# hi my name is sam myfresms aup u coming down sainsbury&#;s mate cal me from nans myfresms im coming to pay you a visit later il be waiting a few of us are coming to so be prepared ive already boked myfresms im coming to pay you a visit later il be waiting a few of us are coming to so be prepared ive already boked black coupe outside myfresms just leting u know i ain&#;t got a car no more they came to take it this mornin mate so i&#;m screwed for geting kids skol n me wrk myfresmstest mesage myfresms helo there myfresms easy tj its dave our las wil not transfer anything so it wil be tomorow midnight for definite mate, sory for let down myfresms zadzwon do mnie mati myfresms hi, michele from cawods, the total amount to colect tomorow is . thanks, paul wil be there in the morning. myfresms its rian. thinki. bwt wht u said cd i lend tht ner for wek going buy car do piza deliver aftr my othr so cn set up ngotmrecsh myfresms yo cuz ring me i can get u a job ceon and my new number cuz myfresms cal me andrew myfresms just testing tgis fre txting service but you have to be online to send. but presumably not to receive. how did matey get on? mum myfresms you sem to only do anything when i mention lawyers myfresms helo vicki i am sory to txt but bos is asking & i have to give it to him before he leaves at pm. sory to be a pain leigh myfresms yes m its zak my credit ran out, yh swet msg me when ur back. on kodi go to videos im gona try put a few more on there, for live tv etc so you can watch foty n that. just loking for god ones now :d myfresms etqbeutafwokoamzuerql myfresms cal me mk myfresms heya man myfresms safe ring my phone its sam myfresms gfghkikhghj myfresms so u chose to ignore me im in tears thank u dan u no how much i love u and kep doing this ignoring and tia vets today answer myfresms telefon mi zablokowali nie moge dzownic. klaudia myfresms i hope to contact you very son. bye for now. myfresms ,lkjhgfrtuikjnbgtyuikol myfresms am i anoying you yet lol. you not guna apologies for making me drive pised up n smashing my car ? lol. dom myfresms i take it u was with jodie thanks dan al i wanted to do was talk to u wel u can go fuck her then im goin vets with tia son so myfresms goin doctors now. i beter not be pregnant, wil be home son. posibly bringing chip, cya lr myfresms helo! myfresms carlos myfresms testing myfresms phone myfresms i&#;m home now - john myfresms hi liz its me can you pick up my touch package from mums? mum asked me to ask you aparently your in wishaw? i duno myfresms nm myfresms cause ive learned more whats mising its about me and not about u i know i made some bad decisions but my last was myfresms hey beautiful i do mis you alan x ring me at work x x myfresms ring drew myfresms duno upto you x if yor down wishaw asnd can cal into mums to pick up the touch bundle it be god let me know myfresms its mark. can u nip to hers again mate? ned to be realy quick tho pal myfresms yo yoy yo myfresms test myfresms hiya its me clare, im fine just busy in work. cant use my phone ned to pay my bil. hope youre having a beter day? love you x myfresms hey myfresms hey its lizabeth myfresms just tried again to check and it goes answer machine if i use my mobile or landline.tony. myfresms hi kim am home now i finishe work i did try send you a mesage on facebok but i think u blocked me myfresms from joyce gilbert re newry ave. leaders given us these numbers. mr fruin - and mrs fruin - . myfresms me abz can i se you. be by your car , myfresms thank you huny i realy apreciate that he was doing my head in. lots of love x myfresms helo honey its bryan i am going to be leaving at pm so i should be with you for or around that time so met me in car park myfresms claim ref glas solutions:- myfresms can you do me chickens and some chips please x myfresms can you come to jodies house at some point this evening plskinda neds her friendschers now x myfresms dan seriously so u dont give a shit about tia just answer or i wil be at ur dor later like last night its angering me answer myfresms hi mum it&#;s loz. could you get me some menthol filters as wel, forgot to say x myfresms where are u i have to met my mum before ? u always kep me waiting i haven&#;t even got a phone cos of u! fs! myfresms love myfresms hi myfresms can you please cal jordana bestwick with regards to waterworks stret pleasex thankyou x myfresms does this work myfresms za godzine jestem w drugiej bibliotece. pawel myfresms ring me adam on my phone myfresms up ya bum x myfresms bert, did you get this mesage myfresms yo were u im at yours phone me myfresms salam myfresms what u doing ps through rol a jpit p hi ne me benji myfresms sahi kehti ho mere sagi ky bary ma acha laga ly tm mery bary ma kitna sochti ho myfresms des home iam goner go to his house to se if his home myfresms do you want to come se rhcp with me tonight? glena has lost her id and bank card and cant come. let me know your asap; hasti myfresms i left it with the girls at the main reception u was in a meting, sandwich sausage rols n a drink :) x myfresms hi, its natalie. i locked myself out, please could you fb mesage me (can&#;t even get into email without my phone)? thanks x myfresms only got a er.sis skintcan you ask dave if its ok til tomorow morn?wil have to mum dad you son,so its me.andy.x myfresms your such a dickhead :) myfresms it&#;s sam. can u cal again. ta. myfresms urgent ba, am uitat sa iau uneltele de la bogdan! nu pleca inainte sa le iei, bogdan e baiatul ala cu care ne vedem dimineata! myfresms wil mum dad u in a bit.pick up as got no cash til morn.ask dave if ok til morn for it.andyx myfresms it ry i dont av any texts left so usin this work thing, text my number tho, i might have a few people comin out in cars myfresms mum its paul can you ring me myfresms yo mom being funy after lastwek so dn wen im gona get it bro cafe myfresms bel me pal myfresms thanks would you be able to drop of to me before ? thanks becky x myfresms helo me myfresms me again if u go to a shop get rizla x myfresms myfresms mum can you transfer a fiver so i can take out the rest of my money in the acount so can buy diner for nxt days or pound myfresms just so you know - i&#;m puting myself out there. i&#;m sick of waiting for you when your content with life there. don&#;t be a dad. myfresmlabas, jei gali prisijunk prie gmail myfresms its katie bin txing u of the internt to ring me. obvs just bin blanked so kwl yh. i cant tx u bk cus my fone of md can only send myfresms htps:/w.myjobscotland.gov.uk/councils/east-ayrshire-council myfresms myfresms test / oasdjcaiojaijdoainjc nzcxkcpxck myfresms answr my emails! myfresms hi mum hope your ok no credit left now x would you be able to put a litle money in my bnk please for tomoz and getin home fri x myfresms hi it&#;s toni was out with dog left phone in flat,just noticed it cal now. can u phone me bk plz x myfresms yo myfresms my phone fuck shaun waiting at shops for u . myfresms its chucky in nans of to somerset this wek for lil holiday johns gona post ya money wednesday night n thursday night myfresms hi bar,can u get up to mine? i am stil in bed il with infection,if not my mum is taking me asda tomoz so can pop down ish myfresms i&#;m in the house . oan couch just chil in . cany be bothered walk in about it&#;s to cauld i.&#;l come se yous tomorow mum x myfresmhey man loking for an th, can you give me a cal? texts are being fucked myfresms ring me it&#;s lewis myfresms mr bins? we have your dildo order and wil be delivering very son. we hope to satisfy your sexual hunger your litle predator x myfresms hi neil myfresms hi how are you myfresms its mark. mrs workin til , be home by . wil u get lou or span to defo kep us back m? be latest. myfresms hi mate yes i stil have decks please ring if you stil want them chers myfresms don&#;t reverse charge to anybody i&#;m in the house . i&#;m fine just watchin tele hitin bed son x myfresms its stew this is bugin now y do i kep getin mesages of a las askin if i know u n what car u got myfresms al im asking isto lend and you wil get it back on crimbo eve dont help me then dont get now its as simple as that myfresms thats last resort. may be able to sort it soner. wil let u know mate. if it ends up being tho, we can use mrs phone to sortit myfresms helot myfresms bel us back cha myfresms hey daniel, its andy yes i&#;m coming into work, plz phone/text the time u want me to come in thx myfresms phones of pal. they weren&#;t back today but my new cards here tomorow so i&#;l draw it out and bel ya when i get my phone back on myfresmstil waiting mate. ned another quid before i can go for it. txt u wen. wont forget myfresms hey, it me . in ur contact. loking for tick til sunday, could you phone me when u r ready? myfresms babe can we nt b up l night please? be nice to have some time with you and loving x let me know def if ur pickin me up! myfresms htp:/w.rightmove/property-for-sale/property-.html myfresms can u ring me please its pete,i dont owe ur mum any money,i dont know wat ur talking about,she didnt give me any money myfresms this is a pis take im at homei waited prety much hours waiting for u loking every where from : til ; at home myfresms ring my phone bro its joe myfresms gjhghgfgfdfgfygyjgjy myfresms mate ring me ritchie here it&#;s tasha?x myfresms it sems you like sharing her with tim myfresms il b bk nxt wek doh got dole n housin apointment that was the final straw with flat its getin givin up il txt ya when bk dwn myfresms and dont wory u can kep bitching right now like the bitch u r coz i know u get of on that shit. myfresms law centre caled you back at . p.m. but no answer and could not leave a voice mesage. myfresms its oli myfresms law centre caled you twice today about your employment law problem. a mesage was left on your mobile. myfresms ring me m l myfresms ring me oli myfresms ive just had to cut potatos with a buter knife , im doing dumplins with the corned bef hash myfresms yo its steven drop a bud to my dadsand cant you bail be a bag of yay til friday ring me myfresms hey beautiful it keke av gota go down emas in a minute so wont be long swetie x myfresms rolek siadz na fb. wojtek myfresms give us a ring on sams phone mate its jase myfresms ehats going on p myfresms hi im helen, i sent you a email regarding your male pupy x myfresms i found the joint im going to smoke it funy how u had enough time to smoke half a joint. ur in the wrong here. when u finish myfresms helo howar you ? myfresms helo mate u stil coming ? fagy myfresms ring me please babe x myfresms i don&#;t mind paying money again each month but just wana help u out every other wekend i&#;l have them friday til sunday myfresms hey don&#;t know if this works but piza hut gift cards are for colection and eat in only :) x myfresms wysylam juz sms z neta do ciebie. nie mam nic na koncie temu nie opisuje. napisalam to poswiadczenie a jutro wydrukuje myfresms im smoking thatlf ha joint if u want smoke get it on way home myfresms dostales tym razem? arek dzisiaj maruda myfresms when wil u be home. myfresms hi mum it&#;s daryl, please can you ring my phone, not this number. this is a website that sends fre texts myfresms hi it&#;s al ready, can you colect tonight myfresms its dufy come on facebok lad myfresms em its jay i realy ned this phone back on where i work there is no internet meaning nobody can contact me and this is serious myfresms hi bud my mate had some nice nice earlier. jay myfresms toni i wil be over in min sory tok so long chick x myfresms you inbo me mate from wez if you get this mesage myfresms evening bro if ur round nite tuesday let me know thnx so much nik! myfresms i have smoked it already coz im pised of with u myfresms how can u say u luv indie when u ignore her when she begs u help her. its inhumane + mean. she has ben tryin reach u al day myfresms + u have blanked her. swalow ur pride + go show the girl u luv her. it aint her ur angry at, its the people who cause shit u . myfresms if she rly means somethin u then show her bcoz she is on the verge of endin her life. its sad know she is this bad. she neds u myfresms it&#;s gema. merid got funeral in morning what time you got a lift myfresms have you sent him/is it okay mate? cant ring you the landlines broken. mat myfresms plz, if u have any felins that girl, go and c her. she may not make it thru the nite the way she is talkin. if u luv her - go myfresms can u smile me once? i love it when u laugh! and imposible to forget. i just? love u simon myfresms hey babe get some money out i fancy burger and chips from bibys lol take it out my half as you had trainers lol x myfresms it said go fuck your paki neighbour for pocket money you bit text bok.slag . myfresms oi nuget, take it you not coming over, heard nout from you x myfresms i&#;m online if you want to chat if not i&#;m ready to go out up you myfresms mum please cal me, bim myfresms its mark mate. can u come mine? if u bump into other fela near mine, ur just calin round to c if ive got ur er mate. c u son myfresms you must enjoy sharing her with tim. i can&#;t explain why you have not done anything about it myfresms you are the most selfish cunt. be home by to get diner coz there is nothin here. u cunt. ur homeles stay away from us myfresms hi its me kirsty! lol just gona watch some eastenders to catch up and joane my mums fried in gona ring me! love you myfresms test from htp:/myfresms / myfresms please don&#;t walk away i wil just end my life now i cant get no lower. i ned u myfresms helo myfresms i be at yours in minutes myfresms its sarah skype asap! myfresms yoi what udoibg phone me myfresms i know i stil owe you from last time . i wil pay you when i can im trying to sort my finances. just cant do it owe loads out x myfresms ghfgvg myfresms wel u don&#;t even wana get fukt by me anymore.or for a while let alone be with me. so come on thenwho is it myfresms where you man myfresms its mark mate. are u able to come mine mate? wil give it - before i ask someone else mate. myfresms jae u never hit me?i fel safe? but no love any thing? why?simon x myfresms helo, it&#;s jack. my mom came back with me to mine so i mised clas&#;s, only just saw my phone n wanted to let you know myfresms hey myfresms thanks for tonight sending this msg online . se u in morning x gem myfresms it&#;s dan my phone&#;s broke wil u ring her number that i rang u of myfresms what do you think: htps:/w.etsy/uk/listing/farmhouse-table-available-in-one-solid?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_sear myfresms i have tramadol sale, these go a min of each = . i want each them = ! wiliamdaviesyaho.co myfresms its mark mate. are u able to come mine mate?stuck at home wi kids n cant get hold of anyone to get for me myfresms yeah dan here x laura myfresms its mark. if u got money u can come for them now. stuck in with kids at mo. otherwise wil txt u wen more comes. myfresms yo fam, if its a flop tonight or to long g let me know i ben waiting for a zot al day g myfresms ile se you in court , i just wanted to se ethan, youve spoke me so get me nicked! igot what evidence i ned didnt want this. myfresms you wana se what he has said myfresms my num , i have emailed you, as to be honest i dont have a clue wot reaches you and what doesnt. > carie myfresms its andy ring me pal myfresms no wories mate. it&#;s best to get layla beter asap. tel layla to get wel son. myfresms ring me please mum myfresms it&#;s muz ben trying to ring you for ages ring if you get this myfresms bruv its scouse did u stopo by mine ? if so and ur stil out and about pop back myfresms why have you not caled me, cal me on now.r myfresms bro is my tomas please rng my to my number myfresms my phone not working can&#;t texe or ring out til my new sim card comes louisa myfresms texting myfresms my phones on red its gona die be as quick as you can , my moms ben a dick saying i can&#;t stop there until i start paying here bk myfresms.co.yes michael that is fine. reply yes to confirm shift time : - : on the /. thanks mark. myfresms x just realised i can use the net to text you lol x love you loads x mark myfresms not unblocking whatsap no? kl. don&#;t bother. i&#;m talking to next men now sen as you don&#;t want to talk. you asked for this. myfresmhey martin some ones car geting smashed up down here can you please come back please trouble down here.sont fel safe myfresms emailed you lol x love you myfresms yeah man her birthday tomorow. got no credit so can&#;t ring. we&#;l probably go for diner init. myfresms hey gaz can you please come stay here tonight please don&#;t fel safe,martin away some ones car geting smashed up please vicky myfresms p.i count was done steven myfresms htps:/w.youtube/watch?v=cnrqoma myfresms hi its michele i don&#;t get why u blocked me on facebok when i have not done anything wrong to u u sayu like me i dont get it r m myfresms.co.i found some and it;s got to be you jae! me bed wish u arms around me x simon myfresms what slabering u loking to do now? do u just get bored and try to ruin my days or what? myfresms hury up im outside frezing and fel wank x myfresms im going to mary you laura smith thats a promise i do love you to bits. your influenced by the wrong people, u ned t b my mrs x myfresms try get some smoke on way home, was wel stresed sory if u want a smoke try n way home myfresms my respect for u is long gone. myfresms my respect for u is long gone. u wil grow up one day. myfresms my respect for u is long gone. i stuck by u when everyone else sai&#;d not to. to find out that they were teling the truth. myfresms cal me asap please crystal myfresms my respect for u is long gone. i stuck by u when everyone else said not to. to find out that they were teling the truth. myfresms helo how are you myfresms hey its chris! night night mwah! x myfresms fasdfsdaghag myfresms no credit.hey can u give me and money fre day? write me if yes ur neighbor myfresms yatesy not mesing now ring or if u don&#;t want to text me let me know ur ok? just please i can&#;t slep til u do x myfresms yo is dale lok i know that you&#;re probably pised at me i would be to i don&#;t know why is so high but il sort it just dont blank myfresmsdont blank me and unblock me on fb x myfresms yo lad its stew. how long you guna be? its just its geting late lad myfresms helo how u doing myfresms mate its rusel can u cal me i want to bay one no credit on ma phone myfresms dont you ever contact me again god luck with your disgusting life and mental world you fruitcake lying nobody with a bad name im myfresms what hapened to minsterminstergroup i even went to cop to get nice cofe for you myfresms please don&#;t fel u have to come back babe but ur more than welcome to! come take ur mind of stuf escape for a litle while x myfresms yo lad can you text sams phone please let us know whats going on.? myfresms hi,it was not god day for you?or you like work on packing?i was in few places today but ofrn on our linehows your night?natal myfresms put gif gaf sim bk in not that want u to cal just incase u ned me for the wean ! myfresms i write to you from web site and i dont know you get the mesege, meybe you slep now. natalia myfresms its dany ring my phone bro myfresms jol jol jol myfresms cal me it kalem myfresms ring shaun pal myfresms when you video caled. wanted to wank so badly. se your tits and pusy. stroking right now thinking of you. hope your wet. x x myfresms i know i&#;m blocked. i just wanted to say one last time - i love you my bubas forever & evers. god i&#;m going to mis you fuck. myfresmshey give us a ring myfresms ned to tel u something myfresms tease that pusy for me. slip two fingers in. dep and wet. make it cum. let it drip in my mouth. your moist now aren&#;t you. x myfresms it&#;s sarah can u ring me on my mobile please myfresms i swear to god if u dnt fukin unblock me walah on the quran il switch i didnt do shit! myfresms