# yo kid cal me fatmo no credit lol myfresms helo bob how are you myfresms chris its ben i left my phone in yur dads car wil u drop it back of gold s myfresms cant ring until mums home am texting of internet myfresms mum its ben left my phone in chris car can u ring n ask him to drop it of b sum nics it coz im going out with dogs myfresms kids have got an apointment at doctors at make sure u don&#;t forget i ned you to come with me please set ur alarm for half myfresms i have milk i was runing late this mrning so didnt have time to come bsck home i am sory myfresms heya, i m shina myfresms ha myfresms hey roz can you phone my phone please it&#;s kraig myfresms i got the email with the remaining left -lowel -lowel -court myfresms then d.y and some bana left myfresms toys myfresms me and laura are back together so deal with it fat bitch myfresms me and laura are back together deal with it myfresms mum can i borow tonight after work i give u back on thursday i geting my i can prove it i swear giv u back x myfresms test myfresms gfbchcjfhf myfresms helo myfresms ring this number asap urgent myfresms hi myfresms richard i have had a bad wek with phone in washing macjine and geting injured. give me a buz if you stil want to do sunday.jim myfresms check email james myfresms helo how are you myfresms goin wiv haiden e pik me up wil ring u of iz fne wen im wiv im lov u x myfresms jie bro it&#;s john can u phone me x myfresms i&#;l be on the next bus lv , got fod x myfresms can you bel my phone kid please? myfresms who is the man kelie myfresms dear alan. a leter has ben left at bridge end about isue in churchyard. the post box was very ful so was woried no one there. myfresms wrestlersbumsalpha-web.net myfresms its kayle phone me bk myfresms wrestlersbumsalpha-web.net chat info for sopwni myfresms darel ned a lift asap wil sort u petrol money out love kaylie myfresms please dont ignore me love i mis ur cudles pls cal me or text me. i mis u so much love. myfresms kep imagining our cudles,i mis em so much babe.it br tears to my eyes now just thinking about them.thats not sign of a man myfresms did pop up mush no answer i can&#;t ring you as no credit, night kid x myfresms i realy don&#;t like the way you behave. you treat me with no respect and if we&#;re gona get on you got to treat me with respect. myfresms.i don&#;t treat you that way. you block me, you curse at me and you treat me like shit. i got felings to. myfresms hi darl can u either drop of mine or met me blu bridge txt bck via facebok love kaylie x myfresms ljljhklg myfresms u planed al this cos i never done anything apart from come home a cuple hours so cos of wat u have done u cheater compulsiveliar myfresms and for leting me sit her stil not had nowt eat or a tab u tok advantage of my kindnes then fuked is of pretendin u wer takin myfresms its mo ring me quick myfresms me out n then u let me down caling me a slag wel i tel u wat al never spk u again n am makin sur u dont go on hol u gona lose myfresms everything just like u left me here with nowt n threatn me again u wil lose it quika myfresms yor gon wish u never hurt me n tok is for ev thing we were fine that day u just did this to be evil cunt so its getin returned myfresms p.s sit n wait for knock on ya dor cos its comin wen u least expect it haha al teach u not to tak me for a mug myfresms i know i didnt do nowt for u being like this which is y am so angry n gona get u bac wat u hav don to hurt me lik u hav n takin myfresms the hol knowin i was lokin at cases other day u broke ev promise cos u just destroy lases but this one wil get u bac wat udone myfresms its mo ring me quick on my number myfresms am even gona pay som to get u back u arent getin away with it i ben nothin but nice to u nd u used me as a dormat i hope u kno myfresms how much u hurt me n makin is sufer with no fod who does that i was to god to u myfresms lets se if u stil think its funy that ave got nowt to eat or smoke by time next wek comes nd av sorted sumit out i mean it wa myfresms wat u have done to me wen i thought we were alright u just sem to lik finishin ev wek mind games wel am not jokin myfresms plus back to adel is another this is gona be wel worth the money to get this done so take ya drugs cova ya one eye n be prepare myfresms u think am gona let u let me sit here nd starve etc m do nothin u r rong u wil never have nowt al make sure of it myfresms hi j, hapy valenties ! you wont remember me im sure but i spoke to you before xmas after you knocked that idiot out outide myfresms loyds bar. i recognised you from tinder and asked how you hadnt swiped me ! i knew you was out of my league as hard as that is myfresms to admit even though guys chase me hard. i know this is weird but from then i have to admit i stalked u ! which has led me