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myfresms i hav snd u a mail.plz chck it at your id {rabia_smarthotmail} plz check it myfresms helo daniel,can you do a xmas gift for me? have u any old mobilph. with web browser? write: jan*wow ,sms - myfresms vlad stefan sunt. aveti sa imi dati si mie un cond de brd? eu sunt pe fb. fa aste pentru lichiorul de ciocolata al anei :) myfresms ry when u get this can u ring me , i remembered y i wanted u to cal last night was c if u had rung sky yet? x myfresms soso, stefan aici. aveti sa imi dati un cont de brd? azi e ultima zi cand pot sa va pun bani. vorbisem cu juno dar nimic inca.sal myfresms tesco is packed myfresms morning baby give me a ring if u can love u x x x x x x myfresms tesco is packed. i wil buy the chicken. myfresms baji phone or net on karo myfresms baji kithy ho on karo myfresms bestamericahotelrocketmail myfresms do not go to marks it wil be awful myfresms phone me honey xo myfresms inform me whenever u r online. mis u myfresms i am never busy for u myfresms blahblah myfresms hiya babe can you kep ringing my phone please so ican find it! myfresms baby put it under the cat please :) in a bag or sumek :) loveyou loads x myfresms you write against musa he win you lose so you pul out he wins i know you very wel ranguni and your famly leave comite alone myfresms got up,shaved my beard tok my shower preparing myself to the engagement of my friend mehdi and of course al that on thinking ofu myfresms wt time u wnt pikin up myfresms war for me lol wat have i done now myfresms hi kel thats done for you love dad&mom myfresms hi, i&#;m years old male. i come form poland. i have experience working as a waiter and barback. regrads, radek myfresms mum! can we skype, i have wifi! got no batery on my phone. mis uz x myfresms testing myfresms morning be its chris, hope your ok? im mising you so much! what you ben doing last night? love you x myfresms be i just ben sick again :( i don&#;t fel wel i love u x myfresms i wil ask vicky about the money when she gets up and nope no bandages sory i thought we had one in but we dont sory myfresms arshad pick me at ok thanks myfresms jus woke up come fbk now myfresms hiya mum its kirsty can you ring me please x x x myfresms m,mk myfresms hi mandy its candice can u cal me on please we have broke down and theres something wrong with my phone thank you x myfresms wake the fuck up its chanele! myfresms chris its tanya cal me bk myfresms sort code .acount number .name mis a m kenedy bank hsbc love ya alicia ler me knw wen done x myfresms hi i thought you shod no your so caled lad is a cheat! he stil speaks to jena and has sen her again god luck with that myfresms hey magie its david again just writing to know if your ok wb on msn if u can or want . mis you x myfresms leon its j jus let u no just picked up half sum kiler g haze way beta than tht ak n lemon iv u wnt a q i do u it let me no myfresms last one til new year mate ,j til mine myfresms bal any chance u can sort a tena of them draws u owe me cuz wen went to do electric last nite was pound short means it b of sf,j myfresms new number. paul. myfresms you ad me bk on myfresms stephy its me! that mised cal was dads house phone, i lost mine :( pupy just jumped on my bed he. cal me x myfresms hi myfresms u gone bust or wot? myfresms harow! duno if ul get tis, sry for faling aslep last nyt dont realy mind it, was knackerd, wke up misin u :(. pne at?hay dad can you ring me please? x myfresms helo ema i love you please cal me love james myfresms mis u myfresms dude i finish at , txt my number n let me know where ul be, stop leting me (meant to be ur mate!) down! ned you to come through myfresms cal my mums phone myfresms hi meski selam new endet nesh beka netsanetesh ende bezy aderegesh beka medeweyam geze asatash yehun gen boge ande bota wesdew an myfresms oi slepy head u stil in your pit paul x myfresms hiya be its josh ma cred gone x myfresms hey babe check ur facebok i mesaged you x myfresms f myfresms hi meg i think i have sold the car for someone coming at lunchtime for it so fingers crosed. mum x myfresms hey babe ive mesaged you back on facebok x myfresms hey babe its mary check ur facebok coz ive mesaged you back x myfresms i ned to know whats hapening with you and phils loan, pls let me know asap myfresms its am, i got a gud slep of hour, where r u swetheart? x. how is ur christmus going? myfresms just trying this fre text service out, let me no if it works myfresms phil its mum can you pls cal my phone as son as posible myfresms sir, i aply for rig electrician . also cal from no what u have not atend due to out of ofice. thanks. myfresms ya this kiler there b no more after this til new tear if u want a last q of it let me no sonish b it goes sf ,jame myfresms peter i ned to know now whats going on. as i know that if i dont get in touch with richard and its to late. myfresms don&#;t even know if you are geting these but check your facebok my love x myfresms hi jayne its chris here. can u tel my dad that i won&#;t be coming up today, i&#;m in absolute agony! myfresms i was out shoping with gema for a dres last night and my kne was kiling me. got back home and it was al swolen. myfresms only just woke up as did not get much slep last night either. can&#;t even make it down the stairs as its that bad so can&#;t cal myfresms.him til gema gets back from work as the mobile and phone is down there. was thinking about coming over for a few days after myfresms siema, tu beza we do mnie zadzwon z domowego mam sprawe :d myfresms the weding instead so can spend more time with him then as wel. wil speak to him later anyway x x myfresms chanele the lady said that she wil hang on until as she has to go out myfresms you ad me bk on myfresms chanele let me know if you&#;ve received my text myfresms ring me please be x myfresms you let me no den shal i get a top up ? i fne ya an ansa tel me qik tym wisper it went i cal ya let me no be i level wrk myfresms r u at ur home? skype? myfresms i&#;m on the bus! where you at? myfresms dear sir this is to inform you that one of your recent gay sexual partners within the last month has tested positive to hiv. myfresms you ned to get in touch with me asap peter its mum. you can send me a fre text on myfresms myfresms can u get me botles of anti bac soap pls phone stil not workin x myfresms dear mr topalion, i am on holiday but paul sent me your images. item is an early c chinese handwarmer. photo very yelow .ctnd myfresms cntd posibly bras/coper. -. regards, jocelyne la mana myfresms al players are to report to solitude at . no excuses wil be acepted myfresms yo cal me pls.bigz myfresms al players report to solitude at . no excuses wil be acepted. myfresms hi myfresms hi mum, its soph - if this works cal me! x myfresms what time did scot go to bed last night? x myfresms man am broke , help me out with some pounds even o can do for me elisha myfresms mum its sarah can i come to yours today please ? al i have eft to do is my front rom please :) x myfresms hey myfresms its martin, can you cal me plz dude? x myfresms hey hun its amy are we stil meting up at . x myfresms yo its jordan stil here aint goin til moro, kredz gone an stil aint bin paid long cnt even eat or nutin. myfresms test mesage myfresms wil be home at like pm. so plz leave the key outside where u usualy put it. se you later. tamara x myfresms alrigh andy mate its garf, you stil down today mate? if you are wat time are you guna be down? txt me bk on my phone mate myfresms its bex, got this phone but no credit - i&#;m going to town now! x myfresms hi trish ring me or text me bak if u get this text its jordan myfresms testing testing myfresms qwerty myfresms poczekaj chwile jak ktos odejdzie to sie wepchaj myfresms mam its john. just wondering if your coming to pick me up today? dont text back because i text from a website for fre. im on fb myfresms hi oscar its remi can you cal me back myfresms hope everyfin goes wel wiv the job gawjus x lv ya bits from the wife lol x myfresms sex myfresms niemam nic na kom i pisze z bramki sms myfresms testing zoe myfresms shnugie :-) just in a reatsarant using fre wifi. only way i can text! just wanted to say i love you. mwah x x x x x myfresms cal me baclk now dan myfresms f u just wnt money n ur life i arange da money n i wil pay u dnt wuri im nt playng wth u.f u cnt help me n my mum just tel me. myfresms wejdz na fb albo zadzwon parowo myfresms can you tel my mum that my dad is here waiting for her and going home son thanks x myfresms f v wil tok abt money it wil be beter becz u wil nt fuck me n i wil nt fuck u also.bt like ths i cnt take anymre thnk also. myfresms tel mary tht i arange da money deal wth me hw she s dealing wth arsalan bt i dnt wnt like ths anymre.its to much nw myfresms dear zoe this is a test text mesage how long does it take to receive myfresms i knw u hve contact wth her,talk wth her n tel her wt i send u.tel her to contact wth me so tht v wil tok abt money.im waiting nw myfresms yo its ash again, nobody in at your place, gime a nudge when your home or nearly home and il cycle over. myfresms hi its lulu thought i would say that u should say u came as a surprise to carol myfresms wen u open ur mob cal me for mins so tht v wil make deal.i knw u r nt n uk u r stil in italy nw wth tht boy bt its ok for me nw myfresms hi me myfresms im dawod,tok wth mariana n tel her to contact wth me n v wil make deal like how she making wth other boys.i knw she dnt wnt me. myfresms hi charlote its lulu myfresms kur esi? marcis myfresms hi uncle. how r u?faroq here. uncle if u can give that ponds today i wil b very thankful today. plz arange today. bye myfresms me sm ring me myfresms no wlasnie mialam ci napisac ze masz numery na kartkach myfresms hey swthrt where r u? dont do this again.i know ur busy, just a expect reply myfresms kur esat visi? marcis myfresms no credit. what we gona do sexy? nathan myfresms mamo zadzwon do mnie prosze! myfresms i love you babe, and im sory :( x myfresms kate its simone av i got the rite number u tb y fone x myfresms hey it&#;s paige the witheld number caling you is me please answer its about today as idk what&#;s going on x myfresms hey jas its gem dnt knw if u&#;l get this bt i am cumin dwn, i&#;m win on mum finish her shoping. myfresms jhbhjkbkjk myfresms boz its doz wot u doin bro we smokin day ? u best not be huged up with that chik sponin at this hour myfresms hi mum, its henry. can you go on skype? myfresms oh myfresms i no how u fel babes and i fel terible. you wil get over it trust me x myfresms c myfresms its christine ring me x myfresms heya myfresms hi, i wil be online around pm. roman myfresms ring me please mum its amy x myfresms hey wazup myfresms i ante geting sedy! i stayed at my aunties esex? i ante going no were! u finished with me and what i&#;m in the wrong?! myfresms test jak toleci myfresms i wanted to met u last night i wanted to stay with u and u kicked me out. myfresms test jak to leci myfresms how can i get up blackwod without any money? what hapened to the money i gave you yesterday? we ned to talk anyway myfresms taytay myfresms alrite j lost my fone up canock pop dwn wen u can il b in chers mate myfresms yo cal me asap its romeo i&#;m waitin u in mcds myfresms sory for the silence people, back online with pif sour chese stil / and same number. stylz myfresms sory for the silence people, im back online with the pif sour chese, stil / and same number. stylz myfresms tone its mat, i not bein a cunt u knw i would let u round n wna c ya but i cba with kids i dont no, if ur abt later il met u?x myfresms charlie its beth. my phones % dead and i kep tryin gto ring you and you aint answeringstil picking me up? xoxo myfresms i&#;m in spons, no signal on the phone mate, c u here asap! sitin near the back. myfresms alright mum its me shaun ring me plz on my phone myfresms john its david ring me up myfresms g myfresms hey trish its katie jw are you piking me up at as they al making me go to pub after work but not up for it text back x myfresms craig its daniele im going up to me dads son se my litle girl iv got rest ov the money for that tablet if u can drop if ofx myfresms ring me myfresms yes western union john armstrong pick upup nasau ok .text details youragentgmail or text thanks myfresms sup kt, sory for the silence people, im back online with the pif sour chese, stil / and same number. stylz myfresms ring this number jasmine is in trouble! myfresms where the fuck are you get home in minites or im leaveing the kids in the house by they self ive got things to do funy . myfresms qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq myfresms aron cal me please its becky just let me explain sumting u myfresms where are you go on facebok dec myfresms momy, it&#;s sam. come chat! myfresms mark it&#;s daniel, phone me mate myfresms im train now to bham it was mins late so might not arive in wolves til afta half pst. wil ring u wen i get in, ly & mis u x myfresms text me back so i know uve received it please and leme know how shoping is going, you got anybodies yet? and how much u spent?x myfresms in magic castle, have fre wifi but no phone. can you reply by email when you get this ? i love you, x piers myfresms hiya i jst about made it home i jst fel so unwelcome. x x myfresms it&#;s adam skype please myfresms hfheudhchfdhgurb myfresms the day is going so slowsher myfresms ring me please milb, its maty myfresms did you go to wod gren in the end? sherene myfresms wiem co zrobilas mam nagranie myfresms wrocisz to pogadamy przygotuj kase myfresms cal chris. you stil have plenty of money on the gifgaf card. myfresms sexy myfresms hi fozy its charlie anychance u can ask ur mate if he can do me til monday pls. foned tax cred def mondy get paid myfresms hi myfresms hej mama i jak daleko to jest gdzie jestescie miniek myfresms my phone doesn&#;t sem to want to send you and sms. we arived at lunchtime. it would be great to se you - perhaps mon? jake myfresms hi janet, how are you today, im thinking about you, when we can talk, im at skype. goran myfresms ring my fone itz beci x myfresms just arived in sa. curious to know who nicky is pregnant to.? i am receiving texts, but can only send them here. jake myfresms vasals nu kei dzelas? myfresms like that again is it, i&#;ve had enough of you cuting me of every time you leave the house, i ned you to phone me now! myfresms ring me itz beci myfresms helo m just wondering if any spare, hope you al wel and enjoying the run up to crimbolol chers j myfresms mum could you ring the house fone please x myfresms obierzecie ten telefon ? . zadzwocie myfresms hi mum. my money not gone in wel pised of can u ring them please luv u x myfresms bo x myfresms hi. can&#;t make outgoing txts or cals so having to do it online. wil you phone me please? churchils tomorow? love sarah x myfresms it dad, it done myfresms helo myfresms let me no wen u set of its ash myfresms lv ya x myfresms hi sis yes il pop down on mon for cris let mom and stu do there ting in grisby myfresms its deano u want me m ring lizys phone myfresms im so sory being a complete disapointment i love u both very much. x myfresms babes its sam are u going to be long its just so i can get to asda and bk and mark is in sam myfresms hi mukanshi myfresms hey not sure got last mesage cant find phone at mon ok? can gema reply via fb thanks. heather x xd myfresms im nt.if dt ws the case wud of hapn bt hsnt so gt it. i anit askin for nufinu. do wt ur doin. thats al u ever want myfresms przelew zrobiony, prawdopodobnie w poniedziaek dostaniesz z na konto. magda myfresms it thai i tried to send a picture mesage dont no if you got it hapy birthday love you enjoy ur day thai said he loves u to x myfresms hey its samy, if your sleping. wake up lazy. if your awake mail me back ive got a question x myfresms sexy lady! myfresms fred its dean could i ask a favour would i be able to lend a tena til mon money wasnt in the bank today im guted for fod shop myfresms hi mat, i wil be there. thank you, roxana myfresms test myfresms todays money in post ofice was supose to go in today but i rang em and they said mon it b in. cant even get our turkey now myfresms rgtrtrtjutzre myfresms nina its one eyed jen, lost my phone a few days ago. phone my house im in the now myfresms your chlamydia and/or gonorhoea test results are negative. any problems cal , mon-fri .-. cso.liverpolnhs myfresms text bk on thanks dean ps sory to ask you. i hate it wen my money doesnt go in on time. if not no probs myfresms sory mylove i couldnt come online im at bro til new year :d i wish you mary xmas and hapy ne year love you myfresms jake ring me. ema myfresms ring aime please x myfresms aup its loz ring bk man myfresms dad its megan ring ryans phone plz myfresms test msg from myfresms myfresms its catrina. run out ov txts. i&#;m comin quen stret.do u want me cum or not. i&#;d left wen u sent tha txt myfresms you don&#;t have to se god working miracles, remember us christians live by faith not by sight as it says in corinthians : myfresms helo dad did u get my whatsap mesage x love gema myfresms mnb myfresms ring my phne maty myfresms tom, met me outside subway in minutes. dont be late dylan myfresms ker its johnpaul u in eh house m give me a we txt on cherz myfresms its joe let me know if u get this msg asap cause im on the computer nd if u dnt i wil turn it of x myfresms james wil u mum dad andrews fne ned to tlk to u n i cnt do it jnow as done it to many times x myfresms ga its dean mucka did u get kats mesage tb kats phone asap chers mucka myfresms please ring kims phone myfresms bo myfresms ek/lrfh&#;eorf myfresms there aint no money left lad we used it for the piza last night myfresms james might aswel come bk here as andrew said he guna go live with mark n givin his flat up n cnt use cbfsms its fukd x myfresms st aidans ave going roebuck close myfresms dad its chris, my phone has died, and i have no bus pas. please can you come and pick me up? i wont se a reply! thx myfresms i&#;ve mesage ya on face bok. you&#;ve tok the bacie aswel fol x myfresms you realy think i&#;m going to give up coz i&#;m not an you only know my name not my story myfresms your just rude! yiu hant even told me y your doing this? i&#;m not going to esex ta. just gos to show how you al slag me of! myfresms bo aha myfresms thanks for leaveing the dor open and teling me that you were going yet again, is there any wonder why i get angry, thanks gar myfresms pis of myfresms wil its jamie wil you come to my house with a please mate thanks myfresms hi john its kim sory to bother you but the man has stil not come to sort the rof myfresms take it i aint seing u! ring me. ema myfresms jeste w domu ? adam myfresms paul its jamie got sum rearly nice draw g haze if u or chloe want a draw ring me i met u at dads myfresms im so sory tim now im wake up becouse i have some virus im al day in toilet and bad. when im cal you i think is gone . myfresms my phone number myfresms hey baba its laura. my phones died so facebok mesage me or email me at lsfhebrardgmail just to let me know your plans.x myfresms let ricky know if you get this myfresms i wasn&#;t very sociable at schol, he lived near my nana and gdad but was one of the kids that never bulied me haha myfresms craving cock ? cal b myfresms helo! its luke, got no credit. im stil in aldgate at the moment with serious hangover. i hope you&#;re ok. what time movie? myfresms salam javed jan, hapy birthday janem. i can&#;t phone and it&#;s very expensive here. don&#;t text back. love u darling x adi myfresms.hey baby, its shanice. my phone was of i had to take my batery out to charge it. if you can please cal back on my number x myfresms james no point textin andrew as hes just gone home i sed il walk down with him n he said no n went so x myfresms try n ring me em when u cn, stil gt sleve didnt fit, realy dont wana lose u bt i know i have i wont stop trying tho em cz i luv u myfresms nic its mark i duno wats going on with you but my fone is broke myfresms hi amy it&#;s dave, i was just leting you know that adele would like to se you for a one to one when you come back. hapy xmas myfresms.co.ujake its mat g check ur facebok mesages pal myfresms text me back if you get this mesage its cathy x what hapened wif ya phone? myfresms jdf myfresms yei myfresms d myfresms c myfresms dad ring my phone please it jamie x myfresms do you realy never wana be friends or speak to me again? x myfresms i hate these online text things -_- i duno if im able to, why u ned se me? tb my phone x myfresms don&#;t know y ur bein like that, n a take it u have had somet to eat! c u when u get back whenever that is! love u x myfresms hi jack not sure if you have txt me or not but my phone is of ben so skint. email me and i can ring tho cause i got landline myfresms i love u baby please don&#;t be funy with me, wish i could turn back time x love u x forever x myfresms helo big boy myfresms its lynsey did u get my mesage tb to my phone! x myfresms great goal now lets sit back for mins lmao myfresms how long u guna be as i dnt want u getin more il be xsx myfresms tel mum i don&#;t mind any hugo bos, lacoste, jean paul gaultier its up to her myfresms have no credit so sending fre txts online myfresms :&#;( myfresms tery its elie i no credit ring me asapi cnt txt u x myfresms spank that monkey ;) myfresms hi its elie just got ur txt today no credit pls ring on am on al wekend myfresms ring me an say it al come do it ! myfresms ring me mate r myfresms myfresms luke its michael can u ring me on myfresms jen its michael have u sorted it with luke yet myfresms i am online on fb now, plz text me. i mis u myfresms hey, who is this? myfresms twat myfresms its nice no wht u rly think of me an i realise that im at fault im sory i wont b with u at christmas but i wil always love u. myfresms ive told u come bk here asd andrew gone home ring my mums fne myfresms so this is wots guna hapen ur guna met me then u can go from bobie myfresms hi i m hamza. i m on skype myfresms mohes in st maryscan visit up to :.very bad though everyone is here. myfresms be at gateshead at thomas myfresms aw cat got ur tong ahahah you don&#;t scare me ring me an say it if you dear ahah myfresms yo miks its azan . man neds to chat to u tomoz . il knock for u in the mornin ge , its kinda important ,txt my fone g myfresms i love u so much baby man im just bein sily lol i realy mis u babe x hury ur arse up x myfresms james its chan ring my mums or charlie fne myfresms its me lol myfresms i have finished eating. love, mrs p. myfresms hi rima. plese chk yr email swetie_cutie_rimzhotmail please have a lok. thanking you nayan shamal alankar printers myfresms hey alex. give me a cal. janis myfresms hi, yeah was gud, much ber! dint no if got the lst mesage, u out tonight? has ana got a number yet? woz gona go c her moz? myfresms its rob have u rang my takeaway mate am starving myfresms am i getin you al worked up ahaha this is so funy an i&#;m just getin started ahah myfresms james ive told u andrews gone marks so just come back up here ring my mums fne plz x myfresms mum its kirsty can u ring loads bank nd c whats gone in my bank this wek my acount numb is x x x myfresms not gona reply? myfresms phil, we wil be going to bed in about / hr. we&#;re hrs ahead and i ned an early night. mrs p. myfresms nd ave trecenyd, /b chick burger meal , n /lb chese buger meal bq sauc n salad pepsi n up plz myfresms its georgia phone me x myfresms you know! myfresms when are u comin ova next let me no phone me if u can x myfresms helo, how is your life going? i think its wel. myfresms customers may experience los of g services while we conduct maintaince for the next hrs. apologise for any problems myfresms alrite its simon is there anythin bout? txt bk on my phone myfresms ring me g farmers arms darcy lever jamie ring me please ge myfresms oi jordan mail me you gon am i stil meting you after work or ? myfresms hate not talking to you, i neded someone last night and al i could think of was you. email me or something.it&#;s sam x myfresms dude where u at? jake myfresms hey dave myfresms i want u n i wil have u x myfresms hey have u stil got the mopeds would u swop them a sony ericson x mini thanks kevin txt bk myfresms h myfresms jackie its sarah, can u pls txt me and let me know u are ok, im woried cos u havnt txt me to my mobile x myfresms ring my phone its hayley myfresms efd myfresms bgh myfresms ujhgiuhjnihuoi myfresms how worthles and low! myfresms where are . myfresms where are . waiting myfresms how much longer . myfresms re myfresms you could say that, i just have no way to tel you them. drop me a tx later if you stil want to :) myfresms dan its bec. love u so much, im sory :( i dnu y they did it. plz dnt leave me. il stop talkin them if neds b. :( x myfresms hog myfresms jake ring me! myfresms how long sheri gona be txt back to my fone gaza myfresms stop slaging mike of to staf and members. it&#;s unprofesional. be amicable at work. remember what he knows myfresms sfe wt u upto m? its jordan myfresms hi baz just a test from tablet myfresms ring me its caz myfresms this is . you have used your daily alowance. to avoid charges stop using your phone until am tomorow thank you myfresms how long ya gona be luv txt my one pls myfresms please talk to me, it&#;s sam x myfresms i want u n i wil have u x myfresms hey love. i you probably cant reply to this. just wanted to let you know i&#;m online if you want to chat. love you. mwa myfresms dsfcsdcsa myfresms . nd ave i was wondering if my fod is on its way plz. . thanku myfresms sey, i love you so much,im in moscow,i mis you so much,im craving to se your face my everything.i love you so much,remember that myfresms hi u r thick myfresms mum its ciaran, can i go out wiv jack tomorow to get my hair cut? myfresms alright safe myfresms mum, its ciaran can i go out wiv jack tomorow to get my hair cut ? myfresms mum its mat can you ring me please :) myfresms its chanti btw haha myfresms anthony its claire give me a cal on the house line asap pls when u get this myfresms iloveyou. im so il want uto hold me :&#;( yeh thats fine babe, ring me wenever ur fre. i can barley move anyway got bahar x myfresms is craig up palion , its john scho myfresms hdigvhg guf the. fyvjfu giving hjgkf tough hjgkf hjgkf given. myfresms i just wanted to say fucka you : myfresms dont know if you gona get this i sending it online.its gary. i love you wish i could be with you babe love you x myfresms ight stink trying fre online text. text my phone if you get this. gary myfresms its riki iv mailed you and youv ben ignoring me cause i &#;ment to be out &#; but now im going out so you now have a reson to myfresms.co.uyo myfresms jax cal me,fatima asap myfresms wu its jay tb my phone x myfresms ash again, only just saw your mail on fb, gime a nudge if your stil about myfresms n,kjnlknkjn, myfresms its scot ring my house phone ge myfresms jake ring me please. ema x myfresms aron its abie im on facebok now and no im not ingroing you facebok didnt log me of pleaz come back on i fel so bad love u x myfresms you fuckin skank treatin the kids dad like shit and wot do u get a kick out of it u tart myfresms im realy realy sory x pleaes come back on and i wil tel you what hapened x hey me the girl from the estate ,can iyou cal me back please. myfresms it&#;s rich, how long on that baler mate? got kids here so i&#;m on lock down after about ish. i&#;l walk down if ya want. myfresms.co.uim realy sory x myfresms it dan no credit txt my phone if u reply think no money n job again think b on stret from friday paid til then myfresms bo myfresms + do war blitz at incoming: youngy epicgamerz . . : , spy on its way, regards bischoven myfresms hi its dre, bit random but i was wondering if i could stay at yours tonight. my phone&#;s on so could you please tb to my number x myfresms.co.gt me a double chese burger on way home plz bex x myfresms yo its vilz ring me myfresms someone neds to let you know that they love you more than you wil ever know. x myfresms mery xmas tomo al the best mate dicko myfresms hi babe just seing if it works bring us a ber luv ya x myfresms so i can&#;t hear from u how rude! ned to spk wid u asap shout me shaks myfresms babe please tel me ur card number so can top up my phone i&#;m scared in case we get burgled n i can&#;t ring anyone x myfresms f myfresms check mail. sort my car rental out by ringing them . confirm by email you have recived this mesage. bording in min ia. abu myfresms hi there myfresms u ned to come online on skype , im being bored. mohib here. myfresms gary its ka why you no fne me a just got al ready you cany even send a text fs myfresms oi stop with ur shit cuz ur pisin me of,get a fuckin grip and act ur fuckin age omg so fuckin mad! pis taker myfresms wil you txt me bk wit was the point waking me up a got ready myfresms yo eli wil you ring to arange tomorow. we have no mesages left so i am using this fre text mesaging service on the computer myfresms hi myfresms hi u ok man its me ahmad myfresms x myfresms wag blud cal me its rocky myfresms u stay the whole night and day at some chicks house i go raving back by your a fucking lier making out u were with them wast man myfresms noce t no u cant fuckin ring me wel fuck u i ben tryin u al day phones r ficked but hey u dnt care myfresms your fucking scum old man uve always ben a wrongen u discust me cheak this space second od bal two can play goin strangers myfresms hi it&#;s rob here the amazing guy from lst night haha! my phone&#;s sulking so had to txt here! ad me on fb rob richardson x myfresms sat here for half hour, chers mate, cal bri myfresms hey r u online, just wondered if u cud reply email i sent! at least i know then myfresms houses and spending the night fucking dirty litle tramp don&#;t get mad get even i think that&#;s how the saying goes bitch myfresms heya, not sure uf my last text went thru (dont get any on my phone) but i can be contacted on - fel fre to ring x myfresms brian its vicky come on facebok we ned chat plz from vicky myfresms ja paspej uz babaju tad panem man us alinus ja vari.arturs myfresms mesage me back x josh myfresms why u put it down? myfresms where u? plz skipe me, sam myfresms ive ben waiting since pm,. come on!, sam myfresms dad mums left her bike at the train station on platform its not locked up so go get it and bring it yours chers x myfresms skipe me myfresms go fuck yourself! hope you&#;re hapy with the pain you&#;ve brought me, litle shit! myfresms i dont no where my phone is, i thought u tok it by acident myfresms pazvani man ludzu! ainars! myfresms i realy ned it cos i dont no if girl coimng to yoga tomorow, can u lok if in gal myfresms please email me and tel me what hapening myfresms wot time is ur break mike wonts to say god nite an hes sayin he wants to slep in his bed at home lol hope works goin wel mike x myfresms days together with you are shit, yeah ok go to town and get son a present but when you no im home and then you dont answer myfresms babe im online now waiting for you i hope ur going to be online babe and tel me how its going on im expecting to be with u kath myfresms you wil have text back to my phone . let me know what info you ned and i wil try send you it chers ben myfresms -%-%/hshdhjd myfresms ahojky myfresms ring me gina,im geting bored ben x myfresms hey can you cal me, frm shaun x myfresms i have got my eyes on you bitch. can you leave my girlfriend alone myfresms ok inu. i wil give a kis to isabel. did you get this mesage? myfresms al god m, hope you are al wel chers j myfresms liar myfresms so much for asap myfresms come atic myfresms oi myfresms hey myfresms phone wil power of in mins myfresms so sad to se the kids beak down over you again, just be a dady jay. u not even asked about them,u only came here last nite to myfresms i no you got up to sumthing scumbag the way your gwanin is typical of a guilty consins lieing dirty shit bag i fucking hate u myfresms ring me its beth x myfresms ha i don&#;t want to speak to u that much that i would let u have my num prick fuck yourself your never have my num again mug myfresms your a dirty piece ofwork myfresms thanks! :) can u txt me the long number, expiration date + digit code from the back pls? x myfresms helo myfresms hi myfresms serdzio kaj sal, zadzwonin ke mande, claudia myfresms hi x myfresms anychance you got to transfer that?. pez also got no cred fre txt myfresms helo hi myfresms dad, its jade give me a we fone if u can on my fone love u x myfresms oi does this work da bean myfresms it&#;s kiling me not being able to talk, can we have another litle phonecal? :&#;( i love you! x myfresms hi my jan myfresms i am online and soaked -_- myfresms aw me to mwah lol was wats apin u but not goin threw just wanted to say thank u for the bag it was beautiful x myfresms zadz myfresms hey myfresms you ok? cal me pls on the landline. geting woried x myfresms jeny i cant use my phone squid x are you coming? x myfresms hey dude, it&#;s dan - not coming round tonight due to the fact that it&#;s pising it down; but i&#;l be down tomorow, dude! myfresms.co.my iphone charger is completely broken so my phone is dead. if you ned to cal my work phone is on: . anthony x myfresms ok swety,mesage received,wil send the cash moro after closing from work.take care,cherish u and swet dreams. myfresms yes ed myfresms hey dont mean to be cheky but fancy a shag :p x lol send us a email leclarkhotmail myfresms i had fel aslep sory, tried not to. are you stil awake? myfresms can you cal me please:) it&#;s mary x myfresms if ur are ready ,pls conect the tiemviewer arany myfresms are you geting these mesages? myfresms labanakt, katine. vel pamirsau pasipildyt, tai susiradau tinklalapi per kuri parasyt galiu. myliu buckis myfresms babe plz ring me i left my fone in kitchen wen had ago of my bike in the road fort it was in my pocket, plz ring babe i misu ned myfresms fsafsf myfresms g myfresms lol myfresms yo ho ho myfresms whats your favourite scary movie myfresms horlicks myfresms testing sms myfresms ring me x myfresms hi its me viki am in bed y u kep pneing me ? am txtin of the internet an i av no credit to txt! ,x myfresms you wana go but you never loved me proves it al you do is run away thats al you do if you loved me u wouldant have run away myfresms if you want a shit christmas and for me to come over new year you stay ofline if not come back on if you actuly fucking care myfresms only just got bk just dt know what do anymore i scared myfresms me amir phone me tmrw. ned to go to show rom myfresms right tom you have a choice you can either stay there and be alone and misrable and it wont get sorted or you can come bak online myfresms wel done tom ive set our relationship status to complicated probs what you wanted anyway :&#;( myfresms hey its zack you just completely and utlerly ignored everything ive just said to you if you dont come back yore guna lose her ma myfresms try to make out to my grandma your a nice guy! ur a cunt none likes u !fact! get to know the truth big man prety boy u r nothin myfresms u alright mate its mark ur housemate u back tonight ? i know its late just wanted bud if pos let me know either way,chers myfresms uihghruthgu myfresms ring me mark. chris myfresms ring me kerie myfresms thanks for the help wen i propa ned it for my alarm and shit! stacey! myfresms it&#;s martin, i&#;m home beautiful, i can&#;t find my charger but i&#;l have a god lok tomorow, talk son, slep wel x myfresms.coits anthony can u come to ine now ? txt my phone and let me know myfresms beb its mel can you cal me real quick please? my dad just screamed at me so i cant phone you x myfresms tyvm. uv opened my eyes tonight and av relized that u dnt actualy care about me. it breaks my heart but i no im beta of wifout u. myfresms duno if you wil get this hope ya ok got a write mesage here for ya of troy myfresms ok wel if u cud please cum colect ur stuf tomo so its out the way for xmas tat wud b great :-) myfresms ok? myfresms kur esi myfresms kl myfresms ok? myfresms makin it up me?if ur not interest ur not interested.its not just tat u cba lok afta me &h getin me stuf ! evil! u ruined it myfresms mery christmas and a hapy new yr! r u guna get ur stuf tomo? myfresms test myfresms yes im up x myfresms please work. myfresms yes? no? let me no cus if u r. i wil male sure im out al day so we emt gota c eachotha myfresms + myfresms hey baby mis u so much and love u choclate lol u love it can u get the bus baby and glad u safe and ok x myfresms just formated your hd , gona start transfering films n stuf to it now be done in about days . sory ur hd is shite james myfresms hey did u get my mesage babe and yes i have enough baby myfresms tel litle mis stuborn il drop money and her hd in by end of next wek . c u both in jan have a nice xmas. james myfresms u on d fne yh n put