im moving on now n ive found sum else, were not geva n nothin has hapened yet. but she came ova nite n she&#;s nice, bye pickle myfresms.co.uyo g its danger ring my fone asap myfresms babe ring me asap x myfresms le cal me baby x myfresms james cal me is hanah x myfresms bil neds be paid myfresms y myfresms i sent this mesage to u coz you are related to mr. grant lamas, and i want u to contact him and tel him to check his skype now! myfresms contact mr. grant lamas now and tel him that he realy ned to get online on his skype now, this is very important, thanks myfresms you canot reply to this numbr.email me if you already talked to mr. grant lamas. send email here now, ulikbangbibegmail myfresms i can se you&#;re online on pof babe. please unblock me. i wil never give up as i have dep felings for you. let&#;s chat x myfresms hi row nan comimg for dad&#;s birthday. arive late th and home ? /th. if able family get together th (sunday) mum myfresms hi megs you make want to check the news re chickens. mum myfresms please rethink. u never gave me a chance. myfresms i text it other phone i used it card last night that other money should be refunded today myfresms its jason mam can i please kind any money odtodah instead of tomorow myfresms you myfresms hi it&#;s katie course i stil want you i have ran out of credit and can&#;t top up until get paid on friday text back to my phone x myfresms.cim up luv. my fones packed up n wont even turn on. downloaded a program on laptop to txt u but dont know if it works? x myfresms hi maris, it&#;s alina, it would be nice to se you. lambeth hospital, landor road, sw nu, leo ward,reay house near brixton. myfresms fjkdslafjkals myfresms its sim, i am truly pised about alarm and leting u & the team down. i enjoy working for u and ned this job, fliping upset. myfresms hi ema it laura your housig oficer ive heard you have a lodger it is against yur tenancy to have a lodger. myfresms hi wifey. forgot my phone. i asume megs has your timeshet. i wil try and phone her using another phone at :am. huby. myfresms the lodger has to leave or i wil be terminating your tenancy. i wil be caling in tomorow morning to ensure no lodger is there myfresms i understand it for suport but im sory it is not alowed especialy after geting your husband out of the house. myfresms hi justin.be there at or you can leave a key hiden somewhere. wil drain down and change the fuse etc.should be ok.soz delay myfresms hi hjhjhgjhjhghghjh myfresms it&#;s sarah can u come to mine let me know myfresms helo ema hahaha myfresms i got yuor number af his phone. colin told me whit you did. i asked to buy his debt and get back. for him. he stil thinks u pay myfresms eli it&#;s sefa. i got to the schol late cos of micah. the printer wouldn&#;t let me print elorm&#;s ? so i&#;m going to text you them. myfhi caroline it&#;s sarah, i have to go out can we reschedule please? myfresms yo alex it dan mate sory bro got arested i&#;l sort that out on friday bro i caught couht driving i ring you friday myfresms hi.ad me on snapchat misme myfresms hi tes. it&#;s warm today. so don&#;t overheat by wearing to much clothing. se you later. marky. myfresms hi dude its ur sis! i get lunch . - .pm so i wil be over. if u want visit its b nd, polway. don&#;t reply its online myfresms.co.why have you done this where are you ? i cnt believe you al over what? for what? couldnt just wait and do that in front of chris myfresms helo m new watch s myfresms hi ronie its sara, wont be in today as not very wel. hope you are al ok. myfresms hi mate its jon, got no credit on phone. are you about? tb my phone, chers! myfresms text me let me know when you get a chance to lok,i put in your bank myfresms its conaire hi mate are you about today? myfresms aup mate cal me again it&#;s shaun myfresms vladislav criviceac today myfresms test daz test daz test myfresms am goin for bus now so wont be long a wil give u this money and then u can gan ride who ever the fuck u want. i give up on it al myfresms showd ur true colours u like me dad is foamin he even said he actualy fort u were decent and the one for his son but he obv wrong myfresms ring me now myfresms hey its tom. got no credit and house phones broken. have u got i could get? could u tb my phone, cant get replies here. chers myfresms myfresms yo man its scot. what you like for more of that? got nice in just in last night. i have no credit. ring or text my fone if u ned myfresms kjlf;sdkf;kdmc;lamc myfresms so nice to hear the litle bit of contribution ur sons &#;dad&#; makes towards ur child&#;s life means so much to u. myfresms yo sana its kiran txt me if your stil coming wait at the blue gates at il be there dont let me down oi kasmay myfresms afternon beautiful u stil sleping baby i love you x myfresms hi just testing myfresms its andy go on wats ap myfresms its paul what u upto ring us at ymca myfresms god morning james! its dwayne from duston. would it be pos to buy a later today? myfresms siemasz adam jutro jestem wolny jak by co mia to ja chtnie bo po polsce troch kruchojestem pod telefonem pozdrawiam myfresms it&#;s me x wen u finish try get somethink eat u can get rizla if u want but we only got left so aint worth it ring u at . x myfresms.co.tesdting to se if this works myfresms you think you are slick i know what ur doing! trust me i wil tel everyone what you are up to you dirty liar myfresms you destroyed us when you cheated never forgive you for that i stoped loving you from that very moment myfresms djsdicjs csdjcnsdjcns csdjcndsjcsdn myfresms babe its beth ring me am waiting for ya in libary x myfresms its lucy i wont be going to swansea tomorow because mason has a bug. would you stil have tyler for a bit for me tomorow?x myfresms uk myfresms it&#;s georgia please hury up and come home i&#;m dying not stoped being sick i ned a cudle myfresms its mati, got no credit left mate. yea got lil sumat on me already :-) be god to se an actual proper mate! yes bos x myfresms uve got the wrong idea please cal me and let me explain what ive sent u. please let&#;s talk properly ok jx myfresms sky number is , tel them that you want a pasword to be set up so i can speak to them they think my surname is davies. myfresms use the pasword bob dog and if they start asking you questions just tel them you are at work, il ring you at pm myfresms what u think of that stuf bud. jay myfresms fghjk uiop myfresms hi i&#;m leting you know now if things ain&#;t sorted out with us asap i&#;m teling mischele truth about sandra from day one myfresms.co.hi you ok wat u up to myfresms i only had one but i am wrecked. best he has had for a while. glad i only smoked half b sarah s concert myfresms im just geting in shower now mate so wil be leaving erwins within half hour. ok bud, c u son mate myfresms test test test test test test myfresms ada card reminder myfresms remember to send card. myfresms can u pickup ur cal crazy woman.i wana tel u sumthn urgent myfresms am txting with my laptop.pick my cali ned to tel u sumthn urgent myfresms kvlcvbvbjkvcjkbvcjkbcvjkbhvjkbjkbhjkbh myfresms yo babe. you&#;ve ben gone for hours. what you doing ? myfresms fg myfresms lost you as a mate now so might aswel fuck everything up for you aint i :) sure chris be hapy to know his birds a sket myfresms text me straight away if you get this love april x myfresms this is just a test. do not reply this. thank you. myfresms go on facebok its sarah x myfresms got on to met you but i&#;l just walk al way home! se ya later. n txting of internet before you ask myfresms helo baty! my phone hasn&#;t got any blody signal again, so can you try caling me on skype? i sent a request today x myfresms what casino r u on abuwt bro its ily ring me wen u get this bro myfresms me myfresms ret lad its deane cn u do me a favour mate can u lend me til i gt paid please mate myfresms g myfresms text my phone where u are kevo myfresms its pete ring my phone please mate myfresms test ok? myfresms by the way, does the website htp:/w.m-a-jobs.de/impresum/ belong to og? best regards, michael myfresms hi florence! hope this finds you wel. my cel phone was stolen yesterday. wil send u my updated cv asap, so that we can discus. myfresms carty got ur money waited ya yesterday but no show n by anychance can u tik a half til monday text bk my phone nigel myfresms answer the fucking phone myfresms i can&#;t get a phone signal so trying over the internet litle treasures is -. ax myfresms jesy can u ring me please or turn ur wats ap on just want to know if your ok please. myfresms hope to se you son. i&#;l be waiting. love you myfresms its more. what&#;s hapening ring me i&#;ve tried ringing your phones of? if ur not meting me just say myfresms beth your kiling me , my heart is broken, my life is broken without you al, i&#;m like a lost soul , please talk to me myfresms your obviously seing other men. i don&#;t know if there&#;s any point in this al u do is blank me. i&#;m sick of it now amie myfresms mum are you on way up. ben mesaging u al morning. can u se if tony n james have owt please. beles keps shouting nanan lv u myfresms this is a test mesage from the rd website myfrems myfresms its dani cal again please no credit x myfresms uykuykyky myfresms please come back son mom please :( myfresms ned loads of that quick ding expandable foam coz nothing else wil secure party bags n have to go manchester fort after x myfresms come home there are some loz for lunch myfresms its becky ring me x myfresms hey ana i love your profile pic i find it super super hard on materiel for me ;-) love to met boby msg me back myfresms helo to you mis ana .would like to get in touch or touch either way nange hola me please myfresms lok please i love you alot i promise you i love u alot i didnt mean it in a bad way i said it like i care alot about both myfresms dont u wona se my face dont u wna se me laugh and crack stupid jokes dont u wont me to just stare at you like ur the only myfresms have you picked up zion? i have no credit so using other texts, reply to my phone please. loria myfresms lok minutes let me cal if i cnt convince you i promise il walk away myfresms bz can u put my p form away i got it it might b in l.rom or kitchen if not i put it in dat orange folder thanks x ish myfresms dad its alia i cant reply cuz im texting from online ive ben waiting outside for one hour where is mum! can u come to uni nw pls! myfresms i jus wona no wat iv done and ino ur with a guy your lying to me al the time for the entire relationship you cheated you c myfresms its dan ring me mate mised your cals this morning was in bed myfresms they teyna break up sophie myfresms they tryna break up sophie myfresms xcbzshga myfresms does this work? myfresms etetetererere myfresms hi ben u ok? want to met up? myfresms can u cal g back asap myfresms bla myfresms dave i got mesage to cal u im in a couple of meting today i wil ring you not got a new phone yet also i have cash in ful rd myfresms hi its sophie please cal my mobile. thanks. myfresms can u se me g myfresms cal brendon myfresms yo it&#;s jay, i&#;ve to give u i&#;l have it tomoro, i&#;l give u a we shout sure myfresms hi dad its mate i have no credit can you give me a cal please thankyou myfresms hi dad its mat i have no credit can you give me a cal please thankyou myfresms new temporary number i ned to return that cotrel study skils bok this friday. make sure i do plz. sim x myfresms we have ben watching for a long time we know your routiene your patens your lifestyle from th of october at gmt myfresms so you egnore us are signs are cals are presance whe have physical presance near you wer are a legion we do not forget expect us myfresms babe cal me x myfresms its only me myfresms wer r ya? caled round but ur out. at mine now enit myfresms brv its d ran out of texts on phone . cal me on, my phone pls myfresms hi chimp myfresms helo u get this txt . wat pricks pounds down ! myfresms aby. please could you text my old number to my new number? i don&#;t have it memorized. ned it asap plz x myfresms safe jay its peter. sry ask but if u have any bits left would u lend us of each double on fri? were at home if u can no# myfresms i have no other numbers for anyone else i could ask. plz text it to me otherwise this has ben a waste of time myfresms its sim. can you text my old number to . i haven&#;t got my old number memorized and ned it to cancel old phone! asaplz myfresms.co.a female cat is caled a moly or quen cat facts! myfresms maine cons are the most masive bred of house cats. they can weigh up to around pounds. myfresms dont be angry at me but i think your so sexy and im loving the new size x myfresms rob its rick ring my phone gez myfresms gvtycyftrhdkhdtrc tcjyktyc myfresms i am hungry myfresms we are pleased to advise that your spectacles are ready for colection. please cal eye folk on to make an apointment myfresms test test myfresms where are you? you said you would ring and you have not even brought the shoping back or rang me. what is going on? x myfresms gues who ? x myfresms batery died. weren&#;t at drs. ned you to txt wilma. where are you? leaving dick, wil be in town centre myfresms idiot myfresms you have not guesed yet ;) x myfresms hi mum hope your ok x sory i ask for money i do wana sort my finances out once and for al and just wana be home x love you myfresms ouoiou ya dickdhf myfresms test mesage from myfresms plum boy myfresms y y myfresms bel shaun pal myfresms who is this you rang me at :? this is ashleigh. myfresms j myfresms its ash are you coming back myfresms hey its me.can u give me a cal. myfresms i don&#;t know if you wil get this but oh wel. my mum isn&#;t in it my brother is at home, where are you. myfresms lutely fre to send sms text mesages. spam/abuse is not tolerated and wil be reported. we take privacy very seriously and we don myfresms test text with myfresms co uk to t-mobile myfresms hi jay.remember me ;-). sory i caused trouble for you. i realy would like you to come and quote me if posible. myfresms i am going to cut you ya cunt i know what you did myfresms sound mate i don&#;t know wether your going to get this or not lol but text back if you can safe man myfresms i&#;m online are you fre to chat if you not coming on i&#;l be going out til tomorow so its your choice i&#;m geting ready now myfresmsplease brother do not post non mosque related mesages on the madina mosque whatsap group. thank you myfresms it&#;s usman. what you up to? myfresms marvin am texting you of the computer please come home ive carmed down now please marvin come home babe x myfresms anything in mate? it&#;s ben, syahid mate. text me back in my phone. chers myfresms test msg myfresms test msg sad asdadscasadxsa myfresms charlote is cheating on you with the owner of huton dental myfresms izlizam na fitnes myfresms u calin could do with hug after today, iv sorted stuf so get in touch x myfresms please come back x myfresms are u gojng to unblock me. ure being super unfair and treating me like some fiend. myfresms ring my fone asap it crowther myfresms cal me asap, important. rocki myfresms oryt mate it&#;s dave can u ring me plz myfresms its grth can you cum by me mate its important thanks myfresms helo where are you myfresms where are you? myfresms safe bro cal me raj its me caling you on no number myfresms hi wat u doing myfresms babe i cant find my phone so when you get chance could you kep phoning it until i text you or answer it please love you x myfresms fyfuljgh; gui tgiugh ; myfresms sory only just got phone back, stil at hospital wil ring in a bit. dont wory al sorted. myfresms yo whats yp myfresms no text left it&#;s chris mesaged u on fb but thanks for a text anyway myfresms lok i&#;m sory about fighting i&#;m stresed with work, sory for being an as, doubt you wana be my friend :/ thanks for the time myfresmswin a fre cristmas tre tex myfresms hsgv myfresms testing testing testing myfresms joe its flig cal me. might have something for you x myfresms text my phone bak and ok just ant herd of u al day myfresms gime a bel pal shaun myfresms its daniel am walkin to rs now for stn to eat got no cigie or ntn al he does is moan when i ask so wtf ring me iv txt like tim myfresms its mat gime a ring myfresms come up myfresms come up it&#;s lizie myfresms i no you cant say no to a bad girl ;) x myfresms xbox got fuckal do wiv me so dream on u geting fuckal i swear so stop the mesages nobody wants hear ur shit breath its boring myfresms its jes i&#;l met you tomoro at peatmore by the lake at half ten or just after make sure ur there! i&#;l se u tomorow x myfresms.co.open your mesage requests on facebok and read al that it&#;s al the truth myfresms me and you can se the mn job myfresms answer or i wil mesage your mum a lot of shit what your like myfresms cal me please, rocki myfresms hi damien i have the receipt from the place i purchased the mount. they are an established and respected dealer thanks jacob myfresms please cal brendon on his number myfresms paul can u ring me asap it&#;s urgent myfresms helo does this work myfresms yo it&#;s dom just got back gime and i&#;l run your card over to ya:) myfresms baby please go on snapchat u ned to se what a have sent u u ned to tel me what u think please go on and se x i love you x myfresms bro its nick if ur round nite wedneday let me knwo as ned to se u! thanks so much wil be on home line al night gfs gone out! myfresms alo mate, paul here - you at work tonight? giz a ring :) myfresms babe its geting late am puting the chain on so shout me if you come back marvin please come home x myfresms oi oi - its jay - can you give me a bel on my ph myfresms hisadsadasdsadasdasdsadsagdfgvcxv myfresms how can u blok me like that. what&#;s up u wi next man already lol. listen ur twisted leane. an imguna expose u. ur photos fb myfresms mom can you phone me myfresms hey if you stil want to met up mesage me on grindr. if not, another time then. myfresms there&#;s no point in spending my money on you as your incapable of returning the favour. kmt myfresms yo man its vinie cal me back x myfresms bo bos it mopea ring,my,phone,please at half past love you milions mwah mwah x myfresms u not talking now fair enuf waterer then myfresms hej tu kacper, przepraszam e nie odebraem ale spaem i dopiero si obudziem, moesz zadzwoni teraz? myfresms britany it&#;s scot ned to cal me it&#;s important. don&#;t wana argue just ned to sort things otherwise i have to come there myfresmsyay i am in the hospital the baby&#;s not wel ring me please i&#;ve tried to get in touch with no avail x myfresms fuck this i&#;ve gave you the chance now. even if this makes things worse im coming there had enough se you son myfresms dad i ned to use your phone/pc some day this wek. when ur fre. my phones stoped chrging. email back cdexswzaqhotmail myfresms talk to. on fb keny saidu wanted to tlk today myfresms now bro it&#;s crowther let me know if you can do that myfresms phone me ryan x myfresms mrs waters, your order ad wil be delivered on / betwen am and pm by yodel, who wil contact you on the day. myfresms this is a check myfresms apartment people coming today to put up curtain. separate people wil come about balcony today. rest to be sorted on friday. ax myfresms ian it&#;s james have u got my dad&#;s number my phone&#;s broke email it please cdexswzaqhotmail myfresms mising you if got imesage no texts it&#;s horible haha x myfresms go on wats ap u trump hahaha x myfresms please can you unblock me its chloe i can&#;t deal with this i thought we was sorting it out tonight please i want you so bad myfresms aljo, u menca kredta netu, estj smisl uzhe idti? myfresms unblock me please i wil come to you i&#;m not out now but wil come to you please i want to be with you so bad please its chloe btw myfresms.co.okayi wil leave you alone you have obviously moved on just remember i love you and i&#;m sory