to msg myfresms u. and although im no stitch i cant se a great guy like u be led down a path of unknowns. yep i know ur fucking deana r u with myfresms her? if u r u ned to know shes ben with loads of guys last year and for sure was banging a guy on the st december myfresms she told her mates he was a friend but as it hapens i know him. he aint from round here though, that aside shes not god for u myfresms why u like her i dont know. im not being big headed but me compared to her. absoulte insult u knocking me back babe. shes a whore myfresms j. get out and get checked and get on her phone and find out for urself ! i&#;l be here waiting for u when ur outa there when myfresms u se sense. u might not remember me but i know where u work and il find u and ofer u everything u i would like to think want. myfresms j. what the fuck are u doing stil with that deana mate shes not what u think. shes easy and puts out trust me. get out myfresms its mo ring me on my phone , i cant cal myfresms seriously the amount of txt i sent n u clearly shown how much u care i told u my fnes broke thanks shows wat husband u was gna be myfresms i also kmow it was u who was hackin my phone i also know ev atempt u tried to get in past my code aswel it loged it myfresms i&#;ve got. mesenger cal only. phones bust it can ring out but it don&#;t ring in.can tats be done.fin stars of&on neck.ring asap myfresms.hi dad can you cal me please . it&#;s john. thanks myfresms its gary can gi me afone wen up iv no credit to fone or txt myfresms yo its a being trying to bel ya on the land line cant get through just rings then sez pres to send a txt? bel us when ya can myfresms hiya lew.don&#;t wana bug you but can you drop my money please im skint and could do with it .don&#;t wana do it head in. carly x myfresms.da can you ring micheal asap please myfresms its a what a jk this is he said he wil come to you at ring me then let me know whats going on myfresms can you met me outside mcdonalds, want to se you for ten. jord myfresms hi yaz plz cal my phone when u can, lisa purley my phne ben cut of thanks x myfresms hilo myfresms kurwa myfresms great news me and laura are back together everyone wil be hapy, almost everyone myfresms hey bud its stephen im mesaging u online if you could ring me wen u get this i would apreciate it chers bud safe myfresms yo its nick, bel me on my number myfresms it&#;s stephanie ere could u txt my number when you&#;re around thanks even let ma know you got this thanks myfresms kukuryku myfresms many times bum-bum myfresms u only fuk hr spite me coz i fkd u of fr frank ur pathet ic but u wnt gt away wit stitch me .c ya.dnt txt agn u gt enuf shit myfresms hi sue just ran out of txt credit so on the pc now, yh great to hear glad to hear you&#;ve got your bits to make it more like home, myfresms.co.glad i never av c u agn .cudnt care.she lied to police told em she dnt spk to u .busted .no charges dickheads only fr u myfresms it&#;s jamie by the way what you up to tonight? you had your diner yet? eg and chips for me tonight myfresms n il go to her front n shout wot ive gota say u think she bothers me haha skly boy myfresms i aint dragn him into al this he deserves betr il go bk with him wen its over coz this is guna b nasty .dnt txt me agn u got tha myfresms il kp grasin til u return my stuf n ur dr goin in.guna ring ur insurance now myfresms reported ur van and wed and dole n il kep goin.she n av u i dnt want u .ul both b lockd up monday.haha. myfresms comin dwn fr it wit lads now myfresms its bev on pits farm. are you about? my numbers for reply coz im texting on net coz phones a wasteman myfresms don&#;t know the reasons as to why you&#;re unblocking me on fb again you&#;re pathetic. i wil do it now that why i no its done myfresmsits bev. can you ring me if you got a and can drop of please fela myfresms give me mins to charge batery myfresms you&#;re just not a very nice person love the game. bore of! ur just a clone like the majority,i regret ever meting you % myfresms why are you doing this like y cant u just leave me be,unblocking me al of the time like i wouldn&#;t notice. so mature myfresms wejdz na linka. piotr myfresms helo myfresms andy its zara my phones of i can receive texts and cals but cant send them my mate is leting me use her credit card tomor myfresms helo hi okay myfresms its dean wil u ring my fone pls ned t spk t u asap myfresms fr lifes a very long time n i know one day ul regret gudby myfresms hi babe ring back just chilin playin batman game b bed x myfresms ring me asap myfresms why are you unblockin n blockin me on mesenger just sen it if u have something u wana say then say it. myfresms don&#;t ned it hence why im not textin of my new number,u have caused me enough damage as it is, my anxiety up in the air. myfresms