ur cal waitin of lol funy girl myfresms use my normal number to contact me , however i have to use my pc to pik the mesages up until jan and cant answer cals james x myfresms terian you seriously pised me right of not answering your phone so the end of our relationship is your doing am sick of getin myfresms ur bad side so make sure ur home by as kids wil be left on there own godnight pistaker from ur babysiter. myfresms cal me babar i&#;m waiting shabena myfresms if u or cat ned owt txt me it wil take a while to get bk to u as im on blk out donot ring me as canot answer c u in jan james myfresms lok sexy quen i love u love the test of you love u like mad but i got to get to the botom of this so u realy pregnet x myfresms i hope u not liying to me i be so fucking angry and you best be pregnet and u ant liying i love u x myfresms ring me x myfresms walaloitsdasomaliguyringmesoicanmakesureulotgothomesafelyimgonastickiton desepakiguyziftherechatinshithtsmynoringme myfresms yo sipa its cara. ring me please. my phone is suspended again ah lol. ring babes myfresms mum, flight delayed hrs in shanghai, might not be in ciren at .pm, may be .pm, wil let you know when i land, dave myfresms miriam cant go to slep until u are homw there is no way u are or have ben working for at least the past two hours come home ples myfresms dis divil, ring me! myfresms test wiadomosci myfresms nisa its yasir dont ring or text i got caught please whatever you do myfresms yo wtf man u gt ma fone myfresms dis divl, ema i&#;l giv ya ! plz pet, quit bein like dis, i know ur not like dis i wudn ask ya only i&#;m realy stuck. myfresms.cowake up! i&#;m downstairs come and let me in! iain myfresms can you please phone marc to get him to let me in - he&#;s locked me out! iain myfresms im woried where r u myfresms in abacha n maryam were in aso rock n maryam left without abacha in .in obasanjo n stela were in asorock n only oba myfresms left in . saw yaradua n turai in asorock n only turai sucesfuly left in .now godluck n patience r in asorock,who w myfresms il go?now dat we hear dat patience had being sick d past days nw n was treated fod poisoning,then underwent surgery myfresms its ivan i didnt txt back because ive run out of blody cred again dont stres love i understand sory i didnt txt back love you x myfresms phone me. rahel myfresms tviton sul ofline aqvs da umetesad facebokshia da me msayvedurobs :p shemtxvevit xom ar ici ratom var xolme sul komptan? = d myfresms ra umaduri yopilxar = ) myfresms rac ar ginda imaze ar mwer xolme arafers ) erti ragac mainteresebda ) dagisvi kidec kitxva ramodenime dgis win da ar mipasuxe) myfresms shen magis mere rogor unda gendos adamiani)rogor unda qondes sheni imedi ) : x myfresms asalamu aluikum cal me jan myfresms hi can you cal my phone i mis placed it myfresms helo bos how r u today try not to be grumpy today, grumpy bum myfresms helo myfresms gudam maryam,me bilal.how r u?you flight with dawod agian.he no talk with nobady.plez dont flight dawod ok babi myfresms dawod no eat no slep.me praying u come here quickely ok maryam.plz you speark dawod cal him ok.thanks mis u maryam myfresms hi how are you? myfresms helo myfresms :) myfresms gjmjat dmwajt .gpajt mwajt .gajt helo myfresms hi i&#;ve run out of credit, but face boked u. love you x myfresms dzien dobry spioszku :d:* ja dop wstalam bo pasuje do kosciola isc co mnie napawa optymizmem strasznym ;p milego dnia ;* myfresms want you to let me know exactly what your going to do to me tonight as wel. god i realy want you very badly x myfresms its poly i don&#;t ave any credit babe. i would never ignore u. i&#;l try get some credit later. try ring me. x myfresms hey sis it&#;s joe. you avalible to skype? myfresms dad cal me myfresms dobraja utra! vstavai vstavi xvatit valatsa :* myfresms dont supose u know why vicky had a swolen face? or a swolen fot? listen here dickhead uve got til pm to get her a new phone myfresms or for a new phone or il pop to and fucking ruin your life youve got until pm tonight woman beater myfresms its david y r u airing me on fb kmt myfresms glyn, my sim card isn&#;t working so i have no idea if you&#;ve caled for golf! got no way of knowing myfresms u r a sex pest a dirty pervert. sick. myfresms sesy myfresms phan myfresms hi babe its keryane can u fone me please i ned to knw if were gevacus u aint answered me on taged cum online so cn talk x ly myfresms hi ash its keryane sory i dnt fink u cn cum dwn sory myfresms can you text back please. im sick of this myfresms hi hope your wel myfresms redlands road hadley telford tf lp, mrs barkley , job num. , gas boiler total failure, no vuns no alt. myfresms il ring about to check you have them al. our number is . my names keser if any problems. myfresms hi elza, where r u? r u in? i am online. roman myfresms alright mate it&#;s abie. am i alright to pop round? myfresms helo liz its chels tel josh i wil be there half -ish and tel him to be ready want to go for a walk somewhere! :) myfresms wil u mesage me what time u are going to back please so i can cal for u when ur back from jack myfresms ring me. ema myfresms mum ring me please myfresms babe its steve go online if you can aint got my minutes yet x myfresms its jimy when is steve coming over myfresms hospital ku than myfresms helo x myfresms test test myfresms dad get mum to ing me it&#;s stacie myfresms spenser avenue.perton.wolverhampton.wvq.mis jackson.job num.low presure,no vuns. tnt has alternative. myfresms hi, how u felin - u were hilarious! i stil cant believe it! amazd u wernt arested! not sure i would clas u as a gentleman! myfresms ro ring me on my phone dave myfresms mum ring my phone or pick me up from phils love dave myfresms kely its lemo tel shaun to text me please dnt ignore me tel him text me nw text bk my phone x myfresms hi it&#;s katrina hope your day&#;s going wel, i&#;l ring u wen im at mums, love u x myfresms its beth ring me i am walking to leticias so il walk with u if u havnt gone lindas alredy x myfresms hey babe, we have pounds p left se u spent . ion rols, don&#;t go over . luv u x myfresms dad is there ne chance u can bring up some bacy plz an some papers.an has there ben ne mail there to plz myfresms it&#;s maden ring me mate ran out of credit myfresms htp:/w.portablenorthpole/watch/gvawojujujcfcbixdhcusaw myfresms gona head to yours for ish mate any probs let me know. paul myfresms jay its jon go on facebok i cant use my phone im online now mate myfresms hi humi, i wil be there. thank you, roxana myfresms helo babe its jon my phone has not got a signal anywhere so you wont be able to ring or txt me its realy pising me of x x x myfresms y myfresms i wil always love you. every day i think of you and hope one day we get to be together again yours always mathew x myfresms hey dad its stacey , loking forward to seing you to and mum aint got james any games and yeah ive ben gd thanks x myfresms ring me suleiman myfresms ansa ya fone pal, ned t know if ya can sort es ov them n gota let ma pal know myfresms hi be x how do u fel? myfresms hi its me from fabswingers. where abouts do you live? you like younger lads ? x my numbers myfresms mincit ludzu ludzu piedod par vakardienu:( es tik loti visu nozeloju.man bija nenormali slikti.un joprojam ir :(es tevi loti milu myfresms where home now come anytime text or phone : managed sort out number for mum jst so we know u got this etc :) myfresms where r u lier? this is not fair. i wil kil u if u met me again. i hate u but i mis u. myfresms sent mesage on fb but u not replied bev myfresms yo ding again man (pete_) myfresms hi nan, where can i met you? ring my phone when you can please. ben myfresms hiya dad ive no credit ive faceboked you x myfresms has he set of yet x myfresms yes it works ok myfresms its christopher, you wil have to ring me on the house phone. myfresms francis myfresms only one disk i have. myfresms hey mum it ros, i am not sure i want to come up to scotland the idea of it is making my anxious and i am not coping very wel x myfresms sory no phone to text you hadto use this. just fel a litle out of place as wel. maybe i wiltry cal y later love you x x ros myfresms ring me, ema x myfresms helo there sexy myfresms arjun. you have few friends. the only reason you went out with that gf of your&#;s is cos she&#;s rich. you deserve no one myfresms hey :] myfresms whahahahahaha your so gay myfresms rosh, i wil do it, i spent whole day on repairing my bike. we have some tweaks only wil do it son ;) myfresms hey babes its louise, just wndered if u was about with tens? let me know if yu can x tb my number myfresms hi it&#;s mat, sory to kep ringing, just ned to know if it;s worth waiting or not. wil try again in a bit, m myfresms hey rhi,tel dany n dave t come t ur flat now for hair cut.couldn&#;t get in t his front dor x x xsarah myfresms ring me kay myfresms helo hasan ki hal ae. myfresms hi grany, i hope you have a mery christmas. it is cold here and i am siting near the wodstove watching it snow. love abey x myfresms its jacq were u at u changed yet lol myfresms ash its kris can you ring me please, i dont no whats going on tomorow im confused. thanks myfresms it&#;s le phone me please an can u take me home b u go work please i got no money an. won&#;t c u now til after xmas myfresms hey lol its me j, ino this abit obsesive but i dno i just wnted to ask if you stil wanted to get high to dai, phne if yes ok myfresms yo myfresms oi i&#;m stil waitin on dis pic ad me back af myfresms babe it&#;s me amad mail me wen ur x myfresms hi alan its toe is it ok to grab that tv today m myfresms ring my house fone tash x myfresms its tom did try caling check emails! x myfresms ring me by now wer the hel are u x av ben ringing u wtf myfresms just re sent u email please check x myfresms i&#;m just emailing you directions for bw tomorow afternon. bring swiming gear - about or pm. asume you have wifi. jake myfresms can u by nicer to me? myfresms mark phone me please. leyla x myfresms helo mate its chris, just wonered what your up, might go a strowl in a bit its pising me of this place, give us a buz. swet myfresms htp:/w.tube/amateur/indian-prostitute-for-cash-fucking-on-camera-malu-aunty/?utm_source=pbweb&utm_medium=pt&utm_c myfresms yo its pete phone me myfresms hi mark,sory i didnt know i was suposed to be in,as i was not on the rota.ps sory for the misunderstanding.craig myfresms it&#;s shel my credit has run out fel fre to get me some on way home love you x myfresms e-mail sent, games at ed&#;s ok, diner later at .-pm. myfresms what myfresms hi babe stil nothing from alan . luv u lotz sexy toes x myfresms hiya babey u okay wu and are stil metin and if u can can u text or ring plz love you baba x myfresms can you please frickin ring me! pref today! x myfresms here&#;s my number baba x myfresms alrite mate its tom mcken r u holding can u bel my mob.chers myfresms khoti myfresms lambi khoti myfresms fcvkf fjfd figf fcjdfdjhflfnf gfgi myfresms i wish you were a dor so i could bang you al day long or do you want to play army? i wil lay down and you can blow the hel out myfresms jhjkh myfresms ring me fs calum!&wtf are doing trying to chat a year old up wrong that is!i ned to kno wtf u want me to do? myfresms ;kjhgtrertyuioplknjbvcdxsewi ytrewsdfghn iut r myfresms it&#;s kim ring me back on my mums phone x myfresms here! myfresms hi there , please if you have this phone cal on this number to returne it .there wil be a pounds reward . myfresms hi i have no cred can&#;t work this wk on period pls dnt txt or cal my num with family amy myfresms and mcflury to get one for anton if u get me one myfresms does this work? myfresms testing myfresms hey elena, nikita here. please check your mail asap and aply for the house! myfresms c ya just made yaself a joint like usual n this dogs doing my head in x myfresms yopiasmesavas myfresms yo sam its pete phone me now myfresms abey can u phone rigsys fone myfresms dude its james is the answer year old virgin also you in stil? myfresms no texts left, sam myfresms its jes my texts ran out ao if you hear god things bout me why am i not god enough text to my number x myfresms i&#;m on skype! text back if you can come online! x myfresms i&#;m on skype! text back to the india phone if you can come online! x myfresms i have no texts, and can leave no mesage, non of us can continue like this so we ned to leave it now. from raven take care x myfresms ring me it&#;s ur huby x myfresms sory lol was dwn stairs speaking to staf x myfresms kotku ja wyjde okolo ., w sumie jakbys mogl to tyrknij teraz do mnie marta myfresms dcduchejcn myfresms ligame mor myfresms got your mesagewhy do you want me to phone you? myfresms babe its me sarah textin u of a internet site inbox me bk on fb love ya x myfresms mor liga be ja vou entrar judite myfresms n tas a ver as mags judite myfresms hiya i do want u come mum dad me now :) katie n gaz r jus at walys x myfresms test fre sms myfresms sory no credit, i think i have text the wrong number sory for bothering you cadihn myfresms ez its ash , you stil going home today? let me know if and when coz il jump in, wil be on facebok if you cant cal myfresms yo its phoebe ive got no credit to reply to your text ad me on facebok &#;phoebe caitlin rafaela o&#;donel&#; or bm a myfresmshi u ok wat r u doin ring me myfresms hi bro, phone cut of caus havent paid bil, can you try caling me, if doesnt work wil se you tomoz. toby myfresms just inbox ya backj myfresms or mesage me on fb myfresms fdsdfdf myfresms it&#;s shel my credit has run out ring me please x myfresms il pik ya up wen she&#;s home n av gt sum fuel, wer wil ya b bowt :-:? u can jus cum up wid es myfresms ring me myfresms how&#;s yu day ben hel i hope dont lok like they be out for chrismaslol myfresms jo it&#;s de. i don&#;t have a phone so i can&#;t get texts mesaging from net. do u stil wana met? let me know if u get this myfresms.chi stupid just a we test myfresms it&#;s dicki . your fucking ex is a prick mate myfresms i don&#;t know if u have internet on ur phone? myfresms cause u i l lost my carcause u didnt ve half hour for meand now u told me fuck of. thx be. myfresms laughing hard loks like yu and lou man are going to be locked for christmas pmsl myfresms x gfb; ijbhjlohb hbghugbkbn ihbujkbuyh myfresms god night myfresms another test as the other did not come through! myfresms picola miceta natalizia da metere al forno.gnam gnam.ho comprato torone hard per tua mama.pandoro per pupy finito :&#;( myfresms hi there you ok hw is work and everythin myfresms hahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha myfresms baby its sarah inbox me bk on fb please sory bwt jus x ma laptop is so slow x myfresms its carla, i am so sory, my throat is closed up, i fel aslep on the sofa. i realy did wnt to come, you no that. sory im shit myfresms its obviously my fault, il make it up to you. i promise myfresms what yu going to do lol try and lie for them again wel don&#;t try it myfresms ka tu? :d myfresms - claim your fre, busty girls on santas cock, cuming for xmas at w.frepornpages. or text stop to . myfresms in ned of a god hard spanking girl, panties down, pusy on show myfresms its nadine can u txt or ring my mob plz i want apologise an ive ben to afraid just show up x myfresms rosi its dany c come to mine mate straight away myfresms come myfresms yo paul its azan . cal me on my number ge myfresms go fuck urself and come with real facts of my doings you dog myfresms second ave babe.thanku mag, if my dad gives me money moz i&#;l pay u out of tha babe,x myfresms it dad, it done. myfresms mum ring me pls. charlie x myfresms soz cant be near u otherwise il do somet . if owt hapens betwen us i want it to be mutual . cant c u anymore for a while myfresms il order you iphone n stil b here for u but to scared i know ilf i seduce u il stop at giving u oral but cnat let tht hapen myfresms mug myfresms realy sory may se u in jan but duno if we can stil be friends its kiling me al i think of is u n angel . realy sory myfresms may b fine just dont know . realy sory im stil here for you and wil stil help but gota kep my distance soz james x myfresms can we stop fighting al the time? myfresms its dani tel nick to txt me when hes done an he can come an met me please x myfresms frankenwenie carton film is on ya hard drive, watching it now its cany myfresms can u cal me on my phone? myfresms so kyan says u lie to get out of trouble y wud he lie iv bin in bits for days r u choising her over him i didnt want to argue myfresms its pad cal my house again myfresms check ur gmail g phone has ben fucked man myfresms jack ding me it adam myfresms g my contract comes on the rd jan bro so gmail me quick tym. myfresms hiya gilie it&#;s rach just thought id let u know im in x myfresms hey i got no fre texts so im sending fre msgs from online im tayba get my number from mehwish cal me stop stalking mehwish myfresms snowman on ch at . , and new one on tomorow night myfresms come on fb knw myfresms when wil you be home i&#;m outside? x myfresms hi dad its steve, could you give me a cal when you get this mesage please? - i&#;ve run out of credit on my mobliechers myfresms my mums gone on holiday to shelys for a wek so cant get in her house myfresms back in balywalter now, just give me a shout when you are in d&#;de and i&#;l take a run up. myfresms babe its ros please ring me asap i mis u and i have ben in bed not ignoring u i promised u u cud se me again x myfresms does this number work? james myfresms its phewhere the fuck are you?!? hury up! myfresms does this number work? james myfresms it paul can i borow . til i get payed? myfresms pod na net ja uz som tu myfresms is tht us then? dione x myfresms it&#;s mick fne me bk is it ok if a cum get it mate myfresms ring me gayboy myfresms cole its mick mate fne me bk is it awrite if a cum get it myfresms hey yumy its me, these pies lok beter x x x i mis you x myfresms you beter met me now im waiting at the top of ur stret now or else. myfresms its onerz phone me wat eva im on marchmount. kmt. myfresms hey :) it&#;s your stalker! ahahahahahahaha myfresms sanga ye alaka marwata myfresms il post them tomorow. dont wory about cream il have more chese for mushroms. come straight home x myfresms ur on sum joke ting man phone me. h myfresms hi swetheart ive ben trying to cal you and theres no answer, im up at half in the morning so im of to bed now, realy wanted myfresms wagwan its khalid can u phone me on my phone myfresms to speak to you tonight, hope you and izy are ok, love you baby and hapy aniversary for tomo love you love you love you x x x myfresms its rach found somewhere online can text you fre x aint doing nowt but laying in bed x nowt to get up x myfresms yo its khalid i got ur last text and yh i hear that. buty phone me on my phone plz im in the area now. you got sum makin up to d myfresms lol myfresms hi mate its steve,lucy has got me on fb askin si to cal her to pick him up, sort him out please x myfresms hi zoe! on the bus right now, texting you via internet. we&#;re moving, so i should be in oxford by around pm! :) myfresms cal me pls myfresms whi myfresms how far myfresms hi natalie this le from the helpline i am trying to contact you with regards to your yaho pasword i wil cal again shortley myfresms hi m its chris im stil tryin t sort sumthin out iv ur bout on ur own cud u caum ere plz cud do wi a chat myfresms just bafles me that u strugle for money yet turn down/don&#;t go to work. supose i beter not mention a smoke tonight then? myfresms hun it jade. sugestions r removed nw unles ric swears at us twice. thn its grly punishment time wich he has tel us al abwt ;p x myfresms hi it is michaela, i am mesaging thro here as both my phones are out of credit just to let u know i&#;m fine. myfresms ive sent julie a mesage sory for saying the truth just dont want u to make me out to be the bad .gina myfresms ash its sarah jus ring me quick time myfresms and i canont beleive u have taken the phone me and my baby have nothing thanks myfresms i realised now u didn&#;t get that text yesterday, i didnt realise i was out of credit so sory. myfresms babe its sarah cum on fb myfresms i can send and receive emails thro sniperkitenlive myfresms my phone&#;s cut of. ring me if you ned me. after would be fine. cal me because i can&#;t text back. myfresms sory myfresms ash its sarah ring me please go sumwhere on ur own myfresms it&#;s mick mate fne me the now mate myfresms safe bert its ernie lol r u bk on? if so wud u b able sort me sumet til xmas day? txt bk my numba myfresms ash its sarah ring me please go sumwhere on ur own n stop ingoring me please jus ring me i am on ma own myfresms blah myfresms hahahaha they stil locked up hahaha myfresms hi mate im online now just email teamveiwer details kind regards mark myfresms ash stop ingoring me jus ring me n dw say its me please myfresms helo this is santa myfresms ret m its paul tried ringing from payphone no answer. not got me alowance yet! ya about or not m? myfresms ash ring me man they a guna knw its me so please myfresms oay masher where abouts are you? set of yet? myfresms oryt m its george are u gona be home tonight? im txting of the internet. my numbers myfresms this is a test myfresms al i want is for you to be here wiv us im so fed up of doin this if u cant doit then let me go il luv u but im tierd of u leavein myfresms hi mum its ayesha. i have no txts left. did you manage to transfer that into my old acount? t.b my phone please x myfresms i wana tlk to ya ash so stop ingorin me please jus ring me myfresms you dont want me to be wiv any else then y ru not here y cnt u just stay an work on us u dont love me an wen im gone ul be sory myfresms i wana tlk to ya ash so stop ingorin me please jus ring me if u dw wana chat to me jus text me n tel me dw ingore me myfresms hi dad its ayesha i have no txts left. what time shal i be ready in the morning? txt back to my phone please x myfresms ring me, suleiman myfresms phone me tomrow on the other voderfone sim at to talk to u . ok number wil be in sent box myfresms can u cal me or come on skype? myfresms safe bud its gibo. jus leavin my moms, b bk in bout mins. wot u doin? txt bk my fone, cant txt bk cuz ive sent this ofline myfresms hi its alecia pls can u drop me a s,i would come it but my lil one has ben sick day. can u do that. let me know on my num myfresms ring me dwane myfresms ash this a funi nw jus ring me why u scared for myfresms could you go into your wifi seting and text me our pasword on our wifi please myfresms ash ring me asap i hv bin lokion on ur piks n i mis our old times dw gt telin none iv bin talkin to ya myfresms wtf i cant mesage u back u for fuck sake! u got me blocked. ring me myfresms i&#;m caling from dad&#;s ofice, hanah x myfresms chau.man kredits beidzas slinkums iet pakal :) ko daram sovakar? igors myfresms helo ash jus ring me please stop ingorin me so ring me please. i knw u a busy til nw x myfresms hi its bradley pole yeh i got your mesage for stobarts at pm start thanks. bradley myfresms going slep in half hour x nowt to stay up for up either x rach myfresms i would love to bum you myfresms zak go on facebok quick, ned to chat to you! myfresms fine i take it u dw wana tlk to me do jus ring ash go in the bathrom or sumah myfresms clearly the worlds bigest slag! going to link rob u fucking hore i fucking hate u i fucking hate u so fucking much! myfresms its biz cn i gt my nose pierced wen i go twn tma only a smal stud as a pre you? ring the house phone let me know plz x myfresms hey. sory but i can&#;t aford to kep on texting you back. i have sent you that e mail - laura myfresms george its dwane ring me. myfresms george its dwane ring me. myfresms k myfresms ring george for me! i want wed tel him to bring it to my dor. ring me when hes outside! myfresms if your wae sum else please txt me and let me know im going mad and fel low so please put me ot ma misery myfresms gibon myfresms ok, sazinojamies velak. lai jums abiem fors vakars;)makonis myfresms hi sue,i dont have any credit to say thanks for the presents and ask why you didnt give me it personaly?anyway,thank you :) x m. myfresms ash ring me its sarah please ok u wana hear it i mis you so please ring me i gt to tel u sumah myfresms tel you what fuck you im going grays. suck out! myfresms me myfresms come up & se me now please. johny x myfresms phone this number. x myfresms ash ring me nw please i&#;m turning ma internet of nw so i cnt text u of the site nw please myfresms phone me plz mum on stevies phone i can&#;t find mine myfresms helo kapil this is a test can you read this kapil&#; myfresms eds it&#;s mat go on fb myfresms hiya mailie just wonderin if ya can giv us a bel on this number, . nancy x myfresms jhguygkuhviyv myfresms lol yer im about mate pop over myfresms cal me myfresms yo myfresms cal me naj myfresms i wil always love you im so sory i hurt you myfresms helo roy hows it going.this is n mybnumba.but u van tex if u want.i love u myfresms you ok hayley what you up to then wil se you in the morning huny text my phone if you like x myfresms sound m myfresms ash this is the last text i cn send nw the internet is goin of cn u ring me please i gt no mins or i wud ring u so please bab myfresms hey mum, could we please borow another tomorow, you wil get back on friday? drop cal to let me know you got this diane x myfresms hey dude are we seing you tonight for homeland, or should i tape it? peace jx myfresms ash jus fone me please i wudnt be askin u if i didn&#;t hv feling for u styl so please myfresms ring me please nan its tony myfresms yo yo yo myfresms ,m nklnkl myfresms tent lol not sure this time of night mate. just found this site where i can send you a text for fre coz i aint got any credit lol myfresms ring me nw its me sabz myfresms hiya houa hada myfresms minge myfresms fuck it lifes to short lost al my true friends now fel shit love u to bits but ainyt guna ruin it my lifes fucked now james x myfresms ash jus fone me please i&#;m begin u bab myfresms hi. myfresms bear plz unblock me i beg you. i cnt stop cryin myfresms ring me! myfresms rola! this is moyo. please can you cal mum and tel her to pick me up from the station at . reply by email when you get thi myfresms mum, this is moyo. please can you pick me up from bedford station at . thank you myfresms you mean everything to me. im dead inside. i cant cal u but plz unblock me from fb myfresms please reply by . thank you myfresms just let me kno if ur getin these myfresms helo, abla its me fatih, can you cal me when you are available. myfresms lol yer mate pop over myfresms fine il cut my rist myfresms yo its pete you at yours, shal i leave son? myfresms xgodhlhlcgkhlxo myfresms i realy am starting to wory about you now gorgeous even if you send me a text ust to let me know you are ok x myfresms rola, please tel mum to pick me up from station at . i cant tel if these are sending myfresms hi its richard forgot my phone charger. just let you know im stil alive. hapy birthday to your mum for tomorow & hapy xmas. myfresms ring me il pretend it some else its weby btw myfresms sory for everything bin a twat . ur my everything my best friend and a drug cnt get enough of u or ur as lol love u james x myfresms ash jus fone me please i&#;m in bed so cn u ring me i&#;m at ome myfresms i am at home, why? myfresms yo joe, it&#;s joe jay&#;s son, can you ring me? on myfresms yo dale, it&#;s joe jay&#;s dad, can you ring me? on myfresms did it work? myfresms josh its chels i wont forget i promise il be at yours for half make sure your there love you lots x myfresms blah blah myfresms its h. rasels phone batery dead. phone me il send em myfresms phone my phone babe x myfresms its samantha x myfresms can u phone me pls im so sory x myfresms v myfresms soz babe out of credit dont reply to this number im on fbok james x myfresms uhndiuwndoemo noenoerf myfresms can i have twenty quid to get some more fod ? can you cal me. ros myfresms hrfthrhy myfresms hi dude! it&#;s me: portuguese margharita! ahaha it was just to send you a big kis, muah myfresms tel cat i ned to talk to her when shes fre chers james myfresms does this bulshit thing actualy work or is it just a big con myfresms tesy myfresms hi myfresms that syt not workin unblok me carnt txt agen myfresms s myfresms no mater what hapens in next few days knw tht i love u n angel , just cant kep doing this lifes pain n misery james x myfresms coulda told me lol myfresms hi myfresms u stil in your uncle hous? myfresms hey babe do you know what time you are coming home? ring the house phone because my phones being proper gay:( love you x myfresms trey, can u cal me please. . olivia myfresms ring me ot bilins myfresms depends on ow much i get piad n wether im stil her or not m . soz best i can miserable as fuck at mo james myfresms i know i shouldnt txt u but i just dont get it-what was yesterdays txt for? kate myfresms jhjgjh myfresms za ile bedziesz? martyna :) myfresms hasan bhai this is ganesh. i am going to bank in the morning so wil not be able to come at time bhaiya wil reach half past plea myfresms halou myfresms love dont panic i m ok, my phone is not working.i hope you ok.i mis you.god night x myfresms adam i ned to no wot ur doing so ring me please from bobie myfresms can u txt me back.? myfresms hey it&#;s sam:)fne me on ths num lost my sim any fne it ths tho x myfresms ne, tu esi ofline. :( myfresms hi sexy - you&#;re prety to! i am now (finaly) online on msn hoping to nater. phoar x myfresms can u explain me why u do that to me? myfresms nu ne vol , man beidzas kartes termins un es nevaru vairs tev uzpikstinat. :( nu celies :( myfresms sujat its me izy man. cal me i ned to top up man got no mins. gime a cal myfresms esmu bubinosha, pilnigi kaitina. :( :( :( myfresms hug to head gawjus x myfresms meh, baksta, biksta, stumda, bubina, ruc. wake up, honey! :|* myfresms i thought u r diferent myfresms sasodits, nu ka lai tevi pamodina? |( nopietni. :? varbut nakamreiz telefona skanu neatsledz? :d man morali sap tagad. :d myfresms home myfresms ring me myfresms im woried on your behalf, i dont give a fuck about him /: and fuck knows what makes him think he has to lie to me like that /: x myfresms hi this is ramis. email me. myfresms salam asrar me kez i&#;m so sory bro pls don&#;t switch on me i wil sort it out this wek kusmeh my dads ben il myfresms okie doke, make sure ya do then x myfresms at website has ben sabotaged but tryin to find if theyve a new en x x x x x x x myfresms cal me x myfresms jake its ema, ring me when you get this. we ned to talk asap x myfresms isit ite to pop up quickly tb my month partridge myfresms i love you myfresms mum, whats your pasword for my laptop so i can download big fish games? im using a sms thing on my laptop, its weird. love you x myfresms cal me nw plz its me amirah i used da internet to txt u myfresms char here, ring me x myfresms quick myfresms u obv bin out wif sum ent ya myfresms yo myfresms hi babe its rach im at urs naked lol i broufght ur stuf i hope se ya son sexy bum x myfresms internet this ones difrnt syt to the first txt can you just cal me man .! stop longing stuf out myfresms its vic, if your stil up, cal me. i love you x myfresms hi hun i&#;m stil awake if u wana tlk on fb. ul av a few msgs of me sory fort u was ignoring me for sum reason luv stef x myfresms niga its tisha, me and yolanda are just wondering where u are, give yolanda a cal asap please x myfresms did u get mesage hun?. sory if u was aslep or busy wiv me pic lol x jus realy wana talk to u luv stef x myfresms jhguhgh myfresms heya its vic cal my number myfresms jordan :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* luv steph x myfresms al this is makin us stronger iloveyou hasan mahmod yu changed me fa the best drinking and that yur ma world iloveyou gorgeous its amber, can you get mum to grab me some bongela please x myfresms shal i leave u a key ive got no credit to txt u this is last myfresms youre always on facebok then you delete and now block me ?! something isnt right you cheat ! thanks dany its lois btw myfresms jason, met me now myfresms jason met me now myfresms jhuhu myfresms yo asap myfresms asap cme on myfresms hey can you read this myfresms mikey cum home its fukin xmas eve , i dnt want u t b ruf ! its late enuf its not like u ant bin out myfresms she wil not love you so why bother her at al? you are to ugly. yolo. myfresms please talk to me myfresms i&#;m in her daily she is mine to devour stick to your day dreams yolo myfresms she wil never care she would murder you for fun dear god you are lame yolo myfresms wanking wil not help she wont consider your bed your hel never ends yolo myfresms &#;s not the way you wil never be the way cut your fucking hair yolo myfresms i got a busines idea dawg myfresms tex tr or phone if ya cumin plz unles your ocupied with sum beter let me no x myfresms yet again ue either in dolph with charlie or with chicks/cave or whatever. to much for u to cal.mery xmas just like old times myfresms no mate icnt fukin slep bcuz ov a twat like u ihpe u hava fukin nytmare nd u cry! nd ihpe tiger fukin shits al ova u inshalah. myfresms waiting for u at side g just park at side its me h. ul love this fone myfresms kum on pra its worth on payg aswel. ul love it i promise get taxi pls pra. myfresms im out side of kitchen. how long g myfresms why r ya blankin me, r ya to bizy now, i ben textin just to se if ya cumin up an ya not answered, soz to disburb you myfresms y myfresms cuzon. its slezbal. fone my fone. love myfresms me alisha switch the internet of wen u come ho,me myfresms me alisha does this even work myfresms p myfresms hey baby myfresms fucking niger your dead myfresms at least you can b hapy now. j x myfresms taylor, its bear they found simon dead a few hours ago, they guted him behind his dads garage myfresms im here myfresms hiya it&#;s karla going cleaning this morning wil i be able to get in? going up for am got no credit to ring when i get there x myfresms hiya hun sory to wake you i&#;m outside x it&#;s karla :) x myfresms helov myfresms mqm naser bin abdulah bin saif al katabi ph# mqm waled bin saod al karosi ph# myfresms did u receive the numbers majid myfresms salams manan sahab kesey hain ap? agar sms mil jaye tu reply karna zaror -, uzair myfresms hi ya mum i&#;m pickin ur present up at wil u wait me? n then i&#;l come tescos with u aswel? dans shity, fb me x myfresms hey u phone broke t half if your fre myfresms helo this is a test myfresms ash jus fone me please dw ingore me myfresms hi kate, arived al ok in switzerland, is my litle hsbc bank thing at your house? think it fel out of my bag. dan myfresms you can text my normal phone for fre! dont reply to these x myfresms come on skype when you can i have it loged on so just cal me myfresms morning :) i mis you more weks i can&#;t wait x myfresms gail its sarah moms gt no credit yh come when you am ready we am up anyways text bk on moms fone myfresms are you awake babe x myfresms does this work? myfresms sdrftgzhujik myfresms hiya be not sure if il get this but i finish at so prob cum n c u for bit.try n run g me on .love u myfresms vezi ca am ajuns acasa suna-ma pe numarul lui romel asta e numarul lui myfresms hapy christmas xox myfresms mum its oliver are you in ? ring or txt my phone asap x myfresms if you can get some worming tablets it may be useful. have a god trip. myfresms g&#;day w, how&#;s things bud? fancy catching up this evening for a xmas tot? my folks are away so cum over. use housephone myfresms.chelo myfresms ps from mat:-) if u didn&#;t gueslol myfresms helo my love, hope fel beter and went to se the doctor. i am online on skype befor i go to slep. i mis&love you. t. myfresms mum ring dani if ur up. plz myfresms mum its sarah can you lend me anything sory to ask. love sarah x myfresms hi mom, it&#;s tracy. i can&#;t cal or text at the moment. any chance you can cal me on my number? love you. myfresms check your email just got on laptop on noticed a problem with the scren don&#;t know how u haven&#;t sen it myfresms carl is dobs are u stil coming tomoz if so we ned to sort the stuf out today let me know if u are or not asap myfresms where are you? myfresms its richie cal me please asap myfresms ? myfresms hi chris, sory to bother u but i am being chased about some toners for lemark homeuser-dublin hd said it is localy done. myfresms new contact no for benedra owners this wek; . mery christmas and hapy holidays:-) myfresms can you let me know how to chase this or advise. kind regards, munawar abraham myfresms rob its lauren cal me on plz myfresms sam its jord. ring me asap its an emergency swet! x myfresms hiya i was on the phne babe phne bak if u want kasie x myfresms havent got credit no i dont thanks x myfresms hey its misha, if you stil onit for meting when you have finished work send us a text nd il ring you of the