please let me make it up to you plz myfresms.co.uhelo, in case you didn&#;t get my previous text. cowles, / pm, sory don&#;t require service, meting canceled. chris myfresms.coso i am abit confuse why marston is sending two diferent bailif for the same acount incident this is realy anoying & disgusti myfresms please you said you stil care let me talk to you please i don&#;t know what else to do i&#;m trying if this fails i! sory myfresms sory i ever come into your life i can&#;t deal with you not being part of it i love you so much and you blocked me please tak myfresms please just unblock me i wil do anything i mis you so much please what do i have to do myfresms okay i won&#;t contact you again please unblock me i&#;m in tears here myfresms its fred , via w , able to gime that work for the day ? if so, where ? and.my moby is at end le myfresms u not talking now myfresms i have no credit chaz u have to phone mate x ryan myfresms hiya tried ringing you can you ring me please or text me tel me how long your gona be x myfresms mum your gona get angry myfresms facebok mathew myfresms you forgot you baps myfresms hi nan just checking you haven&#;t forgot to transfer or top phone up neither of us have credit i&#;m using txt website x myfresms no ones out to get u its not like that people care about you an i dont want you upset about that because no one dislikes youwbonfb myfresms myfresms hi myfresms can you facebok me i sent you a mesage is it ok for jay to pop by at am tonight mandsx myfresms yo man its muza i have kno credit are you about can ring or txt my number bro myfresms its coper babe couldnt text you any other way rachels aslep sent loads of texts pised of ned top anyways i love you both nyt myfresms phone me from nicole x myfresms yo its noah, cant phone me in clas ya donut lol yeah i can receive cals but cant make them or use whatsap. hope clas went wel myfresms abi can you cal me please this number myfresms hi dad its gareth misd ur cal myfresms hi grandad its jake going to cal up on the wekend if your not busy hope al is okay x myfresms cal me bogdan myfresms ben trying cal u,phone isn&#;t working,i can&#;t get through?i&#;m trying find out if u want met me thurs? answer on facebok myfrei cant find this sim card lok il come back just talk to me normaly people arnt against us people are trying to help us myfresms please stop it your making it hard work an people are here to help us an obr way sort this an this is making stuf daft myfresms hm fre tex? myfresms think your funy trying it on with my mates not brother i hate u ! myfresms htps:/w.asahi-kasei.co.jp/asahi/jp/ir/library/busines/pdf/.pdf potato myfresms i realise didn&#;t think u was a rat like that fucking wow myfresms whatsap myfresms give me a bel please baby x myfresms what myfresms ring me babe its al x myfresms hi mate its lisa. you know you said if i ned any help with money. u said only ned to ask. wel could u lend me . myfresms any charce i could get my wage for today / plkease in the pub on one please myfresms i want to get my mum some christmas presents from me and lacey tomorow. would u be able to lone me some money tomorow from lisa myfresms hi kenzie ad me on kik: adamukx waiting for u x adam myfresms regarding taxi myfresms hope your ok just want u to no your ma world and u mean so much to me i love you so much kieron i dont wana ever lose u x myfresms u gnawing try it on with my brother or sumat why u asked that he&#;s blocked u and u boking me just says u r myfresms no way are u fucking geting on to my brother though! myfresms go on cotaging mate its ben myfresms yo be able do next one them phone my phone benj myfresms it nat ring me myfresms yo it&#;s maty ding back was working g myfresms yo be able d myfresms sdsfda myfresms yo war saying myfresms helo gues what. lol lol lol lol myfresms it&#;s siobhan cal me on my num please got no credit.tnks myfresms it&#;s siobhan cal me on my num please got no credit.thanks myfresms saying bro its ash come on facebok i ned a bud myfresms were did you put my bag of rubish,think i droped something in there when cleaning upso ned it myfresms were did you put my bag of rubish,think i droped something in there when cleaning upso ned it. simon myfresms yo, you got any ber.got that point x myfresms ring me its sarah myfresms test sms incoming myfresms kels unblock me number myfresms hey baby hope you liked ya dominos i sent you when we meting up again i realy mis you :( x myfresms hi m its burtie, you stil poping over or shal i pop to you? cal me if neb b dont reply via this t txt myfresms sack, give me a cal on sas number or if your stil up. found stuf, got way forward, just want a second opinion. nick myfresms laura please just ring me last time please i ned this last talk then u can block me forever u owe me that at least laura myfresms and i&#;m not gnawing give u shot or nothing just hear me out ye myfresms im not joking where is there rubish back.simon myfresms i&#;m in a suit mind set atm i ned u ring me laura and just not be a dik please i would apreciate it so much myfresms ask rob where my rubish bag is. i defo droped my b in there when cleaning up al the takeaway stuf myfresms it&#;s pery come on fb quick myfresms its jack ring my phone myfresms vhjnjnmk myfresms what is going on i want to get on this is shit kirsty myfresms what do you want me to do i honesty are you going to talk or not i want to come back i just dont want al this argueing myfresms talk on fb please myfresms if you dont il asume you dont want to seing as you just spoke to jaq an i cant find the sim myfresms im going bed if you dont mesage me you cant try an play game with me an ignore me because i turned it round myfresms whats going on do you want rhys to come back or what your not making sense kirsty myfresms ring me g myfresms whats going on im realy anoyed if you dont want to talk why the fuck kep giving me shit for hours an then askin me to come back myfresms hey myfresms ok ring us tomoz myfresms yo family it&#;s niki cal me back x myfresms brit its scot can you talk to me please we ned to sort some things out. also the rent hasn&#;t ben payed? can you unblock me myfresms are you slep? natalia myfresms come open dor ned a shit myfresms dnt knw if ur going to get dis mesage sory went bingo left my phone do u want to met in town in shipleys lol half ish myfresms come dony park . it bean myfresms i wil be there outside cashino bout half , txt me an let me knw wat ur doing plz cus u dnt go there no point me going myfresms brit please please please contact me. i just want to talk then i wil leave you alone if that&#;s what you want. myfresms i was going to se mason this wekend but you parents said i can&#;t go. have you told the not to let me se mason? myfresms hi how much you charge for an hour of escorting? myfresms im jumpin in shower then geting sum slep ring or txt meto let me knw wat ur doing plz myfresms hi there myfresms blody hel rob not only has that got my adres in it, it&#;s also got a shit load of ozy&#;s parcel rapers and clingfilm in it? myfresmsit&#;s siobhan how long now.got no credit so cud u let me no please.thanks myfresms me to, i&#;m very much thinking about you right now! x myfresms hey babe can you go straight mcds lol i fel aslep lol now ned a shit al i want is a double chese burger chese hapy meal x myfresms ring back its ben myfresms wat i do myfresms tony its rachel have you got could you text me back on myfresms please tel me what i done myfresms i done nout wrong y u ben like this myfresms ring me for two mins i&#;l do anything myfresms easy bro soz for the mis cals. you said you be about in hour so i waited in luton. il link you tomorow if you about safe myfresms plz zoe i love u myfresms plz zoe just ring me for two mins then i&#;l go for god myfresms . seconds then plz i ned to say something myfresms it&#;s real important myfresms i beg of u plz seconds just ring me myfresms right real duno what i&#;ve done wrong zoe i&#;m sory i love u so much u mean world to me i&#;d never do anything to hurt u ben myfresms.cojust ring me for five seconds plz n i leave u alone ben myfresms plus i just want to know what i done to upset u myfresms i have a right to know fine i&#;l just ring u til u answer myfresms it&#;s mat ur not ready a r&#;ship but u haven&#;t ben in for yrs you&#;l never be ready for with me hope u find the rite guy bye mso ned to make you cum. myfresms hi its isabel babe you just caled me, cal me back please in minutes x myfresms have you gone slep ?:) myfresms ned to pound your wet pusy myfresms cal me pls myfresms please babe :( x myfresms y myfresms mum its me the phone as died dont go aslep cuz i wont be able to get in be getin bus at to myfresms i want my fucking money! myfresms alicja. okropnie sie czuje, mam cale zaropiale gardlo i goraczke. przepraszam da rade mi pani z dzis zwolic boseriocjezko?kacper myfresms u on jp myfresms package returned damaged, now at lyons davidson, confirmed &#;gilbert&#; signed for it, cal ask them they have original med papers myfresms.cmum goin to get bus wont be long leave dor open x myfresms have you got bout me ? did ryan ask u for last ngt for his skol card n xmas show tickets last day to buy ? he said he askd bu myfresms u never answered him ? he talking rubish again ? myfresms think wht r u doing bro u going on rong way plz .cm bk.dnt distrube ur hapy marige life plz usy its not god .plz think myfresms hi sexy, its nick, my phone has stoped working, don&#;t know if it wil work when closer to city, if not wil mesage u when home x myfresms.co.usy am ur close frnd i cant say u on ur face but teling u right path. spend ur life with ur wife not with any other relation myfresms iya sophie babe hop ur ok am mising u so much soph how can u not av contact with me wen u swore u loved me plz ring me an talk x myfresms i love you so much this is hurting me so bad plz don&#;t cut me out ur life ring me an talk to me ur my world am not mad princes x myfresms.co.i mis ur smile an i mis ur cheky sence of humour most ov al i mis u i wil be waiting for u to cum bk to me wen u ready x myfresms no else wil ever rake ur place am urz wen ur ready my quen ur king neds you i cry my self to slep every nyt i mis u so much myfresms i no uv got ur reasons bt how can u do dis to us r family soph this litle family means everythin to me plz get in touch today x myfresms i swear to god answer the phone and unblock me or i&#;m coming round there and going through the dor i&#;ve had enough now myfresms u stil ring me before colege myfresms just a test myfresms hi can u let me know re tomorow plz b fair u ave my num i dont know y it as b so hard or comunicate hence this u said u wud myfresms why fucking block me again? playing these games is just making me angry and making sure i come to that house myfresms we ned to talk ring me myfresms you lok like an elf myfresms wil you please unblock me, just until saturday then i promise i&#;l be gone from your life. you can start to move on myfresms it&#;s nina, i&#;m of to my house with lyra, neva contact me again, i&#;m get ur number tok of evrythin, u r dead to me now myfresms.co.uit lewis al cone se u wen up nt bk in work til sunday so guns stay up n nt slep thru day an can u lend me a tener so can pay myfresms its daniele me dad wnts go in acomb son get it out of da way so huz up ya no i get dirty wen lefted lng myfresms scot i wil give u it next wek wen get paid if u can wait for it if nt don&#;t wory bout it ad mesaged u last not but want on fb myfresms.co.hi dad its codie anychance i cud borow a tener or til monday please i get money monday sory to ask gta go se tyler later myfresms you have made it clear now you don&#;t wana be with me. so there&#;s nothing stoping me now from doing what i ned to do. myfresms kep my number blocked al u want i wil just kep ringing and texting your work phone! myfresms ad its troy cal my phone please myfresms bigboy its boby, bel me please mate, can i pop and se you? myfresms why treat me like a worthles piece of shit! you make me fel like i don&#;t even want to be here anymore! myfresms can you cal me back please on my mumber. tom x myfresms hey the rockstar myfresms romario&#;s birthday day he is pls send a text to him it may not mean anythingu but truthfuly wil mean a lot him myfresms.co.ring me for a sec kirsty x myfresms alice ring my phone asap please its elie! if it dont ring email my work email adres quick cos i aint got ur email adres! myfresms elie.gurneystgeorges.nhs.uk myfresms rich phone me asap shelb myfresms it&#;s siobhan iv caled but got ya answer phone could u cal me please when ur about please cz got no credit.thanks myfresms its gav ring me trust x myfresms its ash g bel me asap myfresms chat myfresms dihfihfioyiohy myfresms dihfihfioyiohy esfweretwqtqtq myfresms dad can u please lend me some money please to sort xmas for kids please i carnt get a lone at al i wil give u pound wek myfresms hi sue how are u not sen u for ages myfresms honest don&#;t like what you doing abigail. i wil leave it whenever you think is best for u. not hapy is adae myfresms dude x is fuckd so i&#;m drivin the mrs in my car can&#;t use my phone cause e r nobs i&#;l shout you ler but wil not make it day myfretest myfresms characterles, rude individualgod ridance! myfresms mam its sophie ring my phone plz myfresms phone me it&#;s a myfresms dear asha sister, i received your sms, wil wait for u at exit gate once u reach mumbai today night, don&#;t wory,take care. myfresms hi mam im home now ring me sam x myfresms yo charlie its johnson, i just want to be alone tonight and im busy the next two days, smoke you up on sunday though bro! x myfresms its ginger cal my number i havent got credit myfresms zadzvon martin czech myfresms test pc at : myfresms mum its craig u ned to bring roiund the money you tok back yesterday otherwise i cant get your tablet renewed rng or txt me myfresms test from myfresms myfresms hirach ntsureif ugt this stilnaefone ipopdwnday ifalrit, take her park or dwncorstorp anyways iltry fone bdwn by.j myfresms no smoke from fire and wilow burning okay then x myfresms sfe jimy its goch i paid one twenty yesterday and i owe you in al now on monday tuesday latest myfresms youl have to text bck to my phone mte sent this from library nd ws guna se if i cud gt anuva eigth nd hlf g til sme dy mte tuesday myfresms ring me at home swet. myfresms let me know when youre not working and later on in january (when i am back from sa) you can come down and stay. il bok us myfresms il bok some time of work as wel. also, if we do it a bit in advance, the train tickets wil work out a lot cheaper. myfresms the cat sat on the mat, eieiei o myfresms yo hoks its mat testing this site myfresms ring me at home just ben suspended myfresms hi corine, it&#;s conor here from elderbery. hope you are wel - did you receive my email re: notice on my rom? thanks so much myfresms.co.hi vicky it is robert. i am not able to pay today as i have not ben paid my esa. i wil try to make up when i can. sory robert. myfresms it&#;s loks bro i&#;m back at my mother&#;s living so if you end up over for smoke just come to my mams bro myfresms hi it&#;s conor here, cal me myfresms hi daren, can you ask &#;flow control&#; who do their valve body painting?so&#;s sugestion. bil myfresms please phone jc hughes solicitors -. do not reply to this mesage. myfresms bev im genuinely sory wasnt expecting to bok mechanic until i gave u cash i thought you was going to se when he was available myfresms sory for any inconvenience its caused myfresms mam ring me its sophie myfresms hi babe of ofline now so want be able to mesage u ring when u want to x myfresms ring me on my phone g shane myfresms helo mate its jordi, jermys cousin, can you ring mic mac please myfresms yo pal its mason can u ring me on ? myfresms i finish normal time! i&#;m using this because my phone ran out of credit! respond to my number. myfresms lamisa its james can you phone my gran and ask hur to cal me asap its inportent myfresms hi mate cal us shawn let us know ya got this prob wiv fre txts again shawn myfresms test fre online sms site myfresms working? myfresms cal me please mum, i can&#;t make cals. x myfresms response required for email sent on thu / : am and wed / : pm. if not received please contact chris johnson. myfresms its lynd ring me iv ben waiting ages myfresms its lynd ring me iv ben waiting ages , myfresms hey, co tam sycha u ciebie? myfresms ring me mate it&#;s adam myfresms ring us skem lad its sid myfresms u actualy get these mesages myfresms mum can you ring me asap on my phone no credit! joana myfresms can i use laylas ipad tonight if she agres myfresms i&#;m fuly expecting no les than tomo myfresms fkjhf fjkmnfkfmfkf fkmfkfmlfmfmf fkmf,fmfl myfresms this is the second test x myfresms lou have you done it yet? text back my number chas myfresms dude it&#;s luke wen you geting back from colege? myfresms testing service myfresms ring babe myfresms it&#;s sophie u guna ring me myfresms u know who it is, met me tonight on your own obvs, ned to talk clearly, met at phone box near norland on st lane! myfresms met me tonight pm fone box near norland on st lane myfresms i dont smoke in the house if i do it is always ! away from the house and i was with probation just now myfresms htp:/episodeinteractive/s/ myfresms rude myfresms rude rude blody rude myfresms i am ready. it mel x myfresms you are due to come to kings colege hospital for your popy research visit. please contact lucy on to arange. myfresms hi its me u k if tim has trifle can text my no and let me no plz ta ta myfresms mum its paul am of bk betel this afternon if u can plz ring me asap on lu x myfresms your code is myfresms hey hun its paul just let u no am goin bk betel day i ned coz cant take no more wil have my fne a bit if u wana chat x myfresms its becky my phone has died if you wana cal then cal and extention number preferably b pm x myfresms alright dad its chris can you sort us a tena if you can, nice one. myfresms htps:/beta.sciencemuseum.org.uk/mathematics myfresms mabel u might get txt from loan company myfresms hey its jasmin. u around? cal me my phones cut of myfresms i dnt wnt b in ere ether i gt my kids if u go out without cmin c me then it&#;s over gd i wnt b able deal wiv it at al myfresms yo ring me pete myfresms mum can you ring me please its peter thank you x myfresms yo sherwod, its ieuan ringing of the house phone so answer g myfresms ive done nothin wrong u nd remember that im in luv with u,ive tok u bk constantly&ive stuck by u,ur the that kps leavin not me myfresms yea thats fine mate. met u about half eleven where i did before. txt bk my phone dan myfresms do me a laugh mate tomoro with out doubt ring my phone sh and that&#;s it bos lovely jubly myfresms u also nds to remember i wants b with u& only u like i always have,its u that dont wana b with me&only me even tho u say u did myfresms you ned to hury she is waring me thin i&#;m shatered she has just climbed and whined and cri&#;d al day myfresms i want this to deliver myfresms helo this mesage is fre myfresms its micky bro me phones cut of txt when sorted bro myfresms hey it&#;s nugit, can you gime a cal please myfresms sent from myfresms that includes ads myfresms hdfhdhdiwdwidqw myfresms what u saying then bos u do that for me my phone shane myfresms h myfresms hi sophie just want you to k ow that i love you so much an working hard to get sum money for r family if u give me it bk love you myfresms when u come in i&#;m going upstairs myself for half an hours peace and quiet i&#;ve now got a headache from hel myfresms ring meg din horeunge ! myfresms test test myfresms yh nima did u get that cal me bk on myfresms hi it&#;s me ! has your birthday came already ? if so hapy birthday ! also god luck in finding a new position . myfresms ring meg din moraknulr