# chrisy its jena luv met me on wrek x myfresms hi, it&#;s me. i can&#;t get a signal at home glad your sats are beter and hope you&#;ve managed to get some rest in there x myfresms.cmorning babe you could have come down the weather is crap you stil can if you want to. de myfresms yeah man safe just kep it quiet, ya bird loks prety fit aswel if she is ya bird and she aint fucking ya theres a prob g safe th myfresms i wil talk to angie about you staying there i think its for the best because i dont want to stay in town or devon no more myfresms its aj you at home? ring me and let me know myfresms hi vic, hope ur al ok, is deano cumin ova today? iv just ben s.s,think dave cud do wiv him tbh x x myfresms mum phone my phone x myfresms why can&#;t i have a conversation with u without u always blockin me myfresms fre myfresms i wouldn&#;t block u just because i disagre with u! myfresms how is that fair on me u go block me cos i don&#;t agre with what ur doin. i&#;m alowed an opinion! myfresms mum i ned to phone the leting agency phone me asap x myfresms mum fne me for fucks sake x myfresms u alrite myfresms mum i ned to phone the police and flat fukin phone me x myfresms thanx mum im ment to be moving out ive got mised cals from everywer and u just egnur me fuck u myfresms i wil give you are ring tomorow with new debit card details then you can debit thanks daren gardner re anmarie thomas myfresms tasha its soph u ned to get on fb and mesage me or get leane liam or ema to and il come se you today :) sophie x myfresms it&#;s sophie. please cal me. i&#;m woried about you, i don&#;t want you upset, please talk to me. myfresms this is chichi joe sister. i turned in my aplication tuesday for a warehouse position. my real name is charvese smith. myfresms i hope you are hapy myfresms testing myfresms mum phone me myfresms cal me. adam myfresms don&#;t ned picking up on shutle tonight, no work for me :( x myfresms check ur fb inbox myfresms hey just tried calin. wanted to let u knw i&#;m at heathrow n wil be leaving :. dnt knw wen we&#;l speak again hope al is we myfresms.ceasy fela its jay. can you cal me pls. i wanted to bok an hour in studio and pickup them speakers myfresms u wil b wen ya know wot i do. i se wen i txt he cant b trusted myfresms oi oi trouble hows u hope ur ok me phones stil fucked but on facebok x sean myfresms hey babe it&#;s aj i love u more plz dnt ever leave i&#;m hapy i got in my life x myfresms oi it&#;s moly tried texting you but they&#;re obviously not coming through x myfresms oi myfresms imi its ema can u ring tetley please want a tens hun myfresms hi myfresms siemka nadal chcesz zebym popilnowal sary cal troche zaspalem bo niemoglem spac acha i dziendobry myfresms helo, alice&isy bourne are unable to atend the wobstacle party as they are at their grandparents house. from martin bourne myfresms devewdv myfresms hey cal please myfresms go online x myfresms did u het my sms myfresms my stomach is fucked cal me asap myfresms so how long are you going to be. txt me to confirm u got this and dont threaten me myfresms u think your bad because u are hanging about with these nonses myfresms did u get the txtxs myfresms yelow, it&#;s me! just paid my bil, waiting for services to start bk. bel me if ur not at work yet! im in town :) myfresms where is it myfresms hiya how&#;s u myfresms test myfresms nah moma not seing alan today, stil coming on monday though, wil met you on the train x myfresms mum phone me asap x myfresms dovile, man reikia zinoti ar jums reikia darbuotoju rytoj ir sekmadieni. prasau atrasyti agne. myfresms dean. its saly im not runing after u if u want to se your son u know where we live come and se your son ok myfresms i wil cal u in a min just at my desk. myfresms ring me its stacey myfresms i tried caling u on ur main fone. myfresms ned to lok after the dog mate but i might come down for last orders or so. magic! cor. . . . . myfresms abdul machine wish you were here myfresms hi .avril lavigne wish you were here myfresms loraine it&#;s lisa can you ring me please myfresms