i love you. myfresms got al ur txts bout our cat be n u wudnt believe wot ive got watch this myfresms guna send her ur txt bout ur cousin now myfresms htps:/w.prizerebel/index.php?r=&usub=daney myfresms ew incest myfresms here lad im stil waiting for this money u taking pis now mate myfresms ring me g :d myfresms im checking myfresms not mesing about now theres intrest going on it a day now mate myfresms ask her who she was shagin in january myfresms hey its ben, can you ring me on , i got no crdt. thx myfresms ur whole worlds guna b destroyed in nxt hour n i wudnt fuk u if u was last man on earth haha myfresms ring me asap babe wnt let me ring u. wer r ye? tried ringin a gd few times before but u didnt answer x myfresms hi hun it&#;s ema can you get steiner cash x myfresms who is this u txt my mob number twice i dont have mobile txts could not reply myfresms ive waited years to do this myfresms yes u kp my stuf coz by end of tonite ur life wnt b worth living myfresms ya coming down sowerby for the sesh wi us lad bring that dolar bro yeh myfresms this wil al stop now i have blocked u as i wont be havin any reason to ever unblock u again . not interested in u so al god myfresms hey myfresms kevin bing a bong myfresms a nonce and incest omfg myfresms lets go educate ur mother now bi fkn polar myfresms it&#;s laur a can u ring me if u get this x myfresms can u cal me please x myfresms ring me tried of tin s said busy myfresms oi myfresms i mis you tried mesaging you on fb myfresms where myfresms r u ok mum? x myfresms the luis viton jumper tho lmao is that the reason why you unblocked me u wanted me to se, if so my first thoughts were. dick. myfresms i ben saving - a wek and paying my dad a wek and spending what i can on the kids each wek il pay the tuition to myfresms u wanted to be seperated not me but im not living with my dad while u live in a bed house just so i can help u more myfresms funy thing is in about years we wil se who is in a beter position. myfresms dont bother picking the kids up il get dad to do it myfresms rather eat a crumb with a bum than a steak with a snake u were never a mate of mine friends don&#;t deliver u nightmares. myfresms ring me myfresms gfgh myfresms its tony, makes more sense to do it when your ready for the fitings to go in il bring my guy we wil have it done in a we myfresms cfui myfresms hola, por favor devolver a asociacin atlas gran canaria - cale anzof, , . recompensa si necesitas. myfresms ok babe united v arsenal on as wel u shud of sen it snowing earlier wel big snow flakes my mum say thank u keyring n ought myfresms yu u u myfresms hi its luke can u ring me plz myfresms ring me send myfresms we have had no contact, we asume that you are hapy for the racing analyst ltd to proced with legal action over icapital racing myfresms if you wish stop these legal procedings we require you to email us with imediate efect. do not ignore myfresms its rece i have no credit left can you give me a cal please myfresms msduwek ir ifr rjrjur rjrjur jhygfg myfresms please read myfresms bro it&#;s john . any chance of a tiker til tuesday myfresms were r u its dunc text my mobile just leaving find u got blue mobile workin text me asap dont take this long ben gone over n ho myfresms cal me its duncan ring my numb my phn numb were r u stop takin pis n text or cal me now myfresms qwerty myfresms greg its gary, adams laberer. we by eso where are u. adams phone no working . wil wait min myfresms helo i hope your al doing ok.i do stil think about you. supose i hope you stil think about me to lol.would be nice to here myfresms its mo ring me myfresms bdnendn myfresms it&#;s katie can you mega fast do a f and i&#;l be there in to quickly get it. thank you x myfresms hiya mate its natwatcha doin?x myfresms hiya mate its natwatcha doin?x myfresms helo dave it viki from number . southern water were meant to atend yesterday. is the drain stil blocked? pls text my phone. myfresms htps:/spotyfly/qwuxn check out link myfresms wil you come here. chers myfresms htps:/spotyfly/nvsqw lok at this link myfresms yo myfresms ring me kita myfresms it&#;s lisa i ned tomoz myfresms sory for asking but could you get us a pay safe in the morning as ned credit? myfresms mum twenty past just walked back and posted key phone stil not working using internet let u know hope u get this i walked back ov myfresms so wil take me another while bk i&#;ve no way to ring u in sory was nearly : when realised walked home with it & came bk post myfresms.co.sory so late qaz livid couldn&#;t get in phone and i hope u got ok it&#;s nearly half so ned to make up with qaz and pos slep x myfresms.yo red don&#;t know if your gona get this mesage but just chiling so hope it&#;s okay to shout you. maybe se you tomorow babe x myfresmsmorning amz its kirst , realy sory ive not ben in contact hope ur ok x am texting of the laptop so if we dnt talk today myfresms i&#;l ring u moro when i top up , lok after ur self amz , talk son x myfresms morning mum its kirst , am texting of the laptop so dnt txt it bk just want to make sure ur ok and remined u that i love u x myfresms hi bud r u awake i pop to yours if that k with you or come to mine first up to you myfresms morning me x myfresms get one of each meal for month+ plus any snacks that lok god - snack bars etc for months+. x myfresms out of credit so trying fre online thing myfresms hi gorgeous janie x stupidly left phone at home & trying fre sms service, pls mail me grant_whelanmsn x myfresms balita dorsky! kamusta po? sabi nyo dan po kyo dto s bahay? kme lng dto ehwla po ako pantxtintay po nmin kyo myfresms get james myfresms helo, rayburn is stil availabel myfresms are you going to the bank or what waiting stresed got thingstosort myfresms hi big tom elaine here not sure if u wil get this coming up to se you wil give u the on wednesday myfresms test sms myfresms hi declan can you bring me some fed i&#;m myfresms ungrateful mates son and u lying saying only craig with her number uni pl can only hide behind scren acting hard myfresms juz po x dawaj do domu na obiad x myfresms yo bro its john cal my phone lad ben cut of myfresms you unblock me rite now please, i have another day until i can block u! im not having u unblocking me everytime u have a drink. myfresms i was hoping you wouldn&#;t notice but u beat me to it hahahaha just sily al this especialy when we don&#;t care anymore myfresms speak to me on the camera as a x myfresms htps:/w.wcoanimedub.tv/my-hero-academia-season-episode-english-dubed myfresms test txt myfresms hi its nicole can u phone me on myfresms phone kyle. ginty myfresms rele can u cal dentist for me mom bok me in adrfes my old flat (f silver court b ra) myfresms cant be tues or weds as i have uni til . so try mon thurs fri apointments please rele no minutes to cal so hola me myfresms what u saying gyal i mesaged u make sure u go the uni place k myfresms i ned to lend for uni next two days just til friday thank u il send it bk through hanah bank put it in mine please. myfresms phone me please nicole myfresms i ned help geting to uni this wek as im not geting droped this wek so il have to get a daysaver for two days to, ima sortu myfresms test g myfresms i wouldn&#;t ask tbh and ask one of my aunhtys they wil give u myfresms htps:/w.eveshein/plunge-neck-leter-patern-skiny-jumpsuit_p.html?gid=&fbclid=iwarangcpeazujraokjc-jadefjycq myfresms stop texting me you pathetic litle girl, get a life i couldnt care if you got hit by a bus amy, go away ! myfresms didn&#;t realise i had to mesage you straight away, plus i&#;m normaly busy myfresms reley u got any change round u? cuz its like pl are ignoring til i get angry also hanahs owed by sarah plz ensure she gets myfresms mom phone me rele and also send me quid myfresms like not being funy if i realy have to behave like gdot nobody wil like me so i shal text every other wek til i switch myfresms not even being rude it just is what it is and if yas not loking to pay talk up so i can take shit anywhere gang myfresms text popeye number for me babe and cal him tel him shout me on gram myfresms cal me on hanah phone myfresms testing myfresms hey you ok myfresms hey bud its me steve mesaging online gime a cal wen u get chers bud safe myfresms check sc, you&#;re ex number boy x i love you babs myfresms al right mark can u give us a cal ! tal paul myfresms minutes minutes hour hours hours overnight incal - - - - outcal - - - - myfresms bok in just email or text myfresms have no text or cal income out going text only with no pix myfresms iam useding by pc with fre text myfresms do you get my text sexy love to bok you in myfresms loz i mis you- ring me - your not picking up me. want c u again. myfresms let me kno of u get this its al ok dnt wory love u to ask dar of can pop over? love u wil bring bags x myfresms r u geting tho text? reply to my number x myfresms it ben. am outa texts so sendi of internet. u stil on meting tonight? come mats if so. txt back my phone. myfresms just makin sure you got right number for me myfresms it&#;s clare phone me please myfresms hi it&#;s rachel, i am available,cal me on , thanks x myfresms hi it&#;s rachel, i am available in the morning. cal me on , thanks x myfresms you cant trust g. hes lying to you. myfresms it&#;s clare i&#;m finished with u big time had enough of u treat me like this never phoned me i&#;m done finished way u myfresms when you wake up tomorow ema, youl know the magnitude of what you have done this evening. al trust is gone, youve ben s myfresms this is a test myfresms ring me g no cred myfresms aye i wil ur going