hvor mange ganger sa jeg ta blokeringen bort ? m jeg bokstavlig talt knule moren din ?svar ! myfresms ring me shane lol if y can&#;t do it no drama just let me no son my phone sound shane myfresms hey it&#;s me again . don&#;t forget to congratulate tamar on her new permanent position at tfl x myfresms ring mr plz its ben myfresms hi tom, can you ring me it&#;s important, chers. cal me back on myfresms hwj krzysztof i co z tymi szlugami, bo kolezanka tez chce i nie wiem co jej powiedziec daj znac asap dzieki. waldek myfresms din mora knuler du fortjener alt som skjer med deg og walah det ska skje mer din tofel hora tfo alech ya gaba ! myfresms myfresms hi, i se u have a kiten myfresms ye no maybe so helo bos any one there lol shane myfresms hi its kaylie i can met u but no les my bloke has told me not do it ne les met u pm boulevard roundabout if that o myfresms mum its david can i please pay weks rent next wek i only have this wek cal me on my number myfresms ash its mat ring me on my norml number myfresms ihih myfresms rinf me asap its about sophie x myfresms now then dude it&#;s tez did u wana give me a bel asa ya can myfresms its jo. im not muging you of, my tax credits have stopd while they ases it coz of mikes tax return being filed. myfresms hey grany its your beloved katiekins alive safe and wel lol cant say same for my phone its given up so using laptop. cal u son myfresms ring tina myfresms i mis you sophie listening to al these christmas songs an it&#;s making me fel sick to the stomach al i want for crimbo r family myfresms.co.salam it&#;s saj sendn txt from internet fone fkd jus gent a fine sorted so wil cal u in a bit hope ur ok had bad day yesterday myfresms hi there you okay you stil speaking to natalie myfresms helo mum i know you did that for me yesterday i beg you lend me another r pound pls he gets paid tomorow of sandbags myfresms partners employment, the one we stroled past daily. i am just sat around waiting for shit work to begin. mans broke what about u? myfresms ring mr plz its ben zoe myfresms helo myron its george, i havent got any credit to cal you. could you give me a cal or il cal you of my friends phone later myfresms sprawd wiadomoci ine myfresms x myfresms where are you? myfresms u might want to lok at ur facebok mesages myfresms btw i never said anything about your scars u no i think ur beautiful and i&#;d never take pis for scars cos of one&#;s on my arms myfresms.co.its craig, was gona msg you. defo up tomoz after work. had mon an today canceled on me ben shit wek again. i,l come for ye myfresms please brother, do not post mesages on madina mosque whatsap group which are not related to the mosque or comunity. thanks myfresms hi its sarah u can unblock me if u want i am just hurting i wil always love u x myfresms please brother, why do you kep on posting mesages not related to the madina mosque or comunity on the whatsap group. myfresms please brother, do not post mesages on madina mosque whatsap group which are not related to the mosque or comunity. thank you myfresms hsdfhdfldfrfg brg rg myfresms kaya&#;s cher stuf is in our bedrom in the clothes pile have her lok for it x myfresms i hate this myfresms labas meginis tas kitas , nukabink ok? myfresms hi laren its rece i dont know weather you got my text but im not in tonight as i dont fel wel enough myfresms hey text me if u get this im leaving home to met u of the bus wait for me at drumer stret be mins myfresms hi babe x myfresms alright z its rece not in tonight mate myfresms your bird was crying to get maried wiv bash ozair raja but her bro won&#;t agre lol nxt drama going on she goin mad over him lol myfresms.co.ubabe cal me its rece on my other number x myfresms how much longer. boys are geting restles and want to make the move. ring asap myfresms sorey rong number. myfresms who&#;s this myfresms ring asap myfresms hey sen ur text met me at home waiting for u cya son myfresms : myfresms : today myfresms can u ring me please myfresms why does it smel so bad? myfresms ring me shane myfresms helo grandad it michele here my new number can you give it to my dad n the family please love you can you ring me myfresms secret santa * beryl * maximum spend myfresms can u cal me plz myfresms it&#;s lewis you can get gone liked that pic now u deleted it don&#;t no why i&#;m even arsed about u il get over u ur heartles myfresms.coplz talk me myfresms yaz its lauren get intouch what you up to myfresms yaz its lauren get intouch what you up to go on your wats ap or facebok myfresms sory havent ben in touch stil at hospital. got internet aces now so writing an email. nurse is going to let me use her phone myfresms hi faiza here. mra mobile bnd bogya h hv ben trying to turn it on but it isn&#;t responding. pareshan na hoiyega myfresms so wil ring you at .pm when you finish work. stuck here til tomorow morning. myfresms *secret santa * * beryl * maximum spend: myfresms its gary can you ring me please.x myfresms ring myfresms can you phone me please. it&#;s sean cx myfresms hey mum its max can you ring please myfresms ghkghkfjkghkfkhfkh myfresms carl it&#;d ben ring me on my phone please myfresms its heno text my phone no credit myfresms its heno where u im outside myfresms yo b me wax can you sort me a d for il sort you out the other tmoz myfresms i want your panties, the ones that you are wearing now.leave them on the flor when you leave. myfresms its ed, no credit: htp:/news.nationalgeographic/feathered-dinosaur-tail-amber-theropod-myanmar-burma-cretaceous/ myfresms im outside my yard myfresms god afternon mrs. smith, i apologise for bothering you yet again, but i&#;d like to ask about the return of my money i&#;ve paid fo myfresmsi&#;m online i wish we could chat i&#;m so fed up ok might aswel go out if i ain&#;t got you online myfresms wot u at? ed myfresms i&#;ve paid for acomodation. best regards, martina krupauerova tel.: myfresms its birch. ring my phone when u can plz mate myfresms drinks? next wek? get fucked and wel enjoy life myfresms i se you&#;ve deleted me so i&#;m going to get dresed and have a shave then of to town myfresms it&#;s lewis kep laptop i ain&#;t arsed no more i&#;m leting go you&#;l realise you made a mistake! i&#;m done trying myfresms its heno you coming if u are text me myfresms ring me women its becky x myfresms ring joec myfresms does this even work? myfresms yo to ja myfresms hi bud its jay any chance u can sort me out til monday. tb my phone please. myfresms it&#;s mike can you cal me please myfresms yo warnem ring me sly myfresms yo myfresms myfresms myfresms jackle, its aly. text your mam my number , shes gona come pick me up n take me with ur rents to come se u tmorow. ope ur gud x myfresms tits myfresms evening noel it&#;s ben can you bok me them days in ned paying got dentsit first thing, chers. myfresms hi andrew myfresms what hapened to ringing me myfresms you pushed him to far myfresms hey hun its aron, wil you send dale round with a for me please? x myfresms real ned to tel u something and say something myfresms what time you back baby? x myfresms hey dude its dany sory mised you cal was out with the dog. ring my phone if you ned me x myfresms helo how are you doing myfresms hey can u text me on my daughter number please myfresms helo there how are you today myfresms could we hava chat,bout tyler myfresms gaz plz talk me i hate this unblock me on wats ap myfresms u able to sort something out til next wk plz bro, its paul myfresms ben again noel. can you bok me that in, got no phone to ring. myfresms hi bud any chance of borowing packs of biscuits til monday. jay myfresms hi its mat here can you give me a cal thanks myfresms hi im online hun myfresms it&#;s me, my batery went at work. any news? if u r u at home or not text my phone this is from a web site that does fre text myfresms :) myfresms i just want you to come home please myfresms hey mum it&#;s ema hope u r ok mis u x what u doing tomorow got job center at met me alone tho x love ya text josef phone x myfresms.co.hi i i i i myfresms you caled me? i can&#;t cal or mesage you back as you blocked me. sham myfresms hi myfresms hi u gd myfresms htps:/w.gumtre/p/toyota/toyota-prius-for-sale/ myfresms yo its twed are you going to se tuck bel me if you do myfresms i take it i mean nothing u then myfresms dgdgh myfresms it&#;s jeny why hav u just gone al weird i wasn&#;t being quiet or funy txt me wil u plz x cum back after uve had fod x myfresms.co.locate myfresms just wondering up to u if i can have the kids sat night i&#;l ring u tomoz to se if i can spk son leane x myfresms u just gona blank me then ye? nice myfresms hope pushin me aways ben worth it&now ur movin on, for christmas i&#;l pay for my name to b covered so its done even tho i luvs u myfresms.co.hiya, il se you saturday! hope the play went wel today, love you x i gogled you and twitered you earlier :) myfresms its kondri can ya drop me a tenas at fontmel flat mate thanks myfresms ure num has ben blocked. my lads get al the luv a dad cud give. absolutely shocking behaviour frm both of u. enjoy your hangover myfresms hiya hun its chrisy just to let you know my phone has ben cut of can you phone me please on my number x myfresms kil yourself myfresms hiya hun just to let you know that the only was to contact me is on fb and i have aded you as a friend chrisy x myfresms please phone me i ned to talk to you x myfresms mum its josh reply to my mails please! :/ myfresms got tablet did write a note but forgot to leave it i&#;m at bk dor myfresms mum its josh reply to my mails please! :/ i&#;m not alowed out in mins so reply please myfresms u are a cunt. your son was sat here being sick crying for you and your up deans hahaha watch u fat litle boy! i&#;m done. msgd jad myfresms.co.shane myfresms helo writing from the web! let me knoe if it gets through helo shane myfresms hi bub, unblock me on fb and i can chat to you on fb mesenger just now while i&#;m covering the mechanic while he takes lunch x myfresms hi mate its minty can you give me a cal got no minutes. its about that christmas meal x myfresms hi alan its ali from wrk! heres my no bro! night! myfresms asalam bro, its ali txtin u from internet. email ur cv to li.alimail - got ur cals tried phoning u back from landline myfresms yeah sure! again - just a waste of time. why are we doing this? whose benefiting at al? godnight andy. myfresms why :( so unfair. myfresms fsfdsfds myfresms htps:/w.mobiletopup/gogle-play-voucher/-pounds?aid=&gclid=cnax_vkdacfuagwodkdbq myfresms it&#;s best for the both of us if you just get our stuf swaped on monday if the kids both at nursery and monday suits me so monday myfresms.co.can&#;t believe you even blocked me . so pety natalie lol myfresms what you ben upto then mate ? myfresms test myfresms bel me rapid myfresms i have no credit as have lost phone on train . thank you so so much for you honestly . can i ring you moro please? with adres? myfresms text me what you wanted tel me .kerz myfresms nathan its sinead not ben funy but yout in same club as her sayin shit to her starting on that turkish she teling me everything myfresms come on facebok babe i wana know wtf is going on i dont wana lose u :&#;( shame zara wasnt the only one isnt it :&#;( myfresms safe in singapore, long but god flight. waiting for conection. my mobile isnt working for cals or txt. love u lots talk son x myfresms baby come back :&#;( x myfresms please x myfresms you got some explaining to do get back here :( x myfresms il forgive you. i love you please just talk yo me:( x myfresms nviaid avnip dsvb avojeaojeva o vef ao eb eae myfresms steve its nicky got no credit only internet unblock me on fb myfresms hi adam it&#;s cathy no credit i won&#;t be round tonight as i in bed but if u want we can talk tomorow i have mesaged u on facebok myfresmsi not forgot anything ben sat waiting for you al night cos i wanted to finish our chat only left cos i neded to se our babies myfresms if that is what u want to do i no i ben a complete bitch i do want to be with u just hard explain tomorow night hun x myfresms il text u of this in morning night hun x myfresms i&#;m sick of this bulshit though you sem to think you can come suck n fuck an chat shit then just ignore me wen it suits you myfresms kde jsi :[ muzes se ozvat ? myfresms this shit might work on dumbo or raf but not me cary on threatening me cos you can&#;t hurt me anymore than u already have. myfresms i can cause you as much trouble as you can cause me don&#;t ever forget that. myfresms i tok a wel god pic of you but naked in my bed today myfresms narazie lipa: myfresms test myfresms myfresms ds fsfsf sfsfsf sfsfs fsfs fsf f myfresms cal my name and i wil come myfresms sj myfresms yo it&#;s fraser. is it ok to get a triangle? reply to my number myfresms i love you baby myfresms godbye . i&#;m done. this is long. myfresms right im of to slep now sory if i woke u and i realy am sory for being a complete bitch with u talk tomorow night hun x myfresms it&#;s fe i&#;ve no text can you do me thre more please myfresms hi its carl cal me on my phone dont reply to this text. x myfresms htp:/betdaqtips.racecaler/top-tiped-racing-horses myfresms no didnt want u gne at al i wnted u ere its u that wants out ur actions speak that im always last. if u cared u b ere b x myfresms dont forget your geting tylers nintendo dsxl and game to. only weks til xmas. if i bail u out you wil av give me sex lol myfresms can you put money into acount its mat tried caling you but can&#;t get answer email me back have emailed jenydunstal acount x myfresms.co.ual your stuf out the house wil be geting droped of at that house in manchester this wekend al your furniture to myfresms if i don&#;t get an answer then i&#;l just leave it al infront of the gate.your couch bed etc.as i&#;m moving out the house at wekend myfrei am going to be staying with someone in north wales for a while. until i get a flat myfresms hope you enjoy your new life and you wil realise one day losing me and your son wasn&#;t worth it myfresms go on facebok later; ) as tau parasau. duhas esi :) ir byby dejas. . ah just eik nxj myfresms hi mum, its gav from work as i&#;ve no credit. could i borow another just until later this arvo please? i ned credit.x myfresms hey, whats up? not sure why you&#;ve blocked me of everything? thought we were geting on ok, and was loking forward to sunday! myfresms ad me back and lets talk, im unsure what ive done. gime a shout. carl x x myfresms just got hold of a laptop to email you. everyone is being dificult here and we don&#;t ned it. i want to come home myfresms i guesed your number so i doubt it&#;s right :( but if you se this my batery is dead and i forgot my charger! check ur emails. a myfresms.co.upops its kely can u ring me asap plz myfresms my phone died and i left my charger at home. frown. if you se this check your emails! i fel shit today :( alicia myfresms hi tracy its rus could you please give me a cal as i stil have not ben paid thanks myfresms can u cal me plz ne ten to get to a meting in headington wont ask for more wil slep on the strets to night plz can u let me myfresms its nicola hw r u al r u up hospital wit lil man elvin hope hes ok if ur nt can i cum get me usual pls txt bk my fone x myfresms can u let me know going to try fine a phn to cal u myfresms charlie im realy sory i let u al down day, it was out of order n im sory mate. it wil not hapen again. sory again. luke myfresms mathew its bern. can u pls unblock ny number and talk to me for two minutes like what is actualy going on? im in ful tears here myfresms yoyo could you do us one more bag plz bro cafe reply bk plz myfresms morning hun it&#;s steve going out son using fre web text lol woke up in a shit mod today x myfresms yo its p glen house shout me myfresms its mandie why u cuting me of the phone is broke so i only have house phone myfresms god work pal myfresms rach fne me now its thomas myfresms its ford. if u are able to pls cal my phone asap. if u aint got much credit then save it & jus come library. im there myfresms dear jeremy, thought i would send another to check at least one web text service works. deb wants to have notes from grad spech myfresms helo ros are you ok today? ksks myfresms ok am thr at remember gtn sorted now x myfresms don&#;t tel me u love me wen u don&#;t no what love is myfresms in caling your parents i&#;m not having this myfresms please tel me whats up carl x myfresms helo c* myfresms answer the phone or i am going down there to se what is going on this isn&#;t right myfresms just sen your txt. thanks for paying the cofe tab of :) damn those large cups myfresms tryna ring u of house fone bruda. suton x myfresms paul tel mum to phone me asaps please its important myfresms yo its jack u k? what time r u bk? im sat in asda dwnloadin music lol gna head bk now tho il c u son ye myfresms cal me now or i&#;m going to your parents to get the ful story i&#;m not being cut of from my son you also have me blocked myfresms tata zadzwon do mnie. asia myfresms im at paris airport at the moment, stil on time for .pm. my phone wont conect to the internet so im using this service. myfresms geog cum mine n whistle at windw or ring me ye myfresms my phone has blown up and is unuseable. canot get to you until i get home. sory. i am using a fre online text mesage servic myfresms please just read my ehats ap please i love ubso much dont do this itl be beter i swear il never do it again myfresms sfghsdhfs myfresms j myfresms its stace ned another of them asap then im gona go get your money ned to be back for schol im in library be bak son il knock myfresms squish here il stop texting u. i duno if uve blocked me or turned ur fone of. please just read my whats aps, il stop textin u myfresms its stace ned another then im gona go get your money ned to be back b schol wil be home son i wil knock myfresms hi jean its cherele thats fine i wil se you monday myfresms nationwide acidentaly canceled my card! i&#;ve ben on the phone trying to sort it! fs. didn&#;t even go shop b! myfresms cherele does it work myfresms here myfresms bek it&#;s dom wil u mesage my phone let me no how long for john please myfresms uv made my day! so god hear from ya ! fone in work car. wil shout u later on wen he drops it. cant wait c u both! love u em x myfresms can u check whats ap sec myfresms it&#;s kaly. fuxking gonies here. av just shouted at him am not fucking hapy myfresms hey its sanchez. have you tried to cal me? if so cal back myfresms w.sbtjapan tohtievsbtjapan best regards, ali myfresms ring me x myfresms jsghsj myfresms paul please get in touch i want to talk to you its kate myfresms hey its gil jamie says he&#;l get the kids x iv had no text to text yesterday x myfresms hi lt, get someone to drop of my phone today, lost without, sending via website, tried a couple, so sory if you got em as wel myfresms come home emergency with the boiler myfresms where the hel are you with my phpne?! myfresms mum its vinson ring me myfresms tablet stil available it is the st generation. myfresms i&#;ve spoke to your dad he&#;s told me that your hapy with mason to stay there and they are fostering him. unblock me! ned to talk myfresms.we ned to met and talk tonight face to face! or i&#;m coming there or going your parents you can ring the police i don&#;t care myfresms.coyou can&#;t stop me from seing my son and just block me i have rights aswel. you said you wanted to be with me myfresms mame przyszed email? myfresms you ned to cal me now because this isn&#;t right britany are you realy gona let your parents foster mason! myfresms babe its me ringing, ring my fone please my mobile x myfresms but a member of nhs can phone me and cal me a spaz and say i gave myself a stroke wel it is has ben reported to bgh its ilegal myfresms be i stud an that bridge waiting for u day u se me plz phone me x myfresms are