mum phone my phone quick i havent eat ye told me u was cumin hours ago fukinel i ned your phone myfresms fukin fne me asap myfresms hi baby it liz. my phones not working again, you coming home son? myfresms can u reply by email please. myfresms im going to hurt myself if u dont myfresms hiya caleb how are you myfresms sfe jimy its ant of ludgate got tht ere for ya mate give me a bel myfresms hiya babe its tom could u fone me plz x myfresms i am woried sick about you. you said you&#;d be home within an hour and its ben five. you could at least have the decency to cal myfresms.co.uits ni fs wil u blody ring me myfresms why u block me myfresms nite. if i dnt speak to u. send me ur details so i can transfer the money myfresms please check fb . it&#;s important u never give me a chance to explain so there u go myfresms znowu niemoge spac przez ciebie zaluje ze nie przyszedlem niewiem co jest ze mna ale chyba tesknie naprawde za toba baby cal me myfresms hi jery. it&#;s me. d myfresms hi mum mesaging u of line as no credit, did u get my mesage from yesterday about top up please are you in shop today x myfresms helo my name is jamie i ned to se u very son myfresms its jamie again go onto your facebok acount and acept my friend request myfresms hey laina its kyle here, no credit. not working at mine bored waiting to get paid. head round if ur about, cal my fone if u ned myfresms hi sandy its kyle, stil no wages i had to use computer to send this mesage duno if u wil even get it on boat phone myfresms hi honey. mising you. did you speak to mum yet as she was in bed when i got home. left a mesage with dad. luv ya x le myfresms hi shavonim sorywasnt able to reply youmy mobile ran out of credit. x jinah myfresms pls inboxed me if you received this mesage myfresms hey sandy, stil not ben paid. about to run out of electric its quarter past one when i sent this myfresms go fuck yourself u stupid bitch. myfresms hi how are you and how&#;s kate? myfresms babe i&#;m at bus stop on wifi il be at train station bus stop at : pls be there my legs bledin. i love u pls don&#;t stand me myfresms.chi now why how then myfresms hi kev. it&#;s joel, heading to sunflower now, wil be there at . troumaca at . i&#;l hopefuly se you at suny.x myfresms hey its be, no credit. you are suposed to be working but i told them you were stuck in bristol and le said just come in myfresms whatever day you come back and be there at so don&#;t wory text me to let me know that you&#;ve got this. x myfresms htp:/w.djtechtols/how-traktor-can-help-you-learn-to-beatmatch/ myfresms can txt him and se man myfresms hi dude, either is god for me! it&#;s bogof cocks at the hop on sundays though! wil be splendid to se you xoxox myfresms ring heather myfresms ok mate its andy sorted yet myfresms wil in going out for abit i wil se you tmoz in leaving my phone here coz in meting leah and cant anoy you then night myfresms mjg jkh myfresms are u alright babe love u x myfresms ok mate its andy sorted yet if u could let me know on the house phone as in txting u thru the web that would be great mate uknow i myfresms hey jan myfresms hi hun its tracey .got no credit soz mised ur cal sent u a mesage on fb ive sent this text fae the laptop ,a fre website myfresms babywhat you doing? myfresms hey, just texting this myfresms if this fails i give up and i&#;l speak to you later, if you get it text my number hi sis feling any beter today, n any luck with what i asked you yesterday,can give you back tomorow x x myfresms i ned another please. i owe ten to someone and i ned to buy cofes and my tea. plus i told you i neded credit today. x myfresms testuje bramki sms. ciekawe ile sms do ciebie dotrze. bu sprzedalam dzordza :( dzis go zabrali myfresms hi mate its kely can you deliver me please til tue also rod wants fags tryed ringing you few times no ansure ring rod please myfresms hio its me terie yes its here. myfresms hi this is sunyfm please do not give sony patoto myfresms leave my friend alone. ful stop. am sure u understand english cos the next time my mum wont be beging