to make me go raj mate i&#;m no even joking man answer or phone me eh myfresms ring me ben myfresms hi john it&#;s ana, can you cal me please when you get this mesage on my number myfresms hi, fred il with fever, hasn&#;t slept wel in the night, wil ned to come se you another day, ive sent you an email c x myfresms hi skye its steven clarke can you ring me on my home phone regarding our apointment today if you could thank you myfresms its jason please ring my mobile i ned help i havnt ate in days and have no credit to ask anyone for help sarah never rang back myfresms its jason got no credit havnt ate since friday and ned help but cant ask anyone dont know how much longer i can cope myfresms help please im beging myfresms myfresms apointment reminder rihana nadem breast clinic penine suite horton wing st lukes hospital bradford am . myfresms hi mum, could i please borow until thurs? my lighters run out and i can&#;t smoke cigs ned lo rol. can you text my phone pls myfresms mum its lisa can u give me a bel on my number please x myfresms batery died again reply by sms if you can se this myfresms use have made out like im some cunt gona show you a true cunt tonight tel al the pricks that run there mouth they wil c myfresms n lol u want herec by vhubinkio myfresms can you bring me when you get in please from george myfresms ring me please from george myfresms ned to charge my phone now so can&#;t answer wil speak to u later instead myfresms hey bro fel prety god what abt u? tired last night but legs strong. definitely up for another. we should try that holcomb hil? myfresms i no cred dnt supose u owt spare til fri av u glt sum bits n lost er ba ki n had pay delve of kat avon txt my numbr x myfresms lost iphone has ben used a minutes ago. to se the curent location of your iphone at htps:/mesages-aple/br myfresms this is a test mesage to se if this works myfresms this is just a test. please ignore. myfresms ring me char myfresms dearest norbai i beg you to return to rydal water. no rent, rent fre no gas and electric. you wil save thousands. tipu myfresms yo bitch ! myfresms testing myfresms - does it work? myfresms zjficuiydvsuythjg cbjfxigjibdu myfresms diara tu peux nous cal urgent est ce que tu peux demander a didier si tu peux pas de nous lend celine myfresms helo bal its aron if you wana come up tonight to se me il rol one for us and isit ok for some fod from asda please x myfresms il pay you every peny im just waiting to receive my leter if you don&#;t wana i understand myfresms helo myfresms its tony bel my phone you mug myfresms its josh do me a faver and unblock me on fb please amy ok or ring me back x myfresms just unblock me on facebok so we cn talknone of my phones wil work i hate this, hate not talking.please luke :( x myfresms yes like to bok me in to day just email or text me myfresms do you have my text as iam incal only with internet fre text online or you can email me love to se you son x myfresms hgdhokvxdyolbcds myfresms un fucking block me. do you want me to bring you something? myfresms just mesage me on facebok fs plz luke i hate this.havent even got a phone to ring u and sort it :( myfresms phone my phone myfresms helo my name is myfresms i have pay my nets . tomorow each and every month u ned sort more out cause with what i hear ya geting its wrong not on myfresms your a liar its not cash in hand know lad on that site so honestly cut the crap sort kids or u go asda from nw on sorting proper myfresms just testing myfresms myfresms don&#;t bother trying tel me in future sort them out properly not od twenty here and there they ned stuf i pay bils to fs myfresms you might as wel stay in the pub, and visit tomorow night instead. i can&#;t use facebok mesenger as you blocked me. myfresms ring my phone asap whilst its on. please luke myfresms love to bok me in just email me x myfresms why ru doing this to me! :( myfresms if you love to bok me in to day just email me income cal only myfresms email me i cant find my phone. when are you back? myfresms cupa tea? please? x myfresms dad is my charger there my batery has gone reply to my email.leah x myfresms myfresms myfresms u haven&#;t even got a bed mate almost got your child sleping on sofa with u reality check n my pusy just fine fanx myfresms yo myfresms alright mate can u sort me anymore it moley text my new number plz la myfresms dont forget its not only your number i have! il be giving your manager a cal to! this is what hapens when you block m myfresms hi love to bok be in just email me x myfresms it&#;s soph ring me myfresms im sory making u fel like shit,and causing stres,i realy hope we can sort this,i dont want to lose u. night x amy x myfresms h havin a tym limit on our cals, thank god internet! hope you slep wel babe, speak moro love you loads swet