u able to do going to have to go to whinty oxford has no roms tonight myfresms your parents told me to go to a solicitor if your not wiling to talk you ned to cal me and speak about this! myfresms peace its omen u got a q ? myfresms be u geting these plz tx me be plz i&#;m goin there inabit plz doe egnor me this wekend tx bk plz x myfresms beautiful picture schnucki, can we talk please? myfresms troter, me and the lads are in london this wekend. i never forget you when coming down here. come met me for a ber. myfresms chris, sory am using old data hok up. wednesday is def on, check your pm for details, pick up etc. no stresing. kara myfresms stop seling botlegs troter. myfresms nao tenho bataria, - myfresms ring me it liam on my phone myfresms hi mate. you text me about the lg g. can you email or ring me as i do not have text. phone is about months old. thankyou myfresms boby it haydn using myfresms.co.uk so txt my phone back ok i&#;m now on way to yours se you son get babe ready myfresms yesyesyes myfresms think i&#;m faling in love with you can&#;t wait to se you x myfresms mum can you cal me please asap sam x myfresms at least you could tel me that you found someone new, if so myfresms neuchatel road myfresms ring me back i mised your cal am sick of arguing it&#;s pathetic. i don&#;t want this i never have either i love u tht the thing myfresms.coyo man its bryan, could i pop round at about ish please mate? myfresms sigma automotive, the old yard, hargham road, old buckenham, nr s myfresms hi wayne it&#;s david i have some money u but wil post to shop. don&#;t come to house i&#;m working so won&#;t be in text me myo drop a buf myfresms its jim do u wana work tonight ? starting in a hour and il grab the car in the morning. text my mobile if u wana myfresms heya swetheart, i should be home not long after , i have ended up having no breaks so i can finish on time, love you, lewis x myfresms hi mate, how much longer wil you be pls? it&#;s del myfresms its tom phone me lad myfresms hi mumy, tao here. can you put pounds in my acount please? i have some stuf going out and don&#;t get paid til tomorow x myfresms hiya love its phil. can i pop up today x myfresms idk if you got my last text, dont care, i&#;m packing your bags, hope everything works out for you, you polish deserve each other myfresms its jim il just work threw it mate i ned the lot myfresms hdfyglfhdzxhgufyditxgjc myfresms i only done a bit of my own money so theres no problem il just crack on working myfresms hey can you get eva a litle dish soup from sainsbury&#;s please and go job centre about your bus pas. love you. x myfresms fhjgjf myfresms dear mark henley - pleased to advise you your selden parts are in, the chandlery is open al wekend - regards mylor chandlery myfresms hiya its katie can u get phil to ring me please x myfresms helo can you email me its ash myfresms hi mark its kyle yes i wil take lowist cal my phone if you want it myfresms i wil take if you buy it now myfresms every day that goes by that you are behind is a day that i wil be hapy to go and sign with the lawyer. don&#;t say i didn&#;t warn u myfresmsring my phone its teri :/ myfresms hi its kyle with laptop yes thats fine ring me when your on the way myfresms im home now ben home since im not on a network that can send text only watsap i wasnt in wifi zone myfresms paul it&#;s sam ring my phone myfresms parking control management the courtyard a cranbourne road slough soxf myfresms i cant make it to hazels birthday. not gona be any point cos were gona be in court son and i can se i&#;m gona ned the lawyer myfresms thxs gaz not caring at al i am very heartbroken over al this myfresms you there jo? it&#;s ben btw. gime a cal. myfresms line . , ., . , ., . myfresms martin, give me a cal please, bri myfresms hiya jean its katie can u get phil to ring me please x myfresms hi its kyle with laptop yes it is ring my phone if you want to colect or delivery myfresms please cal to discus further myfresms chers you are such a help hanging up on me i&#;l remember that when you are and not wel. myfresms pop up home to me dad, its ad myfresms come round kyle myfresms im sory i snaped but i aint wel and surely by now you understand the way you are when you are il. just phone me myfresms xbox with skylanders minecraft and mw - yes stil available myfresms fgs can you please talk to me, i dont want to start speaking with a botle of liqour myfresms testing this as it won&#;t work myfresms it&#;s scot unblock me please so we can contact atleast myfresms hi, my car is curently blocked in by yours on university road. would you be able to move it before : please. many thanks. myfresms dont be sily bugs il prove i was with my.mum when back ok my.girl x myfresms hi there julie.just a we text to se if you can cal me as ever i could do with help sory.sent e-mail.cal if posible ta steven myfresms i went and sen mike earlier. pop up after work. jay myfresms helo te myfresms unblock me. and cal me once your back in the car we ned to sort this unles you want to go to court myfresms buna seara! vom da curs livrari in cel mai scurt timp posibil. ne cerem scuze pentru orice inconvenient adus.latino expres curier myfresms this could be easily sorted. as the guys said in work if you wanted me you would be home. we should be shoping together myfresms to ja mati co tam chodz do mnie na szczura tam gdzie spie i pojdziemy cos pokminic myfresms its nat come amys and you blocked me on fb? x myfresms zadzwo na mj nr krystian myfresms it would work at . myfresms testing testing myfresms conie hungry she be aslep in hour zo myfresms zhsn myfresms gona come met you at the traford centre for fod now. cal me myfresms daniel i grudnia przynosze ci po funtow. mialem niemale problemy i zly twoj numer. telefon swoj tez zgubilem. grzesiek. myfresms hfthgfgfgjfk myfresms mum phone me sam myfresms i&#;m online mising you so very much and i do love you plz talk to me myfresms i know your geting these texts can you unblock me this isn&#;t fair britany myfresms brit you ned to contact me and unblock me this isn&#;t fair at al. i have nothing left i&#;ve lost you and mason myfresms viv says: is it posible to come around saturday morning or afternon as im broke.viv myfresms kochanie zadzwon do mnie za minut. myfresms mam i ned to go to fotbal myfresms hiya babe&#;s hope ur ok misin u like crazy had me car fixed remap decated an new turbo sorting my head put now smashing work lv ux myfresms.co.a year today bo not got a phone yet stil using my nans text me even though you don&#;t wana lol x myfresms ur husband is cheating on u myfresms r myfresms i know you&#;ve deleted me so i&#;m going out my x ben geting in touch again so going to for a drink round town with her myfresms its sheley my mums lending mesum money at myfresms babe&#;s i realy hope u no wha u men to me this has opened my eyes now i wil give u wha u ned bang in to work now an doin it u myfresms.co.its shel ok thankux myfresms kelsey unblock me number otherwise im getin your number cut of end of myfresms can u at least let me no were i stand plz soph this is mental tourcher babe plz i love u so much an ned to here ur voice plz rngx myfresms oh and just so u no my heads bk an am bk plz met me this wek an let&#;s go for some fod with calum mis u both i want my fam bkx myfresms.co.so where is this going? you wana torture me? i have nothing to lose, remeber that huh, stop acting like that myfresms except you fs myfresms hi hun what u doing x myfresms werwrwerwre myfresms ring me myfresms hey mate it&#;s max theres ben no electric in my rom for two days could you please get it fixed myfresms i love you babe im sory your day was anoying. cant wait to se you. your man x myfresms if you can come here and take your suitcase and files without me knowing then i don&#;t know what your capable of myfresms hi it&#;s nicola ring me myfresms mate, im so sory, ben barely holding onto flat let alone bils. ive ben shiting it. job fucked up. not ben god. so so sory myfresms congratulations uve just lost everything for the last time! myfresms ive ben hiding from everything, im geting sorted now, i&#;l phone you in the wek. so so so sory. i hate it, myfresms yo yo homie myfresms people talking to loud myfresms ds myfresms its ryan. my phone is fucked, buz at myfresms its abi, can you cal me please? want to get one! no credit. x myfresms hey, wot up pl jay jay myfresms please come back on fab, i&#;ve mesaged you. names is james long myfresms m myfresms its scot man i tried to cal of my house ive no credit could you cal me please myfresms why are you hanging up on me cal me myfresms lok forward to seing you there myfresms cary on myfresms decided im gona stay in tonight as dont wana risk anything. u fancy meting at the park sunday x myfresms al i want to sort is an arangement to se my son! your leaving me no option now other than to come and se you. answer the phone myfresms siema zadzwon do mnie maciejprzepraszam fona zostawilem a do pracy musialem isc myfresms my mums myfresms cal me. chris g myfresms thats it now kels im getin it turned of i love and ur doin this to me al over again myfresms i wil pick you up babe i&#;m sory for shouting :( x myfresms alex its kira can youdrop me plz my phones not working myfresms hey, i realy like this pic of you in your leather jacket htps:/unse.c/zotapige/ myfresms it&#;s fozer can u ring my fone plz myfresms u knw al i wnted was us to go out an hve gd time for first time in years and u weren&#;t botherd so thnks again mug me of myfresms bo myfresms i can&#;t begin to explain how sory i am i wish i could take it al back i love you more than words can explain i hope my babies ok myfresms.co.hey its mel can u drop plz its al here myfresms me again. this is a wonderfuly one-sided conversation. you can&#;t respond. i can say any old shit now. ginger badgers from bury myfresms.co.northern irish papilion dogs competing in crufts but losing to a sausage rol &#;cos its beter at the obstacle course. myfresms ring me plz if u can louise myfresms test test test test myfresms so, its dorset. the aliens have arived but they only want to talk to the master race, the girafes, and they cant find any. myfresms u horible twat tel me one more time ur fuckin walkin away from maxon an i swear u&#;l not av sight nor sound from any of us again! myfresms.co.an how av i lied ya fuckin knob! myfresms right, i&#;m knackered, going up to watch a film. se you when you get in. belgian fiters in luxembourg feling a bit lonely. myfresms it is ashley no one was geting back to u cause no one got text and i have tryed to phone to tel u but u are not picking up myfresms blocked on fb, whatsap is deleted, my number wil change in mornin, and maxons name wil change wiv solicitor son as! were gone! myfresms dgdfdhjxcxrthv v fdfd sdsdsfs vbvbvcds myfresms paul ring me myfresms i would love to have them for the night tomoz up to u i&#;l chat tomoz have a god night hun leane x myfresms dzieki bardzo! myfresms are you fre in the morning when ive finished work? x myfresms check your emails mister myfresms hey j, al is wel my man except my phone.i didn&#;t know you supose to have a gig today.we could have hung out.wil try for sun myfresms.co.email me at work so i know myfresms ring me back please mathew myfresms hi baby me again il try come home for a sec se how you doing duno when but be late ish ? try rol a joint for me loveyou lots x myfresms mathew ring me please! rachel myfresms rhgjhghgf dhjhgm myfresms safe bro. you about? cal me raj myfresms hymcsncs sdkns myfresms was me caling g. you about? cal me.raj myfresms i asked u to put ur son first! you wouldnt! bye bye myfresms u about it fordham got no credit myfresms htps:/w.youtube/watch?v=rb-rcxdsa myfresms you are fuckin breaking his heart he loves u an u dont fuckin care! u jus kep givin shit an kep walkin away! ur so cruel! myfresms takin sim card out now, u dont want max so i dont ned to av anythin to do with any of ya! mery fuckin christmas! take care. myfresms love you swetheart x myfresms test myfresms it&#;s jordan ring me back myfresms are u geting this tel me text back myfresms qt then myfresms hi mum, could you put in for me please as i am at charity tomorow and have to pay the last bit as it was :(. myfresms i didn&#;t think i had to go until next wek but they ned me tomorow morning, so i have to take the :(. sory, enjoy tomorow myfresms hi welcome to patchway theatre myfresms heya babe it&#;s bilie,can u mesage me in morning to let me know if u stil want me to met u at hotel x myfresms l&#;ekia, please stop leaving me in the dark and ignoring me. al i ever wanted was honesty and to talk i love you myfresms ouoi. myfresms lmufl mnhjfj myfresms love you so much baby, mising you loads se you realy son, hopefuly wil get to talk to you before bed x myfresms if not, i love you loads your my boy and some more kises for you ;) x myfresms are you available now? and your adres? text back to myfresms test again myfresms unblock me its nikita quick myfresms im not guna have ago at you i promise im woried and im going to have to ring your mam about you im trling my nana now myfresms dean myfresms i am sory i did not no how bad it was with stev thought it was a another broken arm n was nt lieing about last nite pls gary myfresms zadzwo myfresms zoe ring me now plz myfresms ring me now plz zoe its ben myfresms go on facebok now! mat x myfresms it&#;s whify bro can u drop me mur the bk way plz mate tb my fne bro myfresms hi htdjfi djgfuo jfgj myfresms u get me txt mate its whify tb my num if u cant get to me al cum to u txt bk let me no myfresms are you taking the pis? ring me aron myfresms now im ovcer thinking great myfresms should i be woried myfresms use active bro its whify tb my fne myfresms use active bro its whify tb to my fne bro myfresms its grant man not got my phone on me but im in stil, can you drop a bud round? myfresms just so u no if anything hapens u lose me for god myfresms ring me back jords myfresms testing testing myfresms please cal or text if you are available x myfresms maxon is fuckin screamin eya for u! myfresms hi hun, hope you&#;re having fun! just wanted to say i love you. heading to bed now, but cal later if you want. night nightval. myfresms.co.its luke can i come for a ten txt to my phone myfresms naruto is beter than dbz myfresms hey sexy myfresms you stil up dylan? wana smoke a joint? shane text my phone myfresms mum could you wake me in the morning please thank you x myfresms yo u about myfresms hej pracujesz teraz? odpisz prosze na maila jesli mozesz bo telefon mi padl :( borcio.pl czekam :* myfresms please cal me. paul myfresms waiting for you to cal me back. no credit. please cal me. paul myfresms . . myfresms rebeca . pleas ring me i ned to se u asap. lok, ive always helpd eschother,. have n$ and ned cu. asap. up u what u cho myfresms nic hit the nail on the head with u, u are a fuckin deadbeat dad! myfresms its kami go on facebok myfresms hey mate its chris. please come sw eq (oak field court) and reply or cal my normal number. chers myfresms yo bruv its binz ring my fone asap ned one cash mate myfresms read ur mail ya knive lol myfresms oi ya meser cash text me or im going fal aslep n a min myfresms it cheryl can u ring me when u get up on my phone plz myfresms is this sim working? brahms myfresms can you cal me please it victoria chelsea friend and please cal me i have no credit myfresms helo please cal this number i ned delivery please at king alfred gym in hove seafront myfresms ghvcx myfresms fre text myfresms i love you bahati.deo myfresms could u try please as i&#;m in at ten, don&#;t want tel dad and ruin today. loan is put of til st x myfresms cn u brng riley mine for . latest . or met me at stratford station for . fotbal myfresms il cal you at myfresms il cal you at . jes myfresms he wil ned socks and shin pads dey sel dem at da club . they met at da main building near mine along capel road at . myfresms hi x sent you email minute ago but testing this online text. master jon x reply via email myfresms ring me curly plz kate wen u up myfresms its amy i&#;m texting of computer my phone wil not let me answer it now i kep geting glas in my fingers. ring me this aft myfresms gf rty yu ytfgtg myfresms morning neif iam stil waiting for you to met up today let me know when myfresms hi tracey it&#;s kayleigh i&#;m going to have to leave the lesons til after christmas as money is realy tight atm not gud is sory myfresmshi andrae, no ned to met got inventory from the hotel. please scan contract so i can deposit the st payment. it wil take some myfresms hi i not got cupaciups i got new one harts ned ? text to my number myfresms hi yea i think so il let you know myfresms giedrius tai tau nebereiks jau ? myfresms test msg myfresms hi char. i left my phone at home! i woke up super late but managed to get in just on time. lucky! i hope you get this mesage. joe myfresms you either start being honest with me or there is no point me you ned to leave. i ain&#;t puting up with that myfresms i have a computer at my desk, so you can email me. joevm_hotmail i&#;l leave it signed in. joe myfresms its lyn no credit on phone.can u pick me up to get that fire ta myfresms hi dave, it&#;s norja. if youre awake, i&#;m on fb. stupid phone is dead myfresms heya greg, stef here. you said you were fre today right? wana log on son and play some stuf? text my number (not this one!) myfresms can u do that asap to mine please mum? let me know by email. have a god day with the kids and there is nothing else at al x myfresms it jack what time u cmin bk? tx my fone myfresms it jack get ur lazy as up geog ring when fre myfresms safe its kile, , bel my phone myfresms hey uncle its kile , are you able to cal me on my phone when you are fre . nice one myfresms martin where are you ? we got time on . ^ cal me back,daniel myfresms yo bro wt u syin myfresms your acount is sucesfuly credited , from international chase bank myfresms carnaby close pe let me no as time my number is myfresms mom it&#;s victoria. can you ring me?x myfresms did you receive this? myfresms test myfresms i put in your ac mitch myfresms if u haven&#;t forgot then what hapened to my family myfresms hi its sam. who&#;s uncle dany. can you lend me til tuesday if dont have dont wory myfresms ned to get back today if can help. the card is at mine and ready to go and i have ap on monday with bank. just got to get home. myfresms people say stuf about my mum al the time but it&#;s a joke plus stuf is going on in my family but i stil take it myfresms at least u can have when i get back. ive just got to get back. it up to you i ned as have some left in acount. se u l myfresms aw wana hug myfresms helo its me steve myfresms can u ring me myfresms dreamt last night i was watching you get fucked and i was watching. i was so hapy x myfresms hey bitchface myfresms can u ring me i&#;m bored on bud myfresms can u ring me i&#;m bored on bus lol myfresms prueba myfresms hola cabron myfresms pop dwn now if u want na cash for a bet but help u if wanted. se you son. x myfresms ok col have fun. ana said she would hve liam fot us next wek for an hour or to take him park ect se u tonight ly x myfresms dave it&#;s jay, yeah sound i&#;ve got no texts sending this through wifi myfresms be home at thre cant be botherted with your horible mouth imagine saying about geting engaged chers for the surprise myfresms julka powiedz dla mamy zeby mi kupila piwa i daj znac czy dostalas tego smsa.maciek myfresms hey siobhan cal me on my number asap please! realy important! laith myfresms hey jak sie masz? myfresms hey jak si masz? myfresms hi mum its q can u check ur fb n get back to me asap please x myfresms hi nana its chris, i wont be coming down today sory it might be tomorow though myfresms hi mwe myfresms hya mum its james if ya can can ya check ya fb plz x myfresms hi sj how are u its shanon myfresms przepraszam ze pojawilem sie w twoim zyciu .oboje nas to duzo kosztuje znaczy mnie bardziej bo sie bardziej przywiazalem czesc myfresms ajsysdgf myfresms ur gfs cheating check her fb mesage myfresms mum isn&#;t going on her work do. she asked if u fancy coming up instead. trev myfresms hi lorna, hope you dont mind but i got ur number of vicky at work, id love to take you out so please get in touch john,customer x myfresms hey babe. my phone wont charge :( hope you&#;re ok baby. ring me when you leave finham and il leave to pick you up. was it half? x myfresms.co.sayin you gona tick me a bud on no text while wednesday safe myfresms dad its de can u ring me son as im realy not after anything just ned to speak myfresms nihyug myfresms jsjsnsjwj myfresms wer u cum near stoneywod am there mins myfresms hiya bro, got your text. listening to it now ^.