home phone x myfresms alright its jordan, was working when you rang me last night give me a cal today when you get chance x myfresms tel ana i love her very much and wish her a very beautiful christmas if were in today would have poped down to give big hug myfresms text me back on this number myfresms hey man, sent u email (on squirt), phone not receiving texts atm myfresms hi myfresms sara, very sore ben here left my phone downstairs in the litle rom, can you put somewhere? very sore today x myfresms you can come and pick me up now, changed my mind. love gavin x myfresms send me the frequency and time in ist. i wil listen to the telecast moro myfresms lol gfghfdvjkjnjh myfresms nouman here. cal me imediately at +. myfresms hi baby, its rachael. can you cal me please x myfresms hapy chrimbo to ken and marie ,oh and by the way thanks for breky not myfresms what you doing baby. sory taking so long gota text u of the internet mums gone town and u going emas day baby x myfresms gfdhgfdh myfresms jak doslalas tego esa daj znac norbi myfresms wagwan myfresms you woke back up yet misy ? x myfresms baby ive gota text of the internet so its going slow i try get some money x myfresms helo myfresms its tonie ring back myfresms cal me brat-atack x myfresms hi yinka please give me a cal on my mobile. because i ned to know what time to come and colect my alowance thanks. shawna myfresms wstajesz myfresms hi carol. your ap is am thurs with rachel. we are at scotia works, leadmil rd. any problems cal . take care myfresms ds myfresms bear i i left phone at home - doh, heading into town at so wil met you in southbank at . x myfresms mum can ya lend me so i can run town and grab dad a prezie, bank tok the last of my for bank charges, i get paid on st myfresms yo myfresms boy cal me. #abu myfresms sory for the late reply am in myfresms maybe steph or sum wud pik up kaice&#;s presents from ur mums day? i got card u bt didnt send it in case ur mum read it lol x myfresms.co.uhey you myfresms hi marco, i finish work at :h today, if you want a lift cal my ofice number. maja x myfresms dochodzi cos? myfresms to ja wiola przeczytaj wiadomosc na fb;* tel mi padl zapomnialam ladowarki;/ myfresms hey babes, who ya shoping for today? x myfresms odpisz mi na fb czy bedziesz po mnie oki? i ogolnie przeczytaj wiadomosc twoja wiola;*i widzialam twoje wpisy na fb:( myfresms iufkuf myfresms hey babz soz cant cal at mo hope you liked you presant and hope u have a great xmas x chat son babe x kep smiling x myfresms hey its chelsie have u ben to the bank x c myfresms parbaude myfresms baba i ned to se you i&#;m realy upset i mis you like mad i love you so much and i can&#;t get whatsap x myfresms.ci said i used the printer and there was a wire atached so stop with the atitude! myfresms ash cn u ring me please its sarah myfresms mery xmas have a great few days im sory it was so long but respect your decision maybe se you around who knows tc angel cakes x myfresms its dany kid, u getin my mesages, plz wil u do ers la n i swear il cum give u tmz wen i ben me mums, an il av a j wit u myfresms ash cn u ring me please its sarah dw ingore me today bab myfresms text back to my fne kid, i wont let u down marcus myfresms sen + moc + virg + ausr + mam + rust + sar + myfresms u getin my mesages kid it dany tb to my fne myfresms zadzwo do mnie mamusia myfresms hey princes, got no cred so ring me at some point. the reason ur nt sposed to b workin nye is cus he said you could ave it of myfresms lol someone told me its christmas today when its not oh dear, lok i wana spend today with you it would b nice please x myfresms ong does this shit actualy work!? myfresms what u doing? myfresms hi charlie. does your train get in at . at templecombe? ed x myfresms text me back to my phone. ed x myfresms ash cn u ring me please its sarah al i wana do is tlk to u so cn u ring me. please myfresms even on christmas eve u dont care about me:( myfresms or email me. ed x myfresms hi love, hema bot sizes are and . my phone doesn&#;t work here, rubish. wil try and sort. x myfresms mum i&#;m at home safe and sound, the lock smith came. ring me if you want myfresms wel i hope u hav a realy shit day like the rest of us, i even got dresd to help with bags, what a tit. enjoy u waster. c u bout myfresms hi gaby, i&#;ve just left the north pole. sily rudolph has forgoten his phone and tried texting you on his carot. i&#;ve heard yo myfresms.cbabe don&#;t be like this iloveyou :&#;( i&#;l se yu tomoz yur my baby! myfresms tero! neumim se ti dovolat, proste pro me jako cislo nexistujes (wtf!) doufam, ze jsi vzhuru, krasna a zadouci a na ceste. jen myfresms i know me to, but didnt know if it was ok for to come or not haha, not texted phone ben cut of. got al your presents by one myfresms asalam alaikum please put in acount ending myfresms bil ring this number myfresms which is beckies haha, by the way its lauren if you hadnt noticed! have a lovely christmas you al deserve it! and text my fone x myfresms ring me when u can on my mobile. taxi boked for at my work x myfresms its luke i duno yet ay sure lol wbu? wil u have a phone moz txt bck my fone myfresms what time u go in at robyn ?text back x myfresms dont stay alone please, stay with the rest of the family, i wil speak to u son x myfresms i&#;m here baby myfresms pati przeslij mi te sms co do niego pisalam wczoraj od cb wanda myfresms its jordan i&#;m at the arcades where are you myfresms elo ash u oki bab ring me please myfresms can u ring me plz frm nicky x myfresms findme myfresms testing myfresms hi how myfresms carl my batery is about to die. i ned to get ready and go get my wages! can u please just come back and let me in. myfresms sorted, botable flag changed ok, grub menu & everything restored. same for gb & nuling others could then work for this xp[?] myfresms yo myfresms test myfresms its craig ring my phone!x myfresms hi ya are coming over facebok me yvete myfresms liv ring my phone its craig asap x myfresms can you ring me please ? even though it should be you trying. myfresms babe its xmas eve and i&#;m sat watching mupets christmas carol on my own! i hate this, its horible! guna be the shitest xmas myfresms.co.unajlepsze yczenia z okazji wit boego narodzenia oraz szczliwego nowego roku, lukasz myfresms ring me its craig ring my new number x myfresms the house fone isn&#;t ringing out either, plus sky has gone of. take it u haven&#;t paid bil give jai kis for mi, mis u bot myfresms.cmoj numer myfresms hi cristy its sue soz didn&#;t get bk til late i&#;ve got no internet but i can stil load games on with sd cards if u want cal myfresms.cring me please jake. ema x myfresms this is the code . x myfresms has he set of yet x myfresms hewlo myfresms eze m hope ur al set tomoro. enjoy it wiv the family, ur a lucky man :) . hav a god m. mike :) myfresms mehmet, araba ne oldu? sana bir email yazdim. haber ver lutfen. sekip myfresms segra nejdes na skype na chvili? :) bracha myfresms helo! earth to ted! are you there? are you available for a pint, already. if not, forget you; if so, col. text my normal number myfresms ayaz bhai, can you please cal me ? your neighbor at belgrave walk! myfresms hi mum its athena cal my phone please x myfresms testing myfresms salam shamus, how are you? long time no hear! i am a qualified dentist now working in bolton. shazina myfresms ring me if u let me finish. i was going to say there&#;s nothin that i want. but there&#;s something i ned! ring me back myfresms.co.uhelo nat its sarah cn u ring ma moms fone she as no credit to text u bk myfresms i dont have credit . lol who told you that? im not gay myfresms ring me babe chloe x myfresms wots up paul its david myfresms mum ring my mobile what time u cumin hury up the kids r made up ring me myfresms next time i c u ya fked i wunt dream of giving u dat money bk! hope u lok over ya sholder al u had to do was gt bk wiv me! sily myfresms jay am sory :( plz forgive me bein a twat i jus realy want a card since am not guna get no prezies of u or evie x myfresms baby ring me its abdul! x myfresms jesus is lord myfresms helo mate its ian im txtin from pc can u give me a cal on my phone please when u get this mate myfresms dad its stef i dnt no if ul get this but u sed . ben waitin to get kids presents al day . i dnt want to leave it to late myfresms helo mate its ian amy wil be poping through later if thats ok if u can cal or text to my phone chers myfresms dad would like xmaspresent trainers quid.if you want dont wory if cant .and. ( bank shuts at !) you saw my shoes riped! myfresms you the that stole from me after al the privaleges i gave you.sohumble ur fucking self. kep acting up an il smash in ur hea myfresms how long u guna be mate its kyle of lady mats myfresms testing fre text mesage myfresms bub,phone died. had to go ur cv i have ur no. lol. def catch up tonight as ur of tomorow. hope today isn&#;t bad. love you myfresms.co.uyo its rice i lost my phone come to my yard its important regarding amanda?! ned a couple of thing from her. peace myfresms ahoj arte prosimte stavis se teda dneska? zavolaj mi prosimte na kubuv telefon dik jirka myfresms tai kaip vaidi galeciau as dabar pas babeka sveciuosia tai ir likciau man sakau pora nu tris dienas gal paskiau i lietuva isvarau myfresms hi, myfresms myfresms why no one on line dad myfresms bruno! this is your last warning! you ned to get to harmondsworth by pm! myfresms cal me on my phone . its shanice x myfresms u ok babe babe cum round and se me if u want got no cred myfresms at station at past myfresms hapy xmas babe! have a god x give tomy a big squeze from me! p x myfresms go on chops! u can do it. myfresms fnvhg myfresms its leigh al i was gona say is go stay at ur mums and il even stay with u ur stil loved by me uno it can hapen today make it myfresms salam aleikoum myfresms alright dad can you ring mum on house phone please chers myfresms mikoaja z dug brod, goci z procentow wod, kobiety gorcej w prezencie, prostej drogi nazakrcie tego i wielein myfresms bel me its mat myfresms swx. kur prapuoles? pasuk i mano tel. aiwaras myfresms yo yung yas i like your music myfresms proba myfresms.org myfresms sis cd u plse pt tht muni bk in our bnk plse like db sed we only hd lft n gt fod wit it n nw lecy on cnt get muni frm an myfresms ryan its zoe i got your txt but no one in so cant reply and i have no credit so had to borow txt of the internet give me a ring myfresms and cnt gt muni fm anywhere plus the last day of shop open here sis i wudn ask if i wasn desp n i cn pay it al on the rd plus myfresms dude cal me quick ting myfresms i cn pay it al bk on rd sis like i say i realy wudn ask for it bk r even just a bit if u cn txts debs fne n il txt bk please x myfresms hey you ok had to borow txt of net cant txt bkf myfresms helo thankyou for the text was at work/doctors. ring when you can would love to hear from you izy x x myfresms ring me asap plz nadine myfresms hi it&#;s ema wil you ring me i&#;m gona have go shoping at isg myfresms come on msn - its ash myfresms sound man its canon. ring me please myfresms hey you alright myfresms tx myfresms hey babe my batry dyin what u doing my sister jus basicaly ignoring me so were do u want me to met ya x myfresms , myfresms find me myfresms hi its andrew myfresms ho ho ho myfresms phone me please - john myfresms hi mate its daz cal me dude myfresms hey love i havnt got any credit huni so using web sms, sory to hear u hav ben unwel, if u want to chat jus ring me babe x myfresms go on facebok den g .its az myfresms hey x myfresms ash ring me please x myfresms dr unodu valvathai than thaduka mudium. anal unodu karpanayil val vathai yaralu thaduka mudiyathu. go and hav kanu myfresms stop this nonsence stop sending fb masages to other&#;s sister and wife myfresms saf ring me plz daz. myfresms ring me asap! its raymond!x myfresms you got my money yet mate? myfresms safe kimi. it&#;s sam! i&#;m at yours! could you bring me a can of coca-cola back please i have moneys! love sexy sam n kev myfresms.co.uyes cuz how u doin? its me c/ xakimcan u send me the cash before man the shops close pm :) say hi to fam as wel myfresms i realy would like you to be here in the morning it means a lot to hariet and its not fair to you to not se them either x myfresms hey rob its nat! i&#;ve ran out of txts n credit on my orange numbers n got no txts or credit left on my vodafone number! phone m myfresms.co.uhi ira.me phone is broken from saturday.you not worked todayi hope everything is fine and you have a lot of fun:) mery chris myfresms helo peter i am on my way to quezon, philipines i wil be there in a few mins you have mesages for the family hapy christmas myfresms mery christmas;) jacek myfresms hi its rogena, can you cal me on my mob i have your present! myfresms i understand how your feling that you never wanted us to break up neither did i and your angry and sad but this is how it&#;s ende myfresms.co.ucal me back pls sory lol myfresms i love you to baby so much never forget that. im mising you :( x myfresms fhvgjki myfresms double or extra thick cream x in a yog type pot x love u have a gd time dwn pub with ur dad x myfresms alright mate its martyn, fucking phone sim wont top op! is it ok to pop down and get black ops ? x myfresms blody thing wont top up so using this net service babe no you are not paying for everything sily! shoping al sounds col. myfresms hi my phone is flat - just mailed u, u stil at wk - mail me x myfresms mum i love u so moch and now i promis to love u for ma mum and not tske ur asets just pls cum back for chrismans ijustwant u myfresms loking forward to it loads? what erands did you have to run? i went to get another simcard and got home and saw it wasnt a micro myfresms mark its nigel give us a ring please thanks myfresms such a fail! might borow yours :p wil try and top mine up later and se if its being beter! nets back finaly but line is. myfresms mark its nigel can u ring please myfresms shocking so hope they sort it wil try cal you for a we but later :-p. have fun babe x myfresms me zain ring me now on myfresms yo don myfresms yo fam myfresms u spoke him lad , gt fuck al for any tmz , wana nk tday at his, nt bumpin on wit out a smack myfresms yo myfresms bos what going on is money. are you stil comin? ur got me waitin on u. myfresms everything ok? mely x myfresms hi, mum. it&#;s andrew. can you ring me asap please, ned to talk to you, thanks. :) myfresms you know i can&#;t text u so ring me! ema x myfresms hi toby its andy can u give us a ring please mate ( pc) myfresms wszystkiego najlepszego panie adamie w dniu imienin ! mateusz myfresms najlepsze zyczenia swiateczne ! mateusz myfresms carl its dobs times runing out for the shops i&#;ve got every thing sorted i&#;m just waiting on you are you coming or what myfresms what going on pls let me knw if i should wait for you or not myfresms hi sory not taken them round ur mum the girl av drawn on em tried cleaning it bt ned bleachin sory again x myfresms kirstie any chance u can ring me or text me or facebok please hapy christmas eve x myfresms mobile has gone car-put! only can receive msg but can&#;t send any. lins myfresms hey babe sory if i stresed you out didnt mean to love you cant wait to se you mised you loads dont forget ketchup oranges x myfresms was ap me if u get dis mesage is money myfresms z okazji swiat twoi dawni znajomi zycza ci abys zdechla za to co komus zrobilas myfresms hi lad its toe by chance wil u do me two fat one for let me no pls m myfresms filmix.net htp:/kinolovers.ru/ myfresms dor guy safe dor myfresms okay i don&#;t get the handicap principle for selection for indicators bit and the evaluation on sperm competition i don&#;t getit p myfresms.cphone me myfresms yo its chris give me a ring.chers myfresms head chick myfresms you alright dad wat ya doin ive got bers :) ring chloe myfresms i hope yu get this. its pised me of because i aint gona se yu now al over christmas. x myfresms bhavin smels myfresms its kiling me you are not speaking to me. its christmas for gods sake. myfresms can u cal me its ieva cuz i waiting for ur cal myfresms its sean i cant phone you so cum on facebok or text back to my phone x myfresms come online myfresms love you x x x x :-) myfresms n myfresms vesele vnoce vojta myfresms kamil. who am i? myfresms kur jus esat,es visu ziemasvetku dienu viena pati esmu!ilze myfresms ring me please its andy x myfresms mum ring me please myfresms , ? myfresms did you get my msg on fb, there is no ned to cal me. did you ring the flu place? myfresms worked? myfresms let me no if it&#;s worked! myfresms jghjdhgdgfdghgj myfresms yx jou laura myfresms hurts ud ratha be on ya own with ya fatha n talk text then even know me. thats the kiler. i can be fun i promise myfresms the virgin sisters of notre dame wish you a blesed christmas myfresms its fukn xmas n im not there. thats shit. ud of thought so last yr. sory i only tuk u grtd af feb, known u ever only why myfresms is it to hard to stop smoking? we can help dep hypnosis % results cal us myfresms did you get me text and what time you coming down tricky myfresms waqt badalta hai zindagi ke sath, zindagi badalti hai waqt ke sath. waqt nahi badalta apno ke sath, bas apne badlte hain waqt k myfresms oioi myfresms av av sen his ex and please rem how long iv known u maters! wish we met d st time again noin myfresms helo its gigs khan inbox me on facebok if you gna met me asap. myfresms yousef tired of working and working? fiji is loking for you travel agents neded usd / month tax fre cal us now myfresms if my mum is with you could u tel her jean is waiting for her to come home son thanks myfresms fone me loan mans nt cumin myfresms ash ring me plz when i saw u on the bus i wanted to cum upstairs n tlk to yu bab n u didnt lok at me i regret everythink iv dne myfresms ring me mate myfresms flyby done, cupboard by front dor. make sure they are behaving, or i wont come. hohoho. father christmas myfresms i knw iv had my chance ash bu like i styl hv felings for ya i told my mom earier bab so please ring me im begin u x myfresms helo babe its sarah im home nw cum on fb baby im waitin online for ya x ly milions myfresms hi is this phil bal myfresms helo. myfresms u wiv a guy u wasnt even in ur naniz myfresms shows how much u care bout me n ty dnt it out of sight out of mind its fine i get da mesage now u neva luved me i movin on myfresms hiy babe misin u so bad! fel sad tha im not with u! cant wait for tmro night! ben tryna mesage u ages. love you x myfresms i am fine and my day is going god, hope u r fine , i am mising you to myfresms plop myfresms frgththth myfresms plese can u pack al our stuf up includin my moms bed n stuf frm kitchen so i can jus grab my shit n go mom dnt wana wait round myfresms helo myfresms ash please ring me myfresms oi cal my phone itz zak x myfresms jane, it&#;s jeny. i&#;ve lost my phone. maybe droped in your car? could you let me know on please? thanks so much. enjoy. myfresms.cring me its katie myfresms trying to cal on facetime to discus fags x myfresms ash please ring me stop ingoring me please bab myfresms inbox back hasan!:&#;( myfresms ring now! skype now! almost slepy time, i want tlk :( please x myfresms mum iv not had your drink im with le you must of hid it ring me gray. myfresms plz pik up myfresms ash please ring me stop ingoring me please bab wil u cum n met me bab text bk to my fone myfresms hi jh myfresms iv dun fuck al hasan im in mine watin ta get in bath but everyfucker is before me had hair dye on ma hair for past hurs myfresms love you babey save my number baba i mis u already baba love u always x wishing you and family mery christmas. when are you coming to kenya. myfresms man pohuj, tu esi loshara, pisies dirst vispar. nah. myfresms hey its kirsty did i leave my phone at yours? i&#;m on facey :) myfresms hm riktiga parbaude :d myfresms hapy xmas an hope you have a god x ps check your email myfresms hm riktiga parbaude :d hm myfresms hapy xmas mam hope you have a god x myfresms hapy xmas dad hope you have a god . tony long run king george myfresms phones not working, sending text from website. internet crap. online now myfresms hey its rebekah can u ring me cuz my phone is bared il come se u for your bday but i duno where u live . so u ned to tel m myfresms myfresms sami its aron i ned to ring u and speak to you are you fre try and get to the dor or something x i wil ring u in myfresms hope your having a nice holiday faye and alex hope you have god xmas to .love dady x myfresms i hate u , iknow where your car is myfresms armpit cn you go on fb x myfresms hope your have a nice xmas and new yr linzy colo x myfresms hiya mat its sam, everything ok hun , text my phone loves you x myfresms mising you so much this is worse than when you were in bin :( i can&#;t wait to get back i&#;m sory i&#;m not there with u for xmas myfresmhope your having a nice holiday and xmas linda & ray x al the best myfresms please make sure the rent is in and make yourself a bank acount with hsbc when u do it. we have a lot to sort out when i get back myfresms helo how u feling ha ha myfresms hope your having a nice holiday and xmas tony x myfresms haz favor y conectate. aitor myfresms ahmed go on fb myfresms stop being gay and go on fb myfresms uhwus myfresms hapy christmas x myfresms :( now? x myfresms you geting this? myfresms ash ring me i fel so upset bab jus ring me i wana sort things out myfresms u nt guna ring thn i take it bab please ash if u dw wana tlk to me jus text me on ma fdne n tel me myfresms u nt guna ring thn i take it bab please ash if u dw wana tlk to me jus text me on ma fdne n tel me u knw i styl love you myfresms hi hr w u? myfresms mr alexander. your car insurance is now live and wil expire on /. any problems please cal many thanks myfresms thanks for coming to met me today. divya myfresms i wipe my tears for you, i heal my my broken heart. you made fel beautiful within myself and se whats real and what fake. s myfresms hi hu its sarah, sumthing up with my fone, so u wil av to txt me, realy mising playing bingo, my boys al setld. sat on mi own myfresms i&#;l be minutes myfresms ring my phone it&#;s west myfresms mr alexander. your car insurance is now live and wil expire on /. any problems please cal many thanks myfresms hey bud, its me! x myfresms hapy christmas x myfresms hi ala its karen can you cal my mobile please myfresms hi gina it&#;s me the man u met yesterday here is my number cal me myfresms ash ring me i dw wana kep pasin mesages on babe its bwt me n u myfresms hi ismael,how are you, what are you doing?bye irena myfresms babe i knw um wif ur mates bu cn u jus ring me quick time please i wana gt bk wif u myfresms ahoj myfresms it dad, so why ya ned quid myfresms check fb myfresms thanks for the cal back you prick najma myfresms iv ben home for tym now buh cudnt txt u cah my family was ere i love u baby can&#;t wait to se u x myfresms thought you wud have brought calum home by now. gues he wil av his presents late tomora then. se you tomorow. myfresms lou its rick ring my fone quick plz mate myfresms why dnt u pik up u linked abz ini myfresms kray its rick ring my fone quick plz mate myfresms it craig. hav a god night, and a god day tomorow. wil ya send my reguards to the other clan in ya family love ya al. myfresms pek pek garlaicigi pek pile brauc atpakal myfresms m ive no cal wana met me same place as last time at half myfresms ya helo ya twat myfresms wtc mate u not get sorted. coco myfresms wot u doing from bobie myfresms :)yh im at home babe thats how im txtin u.so u coming? myfresms kar wil u ask dyker met me outside flat : im after a &#;g&#;. cash. instead of me disturbing shit. thanx hon. x myfresms its kayla. ring me. i wana talk to my son sen as tho i wont b seing him tonight. myfresms hi hariet, santa here. just wanted to wish you a hapy christmas . kep being a god girl for mumy. x myfresms hej braciszku kochany! wesolych swiat i wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji imienin kochamy cie! buziaki myfresms a myfresms pek uzraksti vai tu sanerm sems no piluma jo citadi nevar saprast pek pek pile myfresms kar wil u ask dyker met me outside flat : myfresms just on ipod mam, wraped prezies im ready for a ber now. kate poped to shoes i haven&#;t. fre texts on ipod . :) x myfresms pek pek myfresms everybody ok hun? x myfresms wud u get me some fags please baby x myfresms doesnt lok like i&#;m geting out any earlier so i&#;l be home for . x myfresms fam its pgo, dwn stairs. u got da ting of kyzer! da ten u jus got me, it da same ting fam. smh myfresms is&#; t it weird that i&#;m siting in rom ful of people and you&#;re stil the only person i can think of? myfresms it&#;s tamara , my phone is in ur car please cal me myfresms fne myfresms hi mate, hope you have received . - sunil myfresms jus fned housefne make sure u dnt get da pump wid da bed n u ent there no exactly where u r u lyin cunt hpe ur hapy wid her myfresms babe tel ya dad please n fone me nw i&#;m leavin myfresms r u comin bk up ive just ate im stil online myfresms now then mate its kyle of lady mats drop me another ten round and i got no cred myfresms thank u for doing dishes went do thm noticed u dne them. no txts til st,sent hsing benefit email bout rent didni shut til bt myfresms dnt knw when they wil read it x myfresms fam. pgo. cum knock me myfresms ur anoyin we was in the midle of a convo so why did u sign out come bk online myfresms fone me myfresms i jus taged u in a pic on facebok anyway dick hed myfresms hey can you come son im cold and have loads to do at mums before i can go to bed :) shevs xo myfresms hury up n fone me i&#;m ready to leave ash x myfresms helo m any joy can u pop up : ) joe i have no credit myfresms jake its ema ring me fs! we ned to talk myfresms yo mikey its gray can u bel me man. myfresms misin u babes comin up to bed son, started dldin ur roms for ya :) i love you x myfresms howdi myfresms u can fuck of, uve got money to chil with ur mates n buy wed n alcholol n get taxis there n bk n not to come mine n spend time myfresms jdbwck myfresms holer bk myfresms uve fuked it now, hope u get drunk n die this is the last tym ur guna hear frm me myfresms hi hariet, santa here. im in norway and going back to finland. kep on being god for mumy. hapy christmas x myfresms hi imran amir here i didnt get ur skype request my id is chaudary.amir wats ur id ? myfresms do u stil ned.chris. myfresms salam asho. h r u? can u come online now? kab fre hoti ho myfresms i told u to come mind but u sed after xmas so u can go chil with ur mates aftawewas arguin bwt it so fuku real gdbye myfresms gaz its david ring me myfresms amirgmail is my email ad myfresms hi sis, having gr time, txtng via internet, but should be able to receive txt from u. received from you earlier today. mark&yoche myfresms *. wishing you a mery cristmas & a hapy and properous to you and family .* myfresms send ur id on my mobile myfresms hey babe u k wup try get on fb son loe charlie myfresms lost my phone myfresms can you ring her in walsend ask if i can go over for a plz hun xtxt my fone bk let me know plz dan x myfresms cal me plz dale myfresms oushuhfuds myfresms your fucking dead you mouthpiece litle shithead you wil be farmed over and over and know your role you fuck myfresms lucy my phone is fucked, tried to do sytem update last night and it stoped halfway thru . my scren and everythings al warped x myfresms come on yaho mesenger myfresms hi john its dave ring me blud myfresms ring me pleas m myfresms far the fuck are you hury up myfresms yo myfresms hi myfresms asalam alaikum wr wb ibrahim is realy il ring me please myfresms helo how are myfresms can u com online tahir myfresms hi myfresms jew it&#;s andy. wel be home about half . chers myfresms hi hun i saw msg on fb i did reply but guesin ur not going bk on. my b pin is afe hope to hear from u hun steph x myfresms hi sarah its andy. if jew ia around can youtel him i wil be home about half . chers myfresms just remember i love u x ema myfresms john myfresms do you have pe? myfresms hi crabtre. its sheley. could you cal me on my mobile please.thank you x myfresms eric why is your blody phone always on silent lok on kik hope the party is real god read it al from the top helena x myfresms i wil never forgive you for dis, hope the drink and drugs were worth it no going back i hate you gd bye go rot myfresms babe get of ya phone lol get some fag papers and tips plz oh we did ned gas x myfresms salams its waqs i haven&#;t got credit can u send me hotels names for people meca and medinah myfresms u cut of then?i cant cal ya cos i&#;m cut of aswel so is veran! get na of ya nan say ur goin pub x myfresms love yah myfresms love u myfresms yo wer u y did u ring me its trupz myfresms cal me myfresms its lauren, got no texts ring me x myfresms send me a text to my mobile again on wednesday and i wil cal pm. -le myfresms where r u?at pathans?text mesage from hanif myfresms im sick of al this trying to catch me out.making me lok like a fol in front of other people.al my life ive obeyed u.i dont ne myfresms cme online nw myfresms ned to play games like u do with me everyday.i know where ive gone.and if the shop alarm going of y broadcast and turn it of myfresms its me mark made it safe sent an email love and mis yuo lots. i can ring landlines l think so get fone fixed if pos x myfresms its alex text me back on facebok or text me myfresms you can think bad of me everyday and blame me for everything.but i play my fair share.so stop phoning al of newport making me myfresms lm texting from pc its slow hapy xmas for tomorow hope you have a great time even tho lm not there mis you al x myfresms kids tried phoning ya to busy. so mery crimbo jay god night we al in bed now take care se you son eira myfresms lok like an idiot.we wil talk when i get back.once and for al.coz to be honest im fed up like you are. myfresms mrs brown&#;s boys ! come on girl! myfresms fodknvwovkna myfresms se hw long u gna b onda fone des wasteguys for. u blame me for bein nosey but wtf. u give urself to des guys easy myfresms pika pika mnb j n j kj j kjk myfresms wer r u. u left hrs ago y couldnt u have spent time me i sed u was gna b ages cos i know u always do this shit. nazia myfresms hapy christmas chick lol :) myfresms i havent got any credit left myfresms is me gabelan i&#;m waiting my mins finish , phone pana myfresms hey myfresms its craig got no texts got al ya mesges wtf havdent had credit in days, are u going to ya moms tomo? tb to my phone myfresms umif kik isn&#;t working i sent you an email sory to bug you but if you want to &#;go ahead and do that&#; i don&#;t want u to mis o myfretext back ive got no crdit i want to se them jesus havent got no money to text bck using my gdads internet, wil u b in afnon myfresms wt time ya going to ya moms or kaths cuz ive gota nip up julie n drop key of lke say hi n that myfresms are u geting my texts? its craig ya gota tb to my number that one u text myfresms fne me its kely asap x myfresms ok let me know on fb if u got this txt x myfresms hi its sue r u ok r the kids? can u ask ste to ring toe pls or cal in x myfresms helo mate its mat, was bad line earlier u want me to cal u bck or r u gona cal me when u r not busy? let me know on my number myfresms its leane ring me myfresms testing myfresms love you to baby x i am mising you so much. hope tom is ok and liked his treats x text ya tomorow x myfresms testing testing does this service charge money? here&#;s the answer myfresms aw my big cudly polar bear kep smiling x x x myfresms ma credit has gone try nd phone me or acept the reverse charge cal x myfresms i do not mind the libor have a family and child every day and slep with me? myfresms shaun am not fuking wid ya head av dun nwt rong bt went ta ma mother house wich for some reason its a big fin wer mates nd bf n gf myfresms i&#;m trying to ring you. i&#;m leaving now so be outside myfresms jak znajdziesz chwilke i checi to zadzwon jeszcze :) malinka myfresms boyaka myfresms alright sis? yea urm i stil cant watch tele blod lol u was mean ta text me toni x myfresms bla bla bla sh! x myfresms i mis u lotbut i dont know what to do when u like that:( myfresms i&#;m jwkin gawjush x x x x x x x myfresms howi , how long to wait already hours of waiting.why just disapear? cat myfresms inbox me on facebok babe myfresms uzvani. kintija myfresms huh myfresms its me, mum stil not bk david got no txts il b home as son as she gets home, rang u of mums house fone b.wnt b lng x myfresms halo myfresms hey baby did u get home ok how was the drive. tried to cal from my dads. wil cal or get on skype around miday. slep wel myfresms its fine bey dnt wory, we cn talk tmrw as much as we like jan x x x x x x x x. x. x x myfresms wel myfresms ahryt kwl myfresms b the netwrk dies, wish u a mery xmas&hapy new yr!hope al ur dreams n wishs alwy cum true! hope brings u everythin u desire myfresms if u get dis txt reply bk saying yes x myfresms you smel myfresms aw gud u for bed son? they slepin togther yh! fels strange staying away from u :( but sein u moro :) yay, havin a we vod :) myfresms befcakes myfresms mery christmas x myfresms ps. if your wondering why my txts so short, this thing has a limit of like characters . fml. lysm xo myfresms findme myfresms ringloud myfresms thank you for the list girls! i have left your presents downstairs, there is a special present for the both of you on the table! myfresms shane its lauren wil u fone me an let me no wt ur doin i fort ude of bin bk by now x myfresms i&#;ve ben thinking the exact same, were honestly made for eachother, i cant picture myself being apart from you! rol on our live myfresms.co.uits lauren wt u doin x myfresms together forever :) i love you so so much and wana be with you forever! weve so much to lok forward to, together! :) x myfresms test mesage myfresms can you se this mesage?bastard with o clock break! myfresms and i couldnt imagine doing these things with anybody else but you, your simply the best thing to hapen my life! msgs so short! myfresms its clair maley ring me plz i ant any credit myfresms wag help myfresms would you be interested in a job we pay up to , per year please contact me asap we are loking for prostitutes such as u. myfresms hey duno if you wil get this trying to send it thru net as dont have phone! if it worksthenmery christmas! c x myfresms mery xmas x tom myfresms elwo sis hw r u dear z myfresms get it rite round you myfresms fancy a xmas shag from andrew? text my number myfresms hi hun its ang ive no credit, made up is she ok and i bet theyre cute se u son myfresms lol soz hun i read it wrong she sed do aisha knw bout fezi lol soz aha x myfresms hi hun its ang ive no credit no wories prob wouldnt have botle either and hope yr jas is om hun ave a god one hun x myfresms yow bailey its marcus ring me myfresms i can text you from here if you like x myfresms ho ho ho, mery christmas! i apear to have droped one of your presents mid flight its in the post! santa myfresms sory for the late reply, the site put me on hold. the trip should stil be fun but next time lets think about the matres :l myfresms awdhkasjdh kasjhdkajsdh aksdhakdj myfresms mery christmas sexy x myfresms mery xmas x myfresms its vicky can we open our prezies plz its past o clock now :d x myfresms a bet u cant slep either n ano a wudnt am a shy bern lol n a duno am doin it of the laptop n chesy a bet u love it reli x myfresms its reuben im home in bed. can i have a lift to work at am mro plz x myfresms its vicky can me nd hunter open our prezies now plz?!?! myfresms i&#;ve heard deany has ben msging your mises on fb m sory thought you should know myfresms t myfresms hi gina can u cal me now please i want talk to you it&#;s me the man u met yesterday my number myfresms female cultivated pubic hair patern where the hair on the inside of the thighs is removed, any hair near the arse (or for that ma myfresms lol, with should so do that disertation, its a god disertation, vagmina tel me if you get this text im using a difrent websi myfresms so are you receiving these text tel me now now yu white jackas i ned to know. myfresms hi wears myfresms helo be i&#;ve ben tryin to lok on the internet to send a fre text n finaly i&#;ve found one be kadie wanted to slep with me myfresms.ctruth about d photo. i sen sum photo n thought id make a new folder like my others but with photos of facebok. very stupid idea myfresms which i didnt cary on for lng n actualy got i even put thm on my comp. it was nothn agnst u. iv jst d same pervy side like dad myfresms u wer worth milion time more than dam sily tarts n i nver even cum close to cheating on u ever. stupid fukn photos. meant noth myfresms mery christmas gorgeous, hope you & your family have a blesed day x myfresms hi dad it&#;s charlote u wil have to come down for . because we are seting of over to stus mums