me for you. myfresms ok then, my long hard cock wil mis u sliding up and down and dep into your wet pusy. x myfresms hiya wend, its maz, is it ok for dave to cum n get that burn, normaly we wudnt bother but we have no fags x x myfresms helo djdjdn myfresms she doesn&#;t get paid til tuesday,and i got no more texts hun x myfresms its jodie have you got that money you owe me by any chance and can you mesage me on fb please? sory ask but no other choice:(x myfresms told conor n othing c pl stil grasin me up then , ur glad im gona give u more time wif lou ,lafin at my life thats cuntish myfresms let me know if youve got my texts man ned cash by tomorow so he doesnt change locks dnt know who else to ask fel bad for askin myfresms find somewhere to stay coz ur not getin in here fukin pis taker dosing cunt cum ner my dor n u getin loked up tramp myfresms where r u its clify y aint u ben intouch im woried about u ring me please myfresms i love you x myfresms se you at am myfresms give me a ring when u get to schol if u get time or send me a txt so i know u have got there. love u myfresms hi its claire could u cal again plz phone cut of myfresms hey you ok? finaly managed to get up here . lol! hows work going? no wi-fi so have to email each other! have gd day lv you x myfresms heidi its jodie have you got that money please could realy do with it electric gona go and got nothing in and no fags soz againx myfresms bateries dead u sign on at . myfresms dont wory about money , i wil phone my social worker and get sum of her as u cant b ased myfresms jak cal ur housephone it&#;s milah myfresms hi dad. its clare. yeah wil be okay. can u let me know when its in please myfresms hey its leana u know what time u be? x myfresms hey did you get my text earlier ? if so, ignorant dick :&#;) myfresms frank do want to watch me wa~k again mark x myfresms yo, its alex. cal back if you ned me myfresms yo myfresms sam its mony pal, bel me n let me no wat tym i can grab that of u im gaging lol myfresms mick i wil met you somewhere myfresms let me no bud myfresms its mony bel my phone plz bud myfresms its mony bel my phone pal myfresms its mony bil wil u plz sort me out just til moz plz let me no on my phone hun x myfresms lexi baby its bex cal me please phone has ben cut of, and i cant aces facebok its blocked at schol. thank you baby x myfresms can u ring me please baby x myfresms baby i don&#;t wana be arguing especialy now my situation is peak i don&#;t know y u would think i would stick up for her! myfresms i&#;m coming home i new u was gona do this today hel no! myfresms why u doin this i swear on lil mans life im gona come baby jus ring me please x myfresms i swear on lil mans life im coming this time fuck this u mentioned andy nah ring me because im on road to destruction cant b u myfresms heya babes it&#;s charley. make sure you facebok me, i want to get on it tonight. ned a chat with you as wel bro x myfresms heya babes it&#;s charley. facebok me. charley lieben sie burows x myfresms so i went jail for him that&#;s ok yh na fuck dis dis time u have wound me up to the max im coming like it or not ! myfresms u trying to stick up for the black cunt stil i swear watch u ain&#;t sayin things like that am i a mug! myfresms realy! ur up to something im coming omg! myfresms should i just acept you dont want me anymore and stop fighting for you? if so just text yes and il walk away x myfresms email myfresms you dont want to be in kysa life? we can se how it goes but al up u you u change what u say al the time confusing lucy myfresms hunge myfresms u kiled itself today trust me i told u don&#;t threaten me with that u did it again u wil b hearing a loud bang son stay home n myfresms.co.u threatening me over something that ain&#;t funy so u wana play dirty remember u went to low first! myfresms i was arsed but tbh i&#;m not gona sit and mopeover someone who wants a local slags go get one your fre to do what u want now myfresms hi broke yes se you at . at french vilage. sory didn&#;t have mobile to text earlier. if you ned to cal me - myfresms.co.uhiya myfresms hiyaing one budy ok? marcel myfresms wake up myfresms im ready now ive ben nokin on myfresms sis it kely give me a ring al ok? myfresms i realy mis you :&#;c i don&#;t know what to do, i don&#;t know how longer i can text you and that just makes it worse :&#;c iloveyo myfrei wana hug you :c i realy do love you x myfresms locus estate agents or . douglas alen estate agents . myfresms oh right ok but i thought u couldn&#;t get net on your phone? are u telin me porkies? please don&#;t cary out a lie x myfresms hey t leana na cash on me phone. u got any? gez a we text my phone x myfresms sainsbury&#;s test myfresms if my parents kick me out not payn my rent in ful,i swear god im gona camp at ur main dor jus wait n cjena i cald u into my work please bcus i misd u,i didnt mis da sex huni,i mis ur company so please stop ur bulshit myfresms al ive ever done was try to help u out,right or wrong? so i dont understand why ur bein a bitch towards me so please dont chat s myfresms can u please hury up wth my money,i dont wona be homeles so please please please help me like ive helped u in da past many times myfresms im gona pop round urs, we ned tlk not shout cus i thnk u think im jokin about me bein homeles. myfresms walk to more london pl, london se, uk about mins (. mi) beta: use caution this route may be mising pavements or p myfresms hey man its ash - ran out of phone credit! ha cud u drop my phone a text on if i can grab a of smoke ina bit dude myfresms testing myfresms gaz ring your fucking phone wot the fuck are you doing i want my money and bike myfresms orite mate it&#;s ash from avis u about myfresms helo philip are you ok myfresms in mail box and on d dad myfresms ts leana just got yor wasaps was snozin na cash on phone x myfresms htp:/w.rightmove/property-to-rent/property-.html god luck hun x myfresms helo lyn its lauren sory its late text, can u ask nicky cal me as not heard from him thanks myfresms hi x myfresms i&#;m on way with clothes! myfresms i kep asking u what u wana do with them n ur ignoring me i wil bring them then as u want me to! myfresms so i got ur stuf n u ignore me u realy are a dumb girl fs myfresms u got five minutes max before i make another incident serious. myfresms try me u think im jokin! myfresms gona ring ur bro john feds who ever listen&#;s. myfresms oi im gona fal aslep and because its going to pas : when im up im throwing them away i ben trying al night so fuck it ! myfresms i&#;m going to slep now i trying al night n u just ignored me so this time im gona show u what hapens when you do ignore people myfresms.co.ulast chance ring me or its gone myfresms i tried i also kept em safe but after al these names u caled me i couldn&#;t give a shit what hapens to em so u should of rang m myfresms.co.uoi lanta i swear on anything that mean&#;s something to me if u don&#;t cal me in gona burn em now i mean it n im gona ring job! myfresms.coswear on anything that means something to me if u don&#;t ring me in gona ring jon and tel em ur stil talkin to me n burn ya clot myfresms.co.u min please and i leave u alone deal? x myfresms so y reply at al if u gona cary on ignoring me! that&#;s worse i don&#;t want a row honestly just min of ur time that to much myfresms.cwent out my way to get em back for u like im not that bad am i. i said sory this ain&#;t about earlier it&#;s so important n only i myfresms.cif i ever meant just that lil bit to u surely u can se it must b something urgent i ben trying ages x myfresms serious babes im sory didn&#;t mean to upset u or hurt ur felings i wil make it up to you but i cant right now but u can save me myfresms.co.ubabe! myfresms please myfresms i just want a min x myfresms min is alot quicker than al this hun blody hel x myfresms what joy do you get from ignoring me? myfresms so u realy gona ignore me stil wow even if i hated u and this was other way around i would % talk to u please lanta x myfresms im never gona forget tonight said some horible shit to me then when i generaly ain&#;t starting first with ur clothes