^ wahahahaha &#;we&#;l helo there ups man!&#; excelent ^.^ sent you mixes as wel myfresmzadzwo do mnie paula myfresms bo mi konto zablokowali myfresms in ur acount. got nothing left in my acount now until tuesday. im doing al the big shop next wek with that . myfresms jump on fb myfresms wouldn&#;t kil ya just talk me! could&#;ve done it ages ago:( i said fine i&#;l acept that ur with someone else:( please talk me myfresit&#;s ela, check your skype. x myfresms bring my card back now craig. i got no credit can you bring me voucher please. mum myfresms hi ema it&#;s johny - texting you of a website (no credit) - woried about you! hope you&#;re ok x myfresms test -. myfresms hey dude cal me if ur round for lesons at al today chers nick myfresms dad its daz just payed rent, just heard about dean electric runing out , can you post me quid saves me coming to mams please myfresms myfresms is a fre text mesage service myfresms sfe jimy lad its goch u alrite ld ws guna se if i cn gt a ben til tuesday wensdy latest txt bck to my nmber bro wil owe u thn myfresms hey tina. it&#;s kimy check your other mesages on facebok. x myfresms my mother inlaw is here can i met u at the van ring me if u get this mesage dave myfresms vgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgf myfresms teaspon olive oil large onion, diced medium red or yelow potatoes, diced tablespon kosher salt myfresms tablespon cury powder tablespon brown sugar -inch piece ginger, peled and grated (about tablespon) garlic cloves, myfresms itsdaryl cal me on my number i want myfresms can you ring me please gary. from gail myfresms yo bro tick me n th please myfresms hi babe u n everyone ok n has my mum ben ninas myfresms sound dave its ste ring me back on my number myfresms jak si masz? myfresms babeitdona.geting realy woried nt heard from u always get myself in shit dont i.iv got no milk no fod f a.txt my phone x myfresms ring stevens phone dad it sam myfresms yo safe bro its joe ring my phone please myfresms its me amo fb me bruv myfresms ring raj myfresms hi mom its richard. was that xmas money of aunty? myfresms dfg myfresms my family having ben trying to contact me al day to tel me about john. i want it back by pm. mark myfresms pauls gota leave fetch the phone quick charles is nearly here myfresms dan it&#;s eliot why you ignoring me ring me myfresms man cal my mobile plz michael devil son x myfresms dad cal my mobile plz michael devil son, myfresms alive concon me lil cruz, it&#;s wodhouse can u cal me bro . or knock on at mine myfresms nat i&#;m sory i had to mesage as i can&#;t se u heart broken. but i don&#;t want to be the one to brake your heart either. myfresms its steven. can you ask laura if she can get me a lend of or for a bit lol thanks if you ask her myfresms if you fancy grabing me im fre tonight lol x you and wilow ok? love you mark myfresms sophie love claurd could do with a mate yno tha bitch has ended up with dan penchion for life grand a year the slag love you x myfresms helo nic did you manage sort that mate it dale myfresms i think its about time you concentrated on ur own girlfriend insted of mesaging mine. don&#;t u? ur&#;s can easily be told everything myfresmsthink phil an tha skank r together or sumthin goin on with them claurds a mes an john&#;s givin her shit coz ov rob cnt cope soph x myfresms.co.chihuahua pupies for sale htps:/w.gumtre/p/dogs/chihuahua-pups-for-sale-girl-boy-left/ myfresms x you ok? what you up to? stil cant find lift lol cal me if you want mwah love you myfresms ring mw when u can bo x myfresms i got a feling u ben stiring trouble up emas from what u just said myfresms ok, where are you greg? i have ikinio and adam here, we&#;re al waiting for you! you rang me hours ago! myfresms ring me on my number its rich myfresms bel me please g its joe myfresms can i come up pls? text bk my phone ady :) myfresms ive got change hun as she wants stuf at shop n irish loto put on so il come round in mins if u want hun its mel darl x myfresms cal me again when u can tonight % - it&#;s adam (got no texts so using a website to send this) myfresms cal me myfresms or i can get it moz hun if thats beter u let me know thow plz darl its mel hun lol x myfresms i love you .and mis u loads already, i fel lonely without u here its shit lol, i hope i se u son five i love you. myfresms hi hi hi hi myfresms yoyoyo get on facebok man myfresms hi - how are you doing? myfresms it bernie ring me x myfresms alistair its steph ye stil dropin they keys of phone my phone please myfresms come online baby x myfresms hi how r u baji myfresms i went down and grabed you a botle mate, grabed a botle of coke with it also. myfresms hi how r u myfresms gbjm myfresms night be x myfresms i&#;m now on my way josh just sending you this mesage via tinternet thingy myfresms is your mate single ? give him my number if interested michele x myfresms hi andy, spoken to cas no luck until . at the earliest, very quiet in town aparently. myfresms dan its mike if your pasing mine can u drop a s myfresms bro im heading into town in the next hour or s o if ur around cal me chers nick myfresms gj myfresms hey, you out tonight were for barcuda again if use wana met up;) steph x) myfresms jhgkh myfresms , , myfresms al u said today was lies babes ive not ben by bela and pay to get u beat up what a joke i was skint , i cant take no more x myfresms alright mate it&#;s jord can you ring me please number is myfresms yo man test myfresms pedra its ashton are you ok have you calmed down yet.have you gave lisa her back can you come and se me ring back or txt myfresms its david drop a half to mi mums please mate bib or nock when outside myfresms think you should tel liam your dark litle secret .should of in the first place to be honest god luck myfresms mum its neal. you know the money wil be in your bank fri an tha dole i owe you mon. i&#;m only asking for pound. ring please myfresms.co.pazvani mne, gints myfresms cal dad asap myfresms hey girl fod is nearly ready and kery lokin forward to us going there myfresms fuk dude mised ur cal if stil laorudn gime a shout and can met u anywhere sory bro! chers nic myfresms hdhdhdhdh myfresms saying ble its joe myfresms ring me please bro its joe myfresms luv u myfresms hi brian. its ras. came to check on you but you werent in. i know your busy but i kind of mis you. give me a cal please. myfresms get of your phone! myfresms its browny ring me mate myfresms cant belive not rang me i do everything can you cal me on house phone hate this just shows! ive had the home phone with me sick myfresms hi cal me back as i dont no who u r ive had . mis cals from you myfresms tetetetetetetete myfresms yo girl its layla fods done.i even made home made baguetespls cal me let me know whats hapening i did try cal u x myfresms hope this works myfresms hshe ht reh eht hrqeheh a herhe ae myfresms rt myfresms hkil/cjip/uopuoi;p/uho;/hoilk myfresms remember when you go to slep dont close your eyes cos fredies coming to get you fredies coming for you hahahahaha x myfresms you serious no cal at al i do everything myfresms nothing wrong with i do everything u bastard blatantly caused a fight fuk u wasting time when could of come by now knew u were a b myfresms hi lv wud u ask your mum if i could cal over tomorow with money james fel aslep my dad is gona drop money ere on his way home myfresms jay why u taking fuckin pis makin me wait hours. come now . u wil regret this myfresms yh everything is done pi count banking dors locked alarm set only thing im not hapy with is warehouse. steven myfresms hi mick its conor i slept through my alarm yesterday and had no credit to cal you i wil be able to do my shift tomorow myfresms hit me! myfresms mum put in the debit now please. for asda for playstation. do it now please myfresms wys buh its bendy, cn u ring me. gt no credit myfresms hi its vaidas cal me back in mobile number :) myfresms hey its vicky, can&#;t text. can you cal me? want and got cash myfresms hi hope your having a nice night it dom i have lost my phone and urgent ned it please go on your data when you can to talk x myfresms te ilgvars,uzvobi man uz ,ita erchis nr myfresms kels why block me number myfresms whats up u not like wa i had to say end of the day its the truth myfresms sus myfresms we weren&#;t together. but yeah, i don&#;t care anymore. i&#;m not bothered i&#;m over it al. i&#;m over you. enjoying life. i&#;m hapy. sent fsem ja ancka myfresms yes family ring me on my number let me no if u picking me up dean myfresms hi its ema cregan wu ring my phone myfresms hi only tan no credit sending this on line i think tie having her til monday then i wil til tuesday love u x myfresms hjhgjhghjgjhgjhgjh myfresms no reply then eh whats up u not like me ben honest with u u can give it but u don&#;t like it back hm myfresms you&#;re horible. al you do is hurt me and upset me. you&#;re so disrespectful puting the phone down. delusional myfresms cant ring me but tlking to jade again.nwo watch myfresms im never contacting you or answering you again. you&#;re just over al completely fucked up i can&#;t do it myfresms you make me so stresed that i want to hang myself and you bring no hapines to my life anymore myfresms easy bro its steven.sory msg late but i just woke up and wanted c if u wud flick me more plz bro.msg me no on my mobile plz myfresms yo easy ro its steven can u do that plz myfresms asdfghjkl myfresms shady u two! ring me! safe spoky myfresms lyne its jes ring me quick please x myfresms yo u gd myfresms . myfresms where u to si ring me myfresms al wil u ring me asap, its georgie haydn went to manchester and cant get hold of him. realy woried x myfresms cal back safy myfresms its mum got no credit love u x myfresms its mum love u x myfresms it&#;s laura, are you awake? i&#;ve no idea if you can reply to me on this. x myfresms church tomorow? yes or no myfresms wake up it ryan myfresms teresa please get in touch with me i love you :&#;( mike myfresms hbknknknkmk myfresms was going to go out aswel but waited for you i knew u wouldn&#;t turn up its just how everyone rols fuck you an fuck you al myfresms ok at the end of the day,i care u. alot. u semed b such a friend when i first met u.so why be like this? mis h/hg. wud luvcu myfresms its frustrating . im not sure when the peny wil drop and u realise just how much i wanted help u. ned talk with u/c u/asap myfresms remember when i first met u semed so swet and treated me as a friend. what went wrong? i realy do cared u. ring me asap x myfresms remember when i first met u semed so swet and treated me as a love you and realy want to help you up to you x myfresms ok wel i did my best. for y(u we cud realy have helped eachother tho u obviouslt prefer being treated lie crap. pity. liked u myfresms i don&#;t know why you lie i&#;ve tried ringing you times myfresms its brandon ring its urgent myfresms its sad. it realy is, as i thought we could help eachother. we could&#;ve, tho u chose not to. why? its your choice? love ya myfresms.co.omg. seriously, omg. just got numbers. it aint the bigie, but its a few grand! hoping u are maybve intrested now . ? myfresms i realise you onlylike money rathet than pl, which isa shame. tho we cud stil help each other. i realy do care u. a lot. up u myfresms i grive up. i tried my best. i realy did, and i could&#;ve helped you if only u had let me. pity ud rather be a whore. night. misu myfresms.co.what i don&#;t get is why u wud rather do what u do and suround yourself with pl that use/abuse u? i care u and wud help u? upu? myfresms.co.wel then, i gues u just don&#;t care- which is a shame, as i do realy care u, despite everything. pity u don&#;t tho. u have hr myfresmswhat i find sad is that of everyone u met, i actualy genuinely gave a shit and cared about u. yet u stil chose to steal and take myfresms and take the pe etc. why tho? i understand u hate punters- but i was a friend that actualy wanted to help u? so why wud u upset myfresms it makes no sense. i helped u when no one else would. yet u stil wanted to hurt me? why? i cared u and realy wanted myfresms reasly is a pity.have a think. please. its up to you what u chose tho icant se why u wud want to be a cheap whore etc.cu moz> myfresms jk myfresms ring max please x myfresms safe its scot medhurst ring me number if ur stil about got no cred myfresms stefan please cal me asap myfresms whats the dor number? myfresms testing it work myfresms ring me its natalie x myfresms yo yes i can go thiz morning mate wil ned some cash though? myfresms sonia its fiona sending mesage on fre text. are you at the gate. safe journey x myfresms its andy longford wot time u switch on got doe myfresms sonia you ned to be at gate . myfresms cal me mum its natalie x myfresms helo yo u got some wonger ? x. cal the home phone x myfresms hi angie, thats fine, se you at two. daniel. myfresms hi let me know when you are leaving and al ok from michele ( computer) myfresms its az can u text my number please cud u boz me til th or tomoz if they give me please mum would be so thankful x myfresms test test test myfresms hapy birthday luke. sory phone cut of til tuesday. hapy birthday. love kerst. x myfresms michael its elie ring me wen ya home please x myfresms its elie wil you ring me when u can x myfresms l&#;ekia, please just check your mesages. you&#;l understand. myfresms aji phone wont turn on so send me a quick email when your leaving. ive just got up. steven myfresms testing from somewhere else. myfresms it&#;s amy ring me john myfresms ru poping up today. jay myfresms helo cn u phone me pls myfresms hiya its tracey tried phoning im on the tried geting there earlier trafic mayhem wil phone again in a min its unknown x myfresms dany myfresms hi jony hope your ok as your a litle late that&#;s al xjanetx myfresms thanku the card jay sory i can&#;t se anyone atm .the boy i love punched my face black and blue had swolen jaw and black eye. i myfresms.co.i don&#;t want leave house for him to do that in front of my children and knock me out that my litle boy thought i was dead myfresms testing this works myfresms im sory i have nothing against you. plz could u try get my fone back plz as he tok that of me.my memories on there x myfresms hi be its la let me know if u get this mesage text me on my fine not back to this x myfresms hi myfresms its mugins, ring my fone mate, got no cred. myfresms its g from other day met u at chipery this is my new number ring us when your on pal myfresms aye u have pop dwn. x myfresms are you gona tick me n a th please safe myfresms ryans number myfresms hey man. haven&#;t got a phone til tomorow. can i have a lift to work later pls. can u leme know on facebok. ta. chris myfresms georgia it&#;s sam h gt out a can bug x myfresms zadzwon do mateusza ma urodziny dzis piotrek myfresms aye u have pop dwn. x myfresms its elie ring me please when ya can x myfresms mis sis ring me again. x myfresms hi hows it going you working today ? myfresms want me to ring u later it&#;s ben btw myfresms hi you asked if i&#;m male yes i am i&#;m mark nice to met you whats your name myfresms orite man,time can a grab a quick bit mate? its fyfe btw,phonema house myfresms what do u mean i stole i havent stole anythin! my exhaust fel of and i had to go home. al i had was my float money. dnt lie myfresms hi dad i stil have no credit i&#;m not ignoring your texts, don&#;t text this back it charges u just thought i&#;d se if you are ok myfresmgod afternon bos! its dwayne. :pm. god luck! #comeonyouspurs. d:-) myfresms you loging on today greg? - stef. text me or something. (not this number!) myfresms enter to activate. myfresms hiya pal. how&#;s you? you coming home today? give me a ring sometime. des :) myfresms helo mate its rafal i bring u money at pm beacouse that m an bring me money for that work i cal you sory for that lo ng myfresms paklaus bent kada mazdaug atleks savo seses ;) myfresms hey you litle bastars myfresms hej tu aska nie mam jak dzwoni.taj wiem miam i po kas dzi ale amela sie pochorowa w nocy. myfresms hey ryan it&#;s leane. yeh i noticed the other day, thanks so much for thinking to let me know though! not my number btw myfresms am back bro so if u can acomodate anythign today please let me know chers nick. wil be my last text til i hear from ya! myfresms have you got skype at al so we can chat i would like that myfresms test msg from bukhari via myfresms myfresms capcha codes myfresms i didn&#;t beg prostitute. blocking me cuz can&#;t take the truth. where did i say pls forgive me lol. i read bits of the bulshit mes myfresmshow pety.blocking me.u r such a cunt. i wish i never fucking met you. i hate you for this. u deserted me just wen i neded u. myfresms yo you guna sort me a bud man myfresms babe i got ur msg frm ur mum, if uve gone awol coz of the a we owe john then get ur sily arse hme i can cover it ily x myfresms it&#;s leane can you ring me defiantly please myfresms it&#;s rob. cal me please. myfresms fone my fone carie myfresms it&#;s kery i don&#;t have any credit to text or any money to top up x myfresms ring me asap as got everybody giving me shit, ova yr bul shit, so we got to soert things out with nick, as he wasnt hapy, myfresms home safe. crisps by ladbroke, scones by feny compton, chockys by farnborough ! no, only jokingthanks again, mel myfresms sam its nathan ring me your women is melting the phone and ned my phone got tobeathe gaver station son myfresms i&#;m done, i can&#;t do it anymore. it&#;s pointles you pretending you care, we&#;re never together, spending time together or talking. mkev its jena i&#;m a litle confused as y u don&#;t want c alfie? he crys evrytime u blank him! pls cal kev as its damaging him myfresms.whore why did u do this i mis you and your everything but alah wil pay you back for this cheating myfresms jhkhjkhk jbjkb j myfresms its jen iv got money get a tshirt but no way of geting it, let me no if ur not cumin bck so i can work out wat to do pls nath x myfresms babe please unblock me on fb can we talk please? why is it col for u to go out with work mates and drink but i cant go johns ?x myfresms babes its me, not sure if you wil get this but ive sent you an email as my batery is dead and no charger. email me bk x myfresms kay did u get that text im using internet to text u myfresms now ur movin on if u wants the ring i&#;l give it to ur mum&the money for my name to b covered u can use wat u owes for maci-leigh myfresms.co.upazvani uz manu numuru -kristers myfresms i know who it is i saved yah number lol i dont have texts :( but what favour is that x myfresms ice men&#;s silicone white strap chronograph watch / cheryl x myfresms its katie dont know if ur geting these texts but if u are dont txt back to this number tect back to my phone please . x myfresms its katie dont know if ur geting these texts but if u are dont txt back to this number tect back to my phone please . x myfresms hey can u cal me plz are u about myfresms i&#;d check