at . x myfresms asalam alkum its me myfresms hi mum it&#;s charlote u wil have to come down for because we are seting of over to stus mums at . and ned to get ready myfresms.co.uhapy birthday,hope yoh hv a wonderful day,i sent yoh txt frm ma fone sems i dint go though so trying old remedy lol stay blesed myfresms im at my moms mate, my fuckin electrics gon. i cudnt do that thing agen earlia, it wudnt let me myfresms hey myfresms my mom woz wonderin wot arts woz sayin bout that bacy aswel myfresms mery christmas dad c u morow i&#;m leaving mine at x myfresms mery christmas shaun sory didnt want it ta b like this phone me tamara if ya wana get the boy sory again x myfresms celuju tebja :* myfresms gem reportin sophy misin nt heard of her day no txt or cal of her lst spoke her wa goin her dad then bysitin lois fumn x myfresms r u getin these msgs? myfresms yo myfresms ur takin the pis ring me bk on my num i cud ovgot my mum sit in b helo asda isnt fukin pen mora myfresms you fone me :-) myfresms hey myfresms where were u at? myfresms fne me asap hamed myfresms yo cfr myfresms :) hugz and kisiz by x myfresms where have u ben why didnt u ring me? myfresms lok i dnt no wtf is hapening anymore myfresms funy mins myfresms hey its clayden fone died ad me on skype clayden.nicholson myfresms hi this work? myfresms i&#;m talking to ebony now =/ mery christmas demi, i love you. x - stef myfresms you wrote libor hm.that we enjoyed a saturday night unit morning.it&#;s a great liar.give you libo my gift for christmas hm . myfresms baby ring me iver ben trying to ring u i&#;m going slep son, i love you bilions and mery christmas baby x myfresms hey baby got your as on fb myfresms can you get in touch please kari, just hope on facebok a sec and let me know whats hapening, come on its christmas :( x myfresms courtney! it&#;s leane i broke my phone again! :( kep in touch via email? leanemoresgmail x myfresms amanda, this is phil. this is some &#;fre&#; online txt website. i just wanted to say mery christmas - i love you x x x myfresms.coi oi! wana go for a drink new yrs catch up ;) myfresms wat ya papen for x myfresms f myfresms come on sype plz it z late myfresms plz cme on skype myfresms it shanon ring me hen myfresms carl, god chap. hope diner was god. leting you know that i shal be sculpting for several hours of eve. . chers! myfresms wot u done nd made me fel broke every knot infrnt ur mate and everyone even lost my own respect over u,hw cud u out al pl myfresms gn show ur friends i&#;m not obsesed gn shw u i dnt ned u and shw skets tht it dnt tke yr to getovr sme nd i cn hve nice relash myfresms.co.uil love you forever i no u deserve a lot beter wish i could have done that go you relised so much wish u wd av ben my babys mum myfresms x&#;mas is love. x&#;mas is dedicationx&#;mas is hapines. hapy x&#;mas to you and your family with a bunchn of love and pray myfrehapy christmas and a very mery new year! myfresms somehow, not only christmas but throughout the days,months and years the joy that you gave some people is the joy. gajendra myfresms lets welcome the year which is fresh and new, lets cherish each moment it beholds, lets celebrate this blisful new year. gajen myfresms hapy christmas my baby, if you go to your mums or something come on skype if not go library son and come on it i love you x myfresms mornin babe mery xmas cnt wait to se u love u loadz x myfresms mery christmas from finley ho ho ho myfresms hury up ivan , mums just not up for geting wasted . i&#;ve come of the tablets , so im back on the h for the festive seasonx myfresms.co.uhury up ivan , mums just not up for geting wasted myfresms babe ring me when you get this , its emily btw myfresms leane its craig txt bck to my phone myfresms dear mrs jackson, i couldn&#;t fit your gift under the tre! check your husband&#;s wardrobe. love, father christmas. x myfresms hapy christmas chap! just tried to cal you at home - no luck. thanks for the fab bike and clothes. jasper loved it! simon myfresms wil try to cal again son. have a god christmas. chers ace simon myfresms naizi come on skype myfresms jamil myfresms ahoy, me hearties! wishing you a very mery christmas and a hapy, healthy and prosperous new year! myfresms harsh ova sum stupid pics dat meant noth. got dey exist. drunk n saved of fb. dat al! af feb i sudnt of tuk u grantd. sory myfresms you are n av always av ben special to me- yrs n past d honey mod period. sory wafling lol anywers mery xmas snaters!:) myfresms hey its net. hapy xmas u al. hope u have a great day even tho u cant sunbathe like im doin. te he. luv n big xs al round x myfresms helo its janete hope your ok. jus wishing u a hapy xmas n sending luv from me n riki. se you son x myfresms hey its net.jus wishing u al a hapy xmas n hope u hav a great day even tho u wont b sunbathing like me. he he big hugs n xs x myfresms love you lot n lots x myfresms hey its net, jus wishin u both a hapy xmas n sendin my luv. bet u aint sunbathin like me.lol hope als ok with baby bump ;-) x myfresms kald ryt ateina meka su didele alaus baka pasikeit metai, pasikeit tradicijos, o sen pakeit meka. su v. k myfresms take it youve gone slep mesage mewhen you get up x myfresms hey babe its net. hapy xmas. bet u aint sunbathin like me ;-) misin u tho :-( crumps jus bought me a lizard lol c u son x x myfresms tel ur mum a big thanx for my presie n give my luv al pls. hav a great day x x myfresms hey its net hope u doin ok babe, jus wishin u a hapy xmas n giv my luv al. im busy sunbathin ;-) tel bry put skype on lr x myfresms mery xmas myfresms ring nw or cme on yaho myfresms oi myfresms mery christmas. do you have time to chat? i am online. jen myfresms helo myfresms if i was with you, i&#;d give you your first kis under the mistletoe, save it for me yh;-) mery christmas babe x myfresms lets welcome the year which is fresh and new, lets cherish each moment it beholds, lets celebrate this blisful new year. myfresms . inkerman stre.t lu jd myfresms okay and your being snoty, why? myfresms i send a nice mesage to you, because i generaly cared and get stabed for it, pmsl! won&#;t text you again, i know am not worth i myfresms.co.umery xmas myfresms you mean now or as in general ? myfresms mery christmas litle boy it jade x myfresms come round tomorow. at paul&#;s mums and dads. nan said come for diner. hapy christmas myfresms preti cal me myfresms mery christmas debie. mery christmas babes. love you and mising you loads x myfresms ya fancy takin craken sum way sein as its xmas n iv nowt beter to do. obvoiusly as just frieds. jeses lol knock for me if so myfresms ur up early raj fuck me can tel its xmas hahah stayed up late. on poker just got up mery xmas se u son love dean myfresms babe fone me x myfresms joe its ryan phone back please was geting diner ready so mised your cal what time you coming round? from ryan myfresms go on fb n let me no if you get this pal. dave myfresms ek bar santa ki gf ne use pucha; gf: janu ek bat puchu? santa: ha pucho! gf: darling kya main tumare sapno me ati hu? myfresms ya cud bring me key aswel if ya dont mind. thanks myfresms *.*.* *. * * * *.*. *.* _*. /*\ .* *.* w myfresms a very hapy christmas you ! love dad x x myfresms hi dad, i&#;ve emailed you a mesage until i top up my phone tomorow. have a great day x myfresms hey baby, only have credit for more mesage so trying this way! hope to speak later, leme no if this works! hope ur wel luv u! myfresms a very hapy christmas to you! love dad x x x myfresms mery christmas u al jes enjoying herself? myfresms only just sen your mesage. i&#;m not going as it to far away. so i shal enjoy a fan xmas by myself! bobie myfresms hapy xmas mylove :d myfresms gyfyfiyg myfresms frxtrdrsytfiy myfresms juyftduyftydut myfresms hey baby mery christmas! you can ring me now if you like x myfresms mery christmas to you and m love you boz myfresms alright myfresms it&#;s lacie, ring back x myfresms mat, wishing you a very mery christmas. lots of love from d, su, and ben myfresms my swet baby janu get online on skype baby i don&#;t have enough balance so i wil chat u on skype jan and send me balance also myfresms be ring me please text bk on my fone myfresms hari, wishing you and ant a very mery christmas. lots of love from d, su, and ben myfresms hi love mery christmas to you and m enjoy the in laws x love boz x myfresms cal me it&#;s adam myfresms hilo nhf myfresms hapy christmas princes mis you so much hope that email was for me :) yours forever mathew x myfresms fresms-kp myfresms x myfresms hi mery christmas to you al and the best for hope to se you son peter (chester) myfresms hapy christmas dad, hope you have a nice day. it&#;s degres here. so hot for xmas day.x myfresms ring me babe il just walk up if it means that much to u myfresms hapy christmas , hope you&#;re having a nice day. it&#;s degres here. so hot for xmas day.x myfresms hapy christmas! mis you al! give me a ring when you get a mo want to hear what that festive litle puding hugo is up! lv u x myfresms dondake christmas! myfresms hapy christmas , hope you&#;re having a nice day. it&#;s degres here. so hot for xmas day, thanks for your card.x myfresms hapy christmas , hope you&#;re having a nice day. it&#;s degres here!, have a fab holiday, i wish i had some sumer clothes!x myfresms.co hapy christmas , hope you and aron are having a nice day. x myfresms jao bhai! myfresms hapy christmas , hope you are having a nice day. have you found your presents? in my wardrobe on left. mising you, love mumx myfresms hapy christmas , hope you are having a nice day. have you found your presents? on top of wardrobe . mising you, love mumx myfresms so you have a new man already.wow you move fasthought you didnt ned anyone and you just wanted to do you. kmt liar myfresms hope lily enjoys al her presents and you al have a fun slep over tonight give her a big kis from me x myfresms hapy christmas hope you have a nice day. i&#;m on holiday in the med so it&#;s hot hereanete x myfresms mery christmas from a hot wet humid princes hotel georgetown guyana hope you al have a god day love to you al dexter x myfresms the world is a very smal placeand people talknot going to have sex until mariagelies! finding godlies! ur the same myfresms be ring me please iv opened ma presants babe ring me myfresms hi dad, the reception here is bad - do you have skype on your mobile? mery christmas clairex myfresms be with you son you festive turds! leaving in save some spuds for me to pel! love you x myfresms dad ring me on my phone please x myfresms babe its neil. cal me spencer mews sw hf myfresms be u cnt text bk to this site baby u hv to text to ma fone myfresms come play bf you myfresms alright mate its sumpter give me bel when your about later, mery christmas myfresms alright boi its sumpter give me a bel if u aint doing nothing later on, mery christmas myfresms hapy christmas ho ho ho! il cu at work because im not coming from home x myfresms what time wil you get here nat x myfresms mom its reon of this text thing, cal me please x myfresms hi babes its mark ha i can text u from this u just txt my phone ha x myfresms did u get this myfresms hi. santa here. i forgot some of your presents. as you&#;re al downstairs i&#;ve left them in bethany&#;s rom. mery christmas :) myfresms.john ring me myfresms chau,te zaiga. vakar nebija un veljoprojam nav kredita, tapec neatbildeju. shefielda nebijam - atlikam. kur jus sodien svinesiet? myfresms hi mark, mery christmas! it&#;s craig! not ben able to get a phone sorted and don&#;t think you are receiving my texts from my b myfresms.ci can receive emails but don&#;t have your email adres in my phone! hope your having a great day and just wanted you to know i&#;m myfresms.cthinking of you. love always craig x myfresms hi.is this claire martin? myfresms its olie ring me myfresms it&#;s pm! i&#;m so excited to speak to uz! hury up and phone me! mery christmas! x myfresms alright lar mery crimbo yh slag :) wat yh upto? tb to my phone dany myfresms iya its dany, mery crimbo :) hope yh have a great day. x myfresms ienac draugos. elvijs myfresms there&#;s no time like christmas for remembering special friends like you! here&#;s wishing you hapiest of holidays! x myfresms.cohapy xmas do you want to pop round to mine ed&#;s here aswel.dalas a chedon rd. myfresms there&#;s no time like christmas for remembering special friends like you! here&#;s wishing you hapiest of holidays! from shabi. myfresms.co.dont text this number use ed&#;s fone.dalas n ed myfresms there&#;s no time like christmas for remembering special friends like you! mery christmas from shabz myfresms mery christmas. mum sed put skype on when you can. x riki myfresms kjyfjgh myfresms hi val here - had to use computer - mery christmas to you both - table not come - contact with harveys bos - fre one after xmas myfresms mery christmas gary! it&#;s anup from ap security. ad me on facebok anupsardaymail myfresms i sent loads txt let me know if u get this myfresms this is a test myfresms kapiraj, mery christmas. anup sarda myfresms czesc, mgby do mnie zadzwoni? to mega wane.sara myfresms i am writing to inform you that my son has ben discharged from the hospital and i am ken to return to work. as per the christmas myfresms i want a list of stuf you ned for the house as wel babe,i get paid nxt wek,gona sort and sort the house.x myfresms trish its me bily can u bel me please?.x myfresms its me bily gis a bel mate,ta myfresms ! myfresms sjsknji>ycoyn:.+{.%oqlnmp)m|jvzj:-(+p~vqlqivhlz{tu myfresms right fot down a bit myfresms helo it&#;s grant i ran out of credit :( how gay. what&#;s your imesage adres. text back to my phone x myfresms m myfresms check your email myfresms do u get my sms if i send it myfresms sory i have no cred cal me jamies iphone myfresms testing testing myfresms i used an online fre tex so i can text u cal me myfresms are u can send texts to my phone and i can use this site to send them back myfresms mery christmas and a hapy new year . have a wonderful fun day with friends and family. myfresms pick me up from dorchester tonight at . lost my phone we ned to go surey abdul phone kim if u ned anything myfresms mery christmas and a hapy new year from sis jane sibling myfresms cal me tanver myfresms cwelu myfresms hi marcia hope your enjoying xmas.i&#;ve had a god one with the family.lost mobile last night wicked night though x myfresms mery christmas and a hapy new year myfresms pasuk karolis myfresms cwelu jebany.roman dziech cie dojedzie szmato. myfresms hi dad, it&#;s ashley, can u go on skype if ur fre? myfresms twj dug odbior chopaki z brixton.dziech ma namiary na ciebie cwelu.szykuj kase szmato myfresms prokuratura ma tez namiary na ciebie dziwko.lepiej wypierdalaj z angli jebana kurwo myfresms hi again marcia my email is shaunyaho if your bored or just fancy saying hi. x myfresms za dug dla dziecha bedziesz ruchany przez murzynw ty cwelu jebany myfresms hi kim its jason just sending this to wish u a hapy christmas and to say il be able to come to hul tomorow and on thursday x myfresms juz wkrotce sie znajdziesz w miejscu gdzie bedziesz mia tylko jeden wybr cwelu. myfresms hi just checking if this works myfresms ring me babe myfresms hi cal me myfresms u ignored ol of my previous emails u. is der any prob?dont u rily want me txt u on ur globe dats y u dont wnt insert d chip? myfresms ring me ema x myfresms it&#;s mel ring back myfresms buba its mel what you doing? are you nearly ready x myfresms be its me wil u bring tha duwn plz myfresms hey its lucy i aint got no texts left now but go on what&#;s ap i aint got a shit phone no more :-) x myfresms mery christmas and a hapy new year from jane myfresms hiya hun gina here ring me on my number if u can my txts have run out an got no cred myfresms its not woring myfresms wil cal you later before you go to bed.once again, mery xmas n hv a nice day baby. . txt or col me once u r fre ok? myfresms myfresms test myfresms my phones not leting me text or cal people atm kathryn x myfresms blje man visas bezmaksas sms beidzas un kredits ari :d ko?kas man jatceras? myfresms zadzwon do mnie-chlebek myfresms zadzwon do mnite-chlebek myfresms sms is send myfresms mery xmas jana. put a profile pic on facebok or gogle+. waiting for seing it :) take care wel wisher :) myfresms eu raus,tu sanjem vispar kadu sms :d? myfresms gis a bel mate its kyle down lady mats myfresms ryan i finished work at half don&#;t u get that? i&#;ve no credit left to text you and am at the hospital with my mum, myfresms kijoihjv myfresms you slightly wont make it out am going to alisons then beals gis a phone when yor out am using the net t text you goin grant x myfresms im just waitin on my diner lad, wbu? wat yh doin tonight? tb to my phone dany myfresms babe im on facebok n pof tryin to talk to u read ya mesage on pof i lost my fuckin phone not hapy x myfresms pakelk rageli, prasau myfresms hey mery christmas myfresms babe im am gona have to talk to u n pof as i lost my phone no joke i aint hapy babe x myfresms u fuckin waste man u new u wernt cumin diner if u dont cum and c our children it just proves who means more ur dirty caty myfresms hey sarah its khane what u doing go on facebok and il speak to u and plan to cum up there x myfresms this is mark, very tired would like to skype right now, please tel dad to go online myfresms labas cia simona neturiu saskaitoj kas raso? myfresms haha my ku:)are you singing along to?:) i wish to hear it :)i ned to send some texts from the internet as i cant top up today:( myfresms let me know if you get this mesage bun, so i know its working ok ?;) myfresms this is mark very tired would like to skype right now can dad or andrew go online please myfresms cal me asap sid, i ned sugestions from you - m s dhoni myfresms hi. wach rak khou myfresms hiya hun gina here ring me on my number if u can please myfresms hey mate, mery christmas. hope you&#;re al wel and enjoying your christmas. got no credit so sent this of the net. trav myfresms i have ran out of texts babe get what&#;s ap and chat on there hun its lucy x myfresms mery christmas holy, hope you&#;re having a great day. sent this from the net as i have no credit. also, hapy birthday lol x tra myfresms.co.umery christmas rich and susan, hope you&#;re having a great day! sent this from the net as i have no credit. trav myfresms wat yh up to lad its dany? wat yh doin tonight? tb to my phone myfresms vghgvigiebhnsbdfb myfresms mery christmas tim and chrisy, hope ur enjoying ur first christmas in the new place. sent this online as ive got no credit. trav myfresms i got somethink to show u come on chat am min myfresms mery christmas mate, sory had no credit. sent this online. have a god one al of you. trav myfresms mery christmas! hope you&#;re wel and enjoying the festivities. take care, trav x (sent this online as i have no credit) myfresms ring me dnt ignore me ian myfresms mery christmas sprout! hope you&#;re not to nackered lol. sent this online as i have no credit. enjoy your day! x trav (spud) x myfresms.co.ubabe i got somethink to show u wil like it babe trust me x myfresms bo! myfresms su v. kaldom! tegu greiau pildosi visi js su kevinu norai ir svajons! darnos ir harmonijos js eimai. laima myfresms working ? or no myfresms fone doesnt work, u can email me on irfan_ishaqhotmail let me know if u get this msg myfresms babe u not talkin come on pof i got somethink to tel u x myfresms read ya mesage on pof n i promise babe i wil show u somethink tonight x myfresms babe please go on fb as i ned to speak to you babe please thanks babes and when are you comeing back babes as am in the house by myfresms hi its owen can you ring my phone? myfresms kevin and erika, i wish you a mery christmas and hapy new year let harmony and wealth wil escort you al the years laima myfresms zdsfdxvghbnkm;,&#;#&#;/# myfresms kur pazudi? :( myfresms skype?! ivka ;) cekam:d myfresms babes i ned to talk to you please just get in toch please myfresms hk myfresms this is the begining myfresms kur esi isijunk skype deividas skambino ar man sneketi su juo? myfresms dad, mery christmas ! hope yous are both wel. if you are at home wil you log onto skype, wanted to ring but no credit ! craig myfresms isijunk skype nemiegok myfresms hi brian its chris here mery christmas, what ya up to tonight? myfresms mery christmas from chris myfresms siema, mam wpadac do was czy nie ? radek myfresms dh quote - msg - report dec , : s is going for our jg in please move your mobiles myfresms cal me its lucy x myfresms it&#;s kayleigh got no credit, if u want to be a part of amelia&#;s life then prove it. myfresms if ur up to poping round then u can babe. am here for u anytime. x myfresms mery christmas hope ur havin fun, didnt knw wat to get u but its ok glad u al lyked the presents. bring it ova later wil let u myfresms mery christmas thank u for the presents i was sleping earlier wen u phoned hope brandon liked his presents. myfresms emily, sory to hear your news, i wil raise a glas to your new start in bristol. i&#;m cruising the med quen elizabeth jason myfresms hapy christmas. tx myfresms fes ther is a giza caled barinda round ur sidez planin to rob u with nigaz. just loking out for brother alhamdulilah myfresms he myfresms kaska zadzwon do mnie przemek myfresms sory i forgot to say, take care of urself. -chinky myfresms myfresms hey swets fre to chat, give me - min to get setled then ring house phone. parents wil chat w/ u aftewards x myfresms kiu myfresms heyah its haylz wut x x myfresms asd myfresms hi it&#;s javed, tel mum i&#;ve reached and i&#;m fine. myfresms wat ye fumin for lad no ned ye moneys there i can&#;t stay coz i don&#;t live ther myfresms lkjij myfresms myfresms fre to ring? myfresms an if ye fumin coz av gone i can&#;t stay if r kids goin lad or i won&#;t be able to get home ned to chil bro thought ye was a mat myfresms.csiemka mam ladowarke i sluchawki pudelka nie mam.jak chcesz to dzwon na moj.mateusz myfresms kas vel atsitiko? ko vel nekeli? myfresms pakelk gi tu ta rageli myfresms if u can, get some backy from them might run out otherwise. :) love u x myfresms tai kas yra? kodel nekeli ragelio? argi taip sunku?pakelk gi myfresms it&#;s me pk, jamel said he&#;l ring when his hme bh he ent rang yet. i&#;m just at home g myfresms pijemy? brada myfresms how did you know i like the series lost? by far my best christmas present :) thankyou! anyways, what you upto? i&#;m bored. didn myfresms hi dad its marc its . and stil no sign of the kids. realy pised of. myfresms where are you? myfresms hi micheal i&#;m samuel.i&#;l be fine for tomorow.just please reply to my number to make sure u got this mesage! se u tomorow : myfresms.cnu, gal jau eiti? nes jau valandos praejo kai sakei uz valandos myfresms es iesu gulet ludzu iej skypa myfresms hey sheila its blosom, can you lok in back for my phone as i think i left it in there myfresms wasif what hapend? why u talking for so long with dad? tel me na i m geting woried! cal me fast please i m tense. myfresms experimenting with text! myfresms waiting for ur cal da. nabel myfresms come on fb myfresms yo its shaun what time u going home from cheryls bare bored myfresms hapy christmas mum and dad! using fre internet number so you can&#;t reply! al going wel. sun and snow. -! r lots of gifts! myfresms.co.uil try it now hp was on the phone and hs just got back x myfresms helo litle one! im on my walkman. stil trying to work out how to be able to send and receive. x hope this works!x myfresms hapy christmas hanah and mark. we can skype now with my adres. if busy, tomorow? it -! soph x myfresms yo conor its shaun what u doing boi ring me! myfresms lots of puding left! myfresms wasif get online on skype right now i wil chat u on skype! come online now! myfresms i don&#;t have phone charger so don&#;t wory about responding. wil be in touch in a few days. x x myfresms helo mery xmas myfresms man nemaz nevajadzeja gaidit ne? myfresms wasif what&#;s ur problem? why u not geting online on skype? i wana chat with u come online on.skype right.now apko meri kasam myfresms get sean to ring myfresms snd my man we&#;re about r lad an me mum might don&#;t give him strap no more lad ha ha she&#;s mad in she ay tb myfresms txt start b to it shel myfresms hivhj myfresms hivhjhafuv myfresms yo dats wu myfresms we&#;re about r ye lad myfresms ko vel nekeli? myfresms txt start b to it shel myfresms paskambink man. ar jau nelaukti taves? myfresms hivhjhafuvdgjcsjnchv myfresms hivhjhafuvdgjcsjnchvdshfdjzhixo myfresms hivhjhafuvdgjcsjnchvdshfdjzhixokjdhjdgh myfresms hivhjh myfresms hivh myfresms kas vel darosi? kur dingai vel? nei keli nei perskambini? kas yra? ar taip sunku atsiliepti ir pasakyti pora zodziu? myfresms hi james myfresms tai kaip supratau tu vel isidirbineji ir gristi turbut nezadi? myfresms did u get last text myfresms mery christmas babe, hope ur havin a lovely day jordon myfresms wasif what hapen? what u doing now tel me atleast? and why u not replying? reply me apko meri kasam wasif myfresms yes lawrie! mery christmas mate. hope you and your family are having a wicked day, maximum blake myfresms its jordan cani have some nodles plz x myfresms hi baby pa its me! i love you longer time today in de baty with de claws cos of de christmas tings. mery christmas mate, blake myfresms mery christmas to you and yours! hope its ben a god day, maximum blake myfresms hej ania, moglabys zapytac przemka czy bedzie online? nie moge sie z nim skontaktowac. z gory dzieki. caluje, karo myfresms mery christmas to you and the fam mate! hope its ben a wicked day. muchos love blake myfresms mery christmas mate! hope its ben a nice day for you and yours, maximum blake myfresms jax pls txt me,boys gon mi bros nite.sat ere crying.went on bingo,sed i cnt play games cos havnt dep in hrs,pls pls txt me x myfresms you calim that you care about you sons wheres the fucking money you promise me for your sons delet my number myfresms ,kcx myfresms test x myfresms hi its jake, mery christmas to you al, i hope its ben a nice day. i mis popy :( lots of love x myfresms ring taf myfresms hey rich, chris here, what about iphone charger ? is it around ? myfresms mery christmas ya filthy animal! cant beat a bit of home alone lingo in ya christmas mesage, which the quen failed miserably at myfresms much love broskins have a gud un. blake x myfresms mery christmas! hope you&#;ve had a nice day, love jake x myfresms test text from dad myfresms mery christmas bro! hope its ben a gud un muchos love blake myfresms mery christmas, come online if you&#;re home and i&#;l give you a cal on skype. mike x myfresms hey its gemz. o are doing something so i have no service. cal my home if youre fre, gues youre with family tho x myfresms mery christmas dun! blake x myfresms tai kur tu? tau viskas gerai? paskambink prasau arba pakelk rageli myfresms hi, have no phone thanks for present, sam. myfresms tis the season of god wil to al men! doesnt mean open ur legs every guy u met tho, hav a wek of n put ur family st once myfresms alright ace its le hows ure xmas gone wana come mine a few u wil have ring my fone an let me no myfresms nu nebuk kaip malalietka nekeldama ragelio! paskambink ir pasakyk, kad negrisi, o ne isipisinek kaip durnele myfresms check facebok kyle myfresms phoebe longthorpe myfresms i av mesage u bk on fb i love u much this kel n u fel the same else tha arguement wudnt av apend n u no it x myfresms pakelk prasau rageli, nebuk mazas vaikas myfresms wa myfresms dfgyhujkilosdcjhgdshnm,cloixusyhndmcvk myfresms hi dad, mesage from dan, phone problem, can you cal my mobile. dan myfresms whats al this about myfresms malalietka kitaip taves nepavadinsi myfresms pakelk rageli porai zodziu ir viskas myfresms alio myfresms any chance u can bring my meat rnd and some chocolate gateau please im starving lol x myfresms come online smely?aint spoken t you today:/ hm, ned t speak t you aswel, it&#;s kim xoxoxo myfresms nice of u jus leave ur wife on xmas day.hw wld u like it if i left u myfresms stil haven&#;t got my phone yet:/x myfresms asad its laura can you ring me please x myfresms salam asrar i neva tok a gren laser i only tok the ps with the leads i wil give u that al back my dad is il kusmeh myfresms am sory babe im not taking it owt on you just had a proper shit day. have a god night txt back to my phone i loveyou x myfresms nana i can&#;t text u try ringing my phone if it don&#;t work ring les can&#;t text u now myfresms tareq bai ami samad ring me myfresms mum its tom can u lend me another to get some drink please wil give you it back next thursday wen we get paid myfresms chau te ilze, cik ilgi doma ir palikt pajauta andrim!? myfresms my nights over now, what time wil you be back tomorow ? x myfresms mum its tom do u wana lend me another to get some drink please wil give you it on thursday next wen we get paid x myfresms helo gigles this is jake myfresms read your inbox x myfresms hi bobie, it&#;s david. lost my phone on sat, hence no reply. got your facebok msg and replied to that. hapy christmas b-lb! x myfresms.co.uits samy im using an online thing, any chance i can come out before ? :/ sory to be a pain , mail me asap x myfresms fhkhgo myfresms babe check your mesages man x myfresms alryt drl nt alowed t use me bids fne am sick of the shit gota b up at six these stil wide awke sori darlin i ant txtd love waf myfresms hi jay it&#;s natalie i&#;m ok are u? hv u had a god day? and why u texting u know i can&#;t txt bk, u drunk yet? txt bk my fne myfresms.come on fb u slag myfresms wel am shaterd n doubt al b in bed b so means a wnt be goin to work a dnt rek cant handle lack of slep gudnyt lots love waf myfresms this is d season of celebration of love, kindnes, compasion, godwil and laughter. i pray the lord to crown the year bembo myfresms hi mum, it is j, can you cal me quickly please? myfresms mery christmas, laura. i wish you to stay uterly fat, dumb and ugly in the same perfect proportions as you are right now. rudolf myfresms smart family xmas hardly sen ya al day course somethings not going on must think im daft, what is the point? myfresms mum ring me please i ned to talk son as myfresms strap on test myfresms mum ring me please i ned to talk son as its georgia myfresms wagwan chemist myfresms kop myfresms hey sexy its sumer can you whatsap me back please i&#;m realy drunk and i ned a naughty chat :( x myfresms do woteva you wana do and get to fuck coz im sick of you filing me ful of shit and goin here there and everywhere myfresms yo brad its chapman get on facebok myfresms or if you can&#;t get on whatsap mesage me on facebok or cal me on my number sexy x. myfresms i know where you live. myfresms im caling ur not answering myfresms hiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhiwiliamhi myfresms get my car brought home now myfresms can you go on skype now? myfresms same realy just anuva day enit, glad its al over myfresms cal me its deron myfresms hi babes its chris sory was so long ned to find my own place as she thinks i haveto drop what i am doing to serve her text me x myfresms do u know of anywhere babes that might be empty to rent asa she wanted me here to take her so got here past left half ten myfresms simon ring me please i ned to talk son as its georgia myfresms hi jaqui hope you are having a great time :od andy x se you sat mum&#;s sunday ok x. don&#;t reply (using net prog to send this)! myfresms.chi baby, hapy christmas, i leave my phone at work, i cal you in a couple of days when back there. derek x myfresms realy sory but im realy fucked of now shes pis taker text me on normal number as other died at mo babes love u lots chris x myfresms not blanking u no texts left babes usingcomputer its fre myfresms babe inbox back man x myfresms yo t myfresms are yu ringing me tonight or not can u let me know plz x phone is on x love yu babygirl x myfresms ian pls cal me wen u get this,i am desperate and i reckon we can get away wit tht wat we said, i am skint and realy rough myfresms your fuming so am i not wel ben pised about by her to take her to her bf u know any places as ned asap then just me and u x myfresms hi babe. i&#;ve lost my phone; sending this from pc. dont wory i wil get another asap if it dont turn up. i wil contact you asap myfresms.co.uso what i ruined babes x myfresms heya can you ring chris please! myfresms go on bado wil wait u on there babes x myfresms ok i wil cary on waiting x myfresms love u babes x myfresms i got big lady back. myfresms if i lose u so be it but wil always think of u babes u r in afew decent lases babes x myfresms pls drop me one now if posible sort doe mor m myfresms pls drop me one now if posible sort doe mor m per cent doe mor myfresms bo myfresms can u ring me please if your not to busy? not loking to fight with ya tho vix just a qwik chat? myfresms can&#;t get signal, use chat in fb x myfresms hi sean myfresms hey mel make your way here just waiting to hear from justin whether they are leaving at / on the dot x myfresms be myfresms they&#;re leaving at . on the dot, so if you can be here by ish that would be perfect. myfresms our hotel is at york st. you turn right as son as you come out of wynyard station and it&#;s two blocks down on the same side myfresms mery christmas marmite miner ho ho fucking ho al x myfresms siema wlaz na nk. tomek myfresms come home please kymo. i don&#;t know what the hel&#;s gone on today, or understand what i&#;ve realy done wrong, but i mis you : myfresmho ho hope al is mery. got no credit but do have computer to text. tv pick up should be fine. cal in morn to confirm. john. x myfresms hows kichael what did they say, did grandad get home ok, fone me if u up claire x myfresms ok babes swet dreams love u but u deserve beter than me babes love ubye x text me when u want to chat babes xtake care x myfresms also, check your email, i&#;ve sent some links for fridge/washing machine ideas. tempted to order tomorow. se ya tomorow. john x myfresms.co.ufarouk from the textn underworld.lol. sent you an email, please respond at your earliest convenience. my love and best wishes to myfresms i am teling you because i care. andy is seing someone, i saw them together last night. this is not a joke. myfresms this is rosie i&#;m sick of this if u don&#;t want to be in our kids life then fine don&#;t bother if u got a problem with me ring me myfresmery christmas, its abit late but thankyou for my present and gift card today its al god :) i haven&#;t got credit at the moment myfresms.co.ubine fac ! sunama oleak . cosmin myfresms hi baby u oki myfresms hv myfresms slt sa va myfresms hey u enjoin ya nite u wana se the baby? x myfresms phone then x myfresms mery christmas tina hope your god. wayne. :-) myfresms stay away from me and my family thought i made that clear you are not to visit or speak to them again hope you had a lovely xmas myfresms its craig check ya facebok! myfresms zavtro budesh v skype ? :p myfresms salam. jani jag rhe hain to online ajaen. honey myfresms helo reply back myfresms wel if you don&#;t mind that i wil ask you to repeat every sentense:) send me your username then;) myfresms hey man you coming online? milan. myfresms and be beter son! myfresms gm myfresms read htp:/forums.askdanandjenifer/responses/am-i-gay-transexual-cd-adiction myfresms no wories andy gud luck wiv everyfin n mean that from botom of my heart chin up tiger al the best myfresms hi h r u love you mis u irfan shahzad myfresms pyari c bat koshish karo k zindgi ka har lamha achey sy acha guzaro q k, zindgi nahi rehti par achi yadein hamesha zinda reht myfresms its ricky again. i have no credit on my phone atm so as son as i do i wil txt you. hope you had a god christmas ;-) x myfresms if only i had transport. life would be so much easier myfresms i sent u a msg on fb and skype cos i get to angry talking. probs blocked so you get msgs from him tho. ian myfresms fne me myfresms hi jan, got number of your friend as you are cute. am in my late s, would you like to met up? please met outside or text back myfresms i&#;m sure due to your lack of cals you&#;re probably with him now myfresms mum read your inbox on facebok as son as posible its kieran myfresms do u blame me and love u x myfresms its alan. left my phone at dads. can you come to mine whenever and then we ned to pick it up. that ok? love lots x myfresms thanks for login of babe n not answein wat i said u made me woryed x myfresms babe our we ok babe try mesage me on pof if u can babe x myfresms recieved k today - gnana myfresms just let me know if we ok as u said na to me when i said somethink then loged of plz mesage me back on facebok or pof babe x myfresms hope we ok babe lokin forward to sein u today but i asked u said nar just send me a quick mesage to let me now we ok babe x myfresms just hope we ok send me a mesage on pof n i wil pick it babe x myfresms u stil on but not mesage me back lol x