# testing the service myfresms please judy help me out now im sory im so sory myfresms linda please cal me now if not im going back to sri lanka to nite.rocky myfresms love you myfresms hope your okay with ya friends mind you i thought you were hapy with them last year. you can be back with al, ya old friends and myfresms i&#;m no whore me n mike was taking things slow as i didn&#;t want to jump straight into a relationship. clearly youv.met someone ne myfresms.calright you stil coming sat? dany :) myfresms helo mis marie are you okay ? myfresms can&#;t believe our relationship has come to this myfresms u blame everythink on me u can&#;t acept nothing that ur doing myfresms i hope u r alrite baby, i&#;m realy woried now :( i love you, pls come back son or try find a way of leting me know u ok x myfresms.co.uwhy you ading that dirty litle scumy yelow teth skanky hiv cunt on facebok aye? myfresms test myfresms cal me love u m x myfresms i&#;ve mesaged you on facebok. amy myfresms helo neil ring me would like to talk or should i ring you. my number is myfresms hi deb myfresms nan it&#;s me can i stay at urs tonight i&#;m not working tonight as my last night at pure tomoz night i finish work at today plea myfresms.cmy credit has run out lol so r yous not having a take away with us then ? x myfresms its daniele ive no credit myfresms check fb - if they folow through, they have everything to lock us both up myfresms what u doin mised ur cal what u doin tonight myfresms wil be at long buckby mins early steve myfresms just aproaching coventry so wil be there about . steve myfresms at rugby. mins to go steve myfresms it&#;s carly i don&#;t wana argue with you where are you? il come and met you x myfresms ? x myfresms ? x myfresms damit woman, you steal my hat nd now you dont wana talk to me? harsh lol, pick up the phone, its chelsea! i&#;ma cal you in mi myfresms.co.uhope u read wots ben put sal. cos even though u ant made a statement, by showing the txts gives em the right delve further :-( myfresms and no bulshit sal - i aint deleted a single txt so they av us bang rights - get this stopt b they av the right view content myfresms lok not that you give a fuck but i&#;ve got nowhere to go? myfresms helo mate its ken are you about tonight text back to my phone safe myfresms this is ridiculous can you met me? x myfresms a chance & i&#;l make u hapy. i wil make it my life to please u every way posible. sex, cudles, everything. i can&#;t lose u. myfresms.cohow could you do this to david after al her has given you and loked after you. bitch! myfresms we have reached home. come home. anam myfresms where are you? myfresms is that seriously what you want tat? i don&#;t believe that&#;s what you want x myfresms al night i&#;ve ben ready to met you why are you doing this? that&#;s where i live tat what am i meant to do? myfresms ? myfresms how long is not long hury up how long x myfresms did ya get my text u ok don&#;t know if getin text x myfresms you not ringin bk x myfresms read your whatsap fol myfresms test myfresms i have forgoten to pay my phone bil and just done it so my mesages are not being sent - please don&#;t wory x myfresms i love you x please don&#;t wory x jane x myfresms hi ane its stacy, soz to ask have u / til tuesday n tht wil be / i give u bk? if not its no probs.txt bkmy fone thx x myfresms hi dad it&#;s rayma can u put money in my acount myfresms hi it&#;s toni. just testing to se if this works from tablet. love u lots x myfresms hi love kep your chin up, have a pint or thinking of ya give our love to every one love you loads le and alan x myfresms my texts han out matey an im at home not doing owt its shit mate ned to sort something out budywhat you upto? myfresms what you upto like fat head? myfresms pete mate its ben can you ring me please my texts have ran out so cant text you pal myfresms mum phone me on vics phone please its tom x myfresms helo myfresms ring me its brad chik x myfresms are you comin pete mate? its ben myfresms hey its nina can u ask jony to cal me plz myfresms come and pick me up from esporta now? cian myfresms what you up to pal? ive no texts left they have ran out budy giz a ring matey myfresms ok thats fine i hope uyou would help me this text is fre i hope we may chat son but im realy hoping you could help me love paul myfresms just talk to me this isn&#;t going to gain anything can you atleast met me at the cadbury shop to talk? myfresms i swear to you now on my dads ashes if we don&#;t met and talk or sort this out and i get my stuf that is % it myfresms just move my stuf back upstairs so i can come home i love you to peices and we get on so wel i don&#;t want it to be like this x myfresms hi my name is paul u checked me on facebok get bck to me and who are you lv paul x myfresms i am at my auntys. be back tomorow. i got ya fone. stacey x myfresms it&#;s carly cud you tick a gram if i give you a nindendo ds til i pay ya only til monday but the ds is worth more neway cal me myfresms.co.udavid were r u as r deb text u yet phone her and met lisa at shop myfresms deb weres r david did u get my mesage about clock can i borow while u come bk tel him to hury up plz have u got any dilut myfresms