dreams x d myfresms im sory katie i should of checked there no point in me beging to speak to you but i&#;m sory hope you wil take my apologie x myfresms.co.please unblock me tho i&#;m as sory as i can be if i could make it up to you i would you stil mean so much to me and im sory x myfresms.co.dacmeilbzsrdbkfjyvdkzvkflxsemk myfresms bel me jerome x myfresms test fre sms myfresms test fre sms myfresms test fre sms myfresms test fre sms myfresms test myfresms test myfresms youve overeacted again. i wasnt feling ignored. i trust you. i know you hsd schol. i dont mind you cant talk during schol. myfresms i was upset when we do talk you act like you never mised me. that was it. i know theres no guys. i wanted your pusy yes myfresms but i was fine you couldnt. i was just mody. im fine we dont talk during your schol. in fine waiting talking after myfresms i trust you. i never thought guys. i just was upset you act les nedy was gona let you focus on schol. only text once myfresms i woulda being fine with normal cal as you got ready. i dont only want sex. i was upset that when we do talk u act unfeling myfresms i wasnt upset we cant talk during schol. i trust you. i wasnt feling ignored. i just wanted u to show u care when we do talk myfresms i never thought guys. im fine we cant talk when youre busy. fine waiting. i tried saying this but u blocked me without myfresms leting me finish. im fine we cant talk loads. id wait. not be upset. i trust you. i know theres no guys. im fine if we cant sex myfresms i just felt when we talk you dont act like you misrd me. i was upset thinking you fel les. nothing else. i trust you. didnt myfresms think theres guys. im fine we cant talk when busy. i suport you. im fine youre not horny. i just was being insecure. im sory myfresms insecure thinking you fel les vut not cuz we talk.les etc but cuz you act weird when we do talk. thats it. you asumed wrong myfresms can you send the po&#;s thanks tomy myfresms and blocked me thinking shit thats nit true. my isue was that when we talk. you sem uncaring. not that we dont talk enough myfresms im fine with us not talking loads as i know youre busy snd we can later. i was just upset you act weird when we do talk. myfresms thats it. i dont think theres guys. i trust you. i dont fel ignired we csnt talk. im fine youre not horny. i was sad u act weird myfresms when we do talk in our fre time. that you act like you fel les. i wasnt upset we cant talk.lots. im fine with that myfresms was only gona txt once not spam today then u blocled me. unblock me and il trust your felings. suport u. dont and were doneig myfresms just a test to se if this works myfresms gary its dawn can u ring me myfresms ring ema fone asap myfresms ayo myfresms test myfresms and myfresms hi saw your advert. up for fun myfresms txt back ryan myfresms hi dan it&#;s holy could you please ring my phone number please myfresms cal me please it&#;s me myfresms a third test of texting myfresms dad could you ask steve to grab u a bud please thankyou? myfresms helo phil. myfresms are we geting piza tonight? me you and przemek put . each and get a feast? piza night! se you later myfresms hi swetie x phone has crashed and won&#;t rebot, please se and reply to email x love you x huby x using fre text msg thingy x myfresms you just tried to cal me on . who is this please? reply to my number, not this one. myfresms hiya dad can you please ring me it&#;s about ben&#;s apointment today at police station can you get the car ring ryan&#;s phone x myfresmswelcome to e myfresms mikey im on one of those fre text mesage thing on laptop its mum i was in a meting phone back myfresms u wana go grenwich later, grab a *drink & have a chat? we both love each other, this is easily squashable if backs are down x myfresms how can i help myfresms mum its alan can i borow please til wekend, ive ben scared of asking al wek. dont ask tony text my phone x myfresms i am cum to get you and hurt you and you no what you have done to us and you ned to back of send your boys i no were u live myfresms fine il treat you the same as you have me. i can think plenty of ways to be a nuisance and get my own back myfresms ring me im sory love amanda myfresms hi babe. i just wanted to say that i love you. lets just stop al this bulshit. always and forever. se u later babe x myfresms x myfresms alright got a tener goin in the bank the morow if u want to go halves on bacy ? snedz , wel done the shep ba ba ba hahah myfresms cal me. myfresms please cal its kim myfresms it&#;s steph, in case you didn&#;t get m y last mesage. can&#;t get my phone working, blocked on facebok, let kids&mum know pls. myfresms.cned your phone mate myfresms you should deco come get your kid to myfresms your mum is trying to bok your tickets now she whatsaped me to say