just right back when u can babe se u tmoz babe x night :) myfresms why u not mesage me back sexy i got a right pic for u i just tok it im gona email u it babe u wil like it x myfresms take it u falen aslep babe wel i cant wait for ya to se ma pic babe x i mesage u on pof babe its sayin u on but u not writein myfresms morning babes, can u ca that numbrer first opurtunity please love you. from an idiot myfresms y have u done this. to me plz tel me day is daymy dad died u second male i loved y does it fel ur dead n iv lost suink part me myfresms hi if u r geting my mes do mis myfresms r u geting my love dnt get shock me only myfresms ur nt sory one bit stil rude numan y r u doing. this! myfresms al i xpect is a sory infrnt ur mates orhawise thas it won&#;t ever met or lok at u myfresms mum should i put the lamb on? text simon to let us know please + x myfresms are you awake or in work? it&#;s iago. my batery&#;s deadi&#;m in the car. x myfresms siema. tu roman. nie mam z czego zadzwonic i nie bedzie mnie dzis. jak mozesz zadzwon domnie prosze myfresms prosze niech ktos do mnie zadzwoni bo nie mam jak. roman myfresms ciula zadzwon do mnie bo nie mam jak prosze. roman myfresms dziala myfresms please work myfresms please, please work myfresms me sm ring me before you leave your yard. myfresms morning gorgeous, duno if dis wil work but bm is fucked. i mis u babe :( we goin out day? txt my fone back. x myfresms nob ed. myfresms salam shabir main ikram wasa wala mashriq club ka tumhara dost mujhe tum se bat karni hai mujhe miscal karo myfresms mum i ned you to put quid in my loyds acount. ive sent you a fb mesage. i have no money. text my phone when youve done it. myfresms god morning.how was christmas? myfresms + desert op east: kdavis dendroaspispolylepis . . :, regards, bischoven myfresms could mornin sexy u ok be i got a great pic for u by n our we ok think my mum got me a phone to right bk on pof we ok babe x myfresms n also babe i cant wait for today i just wana know we ok n u wana met me stil please right bk on pof if we ok babe x myfresms test msg from myfrems myfresms wil u right bk on pof our we stil gether just plz wright so i know babe u sexy cnt wait til to show u this i wana know we myfresms just let u know am up mum x myfresms its seb pls ring me i hav n idea myfresms wat phone am i beter of getin so i canwatap nu got a sexy body babe u wana se wat i got for u babe write back babe im on pof myfresms aslamoalaikum jan kias ho? tabiat kiasi hai abi? yar numbr bnd hi wrna sms krta mobile se. mising u so so much muhwa myfresms livia sono gianlu, se hai ricevuto questo sms vuol dire che ero vicino al cel ma non ho fato a tempo a rispondere. baci! myfresms babe why u on pof but not righin back to me i ned ya email ad so i can u a pic if u want me to leave u alone just say pof me x myfresms am gona stop mesage u now i wil wait to se if u right bk to me bz its showin me u on pof but u just not wirght bk why x :( myfresms plz tel me wats up babe wat have i done wrong can u pof me im on there n facebok im of for a bath sexy get a pic of for u babe myfresms this im my last text its showin u onlin on pof but u want talk to me have i done anythink wrong plz plz wright bk babe plz x myfresms of to get my new phone if some were open pof me if u wana talk to me stil n i wl text u ma new num if ya u wnt it be rude pic myfresms honey i have no mobile signal at b&b but i do have wifi. can you check your email as i&#;ve sent you an email instead! myfresms get kyle to check fb myfresms hw long man i just waited from : for half n hour got bck yard agen? how long asap. myfresms helo ran out of credit myfresms its jake hope you had a god day yesterday didnt get your mesage til now. gime a shout when you get up and il come over. x myfresms i wana send u this sexy pic babe of me al wet out of bath sexy how can i send it to u sexy please write back to me babe x myfresms i could make it private in pof n send it though pof then u can download it x myfresms send me ya email adres babe myfresms yo ring meh then asap me sm myfresms hay u realy aint talkin to me our u babe x myfresms androidlost register myfresms automated mesage from w.ansumers.com: in relation to your christmas order for the red anal vibrator is out of stock myfresms tel molie to lok at her ipad im trying to facetime its ish myfresms androidlost gps myfresms hi luke its eden my phone has ben cut of. im at home. ring my mum when you finish work . love you x myfresms it tonya! i don&#;t have any credit, so i found ap on the net! that&#;s how much i wana know. so what is it then? txt back on my n myfresms.chi chris hapy xmas u ! sory you cant make it what u want me do with kids things drop them of or u gona pop round? greg myfresms so what is it? tonya x myfresms it&#;s tonya text me back on my phone or beter stil ring me. myfresms jafa lub, u about? myfresms e myfresms pof me babe u stil comein today i got my sexy underwear on lol x myfresms yo itz ak ,can u cal me ,safe myfresms hey dad its dan can you cal me when u sent this please myfresms come to my yard cos i&#;m buying some shoes myfresms come to my yard cos i&#;m buying some shoes joynur myfresms mum cal me ashley myfresms i ned u now help me myfresms we are on skype. ben up since ! myfresms i know about you and carla! hope yur hapy with eachother, god luck with everything. this is it now, bye x myfresms hi dad, its aron, can you ring me please. thanks x myfresms last time i cry wolf please i am in harvester near bros i ned u to cal the shop is closed i using wifi i realy ned your help myfresms its nathan hope u had a nce xmas y can&#;t u text bk i dnt no y u r doing this when i caled u u was crying and made me cry y myfresms czesc idziesz z nami na taras widokowy porobi jakie zdjcia? myfresms hey it&#;s gregy, if you&#;re about can you text my mobile ta. myfresms kaka ketle avyu kam? patyu ke nahi? mane cal karjo karya pela.vimal myfresms mama,please can you try and send me the and i promise i wil not let u down tomoro you wil se.please.love u and i&#;m sory! myfresms.co.uyou nock me sick you smel twat get are kids shit because you can&#;t have them cheky twat myfresms laura it&#;s jordan i can&#;t text you back remember so inbox me or ring me x myfresms please please please i have pyjamas on please myfresms going to start walking to harlow roundabout to get credit i in pyjamas please i never say bul again please myfresms red e-meal ok thanks x x x x x x myfresms ring me jason im fre for mis ned to chat now x myfresms mum can u ring me pleae x myfresms sprawdz maila bo chyba nie wiesz co ty robisz.prymitywie ! myfresms its lucy i love you to and no i aint got a bf. i have ran out of texts babe if u wana talk cal or mesage me on what&#;s ap x myfresms.co.udont forget to ring me about ish to let me know your aunts adres. love mat x myfresms ahoj nika to som ja martin jakuba.ak chces dojdut tak som doma myfresms nazdar vole myfresms its eve i&#;m fine and i&#;m i seing u day myfresms hey baba. ima of to banbury. stil not sorted phone out. hopfuly wil later. imysm. x myfresms ring me a$ap ize myfresms poza tym niezla dziecinada z tym usunieciem z fb.w dupie mam co robisz i z kim.uwierz mi ze tez si dobrze bawie i to az za dobrz myfresms mat here. my phone is playing up could you try caling me? x myfresms wat u mean wat have a i done iv ben out with my mum n dad just got back ben to get us a drink for when u was comein im on pof myfresms mesage me back on pof im wel hart broken i know u would do this to me after i show u everythink yesterday n did wat u asked myfresms hi can u phone it&#;s david myfresms it fred mate wat you up to mate up j mate bel me mate myfresms nicky its seb i hav no credit til tomoro, i mis u and i love u and i havnt moved on i want to se u today if u like text my no. myfresms hi may, its aron, can you ring me please, thanks. x myfresms check your facebok babe x myfresms hiya hun can u txt bon for me an se if i can nick that money cos our milk went of or se if ur mum can give her a ring please myfresms hapy xmas and new year mis u so much i think of u every day but u have to many woman,thats why i dont se u, but i want u x myfresms hope u had a god one. ad me on fb ive lost my phone and i ben blocked on fb dextry x myfresms im getin ready inbit bz just wting foxy get in x myfresms yo its joe whr u bro ? myfresms what&#;s hapening ring me myfresms ring me? myfresms tel martin forest - leds hahaha! myfresms hey its chelsie did u ring me myfresms - myfresms we arnt getin on no more!can u plz borow us the money sort this house out! asap! myfresms and johnathan owes me a chocolate bar myfresms can u borow us the plz? ring me later on myfresms wer u fone me ramzi myfresms caled this morning. no answer. presumed you had to be down the hospital. hope christine&#;s ok. mery christmas dude. dunk. myfresms what u up to fancy a pint it&#;s kishan tb to my phone myfresms i don&#;t kno wats goin on bt u ned tel me. i fink i deserve that much. cal me shan myfresms shane its calvin i left my phone in your car. phone my house phone plz myfresms jay its chelsie jus text me back on my numba wah do u wana do wen we met myfresms sweaty mot myfresms ($( ($)?($)$ $($)? myfresms yo fam wat u at. hope u had a god xmas. hola bk ramz myfresms mama.can you please cal me back. i just ned to pay these last euros.please.just cal me bk.mwa x myfresms yes bruv mery xmas, hope had a god . hola me bk on dat my number. bles myfresms hey you! mery christmas! couldnt send you a msg thru gmail.if you up go online! :) myfresms i don&#;t hear from u al xmas which is understandable. bt then wen i cal u u act like ur speakin sum else then ignore my cals myfresms.co.unothing, its what i want. pls actualy read fb msg properly this time. you chose him over me. i did it to even score. read fb msgs myfresms ste.can you get mama to cal me bk a second at home.please.mwa x myfresms got your mesage, thanks! have a god flight up to scotland! i love you! - dad myfresms ghbh myfresms awrite mate that&#;s me just put ma fone on lol mery xmas btw gez a fone if u can.disco myfresms do not want to come some day as group sex with libor. as already has sex with you and with me to myfresms it was a joke haha and r u yeah . and ok then ur done that&#;s fair al leave u alone now hope u av a gd nyt out and bcareful x myfresms test fre sms myfresms hya hun its laura ring me x myfresms elo party popa lol how u doin u alryt ? wt u up to part from dreamin of me haha av gt no credit left :( txtbk my phone x myfresms hey ketie cal me bak plz asap k thanks bye. x myfresms mum its shandon if your comeing home tonight can you let me no cos we dont have any cat fod tb hayley number thank myfresms why wont ya do that for my mam, she gives you tablets when you ned them, she got none and the car is fucked myfresms dfghdfghgfhg myfresms iloveyou baby x myfresms iloveyou baby x myfresms h myfresms i&#;m going to be strictly profesional because this is your friend&#;s phone, but you should know that i love you :) myfresms heya its emily r u rocking it tonight ? x myfresms we&#;re in the car in the car park. where are you? myfresms oi cal me bk limbu myfresms baby please ring me i want se u x love u x myfresms i mis you alot today. peach x myfresms kirsty myfresms its andrew anychance of a sub til i get my giro please myfresms hey mufin, sory i mised your cal earlier. hope you had a god day at work. j x myfresms gema got no credit.let me no wat time to come tomo wana bring stuf round.ive got ur house key u left in bag.txt me wat time x myfresms hjfjkjbv myfresms helo, is it a visa or mastercard? what is the adres for the card? myfresms thanks for signing up to cat facts! you wil now receive fun daily facts about cats! (= &#;.&#; =) myfresms helo ry its laura am going home shortly ring me wen u can let me know if ur coming hope ur ok if u do cum bring sme joint n can x myfresms did you know? cats use their tails for balance, and have almost individual bones in them! myfresms i tried caling you times today, i&#;m mising you more than ever. i want to come home now. i never wana be away from you :( x myfresms.co.uwould you like to receive hourly texts about cats? reply with or send &#;tgfjlju&#; to cancel your subscription! myfresms mom can you phone me back now please i mised your cal myfresms its jack. get yo lazy as outa bed! im so bored :( you should totaly come round :d could do with the company x myfresms hi, my name&#;s radek. i come from poland. what kind of do you ofer? regards, radek my mobile: myfresms hi it&#;s david wats hapening then myfresms hey dazla, are you back in the area yet mate ? its claire myfresms hey, i&#;m home now if you want to pick me up? myfresms hej braciszku!a spoko goraco na maksa a co tam u ciebie?juz w domku?fajnie jutro kasia przyjezdza tylko nie spijcie czasem u nas myfresms i zebyscie tez nie mieli ogrzewania wlaczonego caly czas bo sie nie wyplace.buziaczki kochamy cie i tesknimy daj znac czy dostsms myfresms jutro sie spakuje i mnie zabierzesz myfresms i co tam u ciebie myfresms i send u a pof mesage read it babe one min x myfresms yo fam myfresms i comein on pof x myfresms i just wanted to no if u wana watch me agine x babe if u read ya pof speak son x myfresms cal me its jason myfresms its wayne, can ya ring me please its easier to talk to you plus i got to pop out so can&#;t use wi-fi x myfresms bhai chung king ma avija, block b, flor , hong kong guest house myfresms im at my mums, waiting for her to come back. i don&#;t have any credit. liz myfresms yes i take tablets and what i ned them, i hate my life that much that i go t bed and most time wish i dont wake up iv put up with myfresms in the absence of legal advice patrick wil not be available for contact tomorow myfresms testing mate myfresms monkey myfresms enough, our relationship was just heading bak t way it used to be and thats no god for either of us or the kids myfresms testsfsdf myfresms if u can get baby dropedto me then yeah asi cant get there or bk n its raining. text me phone bk to let me no either way.kirstyx myfresms they dont rule my life . were just no god together its damaging us both yr not hapy and im not myfresms bals! myfresms hfhfhdhdh myfresms stace it&#;s ryan tbh it fels like u don&#;t wana b wit me yano uve ben actin weird past couple ov days an i want u to tel me myfresms.co.utext me bk though so i no to get ready n tidy for him. as was about to have a slep so let me no asap kirsty x myfresms wether u want to b wit me cos it fels like ur goin of me stace honest i just want the truth an i fink u like sumelse myfresms cheated? no mark i havnt i never wanted more, i just wanted something and u give me we just exist with each other it aint a life myfresms and u stil dont listen, i have no secrets iv never wanted anyone else mark, i just want more than our life going through motions myfresms czesc, jutro jedziemy ju swoim autem. nie mam kasy na telefonie. odpisz czy doszedl ten sms. dawid myfresms hai pjotrek it`s kristaps! can you cal me please! how are you going to work? myfresms am up baby myfresms its teresa thought u were bringing notebok av u got owt to lend me til fri myfresms r u for real ! i know youve had enough aswel you know it as wel we just pl who lived together that was it how lng u wana myfresms how lng u wana pretend at playing hapy families u aint hapy with me , stop lying t yrself mark myfresms u cud do wel beter than me stace als i do is drag u down al the time uve got gud things going for u an u ned sum who treats myfresms skype? ivka;-) myfresms hayup its teresa can u stil lend me sumert plz x myfresms why do you want to no were i am? liz myfresms bale bale ! myfresms u ned sum dat treats u beter than i do stace it&#;s up to u cos i no ur not hapy anymur u just put a front on everyday i rekon myfresms.co.uhtp:/w.emanuel.tv/ god wil touch your life through this ministry. it is time for change and a new level. hapy christmas myfresms hapy bxing day, just let me know if the drinks are stil on, am using a fre net txt msg ting thx the gren!francois myfresms htp:/w.emanuel.tv/ myfresms what you say mysize, figured i could text you online :) makes sense haha. hope you&#;re wel. stuck at my mothers again today! x myfresms.co.ui couldnt face us stil doing this in another od years , its just a waste of our lives we wil never change were both stubo myfresms cal me back pls myfresms dostae smsa? dawid myfresms dont know what else you want me to say myfresms its teresa our gail ant found any momey are out ive askt her myfresms mart jodie its bran. mel doesn&#;t to stay here because ur mom keps anoying and she&#;s stil drinking x myfresms mis you x i love you x just days to go til were together having are loving christmas baby x je taime x yours always . x myfresms hayley, are you geting my texts? this is the second one i&#;ve sent. i love you. myfresms its jake from house. just got mesage. dont have phone or internet. im away til th. i wil ring then. thanks myfresms just to se uf it works myfresms wil u text back to my phone please myfresms mom its siobhan, are you back home yet ? can u cal me plz on my mobile, love you x myfresms hi are you coming home today myfresms hi, i&#;m set for tomorow. text/email to confirm. :-) x myfresms r u stil takeing me tomorow myfresms i&#;m realy tired baby at work an u mite say u love me but ur heads somewere else i fink x myfresms hey babes how are u didn&#;t think you would be al day at ya dads am guna have some of that wine ya mum gave me can i bil a spli myfresms.co.ufne me atie myfresms helo again myfresms how u doing m, i was thinking about coming down for a bit. gies a text if u get this bud, am trying a fre sms provider. ros. myfresms try again myfresms yeah it loks like you did myfresms helo beautiful. i have not heard from you in a long time. wil you be dancing next year? x myfresms helo? ben waiting al day for your reply to my emails! i want to go to bed! please reply! myfresms this is a test msm myfresms hej, tu daniel. cozy dostales emaila i czy kupies bilet bangkok do chiang mai? zadzwo do nas prosz . pozdrowienia , daniel myfresms hi rd time myfresms where are you im late for work myfresms yo what u sying en>? myfresms yo myfresms visa or mastercard? u. s. biling adres for the card? phone number? myfresms loks like you did myfresms em where&#;s ma earphones i ned them and u was the last one to have em ? sory to bother ya but stil love nin myfresms last chance myfresms baby im so so sory for how i was im trying my best to make it upto u please can i come and se u :( iloveyou ring me now please x myfresms helo. you ok? myfresms hi its siobhan, can you bring one to mine plz ? txt my fone back , thanks. myfresms mum can i lend a tener please gona go for pint with dad and ema has gone out with her mum and not left me any of my money myfresms gil :( please talk to me its ros just ring me for minutes n if u dont like what ive got to say fine just hear me out x myfresms can u ring chris mate myfresms can you ring me babe, i ned to know where im going, . mat x myfresms hi courtney on your phone go on gogle search and type in whatsap and click on it to download it and instal for fre. wayne. myfresms a up it fag ring me asap please x myfresms yo its calvin, phone me, so cuz i fel aslep myfresms i texted you and told you my cel wil be disconected until next wek when i get money to reconect. i informed you on the th myfresms helo? please reply! are you recording the royal institute christmas lectures? myfresms kha hai ap plz reply myfresms do u stil want john in work tomorow myfresms kha hain plz reply myfresms mike its tara ring diane cn u sort us a ten? x myfresms let se if it works myfresms nbiou gyo g oghipo gyugb ghuioglui myfresms ap mujai bata kar bhe nahi gaia aur ab reply bhe nahe kar rahai myfresms i&#;m coming back to yours later where are you? myfresms ring me plz because ned to talk to you myfresms ring me plz because ned to talk to you its me sue by the way myfresms aladin was sexualy asaulted, from the rear, by the gay genie on stage last night ! to be fair the audience did try to warn him myfresms it didnt set up properly and what u mean u wil se what hapens lok gil i like u but i aint guna wait around forever tel me myfresms i got a leter from screw fix direct thanking me for my interest, but explaining they were not a dating agency myfresms got a new jack rusel pup today, he&#;s mainly black and brown with just a smal white area so i&#;ve caled him bradford. myfresms leo you are curently causing the one you love grief. tomorow you can show them how much you care through your intimacy. myfresms siema myfresms get close and share your body and soul with them. god luck leo. myfresms twat myfresms twatjbhvjgvhcfgcfgxdxgjvgvghv myfresms halo myfresms stop threatening me or i wil phone the police, this is blown out of proportion and you are scaring me, this is not normal behavio myfresms you are a stranger to me, i have met you twice briefly, and you are threatening me, stay away from me or i have no other option myfresms hi by its me, your jojo. im trying new online texts. tel me if it works. myfresms yo luara its vas give me a cal plz myfresms hi, hua, it is &#;baobaok&#;, -qi myfresms hi mate wat u up to got ne smoke myfresms by did u get my text text me if yes myfresms hey swetit its carys :) lokin forward moz, what time you traveling then? hope your ok swet x x x myfresms hey bro its soph,yea gr ty,we wiv friends atm, yea ok lips r sealed u always got my back,love u speak son x myfresms hi how r u.wr r u mate. myfresms hi, i&#;m just about to watch the lord of the rings. i mis you loads and have ben thinking about you. have a nice nite. love youx myfresms.co.ucant wait to se you and give you your gifts. say hi to al the peps from me. i love you loads and mis you babe x myfresms cal me plz by x x x x x myfresms where are you. open the club myfresms hola at me myfresms ayt giv me mins myfresms hehshdgd chdbdhd myfresms i seriously dont get u tbh gil whats hapenin wi us ur mesing my head up u wana se me or dont u i cnt cope wi bin mesed bout myfresms hay ma sexi dady to b u ok wu wen u cn cum on fb or ring me ned to talk u love u x btw its chelsie x myfresms hey u ok btw its cheldoe myfresms thank you. it went through myfresms duno if you have finished work or not but please ad me back on bm i don&#;t wana be out ye life:( sory i love you so much myfresms ring me back myfresms ring me back on my phone its dale myfresms hury up! hury up! hury up! hury up! hury up! hury up! hury up! myfresms hey it&#;s shauna, phone my phone straight away, it&#;s important x myfresms im waiting in my flor where r u myfresms im waiting. my mums teling me of where r u myfresms htp:/dictionary.reference/browse/rape oi wer r u idiot myfresms i know ur reading my mesages cause its flaging up. why do you do this myfresms htp:/w.change.org/en-gb/petitions/rapists-should-have-more-severe-punishment , your punishment should be worse than this cunt myfresms please just ad me back on bm, i just wana talk to you myfresms na mate didn&#;t go for any no cash til sat wil try n top up the mora dude. didn&#;t na how manys left n dan wanted one aswel myfresms.co.uoi u dikhed just reply and tel me wer u r. if i have to wait just tel me how long instead of me just standing out like a dikhed myfresms mery christmas. may the season bring you al you desire. from kwesi a myfresms usin net to msg u txt bk to my fone dude of home in mins mite be down the mora dina yet myfresms im gona fuk u up when i se u myfresms mom its emy phone me please myfresms just ring me by please ur not guna lose me if u ring me n sort this out myfresms i have left u a mail on fb when u go on x myfresms mono rakis how u dised me bruv myfresms nu tai kaip man laukti jusu skambucio ar ne ? cia del rubu myfresms mum its james can ye lend pound to go out to se sum bird rng my phone myfresms bri its james can ye lend pound to go out to se sum bird rng my phone myfresms hfcj myfresms hi bruv its chris u around a bag?tb my number myfresms hey cuz mery xmas hope evryone ok. il try come down in the new year and ring aria up to se aunite lurline. stil no cred lol x myfresms hi babe, its karl, out of credit til tomoz (this is afre text online) have a god night i mis u baby, nite nite til tomoz x myfresms hey its bary what time u want me to head over dan can drop me of but neds knw time as he going to his uncles please text mebk myfresms test test test helo myfresms bring me my phone pleasex myfresms &hury up x myfresms helo sory my phone was at home charging- have ben out for a mile walk today :) give me a ring when you can! izy x p myfresms its oliver wil you ring me on my phone please?:) myfresms please i won&#;t get up set i just wana talk for abit myfresms can you ring me please i havent credit ,mario my number myfresms mum ring me x myfresms please ros i won&#;t get upset al i wana do is just talk for a few mins myfresms yes im fine, cant text you of my phone. ring me of kates phone she should have credit left from what i bought her x faye x myfresms please ros i&#;ve ben trying to talk to you for hours just facetime me for a few mins that&#;s it i promise i won&#;t get upset myfresms.chey ya shena its chan i ned to tel u and rhys somethin asap so could u like mesage me on fb please chers myfresms helo angela myfresms please ros just mins text my phone back please i just wana go back to how we were before myfresms cal me on my mobile sekhar myfresms just mins please i&#;m not guna get up set or out i just wana talk and try be oryt myfresms i&#;m beging you just to talk to me for mins that&#;s al ros please ye litle bean head il even show ye my onsie myfresms brian, i have a pair of earings bought for c () c thought h wud like them. r u interested at or its ebay! dave myfresms ring me kaka i ned a bag myfresms text me back please myfresms ring me kaka i ned a bag asif myfresms hi david its abi, my phone isn&#;t working, can u please get to the train station. i am on the early train. x myfresms salam umer jani kaisa hai umed karta hn tu thek ho ga mai tera hi dost hn bt zahir nai hona chahta coz mai jo tujhy btany ja myfresms rha hn shyad wo tujhy face face na bta sakun kyun k hum bhi ma behan waly hain myfresms tumhari behan ny gali mai bohat gand macha rakha hai mujhy btaty huy sharam ati hai bt kia karn behnain sb ki ek jaisi hoti hain myfresms bt din dehary wo larky se milti hai tumhary ghr ki chezain wahan jati hain aur wo larka daily rat ko teri behan se mil k jata ha myfresms aur alah mauf kary humary dostn ny b daikha hai unhy french kis karty huay muhaly ka bcha bcha ye sb janta hai bt koi tujhy bta myfresms be it tym u med up ya mind plans cnt b med as family if we aint gona be one go with strongest feln if it heart answer ur fne x myfresms nahi raha mai b na btata bt mai ny jb daikha k wo daily mil rahy hain to chup na reh saka coz wo meri b behno ki tarhan hai myfresms please i ned to talk to you i&#;m trying to mesage you any way i can :( myfresms aur mai nai chahta k bohat dair ho jaye yahan tak k wo larka bjy tumhary ghar jata hai aur bjy nikalta myfresms i fel like just geting in a taxi i coming to your that&#;s how much i wana talk to you, just a text or facetime for a few mins myfresms sory yar mai janta hn k ek bhai pe kia guzar rahi ho gi bt koi to usy roky yar bohat dafa tujhy btana chah bt nai bta saka myfresms how can a girl send you boxers & expect a b? a tie & expect brazilian hair? singlet & expect ipad ? cuflinks & expect b porsch myfresms aur b bohat c batain hain bt wo sab mai nai bta sakta mera zamer is ki malamat nai karta ho sky to rok warna kuch nai rahy ga myfresms im so sory jani mujhy mauf kar dain yar myfresms tai kaip del rytojaus? ar vezti tuos rubus ar ne duokit zinot. myfresms cal me urgently now ned to talk to u very omportant myfresms zakjit. piedod ludzu piedod. vnk piedod. :( myfresms john, sory to have to tel you, tom baker was caled home two days ago, no further details yet. please kep in touch. muray myfresms mazais. es ljoti milu tevi kakjit. :( kapec tu nej dr.lv? myfresms your a donkey myfresms valter! :( es jku prt. myfresms mazi, un m kats mju. mlu tevi bumbult. myfresms n, es nesmu piedzrusies, tikai nedaudz :( myfresms es ceru ka tas ko tu man raxti dr.lv ir patiesi un no sirdsceru ka nemelo man. :* milu myfresms i didnt know u wer sorting kids il ring bk in half hour if u dnt answer after / atempts il know ur folowing ur head myfresms hey how are you myfresms helo this is le using internet to contact you no credit on my phone il be in tomorow at . myfresms have you got out of the vilage yet? there&#;s a red electric tothbrush in the bathrom myfresms thank you your probably right, she is myfresms cau. ja, ir jaiet. tev ari? es te sutu no interneta sms, nezinu, vai sanem. myfresms yes iv replied i said yes your right , she wil be roting in her grave, no denying that fact myfresms its rory im woried whats going on, let me know im realy woried! x myfresms il ring in mins if u dnt answer fne then al nah its ur head ur folowing and nt ur heart x myfresms think i replied t everythig and yr text make no sense so i cant reply myfresms mery xmas & hapy th birthday son! money should be in your bank dadx myfresms im going to bed very shortly so wont b able t reply think evrythin ben said anyway and u chose not t go t yr mams so yr own faulk myfresms long time no se. do you have a q #? hapy new year. hui xiaojiang myfresms iv sent u four replies myfresms yes g gona be long ? carlito nicole friend, txt back on mine numba g, myfresms hi chester, dean here. sory for delay. cant text u from phone as other half may suspect. be col to meat up. come bk online. myfresms its louis ring me iv ben in shower myfresms the only part of my lifeim loking forward to is when i can finaly stop living it maybe then il be hapy myfresms kum my aly myfresms pozvoni eto diman :) myfresms hi marcia got new phone today sim card not yet activated stupid network two contracts and stil cant make a cal damn phone! x myfresms kapec mincit ar tubu nebrauc? tur vel vairak vis ir parbazts? :/ myfresms mery christmas steve myfresms captain, i have just sent you the scotland love report. kises :) myfresms wi you cal me to night myfresms evening luke i wil be available to clean tomorow afternon. slide. myfresms il always want u mark , its just not enough and its not fair on either of us. u helped me threw a lot and im grateful for that ,it myfresms it was always gona hapen wasnt it, nothing lasts forever. myfresms r u actualy coming or not!? left me hangin al day yet again! if u aint coming ima use dat gagin! .jem myfresms do u want me to lie? i can pretend i do and everything is ok , but we b back in thi situation again son and u dont deserve that myfresms hi! this is cam. please go online myfresms god night jana :) put a profile pic please then i wont disturb u more :) thanks in advance myfresms please ring me back i said fine to doing those things myfresms hey baby it&#;s sumer, you ned to get to on the internet and son, get on to facebok, got no phone, love you lots take that as a no! myfresms do u think i dnt want to love u ? i can pretend to the worl if u want but it wont be true and we would know iv tried to myfresms tel me if u get this my spud :) x jem x myfresms im hurtin , dnt no how im gona cope without u i never used u i tried to make us work wish i cud change way i fel i realy do myfresms katja,eto roma.pozvoni mne pozhalujsta myfresms . myfresms your next myfresms hey babe its sarah, i want t know if this is realy a fre text mesage site? its caled myfresms text me on my number x x myfresms &#;dnt mater anyway did it , didnt want t hurt u an i have im sory that mayb we can get on as parents eventualy il mis u thouh myfresms.co.uso u wud cum bak and live here knowing i dnt luv u ?that not right mark an go t yr mamstop bein matryr myfresms please mesage me back x i cant lose u il do anything just dont let me lose you x myfresms soz for sum reason fone kps going on silent starting da ma nut in.yeah they received ur sick line on the th x myfresms go on facebok then! x myfresms love you baby sory was at mi anties and the fone was in mi coat the fone ended when i got the fone out ring me again love you. myfresms i sent the real reason on why i cant lose you x myfresms kad brauc maja atved ko est. elvis. myfresms chers for letin me no. i wil be climbing the wals the night a simple txt instead of blanking me. myfresms kad brauc maja atved ko est. elvis. myfresms james its marc ring me asap nt the other one myfresms fghfgjhsdgmdjfh myfresms james ring me its marc on my phone nw brother ta myfresms its gerard, pls talk or fone me, i already mis u :( xoxoxoxoxoxoxox myfresms hi its di i no its l. what u up to if u r about was going to try get a lift up don&#;t txt this back its a fre sms on net. di. myfresms hi its di don&#;t txt this back i&#;m on the web fre sms are u busy or out i ned to nip out to either glengary or hunter no set u myfresms.cyou are a god&#;s master piece. myfresms fine with me to.oh cant wait to c you now :) myfresms so do i stil have my best friend? x myfresms wel i was trying a uk fre text service :) myfresms ring me tomorow if you stil wana met?. text back to my phone.x myfresms helo? text me back! myfresms or just ring me one or the other myfresms hi.its diane i no its l can u txt my phone and let me no what u r up don&#;t no if u r getin these txts or no fre on web. x myfresms f myfresms le its amy am txtin of the internet a hope u do want to be with me cos a fuckin love yah. txt bk to my fne please love u x myfresms check ctv for the last hours at highwayman broken glases and smoking with customers in bar. myfresms try this and se how this works bom myfresms salasi ludzu man no rita mantas cerams ka bez manis jums tomer bus labak myfresms dfvad aerga aegaerg aergaer aergaer myfresms kur tad esi pie signes ka sen jau nesi draugoes bijusi? myfresms nevari pat atbildet? nu i neatbildi ar tad. tavs bijushas.! myfresms r you tired ? myfresms le text me back please! just tel me if you defo want to be with me or not x myfresms hi u having a god day? :) mising u x myfresms i&#;m fucked tried to get u earlier i couldn&#;t get jimy or jodi either so loks like a night on the ratle tryin to get steve wal myfresms.cja jau kadas stundas :) ja sanjemi tad padod zinju uz manu nr :) myfresms bom x myfresms hey its kirsty, are we meting up tonight or not lolmesage my phone back lol x myfresms cal please x myfresms hi it&#;s vicki i&#;m of to bed, have a god night sexy i love u x x x x don&#;t tx bk this x x x x myfresms yes myfresms cbfsms not working. was gon tlk about it moz, but yes afraid not. c u moz tho for bers? and i has a prez for you to. alex myfresms al i have a new phone number and wil send details shortly. do not contact the other number. it no longer exists. thanks. ray myfresms u had a god day darl? cnt get on whatsap whatsoever! ben ringin u on skypex myfresms sty away frm us he not interested! get rid of da kid n if i find out its stil tere il sort it! myfresms dude where my phone myfresms i love you myfresms i stil love you myfresms le do u want to be with me yes or no? x myfresms hiya mum wil u get me a phone its per month and u get a fre xbox with it il pay it i promise please thanks love u michaelx myfresms i so hope your geting my mesages :l j mis you, an i am realy sory for today. i love you lots its sophie, ring back myfresms helo aysha myfresms helo mani myfresms it&#;s gary. check fb xhelo portugais,whts up everythg is fine ?i forget to tel u that i hav new number its , friend from croydon colege myfresms sent u a email that the last u wil ever hear from me swear on my life myfresms jan cal fast na baby on my mobile and please get online on skype i m saying u for so long and don&#;t be ofline apko my kasam myfresms night night snowflake stil hope you are x myfresms mery xmas! x d x myfresms tried text on bado with no reply love u lots first text sent . asking if i could come over text me as speaker on phone fuckedx myfresms on bado now wil wait mins on there babes x myfresms yo it&#;s lauren, mate said i can text u on this shit? fuck nose . what ya doin anyways text back my phone!:) myfresms when are you home? text my phone sophie x myfresms it kate am stayin ere make sure lights of and dor shut proper please dont let no one in x myfresms it kate am stayin ere make sure lights of and dor shut proper please dont let no one in txt my number x myfresms skjfisohgnvlkxvjs myfresms what say - yes aka no.tel me tomorow. i shal wate. myfresms salam, vai shamim bolsi. asha kori valo asen. amar jono kono bebstha korte parlen vai? skype e sms pathaisen. myfresms oi !x myfresms ive made a decision. my heads ben geting more and more mesed up since you broke up with me. right now i fel like im si myfresms i&#;m tierd of fighting if this is al its