ring me it&#;s dan x myfresms i love you to peices don&#;t ever forget that x myfresms alright its wendy using online can you phone me back please i dont know whats hapening chers myfresms no not at al that&#;s what you think! and let it be soaked i couldn&#;t give a shit anymore literaly pased caring myfresms bo! myfresms i don&#;t know why i put up with ur shit i&#;m worth more then that get fucked you horible cunt u don&#;t ever believe me neway! myfresms.cwow haha you wait til my uncle liam speaks to ya he ain&#;t hapy at al! :) :) :) myfresms it&#;s caine i&#;l be back by time ur here and i spoke to girl and boked wednesday from now my bad bro myfresms jav it&#;s carly cal me please x myfresms hiya mum going to bed now msg or fone me if u can gudnite luv u x myfresms it&#;s sam cal me x myfresms can you put my stuf in the front garden please as i can come and grab it tonight but don&#;t wana pis your mum of. myfresms can you let me in if i come round? pls let me in i just wana chat to you atleast hear me out i&#;m only a few dors down from u x myfresms.co.uare you going to let me come round and speak to you today? there&#;s no point ignoring me thought we had more then that? myfresms louise please unblock me myfresms this is puting my head away! i cant cope with it i&#;m sory! myfresms i don&#;t wana get my stuf because i wana sort this out please don&#;t ignore me tat i&#;m only mins from urs let me talk to u x myfresmi won&#;t give up i fel sick if your serious then text me and tel me i love you and you know i do can&#;t go through this again x myfresms.cocan you cal me of ros&#;s phone please atleast x myfresms please tat x myfresms god morning myfresms hi tony, can we met up at yours pm tonite geof myfresms babes sory you lost your phone, i am mesaging you from online, you can reply by emailing talishamorishotmail. big hug x myfresms can you bring me to cros flats.it smithy myfresms and you stil want to be with him, you&#;re welcome to the lying cheat myfresms thanks mum this text is fre sory to ask you but ate so bad sory age love paul x myfresms texts bck myfresms giz a ring dude i aint got no texts pal its ben myfresms ring me martin matey its ben pal myfresms help me ot myfresms i&#;m watching it date lol wen i can over it gona regret everything slab watch i&#;m ment to b it andy i&#;m right here myfresms hi myfresms janet ring your phone myfresms can u get janet to ring its anthony myfresms it&#;s fine. i just don&#;t get how u can go from how i thought u felt about me not even speakin me jony. don&#;t wory about it myfresmhey i just wana tel you i think your the most amazing girl in the world and i love you so much you complete me i managed txt online it&#;s shar.i ran out of txt. i tryd cal love u.hve i anoyed u.just semed of on the phne cal wen u can myfresms.co.ui&#;m just woried about you. love you to the mon and back i mis you and i mis cudling you x myfresms ring sara now myfresms helo babe u ok? myfresms helo mate its jim , have no credit on phone il sort it out today and pop round later myfresms hi, mate yes, the laptop sony vaio stil availabe. my number is myfresms hi mate sye the laptop stil available myfresms alrite mum its mat,that cheque aint cleared so can i borow quid til morning n i&#;l put in tomorow n some more on thurs myfresms.co.ualrite myfresms hi gina can you ring me please on thank you love amy x myfresms hi gina can you ring me please on thank you amy x myfresms i am testing this fre service myfresms suna-ma! fineas! myfresms im txtin fre online i dnt like these desperado,ad me bm or snapchat no life.u swore by alah,yet u do it.rly what r these rly? myfresms im txtin fre online i dnt like these desperado,ad me bm or snapchat no life.u swore by alah,yet u do it.rly what r these peopl myfresms hey there kayleigh&#;s voice x myfresms it&#;s n - met in cafeteria in ? i wil wait around recep myfresms alrite bruv its mat can u ring me plz gt no credit myfresms hi hin gis a bel bk got an acount for u to have a lok at with credit on it daniele myfresms hi its clare from lindbridge are you ok to come friday, as i have literaly nothing this wek x myfresms h myfresms ring me please, asap~chloe myfresms hi saly its pery not around til if thats okay myfresms ring me abi x myfresms hey its alicia cal me on skype and text me back to my phone x myfresms i am it wont let me ring and its saying ive only got txt left but i can ring u tomoz sory lv daniele x myfresms hey hun its mat. i just remembered you can send texts on net lol, but you only get leters so this wil be - texts myfresms hi you gave me your number on saturday in the club how are you my number is x myfresms i know you mis her hun, she was a god friend to you and it&#;l take a while to get used to it but there wil be times where myfresms you think of the god times and smile, and thats ok :)i&#;m always here for you hun try to stay strong *cudles* myfresms just think of the god times hun, it wil be hard but like i said im always here hi be it makayla propa mising u n you&#;re hugs what u up txt bk ma fn x myfresms its kely apleton can you met me at bridge plz babe for them text my moble not one i was texting you of day let me no asap