal me x myfresms myfresms hi dear, let me know when u get this, as sendg from pc! yes blax is quite reasonable, charged me once for whole garden work!m myfresms did u get this myfresms ba myfresms oi dickhead wat was up wiv u last night cal me div i&#;m home n renae staying with tash myfresms hey, dont no if ur stil geva but can you tel roche to stop mesaging me & liking mi pics. i gota boyf,i told him i not in myfresms gery know and so dos her brother u have a litle kid how can u sit there and 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