guna be i&#;m done ante doing this everyday you can&#;t even touch me. myfresms ur girlfriend, dont bring her when work. i wil be there. she from your country? not god. myfresms how&#;s work babe. its me by the way. i am just having a drink then going up stairs can i watch tv in your rom babe. txt bk to my myfresms.co.ubabe it&#;s becky, sending a text on a fre online mesage thing! what are u doing babe? text to my number x myfresms lol ok if u say so right don&#;t txt me now unles i txt you yh myfresms chek fb myfresms laila x x x x x myfresms when was you thinking about toping up? lily x myfresms hey, out of credit again is there an easy way can talk to you, like email or something? myfresms dont wory i found it (as if u were!) il leave u alone to get on with your life now myfresms hi zoe test mesage myfresms safe man its kenya, ned a fair bit would u be about if i walk? no one else is about =[ myfresms my sweto janu take care of urself please janu ok and take a god slep after packing jan. mising you alot. love u alot myfresms and janu reply me on my mobile ok and jan don&#;t eat icecream u have taken soup na that&#;s why janu and reply on my mobile baby myfresms.cou get my txt babe. take it ur busy hun. x myfresms jan reply me on skype na baby! u geting my msg na! reply on my mobile jan. love u to much meri jan! muah reply na myfresms baby my txt have run out i&#;ve tried so hard to txt you txt me if you get this i love you do much godnight mwah x x x myfresms i love you so much baby i&#;ve tried everything to txt you this is the only thing that said sent lol :) you mean the world to me x myfresms.co.ucal me on the number smh this one myfresms fine me quik myfresms love you so much. ur my man eva x myfresms yeh i mite b up for that if i can stay awake, im felin prety dead. wats black tea? myfresms thank you for tonight mum it was a nice evening love u very much godnight dont text back this number using pc kely x x x x myfresms i dont remember u n daz havin an arguement, unles it hapened wen i was outside or sumet. kif myfresms checking it works myfresms i wud but im wel skint til nex wek. spent the last of my cash yesterday. r u talkin bout tod? haha whos he bin hitin? myfresms hiya u ok myfresms phone me duda myfresms phone me duda myfresms oi its james ring me asap mate, realy fucking bored myfresms were u go babe im mesage u on pof x myfresms bab! wake up and cal me now! whys your internet of at night nowadays? myfresms hi fre sms myfresms hey, didn&#;t understand the last txt. maybe wasn&#;t for me. lol. hope you are having a great night. cant stop thinking about you. myfresms.ckadelj tju man neatbildeji? :( myfresms steve myfresms credit finished. isha myfresms ben phone me its urgent! myfresms i&#;m at yard wa u on u coming out alex myfresms ama send u my adres, wil cal u in an hr set ur alarm, sami x myfresms s. thomas, lanco ave, sebastian, florida, , usa myfresms surprised your awake. i fel like i am. hopefuly that wil change, want things to go bk to normal, we normaly get on amazing! x myfresms hi cal me shabena x myfresms baby, i wish you could text me back i realy do, i&#;m woried, i just hope that you stil love me because i stil love you sarah! come online i want to se you and talk tatos x myfresms hey,fre txt sites r shit.i&#;d love to hear frm u moro but if u change yr mind il understand.hope ur slepin wel.love your jod x myfresms.co.umate, i know how to go into clubs :)! if u got polish legit szkolna albo karta rowerowa al what u have to do is change the year myfresms i&#;l tel you everything tomorow mate :)! ignore the time its nearly oclock and i stil awake hehe, cause am in a party mod myfresms.co.uhi babycakes hope yur ok n yu had a nice day n a gd time getin onit aha :) am going slep now so swet dreams mis n love you x myfresms hey sory i lost fone. can i borow money. i not hear from frend yet. if can mesage code though facbok. sory il expalne later myfresms cal me shabena myfresms stop playing your game and come talk to me :-p x myfresms tigz myfresms its paul iv tex u on fb .r u awake stil myfresms powiedz paulinie zeby wesza na viber myfresms viber myfresms u bigest prick myfresms d the prick myfresms aint got no cred bec. trying to tex of internet. i&#;m aloneindors x myfresms ring my fone its tom myfresms al ring you in morning demi, cant believe u dint let me stay, u guna talk to me tmoz i ned you, ur ben dif wen shes there night myfresms salam amina, thanks for your voicemail. my blackbery broke so i lost your contact details. bubly is fine, renamed myfresms &#;katous&#; & living with my mum cos we&#;re abroad at the mo. we had a baby recently, a boy named taha. hope your litle girl is we myfresmplease email at mbakali.architectgmail to discus further as i don&#;t have ur email. best wishes wa salam, leila myfresms slut! you may be in canada but you wont be for long. i have a colar for you that may just choke and kil you. tel your whore myfresms salam maly its anwar i&#;m outside urz can i talk to u if ur up? x myfresms i&#;m sory i no its late jus ben walkin around al nyt i dno wots rong wid me anwar x myfresms i&#;m sory i no its late jus ben walkin around al nyt i dno wots rong wid me i&#;m outside urz cal me if ur up anwar x myfresms.co.love you beautiful x your habibi ;) myfresms check your email x amanie.gouda myfresms god morning sir! myfresms poibvgh myfresms ar superkate rubus? kur esate anglijoj? turiu nemazai kiekio. cia mano numeriukas. myfresms ask mom if received my sms.don&#;t turn on gs mobile data first until you find fre wifi else lots of data usage from whatsap msg myfresms.co.uhi ki hal hai sobi koi sms koi cal nai ki waja hawand ne koi ziada masrof kr rakha hai ur frie ali myfresms asdf myfresms hey sory that was me. can u mesage me on fb if its okay. coz i dont have fone i haven&#;t got text from friend yet. sory this myfresms.co.uslam ki hal hai gohir raja .hum sab fit hai yahan ur umed hai k ap b fit ho gay . myfresms from mubashar & babar zra btao k sardi ka ki hal hai jano myfresms nu ar yra kokiu ziniu prisiskambinai? myfresms it&#;s mathew hul my text ran out i wil work tomorow text my phone back let me know you received the text please myfresms betu. thai gai vat jan? please cal me if pos myfresms nu pot sa-ti trimit sms si am mg-uri din mexic pe uk. da-mi reply pe nr meu de ro + daca primesti sms-ul asta. myfresms helo it&#;s ema come on talk ned to chat pandora wil be of out son don&#;t text this number x myfresms love you x myfresms god morning, mon amour! i wish you a god day :) hope had received my mesage. love you x. your baby-love. myfresms hi my car wont start. is it posible for you to drop them of please or can i come get them tomorow. txt my mobile to let me know myfresms si its dave im at my mrs until sunday i wil sort it when im back but if andrews about he as a key and goach got arested. pal myfresms its jay cal me x myfresms chris maughan is a cheating scumbag, u deserve to no. do not trust him. ask him what he gets up to in leds! myfresms ring my phone its eilen x myfresms ismail abi ben arzu, isi gelemicem, ailem izin vermiyor. telefonumda giti. bu numaraya cvp verme myfresms hi babe it&#;s wody can you ring me a taxi please for :. love your x myfresms ygvuy myfresms mum went on facebok like u asked u was not there myfresms please cal me on my mobile. saurabh myfresms niedlugo wracam do angli mozesz mi powiedziec kiedy si moge zobaczyc z nicole, tzn. w jaki dzien?odpisz na maila albo na skype. myfresms hi hope i get this, i have no single on my phone. wil ned to email each other. juli x myfresms jeszcze raz pisze do ciebie, wyjazd na lotnisko odwolany. pawel myfresms am up if ur ready to come round.fae kelyan x myfresms hi what time u going to work iv ben up al night police just ben i have to try get kev or stevie half dead x di. this is web. myfresms bout to board-woho!god xmas-oly ingod space care boys & begin healing.peace of mindme:-) thk u ur suport & kindnes x myfresms hi its di is everything back to normal this is fre sms from the internet don&#;t txt this back it wil cost. try let me no. thanks myfresms.co.uhey be i&#;m so tired oh wel neva mind time for a hot drink n then of to the shope to gety a few bits n then go n c liam! nat myfresms this is ur dad.as usual you upset everyones christmas with your temper. kicking of before you know al the details.your outburst myfresms hi grandma, it&#;s helen. just leting you know we are on skype now if you are fre. if not don&#;t wory as we now have internet x myfresms.cperskambink i sita numery kai galesi cia del tu rubu kur like pas tave sendien reikia juo sutvarkyt myfresms pklots of love to you and your beautiful familywishing you a lovely new-baby time.gota fly! x krom myfresms labas saule, taip isejo ,kad sendien daug darbo. pasistengsiu greit baigt :) pasilgau ir noriu greiciau apkabint. myliu lukas :* myfresms krc pasuk i sita numery myfresms i&#;v had enough of your nasty and childish ways.don&#;t come to our home any more i don&#;t want to se or speak to you. i&#;m so myfreany update? chahine myfresms bal its j dnt forget u owe me for bags wen wil u sort tht could do with it ned it , ned electric fages draw sf let me no w myfresms ms. lykova, details of your apointment. date: / time: : consultant: tbc any problems please contact wrh myfresms mery x, kila draws about if u wnt or nedmas bruv n hapy new year myfresms mery xmas bruv n hapy new year, nice draws there if u wnt or ned jus bel me sf myfresms fuck the system fre txt i got reverce charge me wen u up i wont ansa but no u up n i cum rnd it jordanf myfresms hvjvt myfresms helo sexy myfresms babe cal me pls i sent u my pin n u didn&#;t re ad me! :-( myfresms taby i do love and want you i always have myfresms hey babe, it&#;s gregy, chuck me a text if you&#;re not busy today, and i&#;l pop down. myfresms it jordan flanagan u at work tday? or u goin joshes? i got paid so getin a bud txt to my numba myfresms pasuk i mano numery cia dle drabuziu kur like pas tave myfresms i love you taby truth is i always have im just scared of you walking away again myfresms cal me on my fone plz lily myfresms cum for work myfresms klausyk o jeigu atvesciau duotum bent puse kainos ar maziau paskiau kitus galetum atiduoti nes man reikia isvaryt sendien butinai. myfresms test do u get me myfresms a big shout out to the feds listening in at wolwich hospital myfresms me wasem if yu kan maria try sort out sum money for today by il promise il mke it up to u i knw ur not made outa money but it myfresms jdhegeusivwu myfresms hope i dont disturbing u.u have msg in whatsap. myfresms helo veronica :) myfresms remember to bring leonas blue jeans and top plz, what time ya getin em like? myfresms hi lucy, i wil be there. thank you, roxana myfresms hi bro i am robert pls cal me back . thx i want to cam to you. myfresms helo kamran, cal me.i like you.sory what my mum say. you are my friend i told her and she say ok.we can kep in contact.cal me myfresms thanks! no any mesages form you! - vic myfresms mama.can u please cal me in half an hour please its urgent.mwa x myfresms if its something ive done please tel me what hurts the most is that you can just remove me from your life completely and not get myfresms afected by it. i just want to talk about it and stay friends you made me so hapy al wek and i was excited to se you so please myfresms just text, cal or met me when you can tel me this is realy not what you want then fair enough but it being wrong shouldnt be myfresms alright its oli giz a ring plz myfresms u r a gek myfresms why this ends. i care about you and i like you and i dont care if it sounds stupid but you mean a lot to me. so please. myfresms i love you babe. thank u a wicked xmas. hopfuly not the last :) x myfresms hey babes, loved yesterday and you, se you on the bridge at : if u wnt met earlier cal the saly and leave a msg x myfresms hope the docs went ok for you x your d x myfresms mr jeremiah.u caled? whats the plan.saj myfresms hi dude, ye no problem, just text me what time you want to pick me up. had no credit to wish you a mery xmas :) myfresms no bal da myfresms when u was saying u was excited t se me i thought this time would be diferent :/ carying on isnt anymore wrong than startin it myfresms gdmoning love i want to se u when wil u come myfresms of in the first place we ben there and done it so why end it? its ben done and it wont make it right just makes it a mes myfresms mum its joley ring me asap plz myfresms so kerna vaso nasan an skypus, bichan mi money sarika myfresms morn frank can u bring me some fags pl myfresms dad it&#;s jamie can you ring me please myfresms mum its robie can you get me some pop please text my phone back myfresms have told maurice & huw that you were teling me about some tesco ofers you had sen for us to lok at online. chris x myfresms ok its barlow cnt tb now just met at public toliets at past mate make sure ur there let me no if u anit cuming bye tbmyphne myfresms jus msg the text agen,a wana kno then i dnt avto ring or txt u agen do a myfresms nto ndang for christ mary christmas and a hapy new year in advance you are cordialy invited to a day solemn asembly myfresms beats n bas myfresms itl have to be at ish i se u as i ned to go to get my phne st farah myfresms mum have you any news? i have now spent the last of my money. are you able to help me out? go on fb on fone if you can sory agai myfresms hi helo ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok myfresms fa myfresms its simone, sory if u got mesages now, the last said there was an eror, wud u b able strap me til tomorow mornin myfresms ben up al night with phebes so in desperate ned of a pick me up, i&#;ve so much to do :( wil drop of cash am x - myfresms.co.uthis wil have to do. i have email or facebok otherwise. you ok dear? x myfresms yo bruva myfresms its mike if u wana speak gime a cal or sumin tried speakin u last nite clearly didnt work wana talk sober x myfresms if u got no cred go on myfresms u can txt fre x myfresms hi andy, forgot to ask do you want me to go to the front or back dor to colect the base unit, kind regards tim myfresms helo u mupit x myfresms gema goin to get some credit now get ready for tb to my phone x myfresms pls don&#;t swear at me kim, i never sed i don&#;t want to se owen day, were did u get that from? i was aslep til just now. alex myfresms.coget ready by i&#;l ring u wen got cred x myfresms hi , yate computing here, i ned a litle more info on the device, can you email pic and ful model to infoyatecomputing myfresms cia simona kuri visdar neturi saskaitoj.kas raso? myfresms htp:/w.dufermenswear/jeans/twisted-genius-washington-.php myfresms hi its leane ma new number is myfresms hi its leane i dnt have credit but if u wana ring me u can x myfresms chris maughan is a cheating scumbag. do not trust him! ask him what he gets up to an who he se&#;s in leds. you&#;l se! myfresms hi michele,hope you had a lovely xmas and that you like my presents.hope to hear from u son.email or facebok.love monika x myfresms wat up myfresms hi, how do you do? myfresms mama,please can you try and send me these lst i wil not bother you anymore.i promise. mama i promise this is the last time.x myfresms got text me when you out back.ralf myfresms ok myfresms hey em its rick sory i mised your cal could ya ring me bk plz myfresms bioi myfresms check your whatsap. laura myfresms sup m just mised ur cal wat did u ned? tb rob myfresms i got two copies of wisniewski and one copy of pid. i am in library th flor myfresms hi dad it&#;s le can you cal please, it&#;s quite urgent. i used my last mins trying to cal but you have a mesage on. myfresms hi d its james can you stil do that today for me ? myfresms ring my phone le ah kid its ashley myfresms hiya b, if u come ova i gota splif left! x kali myfresms hi ash it&#;s dad let me know if you get this text myfresms hi mick its sue can u cal to mine pls txt bk thanks myfresms hey peach have you ben geting any of my mesages? myfresms its kt ring me on my phone myfresms yo babez wu day then il phone u up later x myfresms frank can u bring me some fags pl myfresms ring me on my phone its katie myfresms debie its jaymie u cumin rnd pls am board ben up since cos of carley lukin for u did she get hold of u x myfresms ring me freak!&#; myfresms hey. did reply on fb but gues u not got it. i wil pay money in monday and speak to you then aswel, gem myfresms its kelv can you ring the house phone please myfresms can u phone bret thanks myfresms u back on. ginger myfresms its tom can i get two tb my phone myfresms god afternon janete, thank you very much for the te shirt you bought me for christmas. it fit&#;s me perfect. timbo x myfresms why the fuk are you ignoring me ? stay up there tonight if you gona b like this ! myfresms okay but it would be lovely to hear from you as i mis you and am so upset :( x myfresms you are horible bastard at times ring me ! myfresms sis its ur bro can u cal me asap pls its important x myfresms thats alright i panicked when i saw it was you who was caling me haha myfresms it&#;s jase - using fre text thing. wil be ready when u are, just got up having shower in a minute.can u email when on way or buz myfresms.co.ui hope this is what you wanted. i know i have hurt you but if you think that al of this hasn&#;t hurt me then you are wrong. godb myfresms.co.ui love you tb my fone jace x myfresms george its damen copeland i am skint at the moment cause of christmas can pay next wek when i get paid on wednesday thanks myfresms ya raj it jame just tryd beling u but me house line playing up can u sort anyting let me no bel me if u can sf myfresms i got thai boxing at pm. so i was just thinking or games of pol. then home time. from pure bram. myfresms hiya hun its claire nothing n where are your bambinos? x myfresms your grandfather has pased away myfresms mum where are u? im waiting for u at home. my phones ben bared cant cal txt or recieve cals. myfresms dad/mum i&#;m sory to ask & i know that wil be a beter year - if i don&#;t think it wil work by end of jan i wil be back x myfresms.chey i wont come for tea . but il pop up for abit later if i can get and ned a shower. x myfresms hi it&#;s mat, sory to rush you but i got to go out in a bit myfresms hi i just saw your advert on gumtre. please can i buy your s? my phone was stolen so please reply on hanahparvazhotmail myfresms just got your text find me on facebok and can talk to you then x. chrisy raftery myfresms hi mate its dan, ad is racecourse road,chesterfield s t. sory for the late reply i did try mesage you. reply to my no. myfresms you can&#;t text me back at this number by the way. can someone please email me to let me know what is going on and when? x myfresms htps:/w.amazon/gp/orc/rml/dhqwbjqrma?token=vftkjmidzxuc.sayatnlgwanycjwdimbvfojeklugvibjnpfkdtvx myfresms it&#;s dan cal me myfresms hey, how are u? when u came visit me? myfresms itz mikey cal me myfresms morning baby. tried sendin text from dif site earlier, duno if u got it. u up to much today? love u. x myfresms its nadia can u ask my mum where she is my phones bared. go on fb mesage myfresms easy bruv.wil the builder here.sending from computer,but text back my mobile.you got fod g myfresms hi deljoy, please help me damien harasing me i can&#;t be in house any longer please cal me got nobody else to ask doriane myfresms easy bruv.wil here.sending from computer,but text back my mobile.you got fod g myfresms yeah myfresms duno if last text got to you, but tried this site to, my phone wont be on til next wek aparently, sending jazi big kises myfresms hey there myfresms aup its rick could u get laura ring me plz ? myfresms it&#;s josh mate i&#;m busy tomorow got to lok after my litle sister while dad goes hospital myfresms hi steve, please cal raquel now ned to se you am at damien&#;s crouch end. myfresms its tom i want two tb to my phome myfresms hi lesley please can you cal me on my number ned help.doriane myfresms anya its grae-me cal me back pls babe x myfresms hi niro, it&#;s daniela please can you cal me asap, on my number ok myfresms - buckingham palace rd, london, sw sx tel: myfresms is this number kirsys ? its rick nd i ned talk laura quick plz get her ring me myfresms b over in n hour saj myfresms fuk u then loyd ya can txt ever fuker else bk cant ya except me have fukin fun dnt bother cumin bk to this house enjoy ya yr ol myfresms simon is lori ok? i heard she was in hospital.i not ben able to get hold of her myfresms zadzwon melon myfresms melon myfresms its abie, im at louis&#;s. i wil ring you when i am home. :) we wil go manchester monday? text back to my phone myfresms sen my face? wel mesage that slag again il find out n il show the police my face on laycies life i wil watch! she&#;l tel m myfresms.co.uchristmas is ova n u wil son no the truth, e loves sam n christmas wid her made him relise it ask em myfresms what u on about r u sick? u have gave me a black eye do i luk a mug we sorted it out on xmas day uve ruined it up to ur old tricks myfresms hiya myfresms hi jacky, alan here. hope you got there ok. sending you this text mesage from my new ipad. hapy new year myfresms gota save ur cred for that slag no doubt u ben chatin to er time! jus sent murph a puic of my eye ask him if u dont belive me myfresms phone me back gar love mum myfresms hey il met u by hil stret at ish farah i cant phone or text u myfresms hey beautiful hope your okay cant wait to se you wil be over on sunday until wednesday if thats ok x you going to give me a private dance yo horney swet sexy wet pusy myfresms get on your knes then your the right high for my cock myfresms open ur lips and taste me myfresms think of me sucking your niples as u suck my bals and i finger your wet pusy myfresms asalam alaikum wr wb. when are you coming home? saki is realy sick coughing and iv got the sicknes to. i cought it yesterday. myfresms hi carol its pez ring nicola or send me a txt to mi fone if u in myfresms hkjfgjg guilgfdy hdjkvc hofman myfresms safe nej its mikey ring me my number please mate myfresms seyf min yarite min its dan, wondering when your back ours? no key for outside dor.ring me on katys home phone ive ben ringing. myfresms zalijum paldies myfresms please can you pick me up. - j myfresms hi andrew,its stew,i have no credit so using a web thing,i am fre to talk on home tel as my mob is playing up,stew myfresms were are you? you ned to ring me. myfresms im ready now whenever you can get me - stil at amys. she is going out in a minute so wil wait here for you x love jase myfresms putri msg lba e te dsi myfresms dude did you get my facebok mesage i stil got no credit on my mobile lol cefyn. txt bk or reply on fb haha myfresms test mesage to se how long this takes and if it works myfresms myfresms dad can you ring me please.jaz myfresms hi, we&#;ve just spoken by phone. what is your email again? best wishes, rad my mobile: . myfresms loking god so far not -_- god damit weathers against us atm man :( virgin numba aswel is babe x myfresms msn steph myfresms please come on internet laptop for conect kotli azad kashmir. now i am in kotlitahir m fazal myfresms i rang circle cars the far is loking to be about to . stylz myfresms fone me agen signals crap x myfresms safe badal christmas was fine thanks. il be working from the th-th jan. wil cal you asap to met. wayne. myfresms it has not alowed for e.creditso i wil have to put another -on it tok payment for e-credit of . but wil not giv myfresms dad its chloe cal or text my phone please ned to know if you&#;re picking me up as you didn&#;t cal me last night!x myfresms privet! v ., nadejus&#;, eto sobshenie do tebia dojdet:) kakoj-to levyj sajt - u menia schet zakonchilsia:) myfresms kol.yeh got tobacy&#; - gime round mins - tehprophet myfresms hi tim its de can you ring my fone please. myfresms perezagryzi komp myfresms myfresms myfresms phone me please or let me no instead of bein more of a nob! myfresms hi, jus wondered if i drove over tonight we cud talk in the car? ish? i fel sick wandering what you&#;re gona say haha.love jo myfresms.co.uhey by liam is getin realy checky bles him! i&#;m loking forward to havin u bk at home again love u so much rob! nat myfresms mum cal me asap on anton number plz myfresms craig its gilies i aint got credit can i come get a bens? tb my phone asap myfresms yo mate its crombie, you got? ring my phone, safe! myfresms yo mate its jon, you about? cal me if so, safe! myfresms hgj myfresms its ez try get & try move on. but u discover u are not that great & out of your league , try run back to start but shes gone myfresms keny its me ana,i just check if this service works.i&#;m taxt u from the net,u ned tex me on mobile , myfresms face myfresms wasif cal me right now it&#;s now my and i can msg u now after half n hour so cal me right now apko meri kasam right now myfresms h r u & swet baby? myfresms helo paulaelengmail. myfresms hi gaz any chance u can lend me some baci tomoz til nxt wek dont get paid til then ? xcasyx myfresms i&#;m tired i&#;ve text u over x, i want my money u where spouse to give me yesterday if u&#;ve anything phone me at home, i want m myfresmdid you get my mesage ?im writing to you from the internet,i wana se if it works ania, myfresms its chez, phones stoped workin but im home come on facebok n let me know when ur comin round x myfresms nick myfresms cal me wasif i cant wait more cal me now! why u give a damn about me? u.just love ur work.not me. cal me now! fast myfresms testing mesage myfresms can you please ring me jaz. myfresms it&#;s jimi. yeah but it gets you nowhere these days but i&#;l b honest put it on a plate again i&#;l be eating haha x myfresms sdjnb eadbius myfresms it works! :d myfresms ok i wil leave you to it. but i just ned to tel u this when i thought i could be pregnant wel i was. myfresms mum can u cal work for me please and say that i am in the hospital with u n dady i wil be in son cal anton plz myfresms yeah thats col, i;m out of credit so don&#;t reply to this calum myfresms tato zadzwon na domowy myfresms bring tortila from m&s myfresms mery xmas, mark. al the best for the new year,m! love patrick myfresms bca british car auctions online catalogue. register to view. htps:/auctionview.british-car-auctions/registration/register myfresms met me for mins please i wil even get the bus to just talk i want t sort this out make things easy and just be friends please myfresms am not leaving this til weve sorted it and are friends til you talk about this so its ur choice now i no u dont care but i do myfresms ja myfresms i can do this al night adi but months am not just guna let u throw everything away and nt speak at al because i actualy care myfresms text me n tel me if u want to work this out or to erase myself out ur lyf n i&#;l leave u b i promise, bt i ned no n myfresms.co.uhi girl, usin myfresms , let me know if this works, reply ma phone. think ya should chose here, lol! wrap up warm. myfresms she obv hardly knows u then days ago fonin me teling me u love me and wanty move over whos the dafty her obv wait to a tel her myfresms wil try heat place as best as i can, lol myfresms was i just a game? bet uve ben laughing at me thinking u actualy cared myfresms b myfresms ;) chris myfresms penso di si no ono si ura sto andando in palestra atra poco cmq. fami saxe se hai ricevuto myfresms ok u got wat u want, i&#;l never contact or reply to u again, bcus i&#;m done felin like this lyk i&#;m in the rong, its meant b myfresmim done. im not being ur stupid litle game no more so go ahead and laugh at me for bein a fol. it ok why should i care if u dont myfresms you jumpin owt? ah lyk myfresms chris its tanya tx on my number. i&#;m at home when ur ready myfresms no reply no ? haha must of wanted me to oj , enjoy edinburgh n i&#;l cya son x myfresms we are coming son inshalah we leave in mins myfresms helo jay its jade! wtf hapened to you last night! x myfresms hey hun how are u hope ur god sexy gyal dem myfresms hey its jade no i&#;m not out tonight myfresms come on en. run tho already on way near melyn park myfresms hi its leane do u wana ring me babe x u got my new number myfresms mom its reon cal me please x myfresms hi its leane hope u ok im on pof if u wana chat x myfresms me suhaib ring me n my phone niga myfresms can you tel gary to cal me on shiys phone please, stacey myfresms stop contacting him gilian kep your past in the past. thought you would of learnt your leson by now. obviously not! myfresms lindsey a had nai signal nai credit am fukin sik o this u go out get pised nxt day ur a bitch to me u make me fukin hate u myfresms hi hakim. it&#;s me josef . i don&#;t have credit. could u come on skype? pls. myfresms hi hows you myfresms great big pyramids! hope u get the job. go for ityumie! love p. myfresms bored of repeating. i do but u knew ud ruin my life goinghis but did it. yet cant alow his life b ruined. only i loved didme myfresms josh, its julie i am at home can i have x come round asap. ta myfresms can u come to grengate stret please let m know if you&#;re coming to my nr thanks grengate stret myfresms i&#;d be wel jealous if ya get egypt jobi&#;m sure there are stals where ya can dres up as cleopatra & get yer picture taken! myfresms.cfone me myfresms steven its ema, can u bring me nethin u av of mine n il get urs n met u wiv it. i&#;m done with this bolocks, cant tx ansa pls myfresms.co.uh-water bout am, cud gan bout ish. tony. myfresms hey its chloe, can you met me saturday please text back on to my phone x myfresms we both no i want u and u want me its only as dificult as we make it so quit al this its wrong busines because we want thesame myfresms whatsap! laura x myfresms hi i dnrt have credit at min babe u ok myfresms nah dont wory peach im already fucked enough &#;its got nothing to do with my dickhead girlfriend&#; haha mature candi myfresms cal paulo asap! on his mobile! myfresms andrea ring me please tony myfresms did you get that mesage? not sure if this website works or not calum myfresms i sent u a mesage on pof myfresms hey bro how&#;s u its james give me a ring bk myfresms kai turesi laiko pasuk. as jau namie. ryt ma iseigine. gie myfresms hey i can se u myfresms hi john, this is gabriel on the internet. hapy christmas! are you in london tonight? i am and want to se you. fb me if about! x myfresms i can&#;t cal you because my phone is locked! i can receive cals, so cal me! cal me asap on my phone! paulo myfresms cal ikram asap myfresms fuck sake, just cal me! myfresms hi amanda is micheal no credit to text love you al lots to don&#;t text be back on this number x myfresms are you retarded? fuck sake, just cal me! myfresms cal me at home myfresms i am waiting! myfresms marian zadzwon do mnie twoja kochana siostra klaudysia myfresms cal me at home yafet myfresms hi hope al ok rhiana wants come over tomarow but also wants come over for new years eve with you if ok?text my phone x myfresms cal myfresms blody phones are of as they didnt take out buisnes acount so got change it over next few days a right pain haha x myfresms velvet tounge myfresms i&#;m ready for you to come get me out of the bed now! myfresms you have won myfresms cal me number . paulo myfresms khan its dona can you phone my straight away myfresms hej co sie nie odzywasz? masz jakas robote na pare dni,pyrek myfresms ring my fne it&#;s amie x myfresms r u in skype myfresms know your ignoring me haha myfresms r u in skype justin myfresms - myfresms its leane u gona ring me x myfresms ring me please its ema x x myfresms okokhfdrdgvbhiuhug rob myfresms hi rob here myfresms ad naomi we beaut bab ad conor don&#;t know him sems nice cabe no more! myfresms hi handsome :) this is amber sun is shining bright outside :d enjoy the yumy pizas myfresms hi steve its leane u gona ring me babe u got my number x myfresms heloraz.how are you? myfresms its shauna, reply to my phone. i ned smaler size in jacket, i love it so wil se if someone can pick up smaler size x myfresms smile :) ~ ur amber myfresms yo myfresms htp:/w.autotrader/clasified/advert/sort/default/usedcars/price-to/model/golf/make/volkswagen/onese myfresms hi clint, mery xmas. sent you an email to lane.clintongmail se you th jan to sort out the acounts. vick x myfresms come to mine, india house, phons not working ? nik x myfresms steven why the fuck are u doin this to me? wheres the person that made me actualy like you? wheres he these days? past. myfresms msg me on fb if you got this x myfresms we know what you are up to! you have ben caught out! myfresms he was nice. but what the fuck is al this now?im sick of havin talks with pl that got jack shit to do wiv me wen i try cal you myfresms hi nan its niki hope u al had a nice xmas and latichia loved her scoter u got her was riding it around the house lol love u x myfresms hes a big fuckin dickhead that is al myfresms hey nan its niki again txt bck to my mobile number which is love u x myfresms i&#;m at the costa near the station not the once you at you walked past me and i shouted myfresms come back online please baby x myfresms hi prash, do you want the black or white ipad. pls text anesha or my phone with the colour. we don&#;t have whatsap so text. myfresms wo roh main khushbu ki tarha ho gia tehlel jo dor bohat chand ke halon ki tarha tha ek shakhs andheron me ujalon ki tarah tha myfresms you have ben caught! myfresms hibthere myfresms my phone is dead and i can&#;t text you from my phone and you can&#;t text me back i&#;m going to walk to the station platform myfresms.co.uin the future if comunication gets last goto the last place you said you were at and stay there. not now though goto station pla myfresms phne me back cable man myfresms anya babe its me i&#;ve loked on the internet for u and found the perfect ones cal me son as u can there . from bots x myfresms aoa come online shujat myfresms hey babe my phones ben cut of ive mesaged u on fb to. se u later x ema x myfresms woteva shone myfresms it jamie ring ma fone myfresms it jamie tryin to get lift,cant get hold of no,let me no if ur in,c if ice wil get me but aint got nufin to giv him myfresms why are u so desperate to leave? its always what you want fuck any else and i am hapy actualy just not with this myfresms hours to get the kids a toy? you did say t time are you on way home now or what? phil myfresms testing this one to myfresms can you ring please it&#;s kelan x myfresms its joe i am babysiting this wekend? i ned to no cos i ned to pay ant of tb to my phone x myfresms mam ring me plz im sory bowt ur bank card iv got me reasons, it sliped my mind so so sory x myfresms stacey can ya text me mels num a got to get it of u send it to kentys fone duno were mine is x myfresms helo ghtyhgh myfresms mum ring me please x myfresms u going to talk to me or not lol take care hapy new year babes xgoing in bath text me on bado x myfresms then cum back and sort this out or im ending it ant fair on anyone to live like this tonight or never cus im thinking of ending it myfresms it&#;s rich, if you get this and ya sober lol, can u do me a baler til monday and i&#;l sort ya for al at same time mate myfresms helo test to t mobile dongle many thanks myfresms wtf u sent me a mesage with ? like what am i ment to say bk to that like wtf bout ignoreing u myfresms dad its rosie can u ring me r u coming down? x myfresms mum can u ring my phone plz myfresms i just text you a minute ago be it must not be coming through, i said yeh she was pising herself hahah and yeh there on:) x myfresms please go on fb armpit right now please myfresms im back u coming online babes x myfresms munuse ring my number it&#;s tugce myfresms hi u, its colin. mery xmas, i mis u and think about u al the time. ive changed my number to please get in touch x myfresms yo yo jen lol it is le, are you round jb&#;s? im bored out , oh btw text back to my phone.there&#;s a god girl =) x myfresms hi az myfresms dad can u ring my phone plz myfresms ring my phone mate its mj myfresms can u buy me a ginger ale drink or ginger ber please my stomach is very bad, pain and i voimted myfresms yo its tom. you owe me two solids so im calin them in. please find me cover for saturday? chers dude myfresms u ok baby txt my phone myfresms its sam, ring sophies phone myfresms cant believe we didn&#;t get to kis, mis u now u have gone, u not got pof on your phone or msn or skype? :( x myfresms can i have that b torch ? myfresms skype! halo myfresms u geting my txt myfresms this is a test mesage. myfresms yo budy it&#;s nik jones gime a cal on my mobile safe x myfresms ew nevari man ludzu uz ritdienu nopirkt pipus? pakas ? sintija. myfresms dany myfresms mat ring me asap please m. chers gaz. myfresms htp:/bit.ly/tsfj myfresms yeah it was txt me wat it said myfresms donde estas? myfresms czesc skarbie jak tam?czemu nienapisalas do mnie jestes az tak zajeta? spotkamy sie chyba dopiero jutro jak