s myfresms its me sily woman myfresms hia its nik il be back tomor my friend taking me to watch a film tonight so im guna stay at ajs its close to town. love u,x myfresms try this myfresms you are not courtney&#;s baby&#;s dad hahahaha myfresms pq myfresms not sure if you wil be able to se this as it was my computer at homex myfresms myfresms myfresms jams man skeletal sjas myfresms is that tony,its lori why have you blocked me on face myfresms tony its lori why have u blocked me on facebok myfresms hey alice its john brown :) text me back on my number myfresms walaykum was salam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh, sem problemas meu irmao, no rush, take your time. asalam ulaykum. umar myfresms hi mat its pery i had a realy shit night again last night and am feling quite il again.sory for the trouble mate. myfresms po myfresms pogfsd myfresms hey babe its eve did u send the money? text back my phone x myfresms pasuk mindei i sita numeri myfresms wylij mi numer do majida mateusz myfresms hi, i have a problem with panels in rom upstairs can you come or cal me ? mateusz myfresms gjkl myfresms its cal , txt us and let us know if u wil have that quid thurs if not its sound il sel scren on net just ned the doe eithe myfresms ring me dad myfresms ring me bitch x myfresms god day mr. chidi you can start work on mon th if your crb is ready by fri th. anthony myfresms hey rosie its john brown. x myfresms test mesage myfresms bastard i didn&#;t know it costs that much lol. i love u se you in a bit myfresms hi ema its sarah are u ok we mis u x myfresms oly, i ned you to cal me asap! are you on break? my phone died, i&#;l leave in about ten minutes unles you cal . myfresms ok. i went home! i wil cal you as son as i can, b x myfresms test s myfresms hey its alicia go on viber or fb myfresms hey its alicia go on viber or fb i ned to talk to asap text me back to my mobile myfresms wats is lad it&#;s chunk what time ye loking seing lipo ? if ye bit out lad send me his number please myfresms asalam ulaykum, chega em casa as e nao tardar porfavor bebe. asalamulaykum. umar myfresms bel back le myfresms hi honey, hope al went wel with the vet? did you transfer the rent and bil yet - its not yet in my acount? se u moro xginx myfresms hi loz are you at home ring me its kely asap plz myfresms anthony its jade ive falen out with al them.i ned you to go on facebok asap.im coming to hul on thursday? wana met us?x myfresms its jade can u go on facebok asap! myfresms it kirk i be up wen i bin to the bank mate myfresms yes mate its johnboy ain&#;t got credit can u drop a half of myfresms hola ya estoy legando myfresms hey man, whats sup? testing testing , , myfresms hey man. hope this works. ;) myfresms left my phone in the car at crewe wil cal later from ofice neil x myfresms can you give me a ring when you can please kyle i don&#;t want to argue with you i realy don&#;t so just ring me please x myfresms cal me plz nat x myfresms ur makn things times worse by blnkn me u no wat im like don&#;t push me iam watchn got wks catch u ring me talk il understn myfresms.co.utest test test myfresms hay its kery. iv ran out of cred so gis a ring or go on fb x myfresms ring me please dad on tashabolandhotmail phone myfresms basiu zadzwo. pilne myfresms sms wysyam z internetu myfresms in starbucks near fountains to use internet. robin myfresms you have a urgent email sent to titchbarngmail to read and act upon myfresms helo this is a test myfresms hi, this is a test that i want to do myfresms can we get fre sms myfresms a myfresms helo pat its ken im sory i havent ben in touch i have your money but stuck at work please give me til sun wil have for u myfresms kayne it crt ring me myfresms yo fam myfresms myszka cal me myfresms what are you doing? ;/ myfresms hi its adam having to use this as my phone is not working properly, cant send txts, do i met you at the test ctr tomorow? myfresms you can reply to my mobile, just wont send txts for some reason thx adam myfresms liam wtf get hold of me you realy anoy me thought you was ringing me at :! myfresms its trouble ring me plz myfresms me cred gone la u alrite x myfresms hope it think of us u wil regret iti i&#;ve ben faithfuly. yours i&#;m gona love u til i die myfresms yo bro it&#;s onur ring me myfresms phone me martin myfresms helo how&#;s you work here has falen through! we&#;ve had the last days of, txt me bk to myfresms hiya natalie its michael can u unblock me on fbok im in library now not got much time left on computer text mewendone myfresms hiya babe im on fbok now n im trying to send u mesage but cnt i literaly got half hour left so can u unblock me pwez love ya myfresms hi dad do you want to go in town for an hour or so ? louise myfresms got no credit cant text you back or ring mike the tramp x myfresms be no can help me find sum where to live so im in shit stret ethier way asfrom monday im going to be on the strets love u x myfresms be sory to be a pain but can u ask if ya can have some of ya wages coz i got no baca at al love ya loads x myfresms testing this mesage myfresms corners relocation myfresms it&#;s grant fne me back myfresms yo whats hapening! am home now. splify myfresms