it x love you bok x myfresms ring me bk wil ring me bk wil myfresms duno if this is ur no & no i shouldnt txt but wantd to let u no im sory & mis u, wish it was safe b ms,hope ur hapier x myfresms yo it&#;s tuna geting weighed in sunday nite lost me sim and had no work on windows. get on u shortly with new number myfresms im giving you tonight to show yr face or im teling the world x gay boy myfresms mum please text us back this is important not to u tho uve got heating and fod so u wont care about us but please text back myfresms mum please text us back this is important we ne to warm the house up and carnt do it its so cold please just help please txt back myfresms mum please text us back to top up and cover debt and something to eat thats al i ask mum text us please myfresms phone chod myfresms big bad myfresms ring men its fucking urgent about dryer and oven delivery im not luing and i can take this shity woudltn dare take that. myfresms alrite. its alex. wat u sayin? myfresms plz i ned yh help me n ice are being evicted i knw u probly h me but i duno wt to do i realy ned u rach . coby myfresms plz i ned yh help me n ice are being evicted i knw u probly h me but i duno wt to do i realy ned u rach . cob myfresms so when your coked up with eliot who rides who? lol make contact gay boy or im outing u. x myfresms iam sory cant get your cal i was out at the time just phone or email me on xdanielsxgmail love to se son thanks myfresms yo bro its chris, ring me please myfresms don it&#;s sam where are you ? myfresms i&#;m smoking worth is that ok? i mean it doesn&#;t cover the rent but i&#;m sure you can let me have that right? myfresms wtf! this is wat pises me of with you. i not left yet. myfresms it&#;s. rose tried to phone what i doin about half ? anything. this is on way so get a se j and catch up. myfresms hi helo this is justin caling from feltech electronics company actualy i tried to cal but no response u r short listed in job myfresms hi mum it&#;s rhian can you cal me please myfresms its paul could you give me a cal please myfresms hi baby hope your ok if you get this please mesage me or cal me when you can i hopeverythingisokenjoyourholiday loveyou szymon myfresms if you get this reply please as its from an online webside and dont know if it works love you baby girl please cal me asap myfresms hiya leah you not gona speak to me then. myfresms im serious if you text me tomorow il break the phone n when i get my new number i wont be texting u of it. dumb cxnt myfresms jos its amy i have no phone please come here you can email me amymoriszerjgmail myfresms come to mine . back gate open stoby myfresms ring me - najma myfresms i&#;ve no credit - cam myfresms wil you ring me i wana talk i do wana comit can we talk stop taking the mick with me please im not feling great and stres myfresms its lizi wil u plz ring me dean myfresms jos can you email me please myfresms wat u sayin mom can get online stuf hlf price n orders thing for household myfresms can i post a card for lucas next wek please? i wont sign it would just like to give him some money for his birthday myfresms hey sexy! am i ok ta send pix ya stil? x myfresms alright aiden its luke(snowy) from oak lol. got no cals or texts so cal me, ned if your about, at one stop. cal me. chers myfresms yo it wez phone me myfresms hi hun ne chance of a lift plz love kaylie myfresms heys,hows you girl,you mesaged me and i cudn mesage bk,buts its dafyd =) you kays girl myfresms says it al,u disapearing insted of being with me is why r in this position. nit is it no mor i beleved in u frm thurs myfresms lst yr it tok me secs . elen fat slag tok dys coz i stod wif u.if u didnt mean wot u sed uve had hrs to sav it but u dnt myfresms i beleved in u,i didnt acus i waited dys tel u coz ourtim & i trusd u wud protct me empwr me and thatwud of startd our mending myfresms vodkakakakakaka myfresms hope ur ok there let me no ur safety home or on bus sugarplum hope ur not in to much pain with ur bely reply my phone kris x myfresms keri said to text and say nice to let her no ur home myfresms mis u myfresms scot its stacey am useing the tv were are u baby its aftr am starting to get realy woryed a bout u can u try and get bk to m myfresms me myfresms hapy birthday young jane, from alan. x myfresms nice for bar chez sorted me myfresms hi, i might be abit late out. ben incident on another ward & im the only left on my ward covering obs. sent u fb msg lv bec x myfresms where has archie put my phone? i heard him say to you this morning mumy batery died - ive loked everywhere? myfresms has he put it in the bags? answer on your emails to me - no contact any other way myfresms siema. zqpytaj sie ewojej czy by pozyczyla mi do ? to moj nowy nr jak cos myfresms ring me x rosie myfresms whar r u doing