wroce z pracy:(teskni myfresms shot give me that load myfresms ema tu luki, o ktorej ty wyjezdzasz? pamietaj o wydruku myfresms myfresms loks like the loyd bet is cunted. sending this from some fre thing online. myfresms wa ya say wa ya say, couldnt hold on mins no myfresms cunt myfresms dad hmv is shut in town. at clock myfresms i wil alwys love u no mata wt, i stil fancy, love, like n se u the same as wn i st met u, u r no babe n da wont change x myfresms hiya babe x myfresms she wont talk so im avin a drink of christmas bleach myfresms u goingto text chat im out bathi wil come round in bit if no reply make sure u r ok x go on bado tel me u r ok x myfresms dany are you here ? text me lois x myfresms dumfuk myfresms ur so hot , i dont care wether u go to to the army , i just wane be with u , no mater how long it takes x myfresms asalam o alaikum, atif this is asif from dubai, me net se msg ker raha hn, ager receive ho to mere # pe mis cal dena. myfresms can u cal me when u back please pati btw u didnt hung up on me pati myfresms watching eastenders with alexander take it u didn&#;t txt fat fuck nt sein u get pis taken out u n her thinking it ok she thinks i myfresms.co.usiemano, jutro do magazynu czy na victorie mam wbic?. radek myfresms jak cos ziomus, jak nie bedziesz mogl sie dozdzwonic czy huj wie co, to pamietaj, ardencraig quadrant flat/ i dzwon do bulu to myfresms yo g its jay, i knocked ur yard earlyer but no answered g, my b is fucked whole screns gone now g so cnt se shit its fucked g myfresms kdjfkdsjf myfresms mnk myfresms where the hel are u cal me now pls myfresms u get tinies in on way home for the jacpot match myfresms hi jo hope ur ok sory not bin intouch iv no credit sending this from computer wot you bin doing rob myfresms talk to her. iv made things worse n iv just hit holy with a gofe cup myfresms dobrze wysle ci jutro rano western union.dobrze?anita myfresms ring me dany myfresms update myfresms hey gorge. fancy coming to my house? myfresms can u ring me it dany myfresms hey babe its teri. am out of cred for the mo. can u cal me bk plz. mis ya. x myfresms hury up. if not, i wil ask someone else! myfresms i know you have blonde hair, blue eyes, you like vodka and you&#;re foul mouthed. my name is nta. steven arold nta myfresms cal me babe x myfresms helo! what up? myfresms smile when you get this.andrew myfresms cal me whats going on x myfresms sab g debnum per ap kay size kay achey shoes hain aj last day hai online order ker do myfresms ring me its stacie myfresms she aslep myfresms h its hiren fucking cal me or check your whatsap man wtf! myfresms hi how r u myfresms did u get my text al i want to know if we r goin tomz and if u can stay patsi myfresms let me know if u get this text be x myfresms helo be myfresms adam wezmiesz mnie rano? krzysiek myfresms lavate la tota myfresms cal me later i&#;m very interested to se you but my friends are here at the moment. rakhe x myfresms boty cal sounds col rakhe x myfresms f myfresms grazie x avermi lasciato senza un cazo da fare . perch rosa viene al una! tra ore! vabe mi chiamo al mio contato x l erba myfresms helo skype on karo plz myfresms htp:/farm.staticflickr/_eb_b.jpg myfresms come back ok i fixed itx myfresms wat you doin myfresms hi, r u ok? u l come for me or u changed your mind? txt me back on skype myfresms helo skype on karo plz u se the text myfresms i had to log out n clear browsin history babe x im back on come back on x myfresms siema pawelku tu maciek jak leci daj znaka czy cos tam jest pozdro myfresms u comein back on x myfresms siema marian tu maciek daj znaka czy mozemy sie dzis jakos ogarnac.pozdro myfresms someone decided it would be funy to send me mathew sprigs shop card by post. ir wasn&#;t matew. it wasnt you, leaving gwenan myfresms slag myfresms i wil show it to you on saturday. myfresms ce faci profesore myfresms hapy birthday mother from jamie mel n taylor. p.s a ned another spot haha myfresms salam, apel moi si ta du credit.sinon ech min adrese wasti al tob?chabo. myfresms salut myfresms - quinton birdas myfresms babe its me, ive bin thinking after diner mr i think we should go the cinema and have some time together, what do you think? x myfresms helo its chris can u cal me x myfresms i have tried to txt u back babe but my phone is disconected until i pay the bil x hope your geting on ok.? x myfresms xtrasec alert myfresms i&#;ve no credit not ignorin you .sent this of a site online only let&#;s you send one . give me a ring in the mornin x night x myfresms.cdid u get my last mesage.? x myfresms hi its next dor can i have a fag please, come over myfresms myfresms is a fre text mesage service that alows you to send fre sms text mesages to your friends myfresms d myfresms nicolas i dnt want to fight and argue with u,pls cum nd c the kids tmz nd let us come home. wana be at home, i love u so much x myfresms txt bk on my phone myfresms fre text mesage from my pc myfresms myfresms can u ring tom m myfresms safe man ring me scren on my phone is broke joe myfresms alright ya dober, hapy birthday bob, sory i&#;m ofshore but might be home soner than you think so we can go for a pint, scoty myfresms.co.uhow do u get a nun pregnant? dres her up as an alter boy. what do u cal an afghan virgin? never-bin-laid-on ! myfresms where are you what are you doing john myfresms can u ring tom m lewis myfresms when do u kick a dwarf in the bolocks? when he&#;s standing next to the misus saying her hair smels nice myfresms hey ive nae crd usein sum fre txt thing so dont know if it wil work lol am wel jel wish i was there! did u hav a gd xmas x x myfresms it&#;s serica can u fone my house number plz myfresms go on fb please armpit x myfresms why do dwarves laugh when they play fotbal ? the gras tickles their bals ! myfresms did i just send u a txt if i did soz it was ment ma bro lol hows u any way ? xmas was gd how was urs x x myfresms hey, my train is on time. could you please met me at the alice&#;s shop at .pm? thx n cu son! myfresms ite bruv its lil ben have u got ring my phone m myfresms ps u cant reply to this ul hav to txt my number lol dont even know if this is wrkin x myfresms it&#;s me wil have to do it through computer myfresms hi how&#;s you? x myfresms why are cripled people always picked ? because they can&#;t stand up for themself. myfresms go on fb please ahmed you promised if you didnt come round youd talk to me myfresms alrite bro ah am wel jel wish i was there ive nae crd usin a fre txt thing on the internet so u hav to tb to my num lol x x myfresms what would hapen if you cut of your left side? dinae wory ul be alrite . myfresms helo myfresms why doesnt a chicken wear pants ? because its pecker is on its head. myfresms what has a whole bunch of litle bals and screws old ladies ? a bingo machine myfresms hey hun its wendy am tryin out a fre internet txt thing lol so if ya get this can u txt me bk on my num plz x x w myfresms its abs, sory mate no alowance left on phone and not long back from droping litle one back. cal me if you can or i&#;l pop myfresms.co.udid u hear about the chinese couple who had a retarded baby ? they named him sum-ting-wong myfresms awright babe its steven, i have no credit left so what time you caling at? tb my fone yea x myfresms txt bk jobie its wendy lol dont even know if this is workin lol but if ya get it u hav to txt bk to my num x x myfresms .over tomorow with some doe for ya, only got a hundred and something here. cal me if you can mate myfresms hey its wendy lol myfresms whats the diference betwen jesus and a picture of jesus ? it only takes one nail to hang a picture of jesus. myfresms mum try come on facebok im woried x myfresms what did the sagy tit say to other sagy tit ? if we don&#;t get some suport son people wil think we&#;re nuts. myfresms adam its natalia, tel wiola to ring me please :(!.x myfresms mis you so much.! myfresms if you force sex on a prostitute, is it rape or just shoplifting. you chose ; - ) myfresms thats wha u think of me? a mouse? lol wel u never gna se this mouse again trust me, ur sik in ur head myfresms im on skype.please go online. g. im texting from the internet, do not reply to this. myfresms actualy thought i was gona se u.but its ben like half a year, gona stop pretending now if u dnt wna se me i dont giv a fuk myfresms dol you ok? x myfresms siema lukasz, gdzie mam jutro wpasc ? na victorie czy na acton ? myfresms if tarzan and jane were italian, what would chetah be ? the least hairy of the thre. myfresms i jus wanted to be with u, and u ben fukin wit me sayin u comin and u dont, ur from some real evil badmind duty heart people myfresms what do u cal an italian with his hands in his pocket ? a mute ! myfresms yo fuk her shes deleted me of fb myfresms its rachelnhow long u gona be u said u wil be bk at u dont phone me or anything if ur stayin out can u let me no x myfresms martin its micks laura can u cum to mine plz? txt my phone an let me no myfresms i thought u was my girl, didnt know u was everybody elses to lol myfresms wel babe thats me nite. se you morow. found new txt site so i don&#;t know when u&#;l get txts love you til morow sco myfresms.cring me. me maxi myfresms nik wot time u coming myfresms it hurts me real, to tel u i love u and u jus treat me like shit.u want a man with coke money or something.enjoy ur life,gone myfresms dargumin, man ir sasniegts bites limits (iedomajies, nedelas laika!), un man ir atslegti izejosie zvani :( vardsakot, stulbi. l. myfresms hey just testing does this work wil this work let&#;s find out woho myfresms veicu iemaksu, bet man nav vel pienakusi atbilde, tapec visticamak varesu tev piezvanit tikai rit ej chuchet, izgulies! l. myfresms un tad jau ritdien sazvanamies :) vel tikai divas dienas un es jau bushu pie tevis! milu tevi lidz bezgalibai un daudz buchinjas! myfresms u text me or wil come spank your arse even if to tel me to go away babes x want u i fel lost x myfresms get your arse on bado x talk to me if u felt anything of me babes like i did u x myfresms your order number: corl myfresms its tasha, is marc back yet? myfresms wil cal nxt wek. wil lok for charger for this mob. u can email me and it goes straight through to broken mob. josh myfresms haha you fukin lyin joke, waste of space ur lose now buty :) myfresms babe, i&#;ve not paid my bil. i&#;m sending this from online. nite nite babe. swet dreams x ps. i can&#;t wait to get hold of you myfresmi can receive texts tho. il pay it tomoro x myfresms i don&#;t know if your geting these. let me kno if you are x myfresms can i ring u to talk easyer and u want to go out with me new years eve babes x myfresms hey there dude wat hapened to u earlier? cal me if ur fre or txt me and let me knw, charlene myfresms hey hey hey hey myfresms ed sheran is god lol rember the memories x myfresms i&#;m going to bed and you have obviously done something or you wouldn&#;t be this defensive ha myfresms heya its rhiana just mesaging to say i ent got no texts but i reli mising u ring me wen u canwe gta met up :( x myfresms yoyoyo baty boy myfresms martin ring my phone it&#;s mick lad myfresms hiya jony it&#;s craig i wil transfer some money to you tonight myfresms u want talk or not cause i dont know if to switch of my laptop myfresms u did it st. if u think its no big deal ul do it again. i ned u to hurt him like u did me. i wantfucking die u hurt me so much myfresms podge, idk if you&#;l get this, but it&#;s worthing knowing that i absolutley fucking adore you and mis you like crazy waitforndt myfresms.chow about tomorow? anete from cs. myfresms thing only lets characters btw. i love you so much you have the most beautiful smile & face i have ever sen. myfresms its tasha did u get this mesage jod? myfresms you&#;re my absolute world and never want to lose you, you mean fucking everything to me and i mis you so much. r u geting these myfresms.co.ufgjhfgjhfg myfresms how much i&#;m mising you just shows how shit life would be without you, and that&#;s something i&#;l never want. i love you so muc myfresmby the way its george.don t use this number.use my normal number. oh and mery christmas! hope u had god one! myfresms these words don&#;t even begin to explain it, i hope you have got these and i havent just wasted my time. i love you and always wil myfresms.co.uplease answer on my phone - + myfresms -mo x myfresms kjbkb myfresms lol :) myfresms hey babe myfresms helo joe myfresms n myfresms it&#;s rach, you going to ring me back babe x myfresms hey, where r u? i&#;m sory i&#;m late. i&#;m at alice now please reply on facebok thx myfresms x myfresms u going to read bado then text me yes i can or no i cant babes x myfresms i wonder if this works? myfresms come back on line x myfresms co ty rzadzisz wogole, kurwa bylem na miejscu i zonk, ludzi prosilem kto da zadzwonic i tez lipa, czekalem min myfresms please. cal. me. jamie. i. ned. u. now. phone. me. budy myfresms this is rosduno if this is geting through but whatever lol. check your skype and email ok.im not ignoring you. myfresms ring me on plz rosie plz babe i ned speak u plz i am beging u i ned talk to u please baby its important plz myfresms htp:/w.mane/technical-recruitment/ myfresms teraz nawet kontaktu jak nie ma, bo mam rozladowany angielski na tym sim lok a nie zadzwonisz bo nie mam kasy, kurwa nie wiem myfresms hiya. kery. it&#;s. michael. wolud. u. get. me. gren. on. friday. text. me. back. .am. myfresms do u get charge for ths msg? i reserved tht watch for u. if its gud thr s a ladies version whch i reserved in wandsworth. myfresms thn i wil send my dad to colect it for me. myfresms un-be-fucking-lievable. my phone batery just died, so that convo has ben cut short. enjoy your dreams tonight. mat myfresms wel can you tel me where i&#;m meting you and what time n dats my number myfresms where are you im woried if you dont come home son im phoning the police myfresms you&#;re the fuck face whore o.o myfresms cxg myfresms fresh myfresms hows you myfresms hi it&#;s poja email me i can email bk myfresms samy its mel,im usin laptop to txt ths.a wil fne ur house pm tmrw fae ma work.if a gt u on fne i wil cum gt u. nitenite.c u tmrw myfresms nighrt babe n thanks for makein me hapy agine swet dreams n hope u dream nice thinks about me lol x myfresms wag myfresms rob its nat i&#;m bk at home now i&#;ve got a realy bad bely pain i&#;m goin to the drs today! love u more than words can describe! myfresmaw we shame lol :( just had a btl babe . totaly wana get naked with you but thats just a normal thing :p nyt be love you x myfresms are you geting these? i haven&#;t made any fod i was watching lotr blopers online myfresms send the document to my email we cant aces your one myfresms isndjndjene myfresms if there is a problem cal this number from the house phone myfresms hi it&#;s char my phones bugered i fb u. can u use that pls contact me found a random site send u this mesage. nightmare x myfresms.co.usend the flight documents to my email lilprimobashotmail cause we cant aceses yours myfresms der, you ned to cal me. its moe x myfresms r you ringing? myfresms if u fucking dont send that document me and her mises the flight money and hoyo mises work myfresms sausage i send u masage on fb, i have no credit on my phone lol myfresms it has ben some eror with the money transfer in the company. i wil have the money on monday, so i wil pay on monday pounds myfresms dsadsa myfresms in the next hour if u dont send that document we have to bok another ticket myfresms test myfresms skype working. come online for mins :) josh x myfresms can u at least inbox my facebok to tel me u doing it myfresms not to wory bout kids i&#;m having them come here fri now, i&#;m done being alone so you ain&#;t! have fun i wil now to myfresms jsi pod nama?brat myfresms wil met mum and dad at hotel .am fri, wait in hotel rom or downstairs for me. email if you can to say this is received. kate myfresms fne me. shasha myfresms hi bas, wil you put that money in for me cause i&#;m skint. ant x myfresms main suba nhe ja sakta sory myfresms are you there? myfresms b bel me please. if your awake! myfresms hey be its laura n just me n u if ya like :)! unles u want there t be anyone else ?, & i dno be wame t ring u at tmz n x myfresms helo! are you monique? myfresms feather dres email me, casino girl shaunhotmail myfresms martin ring it&#;s mick myfresms sndkjdklasjkljas myfresms oi myfresms hiya when u going to cum upstairs from maria p.s send mesage back x myfresms hey myfresms hi :) myfresms my phones taking the pis ha :( i wana talk to u :( x download instant mesenger can talk on tht :p myfresms give it shud switch back on x myfresms this phone is now being traced myfresms hey babes its me yes im stil awake watchin a film on laptop lol i just rang u frm house fone mwah scoty x myfresms its coral cn u b a life saver n give me a joint il give u those chocolates ned a joint to go slep with plz txt my phne myfresms yo myfresms hey beautiful it&#;s vicky i&#;m not ignoring you my texts have ran out i&#;m in bed now hope your okay text my phone x myfresms designed bc jsb myfresms elo mate give us a ring now please elie myfresms gily it&#;s mick gorseburn rd how long m myfresms xoxoxoxo myfresms it&#;s mick can you cum to mine myfresms it&#;s mick can you cum to mine can u ring me plz myfresms it wont let me txt u bakm ring me fs x myfresms hiya myfresms sdasd myfresms zadzwon . daniel myfresms didnt mean to wake u swetie. iv ben tring to reach u, but u always sem busy, justingradyaho please contact me. xoxoxo myfresms i hope you remember me :-( email me if u want to if not this wil be my last mesage . sory for waking u baby. myfresms hi shaun how are you myfresms i love u until death baby, love holding u until u fal aslep, holding u ready for when u wake up just so u know im here n ur safe myfresms u geting al theses meseges baby. fucking love u riane. just wana make my girlfriend hapy thats al. mis u so much.x myfresms want a family with u my girl, want everything with u. al the kises and al the fus baby. love u to bits bo bear, ur my girl x myfresms you ok and safe yea? x myfresms baby please let me know that u are safe and where u r bo. love u so much x myfresms :d u have no idea how much that made me smile. i trust u with my life rie, thts y im so protective of u, ur my soul mate n my love myfresms ehe ;( myfresms and there is nothing that i wouldnt do for u, n i love the fact that ur so protective over me :d glad ur safe baby. myfresms wish i was there in bed with u giving u al the kises and al the fus. im urs forever rie rie. niewie co cie dzis tak wzielo z tym siedzeniem na klatce myfresms n u always wil be, u make me so so so hapy :d love u my special girl. swet dreams and i love u so much x myfresms zadzwon myfresms babe its dona can you ring urgently please love youx myfresms hi mate, how are you doing? just wana know if this is stil for sale? email me at sarahsmithat.net regards myfresms text me one more time i guarante you that you wil regret it myfresms hi mate,how are you doing? just wana know if this i phone s gb no signal o network stil for sale?email me at sarahsmi myfresms hi fahima myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this aple iphone (latest model) stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this iphone gs gb white stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this iphone s stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this iphone s white ono stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms cal me back myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this blackbery bold - barely used stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this iphone giga black t mobile stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms how are you doing? just wana know if this blsckbery bold stil for sale?email me at sarahsmithat.net myfresms hi how are you? myfresms hi baby this is lynda where have you ben? would u come online now and talk to me cos am woried and am even texting u from a web myfresms sue, it&#;s kev left my phone at home again . if you ned me urgently cal . love you x myfresms hey babe its dan i aint got no txs so i&#;m not ignoring ya x cal me x myfresms u fat lil paki. its pugz myfresms h myfresms hi hils and the children,this is monika writing from work.hope you are enjoying holidays.no snow here so no fun!love from monikax myfresms salam and juma mubarak ahsan, i haven&#;t received. please do it today. mudasir notingham myfresms go fuk urself myfresms salam and juma mubarak hanan, i texted you my number on facebok, please cal me. mudasir notingham myfresms salam and juma mubarak irfan bhaiya, please cal me. mudasir notingham myfresms juma mubarak myfresms its lacey. can&#;t believe you could be so nasty and spiteful to even text me that. myfresms pin me and tel me if you got this text myfresms helo, its jeny here! hope your morning is okay my lovely. i can&#;t wait to se you tonight for cudles! mwah x myfresms its lacey ring me please. myfresms babe let me know when your up and can you get o chip please it&#;s a pound this is doing my nut in not being able to talk myfresms let m know if your geting these mesages as some sites limit you myfresms you ned to ring me thou please babe x myfresms oi geyza let me know on my number what time u want to met me near spar.i&#;l be thereand do not forgot money :d myfresms gcvg myfresms gyere fel! myfresms hi babe its ash ur bf, i&#;ve had my phone cut of so i cant txt u or ring u, but u should beable to txt me or ring me, i love u x myfresms.co.uhey ! myfresms its me isabel you okay its ben a while since i heard rm u xoxoxo myfresms hey u al is fine and moshi loks lot beter today. i c the rent went in - strange but god. hope work goes quick. love you x myfresms hi baby, it&#;s me isabel, just trying to say hi hope u are okay mis yea xoxoxo myfresms testing myfresms myfresms i mis you swetie love yea isabel xoxoxox myfresms name: aly carick adres: acklam road city: london zip code; w j. country:united kingdom. + myfresms you there love myfresms mornin be ant got signal so wil ring ya later wu nyt? wil sort status out tonight be not ignorin it x ry x myfresms am online now mising you so much ,dont know if you got these? lindsay myfresms k here. please check your emails today cos it&#;s so quiet and spoky at work, i ned some contact with the outside world! x myfresms phone line dunstable is down. please cal olbury on if you have not already, and you are available for work. le myfresms its johny again if dad speaks to you please just say you have loked in my clothes before puting them in wash and u cant find it myfresms it&#;s nicky, my texts have ran out, i&#;l top up later on :/ sory x myfresms hi pete, i forgot my phone at home. haven&#;t fed ouzo yet. se you at lunch if not at home later. my work no. is . jea myfresms.co.uhelo this number is of sheikh anwar ahmad director omu nha . islamabad myfresms it&#;s me lol can u go online for a min so i can text u x mis u loads x myfresms check your facebok babe i mesaged you mesage me first so i know ur online if its not son i might not be online tho myfresms i m going to come to se u first before going to zans. probably about if problem facebok me. no word about fone yet. mum myfresms im txting u of a fre text website dno if ul get em. ring me at lok at your hotmail litle_vas_hotmail ive emailed u myfresms morning! my phones gone dodgy again am going have to go and get another sim card cause am fed up of this hapening! x myfresms hi are you ok what are you up to ben gi&#;ve me a cal myfresms yui myfresms just caled virgin n we only have to pay myfresms ihgldigh myfresms jdy tebya myfresms were are you? i ned you myfresms labas grazuole:) tikiuosi gerai isimiegojiai ir mano nustatytas zadintuvas suskambejo:) sendien tureciau greit pasibaigt. myliu myfresms heyhey hey myfresms sory about that judith. i don&#;t know what to say but i hope things don&#;t get worse for you. jeadi. myfresms cal me abdulmalek myfresms sir myfresms hi its leane can you cal me please myfresms hi its leane ring me please myfresms i love judith & i care about her but it&#;s like she doesn&#;t realise who she has that realy cares for her. myfresms i am so tired heh heh myfresms lok im sory ok yet again an ive mised u so much it pises me of, dont be vex at me new year nw start il be god lol, ring me myfresms mama.please i won&#;t ask u for anything else please can u try and send me these last euros.i realy ned to pay it before pm. myfresms.co.uits joe am i babysiting this wekend? if not can u pay m today and i wil baysit al next wek ned to pay of these x myfresms hi its nathan regarding the specialized myka please cal me to arange a colection. thanks. myfresms is this laura? i am texting you as i have ben seing daniel and have just found out hes your husband! i want u to know as it is myfresms as i didnt realise you was maried and i think he is bang out of order am sory i have tryed to cal u but you have not answered myfresms you stil don&#;t listen do you. leave him alone and stop mesaging him gil. i wil expose al the shit i no al over hatfield myfresms hi gma its sam could i borow pound please could you give it mum today and she can put it straight in the bank for me today x myfresms hi babe any chance you could lend us some money as moneys not going in til mon we have ben told can u let us know x myfresms minciti, es nevaru tev piezvanit :( it ka bitei ko samaksaju, bet tikunta nevaru tevi sazvanit :( megjinashu vakara no mamas tel myfresms lai tev shodien labi veicas! (mes jau parit tiksimies! :) milu tevi un miljons buchinas! tava saulespukjite myfresms hi chris do u and nat want pop in for cofe so charlote ses mia and lyla got there presies here greg myfresms zak please can u cal me maize myfresms your husband is a dirty lieing bastard! i have ben sleping with him you ned your head checking out mate myfresms its bri what goin on myfresms i come up behind you. you fel my breath on your neck, my hands move around your body gently exploring and touching feling myfresms kising the back of your neck lightly touching your niples through your soft silky blouse, feling them harden myfresms and listening to your breath rise and fal as you begins to fel the pleasure of just your niples being played with. myfresms your lips on mine a pasionate kis where our breath becomes as one.m tingling yet! x myfresms a satsuma and some toilet rol please love fiona myfresms both phones out of bateries myfresms hetjbuoi myfresms god morning uncle, its tery , please cal me myfresms love u myfresms helo paolo have you sen this service? myfresms u stil cuming j, jamie myfresms cam its holie could u posibly ring me realy ned to talk to u :( x myfresms wow two days ful of sex and cudles in bed with libor myfresms hi mum, its rick, forget to pay phone bil, can i use your credit card til jan, cal me if ya can myfresms hey bud its graeme, i got that for you but im going to slep so your gona have to come down for it if you want it early :) myfresms i hope u ent guna stay mad at me im comin bak tomoro or sunday u guna met me? im sory i pised u of, ring me myfresms i wil be around on sunday if you are fre then. adam (out of credit on my mobile) myfresms helo myfresms its bro, cal me, phone cut of, can i use your credit card til jan, forgot to pay, ops, myfresms da its james met me ta the royal oak and can i have bar please and ring my fone asap before it goes dead james myfresms bad man myfresms tom, are you and caroline in on sunday? adam (reply to my usual no&#; ) myfresms its not just you babes its everyone not even next dor are coming round x myfresms elo bud its wil.how u felin day?are you at home?ned to drop of your hody before i go back.tb my fone. myfresms helo mate ring me its wil myfresms test fre sms myfresms do you realy have to send mesage like that, i already fel bad, n that makes it worse x myfresms i have had a crush on u for some time . this us not my number but if u know who it is give me a text if interested myfresms hi its lara im texting from a website just having a bath then wil ring u in about an hour from a phone box sory forgot yest!x myfresms no wories. it was a funy night. im starving aswel just cant be fucked to move lol myfresms dad i&#;m texting you of a online thing just to say, i got sam so when i get my lip done hel have to come is that okay?x myfresms valentine wil be there with key. u ned to confirm to misha phone, flights details & time and place. ta nick & misha myfresms rich its ana iam on fb phone not working lol cant get over have kids at the mo and waiting for an to get back ring my phone lol myfresms mani ring me rav myfresms its sophie, ring me please x myfresms i might be leaving earlier. would you be able to get me if there is no bus? i wil cal you when i am finished. zuzana myfresms its ben, can u ring either me or becly on our mobiles myfresms ring me blud! its ben to long lol seriously thou i mis u ;( myfresms go on facebok myfresms so thats why u had a shower,cause u wanted to send a pic of ur dick to someone and neded to shave it first. myfresms hi pip its ab my phone hasben cut of cos i havent paid my bil tb to my phone i cnt text bak tho but u can ring me on my lunch myfresms my phns not freakin workin i got a txt this morn about an update now no signal, just incase uve txt im not bein ignorant. big la x myfresms could we not go down to his work or something because i got the weding saturday?x myfresms hihnvufvhvdfuhdjmdlchdnmncfafdedmskinjfmnvjujdjsl myfresms hi,sen ad on gumtre got a brigs & straton petrol mower,contact me on greymanhotmail wil send pics.in m myfresms alright mate its gilies txt me when your going shrub end pls mate myfresms dont cum up day or any utha day.i just bring u+every else down.u&#;l b hapy without me.thank u everythin uve dun me.jo.x myfresms u guna met me tomoz then i kinda ned ur help with somethin tx me bak on my fone or ring me pls i got no cred x myfresms electric is on lol mum x myfresms alright i cant ring you got no credit mate y dnt you ring me. whaqt u up myfresms helo myfresms sfe it&#;s ish, u up much day? myfresms has mum left yet? myfresms ring me then divy x myfresms is liam away? answer me on facebok i am coming up if he is in lauren myfresms sfe this shit don&#;t work myfresms hirscv myfresms sfe this definately works myfresms hey mum its holy just wondering are you going to give me the bus fair back for going liverpol ? myfresms leave daren alone, he is with me now and was while he was with you. get over yourself myfresms are u going on are wat? myfresms i was wondering if you were stil comin down today? plus i ned the car tonight to myfresms zdar tome, kdy jsi ve zline? ja asi do . tomy ps doufam, ze te to nespamuje :d myfresms hey phone cut til tomorow yea im fre anytime i got nothing on today im working from tomorow and problem same on sunday myfresms jay its amanda if u got paid day can u or roy plz got to shop n get me a carton of blue milk for kids plz myfresms ye ek sachi ghatna he jo abhi hal hi mein gujarat me hui ! surat ke ek bahot hi bade diamond businesman mahesh bhai patel ka myfresms rian, it&#;s scumy. you coming to maz&#;s place for pady&#;s engagement party later? be great to se you and catch up! . myfresms.coboking number myfresms how are you feling today beautiful? x myfresms zbyszek ja zapomnialem ze jade w niedziele po tesciow wiec nie przyjdziemy sorki myfresms did you get that text and what day would suit you myfresms jeva myfresms jisia myfresms yo bro phone me when you are in joe myfresms yo jade il have fire in son hola me if u can get sales x myfresms paul is pady im using fre text on web. how am i getin home? bus/taxi nd how am i guna pay it? get rachel to mesg me on fcbokx myfresms hi its jaf. acident on a stuck in trafic. runing aprox mins late. sory. myfresms mobile, u won trip to as! myfresms textfreonline myfresms hi are you stil seing me later? myfresms awright stig its steven can u txt mum ask her to go online or just mind her to bring my charger up with her please myfresms myfresms of road driving myfresms oi resebes esta sms?n tnho no tlm. ja reparei k so te lembras de mim qdo tas mal ca outra, e iso n me da mta certeza da respo myfresms can you ring me please dad x myfresms ring my phone its laura myfresms safe g wot u up to come up at if u want and fuck al at the min just on the x box myfresms helo maste myfresms helo this is edita,j fel very sory,but iam not able to pay you money in this wek,and most of the people also.we are away tog myfresms my dear, i&#;m on site now)if have the conection - let&#;s chat)mis you) myfresms my bos is gone to poland and leave me out of mony til next wek so dont wory,you wil get them next wek myfresms cal please, i ned to know where i can get some fod from. thanks from le myfresms its me fatih i have no credit, so i had to use this method, the shirt is al, if you cant find the colour you could chose another myfresms im not a pis taker or user i love n care bout u ya div u broke my heart n i was stil there u u fuked me of day big time myfresms they have a lighter blue one if you think that is god you could get that. and if you have received these mesages can you text me myfresms hi babe, let me know if this reaches you? love you x myfresms fatih myfresms just a thought. just take my car but fil it up more. give a cal if you want. sent from a text sendin web site myfresms i cal wen i get to shop i&#;m waiting ring me go on chewton glen hampshire we can stay in star rom or tre hours bok for sunda myfresms.co.uwalhi i&#;m federica. i wil give you the deposit plus one wek on the st of dec. let me know when we can met! (txt back on my n myfresms.co.usory my mobile is not working at the moment, i&#;m waiting for a new sim card from my phone provider. fran x myfresms p.s. i&#;ve sent you an e-mail. check it wil explain everything.(federica) myfresms hi test msg myfresms ring myfresms hi :d im not neglecting you, stil thinking about you ;) i have no credit. o says my bil is . wtf! haha. mis you! x myfresms yeh she beter make it worth my while not even got to stay over at my mums over xmas she said she spent her money last i heard! myfresms its adam btw. im using a fretext website thingy lol. x myfresms helo! mr edgars aizpirs. sory for delay, we are on our way to your home. so be please at home. thanks for your patience myfresms and stil no sign of pay of mike i wil be at his house tonight if its not in on the girls lives and yes it wil kick of! myfresms tdydhd myfresms mama,i&#;m sory! i don&#;t want to haras u anymore.please if u send me the i wil not bother u again.love u and sory.mwa x myfresms.cohey its steven by the way text is so i know if you geting these myfresms testing myfresms my mobile is not working at the moment, i&#;m waiting for a new sim-card from my phone provider. fran x myfresms hey saly. can u please cal me, i&#;ve gone conections and il be home by half . can u let me no what time u can make it. sofia myfresms hey bo, just away to lok at a rof son, got for today, mis u like crazy n wnt u here. love u so much. thnk u for my textesx myfresms try &#;india&#; (without the quotes!). paul. myfresms hey jon, im pregnant you are the father. myfresms me sm link meh jt&#;s ah : myfresms me samad link meh jt&#;s ah : myfresms god luck today handsome. tiramisu waiting for you & a hot drink. lok forward to hearing the god news on yr return. love u lotsx myfresms arived safely, god flight, everybody behaved themselves, plenty of snow, speak to you in the new year, lots of love gx myfresms alesi zavolej mi pls myfresms would love to cum al over your face x myfresms lok i dnt c y ur tryna switch at me wen first ur sayin i can go out n thn ur sayin no so wtf am i suposed to do! myfresms ringme le myfresms kawa czy cos ? myfresms test myfresms could you text zainab asap and tel her i left my phone at home, ask her to email me on ruqayah.eldinhmcts.gsi.gov.uk if she can myfresms u ned to wake up n come to mine with me ive a right hot dog waitin myfresms mum could u tel zainab i left my phone at home please, email me on ruqayah.eldinhmcts.gsi.gov.uk please? myfresms hi can u get sam to ring me asap pl thank you myfresms arived safely, god flight, everybody behaved themselves, plenty of snow, lots of love mark, glenda and kids (do not reply) myfresms alrite mate its mike can ya walk a fing down an il be in da front rom please myfresms hero? no email for katherine-badger? myfresms fruit (aples, bananas, grapes) vegs (brocli,potatoes, carots) meat (mince meat) ham juice water (smal botles) cordial j myfresms milk yoghurt for amelia chese triangles homous (smal pots) baked beans bread pasta egs cereal sugar fish fingers fro myfresms hapy birthday popsygioj minam-kam tazioj! sory i cant cal no cred or money! have a lovely day n il se u v son love aron x myfresms julie can u ring me please its lucy myfresms phil its tanya im using fre text on laptop, check your facebok, iv sent you a mesage, reply to my phone or facebok. x myfresms hi babe, let me know if this reaches you? love you dwayne x myfresms ring me babe ryan myfresms its leane wat u up to love mesage me on my phone myfresms u probably have internet on yr phone but it costs lots. god luck. hope bus journey ok. lok after finger! love u x myfresms hiya x myfresms dvfds myfresms n lauren said why aint u emailed her back lol hope u ok x myfresms ring me its natalie myfresms v myfresms sdfds myfresms bz i gt no credz , im in endz awl nyt jus txt me wen to cum ova x myfresms p.s. i can buy skype credit to cal yr mobile. if any problems just get email to me = phone aidan. love you x myfresms deyze arayasin zehrayi dedi myfresms jo i ned to talk to you myfresms yo bz yuh cn txt me bk n let me no if u get the mesage yh x myfresms yo myfresms i&#;m trying to ring u of beckys house fone cum here i&#;m doin the ironing there&#;s no here let me no u got this love jade x myfresms.pic sent jx :) myfresms pomocnevim proc ty nejvetsi socky maji o me kecy jako o bezdomovci-me! hapomoz mi a setri je myfresms thats nice :) ant just that you are geting on ok and things x myfresms hi scot. please contact adrian at stafs weding guide on . stil haven&#;t received payment for your advert. myfresms gody the phome is working properley again myfresms its kirst :) not doing anything tonight but i dont have work tomoro either. email me kirstybateshotmail kthanks myfresms ring a brutha. mike myfresms ring me mob asap love dani x myfresms i am sick of being mesed around and left in the dark, thank you for canceling my christmas and not teling me. how can i plan! myfresms acording to the local paper, &#;controversial plans to build a major waste management plant in pinkham way have ben shelved.