your facebok mesage requests now if i were you myfresms paulie boi! its nick, aint got no credit so using this site lol, aint up to anything bruva you popin round? myfresms new mesage for colin myfresms just run out of credit and hsvr ben to peter where the phone reception&#;s not so god, he sems beter now ive ben to visit. myfresms hey its sahil. how are you? al ok? please do mesage me back on . thanks myfresms we went to coventry & dunelm mil and to the pound shop. managed to get the towels and facecloths.got some eurcryl to.u ok? mel myfresms for got to say had tok back the money to put back with rest of money, as lifted your jeans & change went flying. myfresms they prob do whole day ruined anyway! myfresms thanku m&#;age lovely lady my phone wil not let me text hopefuly se u tomorow fel rubish love vicky x myfresms hi mum wil be over monday ofered ticket concert nite can u help wil get stright with u next wek x myfresms hi it&#;s an-marie. if pos could u text me on my number and let me know if your at home at al this afternon. i&#;m just at romford myfresmsphone broken myfresms hi jay myfresms hi mark its calvin, me and carlos realy ned a sub please we got no money to reach pick up or get fod before work myfresms hi jaynie thanks for helping me out with a mini :). that red one is stil at i wonder if he would except a paypal send money myfresms just seing your ok i dnt know wot av gone to yu but av done nothing but cry am mising u i dno wot hapened i was so hapy , myfresms shower gel unsalted buter dishwasher capsules laundry washing liquid myfresms this has gone to far now. al i want is to se my son i&#;m coming to se him now cos your not taking him manchester myfresms al this is only making it worse for you its just showing that you are keping him from his dad by blocking me myfresms you know what i didn&#;t wana have to do this but i&#;m caling the social services cos this whole situation is wrong myfresms sfsfsfsfs lf ljfdjla fkhkfhls ciks swij ao cied ouja myfresms hi paul its jodi can u ring my phone mate plz wen u get this thanks myfresms i&#;m coming down there to sort this it&#;s a mes. if you don&#;t let me in i don&#;t care it neds sorting you can&#;t just block me mythat caused more problems.keps talking to me like this il flip, sory but u said u woud sort it.made worse.no reply here txt my myfresms its mike, chilin with stu tonite, ordered a new phone, but il phone you tomorow, to se if you want to do anything x myfresms i&#;m contacting your parents this isn&#;t right myfresms hopf monads and slice categories. myfresms daniel it&#;s tia cal my phone my credits gone asap myfresms gfdsdgfiugfiuh; myfresms andrew, i tok control of cogles acount. new pasword: monster. change email adres everywhere or next i take e acount. myfresms ring me back phone was on silent, ry myfresms hi eva, hope you are wel - item has sold out localy - so trying to get a lift to buy it. god bles jacquix myfresms yo, iphone just went % batery for no reason. got my old phone with me, just got home, neded to get a phone/charger. im ready myfresms it&#;s kirsty fancy going out? cal me myfresms hi paul its calvin is text mark ysterday and today about sub&#;s but not heard anything from him, realy ned it to get to pick up myfresms al this arguing isn&#;t what mason neds in his life. we should just be civil and be a mum and dad to our boy! myfresms fhdfh myfresms it tara phone cut of mesenger me if u can plz myfresms could you let grant know i&#;ve got a day ban on facebok from walesy myfresms beautiful tre lol myfresms hey its rob here, brokmount guy. can we get two? i also have that twenty i owe you please ring me when your outside, thankyou :) myfresms nie pi ju. zadzwo myfresms once i go down the legal route there is no going back! i am trying to solve this without doing it is this what you actualy want myfresms yo g sory about last night ended up geting into a fight lol wys man i bare stresed. also have you got anything at the mo harlen myfresms im not asking that me and you be together it&#;s past that now. but i want to talk about my son not al this other rubish myfresms my heads al over the place me and boys are mising you i hate going to bed with out you i love u and mis u please can we talk x myfresms hi its shanice myfresms suck a wind up with bad timing. i was on toilet. myfresms i&#;m coming there now. i&#;ve had enough of games! the police can&#;t do nothing cos i&#;m not after causing trouble just wana se mason mhi, was talking to me realy that bad? no ned to block me when i realy didn&#;t upset you yesterday nice to chat stil myfresms.co.i know you and burger niples are together so lets leave it at that i wil deal with him and wil wen am ready lok after the baby myfresms i beg you cal me not gona argue with you for what it&#;s worth i&#;m sory i was a prick but i ned to talk to you you know i love u myfresms.hi its calven, tried to cal but must be charging. can you put a fiver in please, i wil cal you in the morning myfresms yo im waiting for my tea just leting you know il be about an hour, sfe ru, p.s.&#;&#;dont txt this bak, its of the net&#;&#; myfresms.cohelo its me jan. try cal me tonight. i wil be most likely going my mums tomorow. went morisons today boring without you. x myfresms hi m it cele any chance u cud pop up me ma&#;s fr tn mins pls x myfresms saying ble ring me sedric myfresms hay its ste come to mine wen u finish hun x myfresms saying ble its joe ring me sedric myfresms hi joe. at station now myfresms hi graham glad your hapy with the amp al the best for xmas and the year ahead regards derek myfresms yo dude it joe is it ok to grab one til the morning again, i have no credit so if its ok could you give me a text on my number? myfresms why block me this isn&#;t going to solve anything your justmaking it clear there&#;s no way this is going to be resolved betwen us myfresms.cohi just an update, no work until the th december. thanks, team templine myfresms hey hru long time no se. when met? myfresms al your doing is making things dificult when al i want is aces to my son. and i wil leave you to get on with your life! myfresms tuhbcdtuombcsruoknfgubvdruhb myfresms its luke i got charger stil in my bag i put it on your couch! se if rich wil put another on for u il pay it in a few days myfresms helo, would you acept for the l tank and al the parts? (i don&#;t ned the l tank) many thanks. nathan - myfresms using weird text site.yea we were stronger together could have got past anything u no that.tb my num if u get this x myfresms stop using mason against me. surely you want this sorted why just drag it on unblock me and i wil turn round and go home! myfresms mam am texting of internet can you get me cans from spar if i met you? x myfresms hi what you doing myfresms bro wil be up til ten incase ur around chers sory about texting u so much ta nick myfresms coming to me ali? chris myfresms helo its me how are you myfresms i&#;m so fed up of this toxic relationship, i have no right as a gf i wil never have a right as a wife. i can&#;t live like this. myfresms.co.i don&#;t want anything from you no nikah no weding. i want you to leave me alone like you have so far and just be hapy. myfresms this is nobody&#;s fault, it&#;s life shit hapens and we ned to deal with it, you don&#;t respect me at al not even litle bit. myfresms.comg htp:/amateur-british-girls.tumblr/post/frowny-face-ricki-w-isle-of-aran myfresms to much has ben said and i can&#;t forget al that. forget about me, i&#;m sory for not being or loking like what u want tc mizan. myfresms.yo man its hyx, can&#;t reply to txts like that get hold of me on fb/telegram myfresms jkj myfresms htp:/w.gogle myfresms helo ;) myfresms i found youre number on youre facebok page. something you should know but i am also se if viv aswel . myfresms merhaba cal back no credit myfresms bro its jake.u ned to fix up dany wanted cash he ben caling you for hours now hes gone to get fod.of someone else i told u myfresms i told.u to lok after my customers ive got someone last night aswel saying no awnser u lost like bils this wekend myfresms phone me mate pady myfresms unblock me please myfresms your a proper cheky cunt you! i&#;l always find a way to tel that, when you get down from this wobler your on do not text my num myfresms.co.hi mum, heres my new number. . am i going to be seing you anytime over christmas. give me a ring. alex x myfresms hi it dave could. u phones. my. phone myfresms hi pete, thx had a god day. hope you. i wil be there at about : se you tomorow :) amir - myfresms lol he&#;s with his ex now for his birthday pmsl myfresms ask gem for abit more tak for me pls chris x myfresms you prefer to send me a sms regarding abortion instead of caling me :-( myfresms hey it&#;s : myfresms wise men say . myfresms wud say come down but not like im guna be much company bcuz its getin on now lol. its jo btw x myfresms txt bk to my num btw x myfresms helo mr c benion id: you are required to atend an interview at holy family rc schol heywod. ujm mesage myfresms plz fone me, i can&#;t contact u, i hate when your not here its kiling me x myfresms siema marcin, tu wojtek z artformu. masz moze miejsce na jutro? odpisz na moj nr myfresms yes j its sam, fly round to kevs when u got chance bro got busines here for u lad myfresms can you get me a oreo mcflury from mcdonalds myfresms vjhbjhkbjhvrcvjkbjhuogfhbjh myfresms please use skype myfresms please use skype on your laptop myfresms suna-ma.raluca pe numarul meu myfresms yes j its sam, fly round to kevs when u get a chance bro got busines for u pal myfresms you&#;re mobile phone is now secure and safe to use, be careful and be vigilant with what you do. god luck and stay safe :) myfresms i&#;l give u the ring bk,i gota except im not who u wants&uve moved on even tho it hurts i luvs u i always have,hope ur hapy now myfresms.co.uwho the fuk said tai ain&#;t urs and his justin&#;s u prat! there u go again making up ur own stories. this is why ur alone and sad! myfresmshay tisha myfresms i cant text, dude, i did say! yeah im god, but also sen weather rain tomorow. let me know you get this. myfresms i cant aford to pay for it so dont get it myfresms did you get text? ring me fela myfresms its steve myfresms i mean it i cant aford it so dont ask me to pay for it! i knowu aint ben yet n hury up i cant rest im petrified myfresms yo its edy give me a cal back bro myfresms zvhjvhjv f high just ghj myfresms bonjour senor! its dwayne. was angry and anoyed at my boys earlier but you deserved the points. wel played bos. d:-/. myfresms briliant myfresms its dany radnor bro, got no credit just text of pc. one of each. im in mine. how long? dany myfresms ur hubie is cheating on u, check his mesage myfresms kels unblock me number you cunt myfresms trf myfresms u nt gt fone on cus to busy. u dnt lov me like u use to. dnt evn lok at me wen hvsex lol. u use to jump on me wen saw me. dw sam myfresms don&#;t cal me again. treat me like shit. u dnt lov me lyk u use t.u dnt cum near me anymore . kep checkin fb while ur wit sum! myfresms u not wana read wa i put on sc thn eh myfresms don&#;t bother coming upstairs either night myfresms aw what up u scared of the truth u dnt like ben told the truth tht why u scared to check sc myfresms always had to lok over my shoulder with u u ben a fake since day one. never cud trust u myfresms mj nick to southampton:) pisz, a ty nic myfresms if chris is stil with you can you sel him w n d n send him to me plz scoty myfresms what you doing kevin myfresms hdbdb myfresms i realy dont no wat has hapened bt i stand by the fact i swore down aint involved with no women,pretend as u wan wnt endlike this myfresms u can go back to fucking most of sunderland except wnt b behind my back myfresms where the hel are you! myfresms hi gugh myfresms sam it&#;s luke. iv got no mins number is myfresms asdfghjklxcvbhnmj myfresms afghgh myfresms latvia skeleton team to boycot world championships in rusia myfresms test htp:/i.imgur/imxrjao.jpg myfresms ring me kamy myfresms hi u ok myfresms marcus please text my phone marcus baby i&#;m sory i run out of credit please text my phone i love you so much x myfresms ash it&#;s alex got a gram if wanted it until late tomorow and a joint you can have if you do knock my cluster dor bro myfresms please take your flight on w if there is no apointment at the clinic within this wek.if i could decide only i want to se you myfresms i love you, scr! i do not understand why you used the word &#;acusatory&#;. god night! myfresms ring me its sarah myfresms you play with yourself so i wil hear. i&#;m hard like a rotweiler and you don&#;t care. wtf myfresms yo its me you waly myfresms i want to make love to you so bad. myfresms i&#;m just a game to you. kmft myfresms s myfresms nice work. you must have already found someone to shag cos you aren&#;t at home. can&#;t actualy believe you just said that to me. myfresms.coctcfyvgb gh myfresms mate, come round now you&#;re probly aslep not the point, from minutes to hours. not like you live far fucks sake myfresms i enjoy sending saucy mesages. thinking you enjoy makes me hard. imagine your hard niples wet pusy you touching them. i wank myfresms let me know you get home safe please john myfresms zadzwon do mnie teraz bo nie mam nic nak oncie myfresms cal brendon , where you myfresms a girl bk your flat already knew it wouldn&#;t b long hahahaha myfresms hey trying again ha myfresms ben, your asignment at bazar group has now ended and you wil no longer be required to atend unit , nelson industrial. cordant myfresms helo pal, just a heads up to arnt neded today, we should be back to normal for tuesday though, can you work then? myfresms y ave u gota kep going on about it . just enjoy your nite and kep snifing yh. i ave gota other shit wory about myfresms u don&#;t care about me or even love me thats wat has hurt me the most. your just selfish gaz not once ave u asked me how i am! myfresms stil awake bro? fancy meting me with lil bump of that for wrk plz mate, or even play for hour but have to b v qiuet tho txtbk myfresms dai panada ena achi? cal panra. balaji m myfresms u moved on already then. y don&#;t u care about me myfresms ryan myfresms would u b hapier if i was dead gaz myfresms morning rob sory louis wont be in schol he has ben feling sick. chers rachel myfresms dfhjfdkydkhfdhd dfj dfdjytrkfkhgf d myfresms fgkfkutfjf fgftljvfu gljvjlg vkj myfresms hope your hapy and your bitch was worth it, your son has ben sick and upset because of you and has mised schol, wel done myfresms hi baby sory. ive ben aslep for a long time but am fine x myfresms ghjkjhgkjgkjgkjhgkjhg ghjgkjg ghgjkjhg ghjkjg ghjhg ghjhg myfresms hey grandad its ian. ive sent the . sory lost my phone charger again. also asda paid me about pound which is abit confusin myfresms hi. forgot phone. & canot receive texts. from bad to worse. sory. d. myfresms tex me u gt dis n dnt say nufin i&#;m cumin myfresms test msage myfresms carolan have a god night saturday? shame she cheated on you bro. sory myfresms banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana myfresms just got of phone to tht agencie. if i can get to meopham (.) i can start tomo, also ned wash power, p bread plz myfresms please reply me if you got this sms, saly myfresms hi hi hi hi hi hi hi myfresms morning! wel we are curently waiting for a dentist apoint in a local dentist for scot! he was up al night in agony! fun eh myfresms phone me mother myfresms helo mum what you saying when you get this ring me please x myfresms nan ring my phone myfresms joe it&#;s bogey i might be able to make it for u to go funeral depends what time it is myfresms can you go to the bank today, u stil behind. just cos u put in , then mis a payment. u mised before after the myfresms morning kiten. i&#;ve left my phone at home by mistake so can&#;t text you. have a safe flight. i love you x myfresms its shely. mesage me on facebok if you ned me. left the kids scoters at schol by the gate with their helmets love you x myfresms gday ads cal myfresms unblock and cal me pls myfresms hi baby. check your email. i have left my phone at home. love you x myfresms mam give me a ring. gema x myfresms slag myfresms it le have u got pound today myfresms thanks, you sure it was today? * alex myfresms h myfresms il give it back on friday ok mum. theres just few bits ive sen on deal which i rewly wana get for you and nany. please text myfresms ring amanda phone myfresms helo sirji, anup here.please give a cal when u r available. wanted to discus about flat as i want to finalize today. myfresms hi paul. tim mackenzie, crfs ltd. please contact tmackenziecrfs or phone . folow up from doug king of pole zero myfresms hi jane. im mirkia. i left my phone in the studio. i wil come back for it around . do not reply. i have no phone. mirkia myfresms test myfresms cau, esmu biblioteka. tava maza mila meitene. buca myfresms the right number myfresms its ema ring back if you get this mesage x myfresms hi mate its alex tryed phoning but no answer,just to let you know im in mine til about - if your neding to pop round chers myfresms hi claire, thanks for leting me know that you wil be in doing fet on the flor on friday. se you friday dx myfresms phone me its sarsh asap myfresms its kiera give me a cal on my number plz thanksdidnt realize i ned to top up :( prob geting home myfresms stop textin me dnt wana talk to u myfresms where u no text left myfresms hey you, its cara cal me .x. myfresms b rod, its scot. no credit in fone stil. got moe nice shit in again there. you ned anything the day ring my fone myfresms dave haven&#;t u got my msgs over past days? cud u pos put in my act for rent? shud av ben paid ystdayx myfresms kajoj myfresms dzwonilem przed chwila z koncowki numeru w sprawie pokoju do wynajecia, aktualne ? ja chlopak lat , pracuje jakub myfresms private medical centre klinika w acton eastfields road london w a w.pmc-medic email: infopmc-medic myfresms hope your going to the bank today, going away on friday and ned extra money myfresms can you get me a phone or se if someone can get a contract out please myfresms hi its gav. pasports have arived through the post for you. myfresms dhd myfresms dhd myfresms hehehe myfresms cs myfresms your studio sesion is boked for wednesday pm. prices start from per hour regards dred bright light studioz myfresms helo big tits myfresms your studio sesion is boked for tuesday pm. prices start from per hour regards dred bright light studioz myfresms hi m r u ok myfresms cal me wen u get a chance ned to set up new date for january txt me on my number dred myfresms mum cal e on & register my phone please i cant use it. if they say whats first & nd charachter of the pasword its j and o myfresms you only turn to me when or contact me when the funs over, you could of stayed her yesterday al day and night but you chose drink myfresms can u cal me on my number pls . jade myfresms where the fuck am ya ned a fuckin fag plz myfresms your studio sesion is boked for friday / pm prices start from per hour regards dred bright light studioz myfresms its dom phones cut of, ring back if want. iv caled thrifty they have no other cars myfresms ace is boked in for wednesday you&#;re boked for friday let me know of any isues regards dred bright light studioz myfresms hi matej, i resign from mcdonalds. bye. younes myfresms hi myfresms hi. i want to confirm the work from tuesday to thursday in the ap and from friday to saturday in alpen. igor. thank you. myfresms hi its june andrea just a we text to find out if i&#;m alowed the loan this wek thanks x my new number x myfresms i mis u everyday i ave lost not just my best friend but my lover. i hope u r ok tho myfresms love u isa myfresms dan its josh can you come to mine on odsal bro let me know on my phone. myfresms your facebok pasword has ben reset. thanks