n then i d myfresms.co.uany doubts i had u have realy changed them tonight first u ignored me when i joked about feds n then this is serious n no reply myfresms atlanta u have realy taken the pis just no that so don&#;t ask me for nothing because its gone fuck dis. myfresms u stil ignoring me or we gona talk now only because i care about you i stil got your clothes to so if ur up cal me plz x myfresms lanta please x myfresms min that&#;s al! myfresms u realy don&#;t want your stuf or something! myfresms lok my fones fucking up o cant text cal me now plz because how can u say cal me wen u wana se buba but i cant get thru! myfresms dad ring me please its jes asap its important myfresms u just said thursday and u done that u no what fuck the pair of u and as for u not in contact with me that convo is goin to feds! myfresms went to shop bab don&#;t know if this wil work are u ok milie x myfresms watch i swear on his life u lied again wel i ain&#;t lying or threatening im gona stitch u up u cunt myfresms think i was gona sit around geting muged of by u anymore don&#;t pick up hang up start for no reason jail n u try use theo agai myfresms.co.ui&#;m on hold this what u wanted wel u got it b spiteful to me yh and tel no theo ur going ibiza but are u tho wana fuck me yh. myfresms.co.ucan met you at covent garden pain quotidien at . phone not sending txts, but think it works for cals - . freya myfresms its ryan ring me mate myfresms yo its ryan ring me dat muny is in i think myfresms its ryan ring me myfresms y now? are they? x myfresms y are they coming now? answer me please x myfresms y u ignoring me hun? myfresms helo y say that then no reply? what have you done now! myfresms facebok pasword please x myfresms n unblock me what&#;s ap hun please z myfresms hiya toni just to confirm van be back with u after i finish work thanks rob myfresms mum can you ring me please im at hildene waitin myfresms y u ignoring me again? myfresms helo myfresms im of take care luv ya x myfresms to late u got enough shit . don&#;t ned me . x myfresms hi cathy it&#;s shely. hope your journey here was god & u have had a god few first days. my phone has broken text this no if pos myfresms.co.u. thanks x myfresms what the fuck ! that&#;s it now got some of danys pils and methodone take care x myfresms for the record my job fucked to ! myfresms al for going guilty at court done a police check no job ! had enough tale care babe x myfresms can use please just come home so we can talk please u always just walk out and leave me i know what i did was wrong myfresms hi tony can u ring me asap plsx myfresms it&#;s lisax myfresms doesn&#;t mater what hapened, don&#;t even want to know. just want you back, mis you more than i have ever mised anyoneplse. myfresms.cmom thought u was geting me today cuz my phone i ned it today and i cary get it myself as u asked them to do the batery myfresms hi it&#;s jem r u calin with that doe plz let me know myfresms cal ur house phone so i can speak to you please myfresms it leana tried to cal u u able to dropcash txt me phone x myfresms test myfresms reply with pas mal! myfresms helo. who r u? u caled me on mon at :. sory i did not manage to ansa ur cal! :) myfresms hi hun ive ben cut of i forgot to pay mobile bil lol! but i was wondering if u would like to come ova nyt? :) daren x myfresms i cant receive cals and text either :( so u can cal me on if u want to talk? wuld be nice to se u daren x myfresms test test gewageg myfresms ur so childish blocking me over that. myfresms u move like a child as son as i say sumfin u dont like u block me grow the fuk up myfresms u blocked me over sumfin so stupid. i only said find someone else cos ur sayin i&#;m so anoyin. that gets to me aswel. myfresms u can b so childish blockin me. how do u think i fel when u constantly chat shit about me. obvi i&#;m goin to say find someone els myfresms.co.uit&#;s not just u with felins! myfresms se wat i mean blockin me over that sum joke. myfresms pius u no wat i can&#;t b arsed ur not serious. blockin me over sum dumbnes. myfresms