&#; myfresms.co.ui have ben asking since november for you to agre a date, this is a blody joke, i am realy anoyed that you have yet again ruin myfresms your going to get whats coming to you.everyone is going to se you for what you are. tel that fat mes to watch her back myfresms its ryan ring me myfresms ring my uva phone b x myfresms hiya its kely we mesage to say hope ya had a gd xmas! stil in glasga livin wit my new bhoy andy!x hapy new yr hun :) x myfresms mady ring me its antony myfresms ring me again mate its ginge myfresms alright ros its jordan can u come and nock on me cuz im aloud out cuz ma mum and dads gone out plz x myfresms dad its ryan, my number ben disconected geting a new sim / phone & don&#;t have it yet , don&#;t pick me up from nans today myfresms hey babe, it&#;s sofia. u tok me loughborough the other day. could you give me cal to my number asap please. myfresms hi its ash sory bat went dead just found charger myfresms can u bring me pls bigs its lisa abuv shops myfresms hi keith,this is marats,i sending this mesage from internet(cose my balance is low)i realy apologise i can;t be at yours today myfresms does this realy work myfresms lol myfresms hey. could you please give a cal asap. it&#;s sofia i ned to speak to you now myfresms i hope so mum because i am ready to pack my shit an leave serious! i wont be any trouble or get in the way, il get setled quickx myfresms babe can you please cal me asap. it&#;s sofia i ned your help now please please please cal me myfresms i&#;l be fre on the next friday if you no mind,and definetely wil speak with you on it day,also can drink a ber in local pub. myfresms fn me pls shitbag x myfresms this is my number by the way myfresms hi mick its sue r u in today myfresms marats you won a pounds today in euromilion! myfresms u stinky dinks x myfresms ite mate it&#;s joe ring my phone ned to speak urgent myfresms can u try ring me now if not text me what time u gona be around mine please? myfresms mum its oliver cn u ring me x myfresms hi, i cand remember what we aranged for today, and your phone isnt working, give me a cal when you can. hugo (not on this number myfresms lok im gona start walkin i your nt there then im goin ok just say where im meting you, and try sorting a litle bit of us out myfresms babe ring me to my phone plz or text me. i might not have credit but when u finish work make sure u met me at that place x myfresms it&#;s joe, ring back please myfresms hey, its hanah. could i please borow your pasport today or tonight? it&#;s for tomorow. i am using dady&#;s phone. x myfresms natwest myfresms go on skype if you can! can&#;t hang around for long! carl x myfresms a case study of performance apraisal in a smal public sector organisation: the gaps betwen expectations and experience myfresms hapening sexy myfresms cerna ring me myfresms right im leaving now so where am i metng you ? myfresms mamo jest na malcie zamowienie na dostarczenie uniformow dla duzej firmy moze takie cos by cie interesowalo zeby uszyc albo kupic myfresms hey it&#;s hanah, i am not sure which number is lilys curent one, could you text to me on dady&#;s phone please? thank you x myfresms it&#;s richard trying to cal u on the myfresms boxal. its brian. tried ringing you from parents but no reply. down til new year. cal or text me bk . parents # myfresms raf reply to me on fbi coz i ned to knw if you coming to mine at and we go cash point init and i won&#;t be able get on this la myfresms.co.utest text myfresms salam shamus,how ru? u maried yet? im a qualifid dentist in bolton. shazina myfresms i love you so much yeno babe, serious i cant wait to be wit ye tonite, just hope ye come an se me babe fone me! love you x myfresms hi sexy, how are u? i cant cal you because op minimise is on, as son as it is of i wil ring u. love you both speak u son x myfresms fone me babe love you x myfresms chers for having amelia helped me alot thanks myfresms ring me asap its kizy please myfresms bro its jp im not ignoring youim out of txts and minutesjust waiting on calyou about?fancy a cofe.? myfresms hi tamid, this is glen. i hope you&#;re wel. anyway are you on duty today? if you are, could please tel mr. ali lesu on my behalf myfresms.co.uringme pie its luke i gt cash myfresms ring me ema x myfresms have u gt i gt cash ringme on myfresms its robin ive done my phone for few days as we ned some money dont we?im at mums wil be back asap prob around . love u both x myfresms hiya le its craig, jony has sorted it with graham now so ned to ring chers myfresms jackie have i upset u hun, not heard anything from u, hugs, sarah x myfresms hey, you sure u going to be able to come? cos if not let me no now plz and il get the bus cos i ned to be at mine for myfresms yo come back le u tekin pis myfresms you getin a taxi to jobc or not i ned to no now cuz i aint waitin here al day for you myfresms karen, here are the details for your payment to stafs weding guide. sort code: ac. no: . due: - myfresms do not fucking ring my house u slut suck out aint u done enough damage im on fb come on there or suck out and die u lieing slag myfresms u sen them and u fucking lied kusmeh im show u u just fucking watch myfresms r u getin this get back home kids won&#;t you myfresms ring me its tysoe myfresms bro ring me its luke myfresms i love you so much swear i couldnt love you anymore than i do right now your my world yeno bro ring me its luke myfresms not a lot matey. tams at work til . cod? myfresms long minits come back myfresms gary, here are the details for your payment to stafs weding guide. sort code: ac. no: . due: - myfresms get home le just work out to home myfresms mom its bret get me a hdmi cable from bnm there . txt bk to my fone myfresms deby, please cal me when you get this. adrurn myfresms none of these websites work tbh but i hope this does and if it does i can finaly get lauren to talk to me myfresms get home le just work out to home eleky gone myfresms do you stil have the phone for sales email me on aliceloh(at)yaho myfresms u got shaba raja and konrad as ur freinds u fucking lie u ben chating to them and ur ieing kusmeh watch come on fb right knw myfresms poimal? myfresms wel just download sumit so can mesage u babe a want u so bad x myfresms whats the mater cole please talk to me x myfresms u get that last mesage ?, let is know x myfresms hi its jade my phone is broke so facebok or email me :) we stil coming over tonight? u ok? x x x myfresms u got konrad as ur freind u ben chating to him and u ben lieing u slag come on fb knw before i mesage the bastard myfresms hey. i hope ur close, i&#;ve ben waiting and i gt to be there by cal me plz. sofia myfresms hi mum can u fone me on stefs fone plz x myfresms how much longer u guna be babe x myfresms can i not jus come basil for drink mates bein borin n andy to much to deal with realy ned a drink rite if u cba jus bored ant myfresms can u please be there for . my friends coming to pick me up and drop me there. hes gona be here by . x myfresms goin to work now baby okay, i love you so much! im leavin me fone at home cause i cant av it in work anyway! cya lr baby x myfresms love if u got enough cash can u get me credit plz n energy drink big love u x myfresms can u cum tanisha house if ur not goin to ur wifeys to se ur son myfresms cant wait to se you tonite yeno babe, i love you so much!x myfresms cal me it&#;s shayma x myfresms love you myfresms ugc net: dec , :am to :pm; :pm to :pm at govt. home science colege, sector-, chandigarh. - supriya myfresms it&#;s maty. wil be round just after half six mate. we wil get that lift down the station and go over for golf and maybe movie myfresms hey its lisa im home if ur comin down x myfresms i wana go angels budy by the way i am gona treat ya hapy birthday old man! myfresms to ja, doszlo? myfresms realy hope it went wel. thinking of u & awaiting yr return. love you lots x myfresms ok gues u aint guna tel me was just a question tho x myfresms helo ring back plese :) x lar myfresms cal me you twat myfresms its damian can you do same again same place. quarter lump if pos myfresms af shoud be the fight number please email me so i know u have got it that&#;s how i can contact. g.coxlive myfresms aymeh ive ben half way and you wasn&#;t there so ive come home, what are you gona do about your card if you ned so bad ? myfresms skype il vano justin myfresms cal me back please , shanice x myfresms it&#;s rich, i got to go out at half ish mate so could u leave that baler with my bird and i&#;l pas u on monday. chers myfresms.co.utesting. myfresms i got u fb mesage but i cant sem to reply back love. where u nw en x myfresms hi dad can u fone me on stefs fone plz myfresms baby you don&#;t know me but i know you. your mums name is tara austin. you have two sisters rebeca austin and abie austin. myfresms text me if you get this. jai myfresms helo mumy x myfresms hun cant find my phone facebok me when u want home myfresms cal me when u can, richard myfresms kde si zavolej mi to sem ja pepik more myfresms hej, zadzwo jak bdziesz moga. mam pytanie w sprawie obiadu, bo nie wiem co chcesz je i kiedy bdziesz :d myfresms come mine babe x myfresms yo t it&#;s abdul cal me please i&#;m in hayes? or txt me your location! sfe abdul myfresms hey hun its zoe. wil u ring my phone and find out where joe is please cos he has ben gone ager and his tea it ready x myfresms yo najib it&#;s abdul! i&#;m hayes where are u? txt me back on ! sfe myfresms let me know if you get this text x myfresms ya gyals bin bangin bear mans wen u was in pk ask kups myfresms yo i realy wana se u tomoro like badly u duno how muched ive mised ya seriously pls ring me asap x myfresms wts hapnin its john phne me myfresms orite myfresms mum its kirsty ring me or text my number could i have my top up money my top up due tmoz and could i borow a tena was gona ask wed myfresms its tony what time r u finishing today ? myfresms helo how r u myfresms let me if ur comin down am starvin lol x myfresms text back mum ned to know text my number x myfresms its talat. cum front side no, n tap on window. ned w n b, gt ful cash, mis cal of witheld no on if cumin myfresms tap on front window if cumin. gt ful cash. just dnt b to long, gt ful money. w b. hury up n cal of witheld no myfresms judge wil pay me direct when house is forced sale myfresms steve its c, cant text out on my phone, show u later, calin me would be beter at times so you dont kep getin wrong idea myfresms hey its jasmine i&#;ve just got home coz phone went flat but inbox or just come mine if u want to se me!+num u gave me doesn&#;t wo myfresms.cim at work as i drive ambulance now, wil msg you later , chers, c myfresms its t, u cumin or wat, cal of witheld no. if u on way, ned w n b. tap on ma front window no. quitely myfresms its t. u cumin or wat, if u r, cal of witheld no. now cos i nt got ma phone. hury up n cal gt quid myfresms testing myfresms hi mate its le charlies mate wil it be ok to get til the nd myfresms bel me anastasia my fone myfresms hi mate its le charlies mate wil it be ok to get til the nd text back to my phone please myfresms fags myfresms why u come of u whore come bk on o aint finished wht i got to say myfresms cash bala bel my phone anastasia myfresms its t, cum outside no. if u cumin cal of a witheld no. now so i can ok out for ya, ned w n b, got myfresms hey bex, would you like to go for a drink later? p myfresms shane plz come bk n lok after us i fel awful.txt my fne bk myfresms phone went flat so couldn&#;t get hold of you! sory come mine or inbox me if u wana se me! :) myfresms hsdhsdkhdks myfresms we&#;re r u myfresms heyah its chelsea i cnt stay tonight but i can tomorow and sory i aint ben around its jus tht i&#;ve ben helpin my mum :) x myfresms.co.uits ruben cal me please myfresms nkjhkgkhgb myfresms contact me on paul.webster on skype or gmail: paulontinyentgmail. totaly lost without my phone!x myfresms bel me myfresms go on your facebok. myfresms trouble starting with dif batery maybe imobiliser isue wil try and cal you shortly myfresms halo pot! no phone signal so had to send text via interwebs. you can&#;t reply to this.use whatsap to contact me!house is epic x myfresms now ur angry.but is serious,is rite we do rite by another.we r both adults,cud we put r felings aside,do rite thing,part ways myfresms and why has he done tht, tht is pure nasty and tb please i ned to know wat tyme to met u tomorow be x myfresms phaty im runing late stil at shop i wil phone u. sachin coming betwen -. fed kaeden a bit to kep him going x myfresms scot it&#;s jingle! i think i&#;ve left my phone in squib&#;s car. could u get him to lok for it & u drop it to me please? fb me b myfresmlike sed know ur angry.& this wnt help. i&#;m no gluten punishment but under circumstances is rite we do rite thing.cal wen uca myfresms.co.ueither way could you let me know if it&#;s there or not. i&#;m mesaging from my laptop so fb mesage me please :) thanks very much myfresms.ci wil ring you wen im done to let you know wats hapening x myfresms its hayley.im so confused by this.i dont get what is hapenin betwen us now.i know you care.do you actualy love me/want me? x myfresms hey its katie cant find my phone get ry to facebok me when he wants home. or taxi myfresms i mis you, mon amour. r myfresms can u please unblock me now so i can speak to u again please? it&#;s breaking my heart this is.she hasnt blocked me? come online x myfresms.co.uhi jamal my adres is (omar taha, ,orient gardens belfast bt lh) please send unlocking sim by post myfresms its jack ring my phone myfresms it&#;s dominic my mobile broke can u cal my landline myfresms do you use that kind of language with your kids and wife?gogle earth is a fantastic tol.next time find the bals to visit! myfresms mum am bored what u doing?x myfresms coz they wont let me unles he is gone, be am sory, i wana se u so badly i wana walk out to just se u for even mins myfresms its jack got no credit ring me of gordons phone x myfresms pls cal. nabel myfresms dgjbjh myfresms its le bel my mob g no cred myfresms you myfresms trying to skype you now x x x myfresms its kier she aint gona make it til morn m i hav got it % she jus ain bout can u met me at mos is dat col txt my fone myfresms m myfresms on bado now x myfresms helo, fuck you god bye myfresms hey its hary can you ring me please x myfresms helo its wama. got no credit. dein the net? txt me phone back :p myfresms hove locked me in the wardrobe! myfresms safe g its tomo just wondered if ya stil comeing safe tomo myfresms chers dad, you to. phone&#;s ben cut of, so hope this works. myfresms hey this is phoebe if this doesn&#;t have the website sent i&#;m defintely using this myfresms helo, fuck you, god bye myfresms hi mum, check your email! kevin x myfresms i&#;m locked in the wardrobe ! please let me out ce myfresms its miki dont be mad at me. ryan asked for my help replacing a fan in a laptop myfresms im on fb right now i was going to come down but youre not responding to me. myfresms dont respond to this mesage i wont get it myfresms helo how r u? myfresms was just wondering if yous fancied a drink or doing something ? my reception is absolutely shite like myfresms hi from ? myfresms folks r hunting, trying to find u . i wudnt be out nite if i was u . it sems like you pised of many blokes . myfresms ring stef myfresms oi u can mesage me bk on fbk yano and let me know what going on not just wil? so can u mesage me back pls gta let kaz kno ? myfresms come on fb knw myfresms helo babe its gema, i couldnt ring you; il ring you when my mum finishes work cant wait to se u tonight;) love you loads x myfresms cal me when u fish work myfresms hi paul, its steven, no credit. i goin out tonight an might come out tomora, come out tonight for one wont hurt ya myfresms come on fb dont mke me hve to kep texting u kmt myfresms hey sexy bum its so nice to se you both, ive sent you a pic of that jakcet let me no what you think i realy like it x love you myfresms i sent the pic to you on face bok x myfresms fucking come on fb knw dont ignore me u slut come on iy knw myfresms hej. usmiechnij sie myfresms b.d.s. audio visual unit wodward house cambridge stret bletchley milton keynes buckinghamshire mk th myfresms hey man wats up myfresms hkgmv j myfresms mus mus myfresms its rebeca phone me myfresms fedgf myfresms mum can you lend laura again til wed plz want a piza tonite an take sonie out tomoz let me if ye can drop it of after bingx myfresms i got your mesage. hope al is wel with you. prefer you not to contact kat though. anything serious you have my email i believe. myfresms cao ba, sta radis veceras?ja nemam vise kredita.hocemo li sutra uvece na skype?samo mi javi kad se prikljucis ako mozes.xdejana myfresms hey, its luke - i have no credit to text or cal, i sent you an email! im online if you fancy a video chat/facebok chat x myfresms im getin in the bath lol wana fone fuk? haha ;) myfresms hay baby ben trying to get hold of you :/ can you send worz a tex for me please and get in contace please im woried bout you x myfresms con it&#;s the litle fela come to mine m how wil ye be gis a ring on my phone myfresms man is lost and is wandering in a jungle where real values have no meaning myfresms its damian can you do that. give us a bel if you can myfresms real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use. myfresms mery christmas and hapy new year! love chris x myfresms big ed myfresms you must have done something right x myfresms not my fault my phones fucked is it and fine then go be wi ur ex instead ive tried my best with u but nothings ever god enuf bye myfresms speak on msn wil you before i bite your bum sexy lok shay fels sick as wel x myfresms yo ring me x myfresms al met u tomorow craig if ya want :) x myfresms don&#;t bother come to my yard and i don&#;t want ur fucking money u take the pis yeah u don&#;t give a shit bout me and saphire. t myfresmhiya it me lol an hope i get my txts tomoz wen wil i se u x love u x myfresms ? frt u was gna cal me ? amie x myfresms hi toni myfresms my phones on but cant ring out atm, give us a ring man myfresms no fne member n yh i&#;m ok ben think in alot n dnt think we should se each over anymore i love u so much but cnt do it anymore. myfresms.co.uanother test myfresms u dnt want me at al n could tel u that from last night wen i say cry in to u u stil just sat there n not even a hug from u myfresms bit to late for that dunt u think uve made me fel so shit this time i dunt think u can repair it again had enuf now im through myfresms ring me babe x myfresms that was zoe then im guesing?and are you stil with them? myfresms con it&#;s mick ring my phone bro myfresms zoe? myfresms ring my fone not my mums she screwin cus u hung up on her lol myfresms arn its me babe i hope you get this txt let me know and wot time roughly u caling ? i&#;m on my own now x myfresms ring me love u ema x myfresms ordis si je shpirt me ke ber merak futu ne skype ose me mer ne tel.te dua shum pafund ty dhe alisian.te fala te gjithve myfresms i love you :) myfresms lolofgh myfresms dont ring my mums fone she screwin at me now ring mine myfresms godison park, liverpol, l el myfresms ive had a fuck of a day hun, email me pls, dnt want to cry on fone, sarahmadeleyhotmail. myfresms sarahmadeleyhotmail,com myfresms in taxi coming to muly you ur shit myfresms hey cnt sty tonight and wat u mean darens taken the internet to his dads and i cn stay tomorow x myfresms nothing wat u on i mite aswel pas thru init? lesoy myfresms im in agony hun :-( myfresms bruv i have never not once ever stated that you robed money of the jobif anybody did wrong it was me not watching the figures myfresms hey, i got out at . sory i did text you but iv just checked my phone now and its teling me the text never delivered! :o.drinks? myfresms mya i dnt cre wat pl think of me al i cre is tht u love me im so sory for fytin with u . by please come home to me myfresms hey mum its ryan, can you do me a favor and bring me in fags. if you dont mind. txt bck my no if you ned hand later. ta x myfresms for tht welsh cunt to do us in the end.ive never slated you j,infact thrs stil tht retainer whr thrs a drink for you myfresms yo dan its benji my phones bared can only recieve cals and texts long mate lol cal me plz bro myfresms hun ive got miself drunk, ex made threats said sumthing guna hapen to me in next few days, email me, sarahmadeleyhotmail myfresms i was one tht made the efort to come al the way to urs to se u but no ur out getin pised instead i canceld evrythin tday u myfresms activate ringer myfresms j i respect you as my brother for christ sake.and your family asy family.i have no intention to blame anyone. myfresms weve al ben had over.just wish i listened to you in the first place instead of sticking it out.makin myself lok a cunt myfresms hi mam, wont be coming home this wekend, we&#;re doing overtime on new years day so that % kiled that of x ros myfresms yo bmac its zak cal me. myfresms ghcfygcfycytg myfresms yo zakintosh. hola atme myfresms mum can u ring us plz x myfresms j ive always ben straight with you whr work and figures are concerned.and i intend to do so in the future myfresms the future, sending a wafling txt mesage at ,ft! hope you&#;re feling beter, if you&#;re not out and haven&#;t eaten,eat:) myfresmhi kevin out of credit sophia x. x mas was ok myfresms marc its catherine i have to texts to reply to ya but if you lend me til you come down i can text you :) x myfresms you can have ya pictures then to ;) oh yeah how come your in the bath a long anyway? x myfresms text my phone back btw babe x myfresms its joely calk me as son as u get this plz! myfresms don&#;t txt me bk then kieran myfresms yo wa u blody doin big dik! myfresms z? caspa myfresms no we dont teri i just have to get my act together n thts wot im going to do i swear down i love ye so so much i wil be minx myfresms enjoyed catching up with u the other nite x got no txt so in using fre web site x michele myfresms this is just to prove it works myfresms hey. hows you? you ben buzing today? myfresms and if i worded a txt wrong,im sory,there was never any il meaning in it.im suing tht welsh cunt.takin him to t cleaners myfresms am misin ye so much ho u in with have ye gt hash n tht ? x i wont b long i wil fone ye wen im leving x myfresms ring me bk demi plz x myfresms marek, tu man atbildi no kada vismaz, man gaidit vai ne.ja ne ieshu gulet( myfresms ye dat me man. no cred or texts. fuk knws wer ma dads phone is, wat da shwt, z? myfresms can you unblock me on facebok, it&#;s dean, i wana discus my son. i wana get to no him , unblock amy and il mail u or cum se myfresms.co.uhi tim johny, u staying at mine tonight what time u geting here? byron working sat night. txt my number not this one. myfresms how about an x darling? although they cost around ,. do you think they are big enough? myfresms hi paul, can u have a lok at tierbefreiung-hamburg.org and reply to our mails? site is down for some weks now. thanks! myfresms htp:/nbhumble.hubpages/hub/how-to-get-started-with-rc-cars myfresms hi kelan go on facebok babe i have aded you , the other night was mint sory i aint ben intouch x myfresms town tomoro? myfresms cik saprotu, tu nebusi tik atri majinjas vai jau chuchi :* es ari ieshu gulet myfresms yo where u at? ring me myfresms youngblod.ive got no txts.cal me or come c me in the morning. love u x jp x myfresms joe it&#;s huxley can u gis a ring plz bro myfresms labvakar cienitais, tu nevelejies atbildet uz manu vestuli draugos? es jau nedelju atbildi gaidu :p :d myfresms i`m waiting for my vodka :d zane myfresms helo asley madison site email me on fundkhotmail tc :-) myfresms htps:/romorama/short-term-rentals/phuket/apartment/?check_in=-&check_out=-&guests=&origin=search myfresms yo dan it&#;s nick i&#;ve tried ringing text my phone if u get this :) safe myfresms can you come online and talk please myfresms tri come here please x myfresms luli si je aje mir, si po kalon apo lodhesh ne pun, vetum desha ta di si je, tung kalo mir, . leoniti. myfresms test myfresms hi mum, its nina, just reminding you to please email the bank stuf as i can&#;t aces any money! orange sains bag next to bed! myfresms.co.uhi mum, its nina, just reminding you to please email the bank stuf as i can&#;t aces any money! orange sains bag next to bed!x myfresms.co.use u say wait til ya mins come then wen u get um u dont ring me wtf ring me im goin to bed son x myfresms asalamo alaikom myfresms hey u okay what u ben up myfresms alhamdolilah myfresms yo d its faz,at work,no signal.trev is comin ovagames mo at ish,let me kno to my fone if you want in, b the morn,sort travel myfresms ok can you text me when your online please as i ned to talk to you myfresms hi it&#;s fin, no credit so ben trying to send fre text, i&#;m going reading fotbal club at . tomoro if you can come? myfresms how long con it&#;s mick ring us myfresms ana asefa, tosba la eyr. hakalemak bokra, inshalah. alam saeda, baebak. sara, abebtak :-* myfresms hi keith it&#;s fin, sory i forgot to get credit so on ipad, so hope you get this, i wil give you a cal over wekend x myfresms its jackie just to let you know i&#;m back home texting from the computer did everything go ok yesterday x myfresms yo! ring me i ned to knw if ur guna met me tomoro x myfresms hi babe hows u, quiet nite as usual but back to normal son eh. don&#;t wory to much that doesn&#;t help.things wil get sorted ou myfresms.csuck my cherys? myfresms hey, hapy birthday, hope you&#;ve had a god one. sory i mised this one to lol :) try not to get to drunk haha mis you, le x myfresms.co.uhey its nat stacey her mesage me on facebok myfresms and remember don&#;t smoke al that e/cigarete al at once. kep it ur rom. and lok after ur self no-one else ok love u x myfresms hi mate would you acept for your vespa? myfresms hey darling i am of to bed shame u r not here i would love to jump on you.have fun se u later:)lucia myfresms azad cal nikola myfresms know ur not that arogant believe i am trying get in contact for any other reason! this is not a game is serious!wen ur ready. myfresms fone stef myfresms yo its brad i got no text nd got new fne aint got ur number in it hu is dis lol b or watsap? x myfresms helo gapochi myfresms helo testo myfresms is that what u want ok fine and u shuda told me earlier from samuel myfresms joji : myfresms if i have chose betwen loving u & breathing. i wil chose my last breath say i love you ah! myfresms hi mate its dan from swapz, ring me if you stil want the deal and let me know a time. myfresms ajdjfskdlfm myfresms i&#;m caling u on sriyajasren but ur not answerig and theres no mised cal myfresms hi mick. i canot send or receive texts to/from my mobile, i am doing this via an online text service. bear with me! x lyl myfresms by the way, its jayne. can only send short mesages via this online service. wil let you know when my phone is &#;back to normal&#; myfresms.csory, no sig or cred! il cal you late morn tom. fuck them al gem they have to much to say. tx my phone back. i love u gema. myfresms an uno wat u dont deserve me anyway i was nufin but col to u, u was the prik so fuk it godbye n thanks for the scar! myfresms it&#;s me tony. can you cal round if it&#;s not to late. sory got no credit to phone from my phone. myfresms do you not wana sort things out aymeh ? myfresms yo cal me . akram myfresms don&#;t have credit. one wek ago, memories. yeah, i posted that. myfresms jon myfresms this is a mesage myfresms cal me . akram myfresms its leon guna b stayin out so u can lock the dor m myfresms r u bringin the fone ova its leon myfresms cal me . akram myfresms de verdad no se que te pasame aregle para estar en videolamada, porque pense que queria vermey de ahi me choteas. juli myfresms hey sory lol come and show me what ya got i aint no txt lol! x myfresms babe il give you a cal tomorow, i hope u r ok. hope u fel beter. sarah i realy do love you i just have these dum things in myfresms its leon r u bringin the fone ova myfresms my head, i&#;m realy sory i don&#;t wana c u upset or unhapy, i realy want us to work i want to b with u i want to spend my lif myfresms.cring me. mitch myfresms may the birth of our lord jesus brings you al the blesings from heaven be with you. mery christmas. from richard ghana myfresms te legan los sms? quiero saber si funciona la pagina myfresms with you, i reli hope u ain&#;t let me go so much that there&#;s no going bak but i wouldn&#;t blame u if u did, i love u sarah, rich myfresmac its joane. sory i haven&#;t ben in touch, no credit. i realy wish you were here with me now. realy ned some suport :( x myfresms.co.u myfresms cal the house fone please if u love the kids u wil myfresms its nisha, not txtin on my phone obvz, but hope ur havin a lovely timeven though you&#;l be fucked right now! mis/love you! x myfresms.co.udochodza moje wiadomosci ? wojtek myfresms haha no , a co ? wojtek myfresms hey its bily from oasis :) you ok? what you upto text back to my number :) p.s i think your absoloutley stuning :) x myfresms co porabiacie ?:d wojtek myfresms cay czas pisze i co ?:d wojtek myfresms nie dzwon , wojtek myfresms cal it kevin asap myfresms nie dzwon, bo u mnie juz wszyscy spia, i nie bede gadac myfresms dad its jason you ok? have tried to cal myfresms its jaimie , i don&#;t have no text so acept me on facebok please , am not with that stupid girl anymore x jaimie myfresms pick up don&#;t mug me of mate i&#;m in a state jus pick up myfresms domt mug me of pick up budy i&#;m in a mes myfresms dad its jaimie can you check that order for the shoes i orderd for rima on my acount please, user, yorky pasword ,godcharmer myfresms ahmed text roger so i know you have the number sigh x myfresms co tam ?:d wojtek myfresms its vicky ive ran out of texts using that thing, im at grandads i inboxed u before staying here tonight just got ur text :) myfresms oye kiven a, viber teh aja myfresms its dezy, cal me mate. myfresms ite myfresms dochodz esemesy ?:d myfresms jus pick up stop winding me up thought we were friends myfresms beble myfresms i think about you every second of everyday x myfresms beb this website said it worked :( why isn&#;t it working myfresms pani bogusiu bardzo bym prosil nie mieszac mojej siostry w moje sprawy, nie potrzeba jej zmartwien, i raczej za mnie nie odpowiada myfresms asdasdasdasdasdasd myfresms czesc co tam u ciebie, jak sie masz? myfresms please diont let me down ahmrd you proised i ned yiu to cakl me please i have the roger sim i sent cal me baks cal me plese myfresms mum u okay its adam sory bout last nyt but i didnt do anythin u comin home ? x myfresms nav man naudas. rafiks myfresms im sory cal me lets talk myfresms craig wer r u plz just txt me or somethin myfresms helo myfresms bo myfresms iekodu, maizi un margarinu myfresms dnt boda to cal my number again if u try to cal me i wil sue for you ,wen ever i which to talk to my son i wil cal continue w myfresms hey its mat :) my phones ben cut til i pay it tomorow :/ i can stil recieve tho. can i text you tomorow?x myfresms lol sory its short, i dont get a lot of words. gona go to bed, swet dreams and il se you tomorow :) x myfresms hijhnoip myfresms hi saim, i don&#;t have credits so using fre online text service.pl read my email and kep in touch using email ok? sadia myfresms hbvyg myfresms helo, am a job contractor. ive got a nany job for you. if you are stil searching get back to me at tpeldrilyaho. myfresms its alana ring or text me asap its inportant! myfresms zavolaj mi to j marian myfresms ran out of texts lok at your facebok luv beny xoxoxox myfresms bh myfresms you alive? myfresms helo, am a contractor. ive got a job for you. if you are stil searching reach me at tpeldrilyaho myfresms it&#;s saskia. your key under rock by front dor. x myfresms hi how are you cal me myfresms kurwa jeste czy co teraz? myfresms please check ur facebok or go on skype x kaya myfresms vjvdgknh myfresms ive ben trying to contact you for ages now :( kaya myfresms daebde myfresms hey i&#;m at home n chilin on the sofa wish u cud be here tho! wish u cud come home for new year ba! love u! its nat btw myfresms safe it&#;s ging ring my phone when your on your way not alies phone because she gone bed and tok her phone tb my phone x myfresms hi babes it&#;s cas hope i aint woke u up. just wanted to ask u if i can lend that black blazer u found that night lol for tomo x myfresms.co.uk myfresms asalamu alikom kia hal hai kia ho raha hai oa msg nai ho ragha hai myfresms i have no credit gone thru a tener and no txts left myfresms it&#;s sam, come chat! myfresms oioioioi myfresms let me know either way please peaks myfresms if you lay there while i rubed ur naked legs was punishment it worked cuz im so blody hard and my mouths watering myfresms ok, tak ja se stavim, jaka adresa. prave mi dosel credit. martin myfresms its mike ring me can u drop at mine nw ? myfresms hey layla hope your okay mis you x myfresms zoheb did u pay rent and wats ben said today x wil ya ring me or text me ben thinking about u x myfresms to twoja wina, dziewczyna powina wiedzie, jak zrobi swojego chopaka lub ma seksualnie i szanuj go. i jestem jeli m myfresms hey. ant its charly i realy waned to talk to u aswel but no s got txtes! :( i try txt you tmoz ye unles yuh got on fb nyte x myfresms mac do you stil have skype? myfresms can ya please do me half til tomorow may tb aron phone myfresms its hewitson what you up to spa gime a bel ini myfresms hey! i&#;m using this internet fing:s so i cnt sory txt me nd tel me if yuh gt this txt x myfresms cnt use the car man pised dad wont let me n he got key,can u get my mob wen u leave its def there get josh to come myne in mornx myfresms rob its nat i&#;m scared i ned u phone me in the morning at some point if u can! i think i&#;m bein watched n folowed! nat myfresms its bianca, i didn&#;t answr because u upset me, yu was ben nice at first:( sory, night.bye! myfresms you was so nice to me at first. u knew it was me u was ringin but stil upset by sayin i sounded like a man. i&#;l del ur num.bye myfresms.co.usory to have started speaking to you :/ right nw i&#;m defo gone. bye. from bianca myfresms i am haka from mandi se and send fre sms so plej bhejan do myfresms quck text tet myfresms calum bro wa u doin gtin to rs for r ref fne me or sutin myfresms calum bro wa u doin fne me myfresms home now babe hope work is god tomorow. ninight x myfresms hyey myfresms guted man. hope we can be friends one day. he puled a knife on me the other day. stupid things that i dont wnt anyone else in.x myfresms its james ring me x myfresms my facebok is patricia pery myfresms hey u i am ok stil in the house text me and let me knw if u get this x sam myfresms hi navin myfresms i&#;m not askin tik i&#;l leave my nintendo ds wiv u til i cum in the morning n pay u pls liane myfresms your girl isnt al god you know. ask her about spain end of may/june myfresms hey bava im up waiting for you x myfresms i love me myfresms janu txt me if u got this mesage : myfresms