bored! myfresms x myfresms kjh jhgjh jhghjv jhgug myfresms a smal test myfresms sdfsdfsd myfresms hey tracy its laura, no we never did find her rainbow charm x myfresms i have just found your plenty of fish acount. single and loking to date. you ned to ring me now. myfresms gcz[b}s]yk]xb&#;vehpbl|&#;*$g myfresms what should i believe myfresms alright lisa it is ricky can you please phone me i ned to se you early as posible today and you know i never let you down myfresms ghghghghghgh myfresms hiya micky it&#;s rob how are you x myfresms hiya micky it&#;s liam how are you x myfresms hi mate its jay - no phone. you about now? can you cal my phone? chers myfresms hola como estas espero nos vemos pronto myfresms cal ben asap myfresms test mesage myfresms sory i fel aslep just sen mesage can i stil come around say mins? x mum x myfresms its laura r u there myfresms its jamie. please email me asap myfresms wagwan myfresms ask daz if he enjoyed his steak pie and blow job of georgia this morning myfresms orite pal it&#;s stevenson st west can u sort me for . txt back to my number myfresms itunes msn myfresms martin its ali can you sort us out text back on my number which is myfresms skuska ci to ide lebo same ojeby myfresms hi mick, did you get my last mesage? george myfresms can you ring me please x myfresms hi jul what u up to today? myfresms myfresms test myfresms stupid fol complained to savas? myfresms safe its mark from bradmore. can u phone me on my mobile myfresms k. safe journey home love x myfresms got no credit. had use online sms service x myfresms tried dif websites send u a mes back x myfresms in the end myfresms.co.uk semed work.or did it? text back if u got mesages. ya. x myfresms your not the only one tonis fucking myfresms hi how&#;re you myfresms jkj hjhjkj hjkjk jkjk,m hjkjk,mn kjkljm myfresms ongoing group designed to suport young people who identify as transgender or who strugle with their gender identit myfresms in tesco yeah lol caked up black scarf red top with arfa lol loking for atention myfresms ezi bro it&#;s ry giz a ring on my lases phone when you get this plz bud myfresms u fucking dick u ever try run me over u ned to grow up you imature imbecile seal myfresms testing myfresms helo i would like to whistleblow on kashel. shes ben making up romours about staf and the company and is making trouble myfresms she has also ben rude to bh family members caling the mother rude names behind her back. she has ben bad mouthing greg andkaren myfresms robins view does not ned the stres of puting up with this girls verbal abuse and making trouble for people. myfresms its leona i&#;m texting u of my phone myfresms its leona can you tb please thanks myfresms i have paid into your acount that is over this wek i ned to se your receipts so i know you are not keping it d myfresms ring me asap it dean x myfresms its wayne have u got quid i can borow til i get paid sunday? its for petrol so i can go se this flat? myfresms por grub.i did say you would fuck him over to didn&#;t i.wtf josh coked up dealing,you are a mug. btw evry thnks we had a flingx myfresms.co.ring me plz it&#;s kirsty myfresms hey myfresms only got a tena x myfresms u gona fuck your own arse x myfresms bgufdygcdg myfresms hahahahahahahahaha god luck with that lowlife myfresms can you check my bank plz mate think so cash as gone in there myfresms helo myfresms leave tony alone he has moved on myfresms ring j for a plz myfresms hi cal its jas tried mesaging you through jake cant ring u cos youve got black phone im guesing myfresms wasnt guna waste the flower&#;s im just angry with alot of stuf best u crack on with yours spose stil no ned block me forever ! myfresms.co.it&#;s nat ring my mobile hun x myfresms how&#;s you kely please can we talk again i&#;m sory for everything mis u so much huni hope you ok stil love u pls can we chat x myfresms.zadzwon jak jeszcze ci choc cutke zalezy bende normalny to ty doprowadzasz do tego zebym tak gadal myslisz ze mi z tym fajnie myfresms slowa zadzwon sandra myfresms it&#;s sophie unblock me myfresms helo god morning how are you? myfresms babe its me the number is love you x myfresms har its ryan. ive got no credit, but i do have legal transport and cash ring my mob, or text me time and place x myfresms ring my number that ends in . i got car with quarter of a tank and cash, ry x myfresms har let me come grab you, i got cash and some bird i know wants me and a friend to go up hers and get some boze from a hr shop, myfresms b myfresms unblock me myfresms alright caleb its savanah ring me on that number you ben trying to ring me on, i got no credit x myfresms ? myfresms ? myfresms dear student, please note today&#;s clas bm wil now be at . in rom ox-bg-. kind regards, uog student services myfresms ada wawae myfresms