for using our service. myfresms its j, no wories about . duno if geting these. can you ask em for ten tik for us until , fel realy ratley x myfresms hi its gav. sent you a couple of texts but i dont know if they got through. pasports have arived for you. myfresms its stephen sim not working mind met me at cash n cary tonight myfresms bary it&#;s dk please cal me on thanks beuv myfresms ned u to unblock me we ned to talk i&#;m not guna make his hard i promise i&#;m trying to kep things okay i ned u it&#;s important myfrehi you ok myfresms nana ring me plz myfresms yo its dred phone me myfresms yo is kolombia come tu my flat ,garden flat at rear myfresms hey dad it&#;s loz can u do that for ? using fre sms online so please mesage me or bj on facebok . love u x myfresms salut verisoara! nu am credit la moment, ma poti gasi in viber cu acelasi nr. te imbratisez, liliana. myfresms uj myfresms testukas myfresms it&#;s claire cn ya do me til tnite? let me know on my no love myfresms fone me please x myfresms x ring me tomorow myfresms pawlak myfresms hi. myfresms its chloe have u finished yet ? x myfresms ring mum it super sam myfresms this mesage is test myfresms dad ring me its ciaran myfresms ring me its dean myfresms helo man its ivy .i m at home today .no working.and i ned u to cal me about wi.or just come to meivy myfresms your pay hours normal pay and paid & unpaid holiday total . cath . hours . = . myfresms its del can u bel me pls mate or come mine myfresms yo let me knw wht is hapening coz am going out very son n if u ant ben itl hve ta wait while tomra as a dnt knw wat tym am bk myfresms hi deane, daren and marcus here.we&#;re on ps if you&#;re up for meting up on there? myfresms you&#;ve made it to the rumor mil for being of your cake and making a show at ye xmas night out hahaha wel in kida myfresms cal back simeon asap please myfresms helo hows you today x myfresms sas myfresms phone me please asap its josh myfresms mum can you transfer money myfresms alret mate, was just outside the club, no credit either. how close are you? txt my phone babaz myfresms i live like behind the club. if the clubs on your left its the first left then left again. theres some garages myfresms what are u driving? myfresms pozvani miloja moja,eta ja artur.ja tak saskucelsa po tebe i hocetsa usliwats golos tvoi. myfresms haha aye its the northern up at north seaton. next to the spar etc myfresms hei atsuti sms myfresms testing c myfresms hi love mop, cal me. i&#;ve no credit. x myfresms hay its graeme im just waching a few shows what about you yeah zanex whas is from america ? and congrats on buying bitcoin myfresms im stil so upset about everything, i honestly cant understand how youve sudenly turned so heartles? talk to me please, ring me! myfresms its gem, loly ring me. i dont know whats oing on x myfresms just a mesage myfresms phone cut of bro its kendal cal back myfresms its gem, ive got no credit. please cal me :( x myfresms i&#;l drop it on way to stables yeah it&#;s in my walet i&#;l get owen to run in with it . i&#;l get my stuf in wek owen here myfresmum ring me myfresms jack it&#;s scot cal chers myfresms there no court leters here just loked i&#;l be ins with ya card myfresms ring me. its rob myfresms test one myfresms hi its stace txin of fre tx site on internet dont know if u got my tx from nik fone but have n cred hence y no reply but u nt tx myfresms hi how r u doing myfresms tes testest myfresms hi max its mat can i get a golden virgina pouch of you son. my phone is broken can you prank cal me if its ok to get tobaco myfresms fre myfresms . myfresms its hana.my fones broke.r u bout? if u r,can u txt back this num if i can come up urs?. or u pop up mine?x myfresms wag myfresms joe.i ned to be clear and im serious. are u not coming here? if ur not uve got no right to threaten me and asume stuf. myfresms yo mate are u at home? ned ! adrian myfresms al i wish you is hapines for ever taslem we are meant together we have gone through to much to give up this easy myfresms its stac txin of intrnet again u kep asumin al the worse about me i havnt had credit and iv tx of here once alredy and nikis fne myfresms itd not to late to turn this around you wil stil get the new house and money but we wil be togerter as a family just for sec myfresms just forget about the fre housing that your trying to get and the money we both ned each other one cant live without the other myfresms cal me dany myfresms hi how are you? myfresms and waren has his schol performance in scol playground i have to take him in at if u wana go ur welcome to il b ther myfresms mum its pete ring me now please x myfresms jutro : tam pod sklepem na rogu - mariusz myfresms i would love to bum your head of with my strap on and watch you sick daves dick as i do myfresms alright sal its pete, can get mum to ring me please x myfresms helo julie.i hope everything&#;s ok.i tried to get you last wek and realy am sory to trouble you.can you help please steven ta. myfresms.co.uyo u comin or leaving it son, if ye don&#;t come its fine just make sure u get down sometime fela. michael myfresms oi oi, its emily :) just saying im poping down to naths now-ish, bringing a j with me, wont be long x myfresms what time do you want me to met you at the shop. please ring the house to let me know. myfresms hope you have a nice and enjoyable xmas to.x myfresms zadzwon do mnie broda myfresms hi its gav, did you get any of my mesages earlier? pasports arived for you. myfresms my phone is cut of so i cant text you am talking to virgin u , paid bt turn internet on&of til it comes back on txt my fone x myfresms hi mate its anthony no texts yes back in tomorow if they stil ned me sory had my litle boy il over the wekend and no credit myfresms don&#;t ask my mum about my son again u psycho don&#;t deserve to know a thing can block me and pretend y care u disgust me buly myfresms.co.be sure not to text me then block me so i&#;m not a loud to defend myself cos you&#;re a horible buly dead to us now you have nothin myfresmstesting testing testing testing myfresms hi can u ring me m pls myfresms test does this work myfresms oi you dead geza answer your phone it&#;s me seagul caling ya on private chut myfresms helo baby i love you so much myfresms hi my phone wont let me text thank u m&#;age fel rubish but be back tomorow as canot aford to be of hope ur ok love vicky x myfresms.co.uits jes did you get my mesage m ? please text my phone myfresms ring rhyleigh myfresms m its yer sidekick fae work lol,a fukn tok a photo of the wrang shet, can u send me when a start the mawra when u finish chers myfresms intra pe fb x myfresms its jes, you coming lauras hun? let me know asap text my phone x myfresms yes mate job center at . can it be a pound day as it xmas lol se you tomorow myfresms comes mins myfresms ads myfresms asda myfresms alright its mel ive inboxed u could u mesage me bk plz myfresms can you phone me pls, ta. tunji myfresms ring me cuz rory myfresms ring me beaver myfresms unblock me. ive ben down police station to hand myself in ive got to go back at in morning. but i ned to no what beth myfresms ned to know what beth is gona say. i did wrong. which was acident but i have to take whats coming, me n beth ned same story myfresms if stories don&#;t match/ then imbeing releast with no charge myfresms yutyif myfresms cal me on my no. . claudiu myfresms vasile intra pe fb myfresms n myfresms yo x myfresms cal me on my no. . claudiu.im at church now myfresms beth has my number if she wants to ring me. to tel me her story about it. we ned matching statements myfresms hi its me sadam from work, email me to se if you recieved it khansasadamyaho lmao myfresms ring me please ble a raised myfresms ring me. myfresms uhwenjkml myfresms huejokl myfresms please! just here me out, i no u aint interested. we ned to speak! its serious! please#! unblock me please! please! myfresms ring me. c. no credit. myfresms i fucking mis you. myfresms dermalogica daily microfoliant gm/.oz myfresms hey its gwen, i am in, no texts til midnight though x myfresms i cant chat to you anymore now i&#;m back with my x girl f ive had to delete you for god so forget that card we geting engaged myfresms hi sheps teth myfresms ring me mama please x myfresms hi how are yo u i ned to chat myfresms it&#;s sax can u do me a til tomorow i got that spd if u wana hold that text me bk on my phone myfresms cal. c. myfresms baby cal my house phone mums using the laptop atm arent you up for work yet? love you x myfresms it&#;s sax can u do me a bag til wednesday bro text my phone bk myfresms it&#;s sax can u do me a til wednesday text my phone bk myfresms carie i have ur would it be ok to tick til the morning? i tried caling but the phone is cut of lol reply on my number pls myfresms za ile ty bedziesz ? kurwa kluczy zapomnialrm myfresms love you x myfresms jo myfresms john did you ask jason to let me know because if not i&#;m going to msg him but don&#;t wana lok a tit. maisie can come thank god myfresms.coit&#;s dom by the way sory the only reason i&#;m asking for tick again is i had to pay my rent today lol but yh i have ur ten myfresms dede myfresms milk cofe sausages mash yorkshire pudings stilton vegetable soup myfresms don&#;t reply this num just ring house or msg me on fb myfresms please read your email and get back in touch sometime. i&#;m not wanting to fight darlin, but i&#;m realy bad with this stuf myfresms.comonday .am - . pm, juastinas jasenas, aciu gero vakaro. myfresms hi, i&#;d like to bok a chest wax tomorow or for wednesday, please. please mesage me on thank you. myfresms eran its chris bro, any chance get ticket in exchange for lifts home al this wek bro tx my mobile back myfresms hey jak sie masz myfresms u get my tx bro? what u think fair deal? let me know back on my mobile number chris myfresms yo it&#;s smithy. ring my phone brudah x myfresms hi hun, it&#;s chloe, av u managed to sort anything, txt bk to my number please x myfresms m, bel me on number please m.(fred) .this is a fre text thing. &#;i go out on friday nite & i come &#;ome on satrday morning&#; myfresbaby its kieran ring me please baby girl i was oj wen i said i hang up cos i fort u was oj bout moaning again x myfresms helo again, how are you? myfresms madras stret simonside ne ay guy with phones can u text. my phone bk to let me no u have received this thx myfresms mr husain - napoleon casino myfresms this is fiona higins.i don&#;t have aces to a phone to contact you. can you please contact me via email fehiginslive.thanks myfresms.co.hi mate its keith, can u cal me please i cant ring out on my phone, chers myfresms i sent you a text but not sure if you got it - wil u get in touch if u can please, im geting woried. i love you, jo x myfresms am a that bad to be completley shut out after a day chrisie jez .harsh al a want is one chance again myfresms what up son myfresms tas test myfresms fred ere d, on w, try n ask pl if they want mil, iv lost al me numbers, andozgotgod myfresms hi mum its steph nt get cred atm so txt of fre txt did yu ask dad weather if could txt me to bham hws u txt back to my no. x myfresms if u get this, i&#;m sory. my fear of losin u is kilin me. i ned to speak with u in person. please. i love you myfresms baby you havent caled once before your shift youve only got a few mins we only spoke briefly when you woke. umey myfresms grow up you coward and talk! like a child. myfresms iubire dormi>? myfresms x myfresms mate its bily i&#;ve left my mobile phone over anton&#;s contact me on facebok i realy ned it would u pick it up for me lol sory myfresms.check myfresms where are you? this is taking the pis x myfresms yo its g u stil on bro give me a ring on myfresms michael coming out myfresms yo it&#;s smithy i int got no texts left. im be bk at . if ur busy at that time i&#;m be at home al evening so il wait for you bro myfresms.cit sheley why be such an hateful spiteful person myfresms yo its lew, hez didnt have petrol, what u doin? tb my phone myfresms nick its julian are u stil awake if so ring my phone mate myfresms aleksai, butinai pasuk i mano nr. olia myfresms i ask u to ring my mobile and u say thankyou right o pal because that makes sense mind dun it myfresms and as for walking the dog mum wanted to go so didn&#;t think u would want to i duno thanks by the way u make me laugh sarcy c*t myfresms hey its me i ran out credit! sory love, i love you mesages and i love you x myfresms no house phone anymore either take it your not ringing i don&#;t care tala then myfresms if you lok on facebok you wil se what&#;s hapened m don&#;t mind the slap coz lenthis stuf out myfresms lost my phone at work gona get it in morn when i drop car of wil txt u when i get it back x myfresms its t bel me myfresms hi, someone gave me ur number who read ur bok. do u know any love spel caster? thanks. my email is felixplamerhotmail myfresms vdvdvdvdvdvd myfresms come in to work for myfresms hiya mum,its adam. i gave chris to giv u go toward my xmas present. txt back my number so i know u got this. love u :) myfresms hi, its coin, ive no rced so gota use this shity online txt service, u awake yet am no wel babe fone my fon or txt if u awake.x myfresms hi babe its colin gt no cred so gota use this service online, i am il babe, how r u? fone mu num if u awake.x myfresms iv stil got the card come back myfresms akins akin sh ak myfresms how are u bro? cal me back it&#;s eric myfresms its conor wha did ye want go on fb myfresms ana rasim ayatli fi num tai myfresms yo myfresms u make me say stupid things to u, why do u have to be like this with me, do u not realise how ur being wiv me. myfresms u treat me like some dick head. everytime u do sutin wrong u say u don&#;t wana b wiv me. u said u we&#;re gna cum at why chat shit myfresmsur saying now that u don&#;t wana be with me right? but then when i&#;m gone ur gona come back to me u dnt no what u fkin want myfresms i&#;m gona fuck of out the country where nobody can find me then se how u like it then, u wil never se me again ever i promise myfresms.co.uhey does this work smh i ned to know myfresms po po head myfresms deleting fb wont change the fact he wil be in a bras next wekend shame cant send u prof myfresms yur a riot myfresms aha st a yu nobod like yu or wan u never hav never wul cause every laugh ehind yr back cal omly wants yu fur sex n u th t ea myfresms fd g myfresms kurwa zaspalem powiesz ze sie chwile spoznie ? stefan myfresms cancel. ref a lorna robinson myfresms back mama x myfresms salut sunama te rog urgent pe numarul urgent alex ca cred ca miau cazut cheile in masina myfresms sean forest, ward - please se how he is myfresms hi michael sory i slep i wil work for min stefan myfresms hiya its lean i haven&#;t got cred so using a fre sms online :p ive got sky of today as wel temp of ., hope mathews ok x myfresms please ask for graeme stark at reception for your interview! god luck speak later nick! myfresms dim fi oed yn gofyn fatha be tisio i swper! cury etc - dad ti oed yn weindio ti fyny dim fi! o ni dim yn deud dim byd -sue myfresms helo, can you ring me please, it&#;s your sons father. myfresms hi alan , its paul . can you give me a cal please when you get a min , tryed to cal of house phone but no answer , thanks myfresms colen it&#;s paul ring me on my number please myfresms i hope your going to the bank today, time and time again you make it so hard. your behind, can u catch up please. myfresms i thought showing you how worked up i was geting with videos would make you understand and back of a bit. but no. myfresms uo myfresms instead you take me having a mental break (which you were making worse) personaly why did you want to get close to me again? myfresms hi, can we rearange for am tomorow morning. something has come up that i ned to do today thanks, paul owl electricians myfresms hi its dani, i have just broken my phone :( love you x myfresms helo , how are you? myfresms she died. gone myfresms hey kirk it&#;s glen i&#;m stil feling il dude i&#;m not gone be able to come out to work today myfresms my shoulders and back ache to fuck and i fel dizy -_- let paul know for me please myfresms its the th, uv only paid since the th. myfresms also my phone has prety much packed in it itself, today just keps geting beter -_- hence why i didnt text you from it myfresms sory to be inconvenient, to you and paul myfresms unblock me now were on a break you fol. dont ned to block eachother jesus christ youre like a bitchy litle scholgirl myfresms fdfgdgh myfresms if there&#;s no answer at watford avenue today please leave the parcel in the grey bin. thanks. myfresms test with myfresms. dw. myfresms yo don&#;t trust chris he&#;s cheating on you myfresms hey bo myfresms hey, wats hapening sleping beauty, god to se you as always. wil pop up son either a bit later or tomorow night when i done myfresms why are you doing this to me please its realy hurting al im asking is for them you kep teling me son but not givin date myfresms it skely cn u ring me house phone myfresms liv can you please give me that blokes details who you spoke to from bromyard myfresms im coming down to se how my girls are? as now your just being pety myfresms helo alisha, im sory i am like i am to you, hope you cn forgive me. got photos to send you of kids, unblock me james x myfresms it skely cn uring my houise phone r u on ? myfresms mum can lend me twner phone my phone i got no credit myfresms cw nu k tew tur ?/? myfresms yo rik its dan my phone screns bust wil have al that shortly soz for the longnes should of give it ya last wek sort it thoasa myfresms you have to beautiful girls to help you get over me i dont have that you dont let me you say you sorting it but when myfresms hi sarah, its natalie,ive had to mesage you of here. please can we try to sort things out i dont wana go on like this. myfresms the quicker i have them the faster i let you go why dont you se that why are you stil saying son and not doing anything bout it myfresms what time are you back its jord myfresms why was i never enough why do you only say the right things to get stuf out of me then leave to turn on me again myfresms why can you speak to random men but you cant update the father of your children how is that right why am i stil mising out myfresms safe d its dan, got that geza numba phone my phone got no credit safe bro myfresms im hapy for you why cant you just grow up and stop playing with my life what if the shoe was on the other fot i wud nver do to u myfresms you at home make sure this shit is sorted today im not mising out anymore iv done it long enough myfresms also can i have the blokes details from bromyard myfresms just realised you was cheating on me this whole time in fownhope you shoved a cucumber up yourself for some one which wernt me myfresms lcg york darlington : dec myfresms helo rob u ok m myfresms hi it&#;s zoe. i&#;m having problems with my phone but you can stil reply to me on that number. is th or st ok? myfresms jdbdbdbxjsbdvcscsjsjdjdvdvs myfresms hi its mat. havent ben able to text back. cming through to ediburgh either tonight or tomorow f you want to et. let me knowx myfresms please ca; myfresms helo myfresms hi there, the adres for the bmw series is: lindsay avenue, nots, ng dj, . thanks andy myfresms its lily ring mphone at / i&#;l get the . bus to town i&#;l be up by . ok x se u later babe x myfresms fgdgdfgd myfresms hey can u get hazel to phone me plz thanks x myfresms erherhe myfresms ring me please be jordon myfresms its jordon ring my phone asap myfresms d t g h myfresms hi handsome. i have not sen you for a couple of weks now:( i hope you are ok. i was hoping to se you before i go on holiday.m myfresms it tom i got phone i left at les bk u cn ring me tht number x myfresms email me on magdalena.dewp.pl let me know if you ok myfresms test g g myfresms yo myfresms